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Are Grow Tents Worth It? – Grower’s Guide

Grow tents are a great way of growing indoor plants.

Many grow lights are made with a Mylar fabric with a reflective interior. Grow tents make it easy for you to provide your plants with the ultimate conditions for growth.

Grow tents come in different sizes and designs. Currently, they are used widely in small-scale farming.

Many people often wonder whether grow tents make a significant difference in the growth and development of their plants.

They certainly do. In the sections below, we will explore the importance of grow tents and how you can use them to get the best results for your plants.

are grow tents worth it

Why Should You Use a Grow Tent?

The following are a couple of reasons you might find it necessary to use a grow tent.

You can grow your plants at any time of the year.

Mother nature does not provide farming ideal farming conditions throughout the year. If you have a grow tent, you would never have to worry about the prevailing weather conditions.

A grow tent will allow you to provide the needed atmospheric conditions for your plants regardless of the weather conditions outside.

You can grow your plants anywhere

Grow tents allow you to grow plants in spaces you would never think you’d use for farming. For instance, some people use grow tents to grow plants in their closets.

Grow tents are lightweight and are usually easy to assemble.

You can quickly move them around and assemble them where you need them to be. The grow tents do not let out any odors that the crops or soil inside them might have.

You would not have to worry about your personal spaces having weird odors.

Keeping the pests off

Grow tents are one of the best ways of keeping pests off your plants without using pesticides. If your grow tent is well constructed, it should not let in any pests.

Grow tents are usually waterproof and lightproof. They do not leave any spaces through which pests would come in.

After all, if you put the grow tent inside your house, like in a closet, it is doubtful that there will be pests anywhere.

Providing the best-growing conditions

This is the main essence of having a grow tent. As the grower, you remain in full control of the conditions under which your plants are growing.

You can easily control the lighting, the temperature, and the humidity. You would not be able to do that if you grew them in open-air gardens.

This control enables you to provide the best conditions possible and ensure your plants become highly productive.

We can go on and on about why you should opt for a grow tent, but it should be quite clear why it is important to have one by now.

Are there some downsides to using a grow tent, though?

Are grow tents worth the much they cost?

Let’s go through several misgivings associated with the use of grow tents. You should be able to decide whether a grow tent would be worth it for you after we go through them.

Drawbacks of Grow Tents

The use of grow tents has several disadvantages, but are they enough reasons to decide not to use grow tents. Let’s find out.

Limited Space

Generally, grow tents are not very generous with space. Grow tent manufacturers can make big grow tents, but they can only be mid-sized.

If you want to create a plantation, a grow tent might not be an option. Usually, grow tents are designed for growing a few plants indoors.

Some plants might grow too big for the grow tent, and you’d have to prune them. Most people grow Marijuana plants in grow tents. These plants can get too big, and you’d have to prune them down.

Limited Access

Most grow tents have a single front opening, which poses accessibility challenges. You need to monitor the progress of your plants frequently, and the grow tent does not make that very easy since you may not fit inside.

Also, every time you open up the grow tent, some radiation gets lost, which translates into energy loss. Some grow tents have an observation window, but it might not be enough if you need to observe your plants.

Not too strong

Grow tent manufacturers try to make their grow tents sturdy and durable, but fabric can never be too tough for rough farming operations.

Some grow tents tend to tear up or even collapse, putting the crop growing inside in jeopardy.

Despite the few misgivings highlighted above, we cannot claim that grow tents are not worth it. As mentioned above, they are ideal for growing a few plants.

If you want to grow two or three plants, you will undoubtedly find a big-enough grow tent, and you can even grow your plants inside your house.

The issues of space and accessibility will not be a big concern under such circumstances.

Most grow tents are also quite durably built. If you use yours inside the house where it is not exposed to harsh weather or disturbances, it should serve you for long.


Grow tents are surely worth the much they cost. They’ve become quite popular lately in places where marijuana has been made legal.

People are using them to grow one or two marijuana plants in their homes. They are a convenient way of discretely growing a few plants inside the house. You can place the grow tent in your corridors, balcony, or patio as well.

Keep in mind that a grow tent alone is not enough to grow crops productively. You need other equipment such as grow lights, air-conditioning, and irrigation systems.

Grow tents come with fixtures that allow you to fit all this equipment without any hassles conveniently.

There are many brands and models of grow tents on the market today. It is easy to find one that will cater to your requirements.