Are Quantum Boards Worth It? Do I Need A Quantum Board?

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An atmospheric indoor garden alcove illuminated by efficient quantum boards, showcasing lush greenery and hanging plants.

Quantum boards are pieces of boards that are lined with LED chips. The chips are spread all over the boards. This way they get their power supply simultaneously from the same source.

Quantum boards are popular in the manufacture of LED grow lights.

Quantum board LED grows lights are known to be more efficient and effective than other types of grow lights.

Quantum board LED grows lights are known to be more efficient and effective than other types of grow lights. They have a great life span and can last for many years without having to replace them. This is because they don’t have any moving parts like other types of lighting systems do.

Quantum board technology has been around since the early 2000s and it has been improving ever since then. Some people think that quantum boards are too expensive and that they don’t perform as well as other types of grow lights but this is not true at all as quantum board lights LED grows lights perform just as well as other types of grow lights if not better!

Most indoor growers buy quantum board LED grow lights to illuminate their plants and ensure they blossom well.

Are the quantum board grow lights worth it, though? Do they make any difference in the well-being and productivity of crops?

In the paragraphs below, we will explore the various benefits that come with hanging quantum board LED grow lights over your crops.

We’ll also explore whether quantum board LED growth lights have any demerits and whether they are worth the bother.

are quantum boards worth it

Benefits of Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

Quantum Boards LED grow lights are many people’s favorite among all the types of grow lights available.

That’s because of the many benefits that they bring along. We have sampled some of the most significant ones below.

Simple Heat Management

Heat management has always been a concern with many grow lights. Some grow lamps emit a lot of heat and end up causing leaf burn.

You do not have to worry about any of that while using quantum boards. Quantum boards distribute heat over the board to ensure there isn’t too much heat in one spot.

Also, an aluminum heat sink is easily mountable on the quantum board to ensure it stays cool.

Even Light Distribution

Quantum boards help to spread light over the grow room evenly.

Some lights will cause blind spots or have most of the illumination concentrated on one spot. Quantum boards evenly distribute illumination, which means efficient energy use.

Too much illumination can also cause leaf burn.

The even distribution of light by quantum boards ensures you never have to deal with such cases.

Also, it ensures the crops get just the right amount of illumination. Furthermore, quantum boards rarely have blind spots.

All the light is evenly distributed over the coverage area of the grow light.

High Efficiency

Quantum boards are highly effective compared to the other types of LED lights. At a power draw of 50 watts, a quantum board will be delivering over 180 lumens for every watt.

That is quite impressive compared to what the other LED grow lights offer.

That means that these lights will consume significantly less energy, hence lowering your power bills.


Compared to the other types of LED grow lights, quantum boards are easier to make and cheaper.

Setting up a grow tent and buying all the equipment can be pretty expensive. Any equipment that will do the work and is pocket-friendly is always welcome.

There are many other reasons why you should opt for quantum boards if you are seeking an appropriate grow light.

The benefits we have highlighted above should be reasons enough for you to go for quantum boards. Quantum boards are not without some misgivings, though.

We’ll explore them in the sections below and find out whether they are significant enough to make you shy away from quantum boards.

Drawbacks of Quantum Boards

Quantum boards have some disadvantages as well. We’ve highlighted some of the most significant ones below.

  • The HLG ( Horticulture Lighting Group ) is the inventor and sole supplier of quantum boards. The lights go out of stock quite often. It can be challenging to find one sometimes. We’ve mentioned that many growers prefer quantum boards. Most of them get bought as soon as they hit the shelves.
  • Quantum boards are not easy to DIY. The other LED growth lights make it possible to create your light patterns. Quantum boards are usually large. There isn’t much creativity or re-arrangement to add to them. You will have to make do with the coverage and light pattern that they come with.
  • Given that quantum boards consume less power, their light intensity tends to be lower. They may not be ideal for crops that require high-intensity illumination. That does not mean that they are not good enough, though. If anything, quantum boards provide just about the right amount of illumination for most crops.
  • Quantum boards usually have an open build. That means that they cannot be used outdoors. They will not survive in any humid or wet conditions. They are designed mainly for a grow tent, but the advantage of other grow lights is some of them are waterproof and can be used in the open even when the conditions are humid.

Going back to our initial question, are quantum boards worth buying? Should these drawbacks prevent you from getting quantum boards?

Some situations might prevent you from using quantum boards to grow your crops. For instance, if your grow room is extremely humid, a quantum board might not be an excellent idea. Also, you may not be able to use quantum boards if your crops require high-intensity illumination.

Apart from these exceptions, these drawbacks are not reasons enough to claim that quantum boards are not worth it.


In conclusion, quantum boards have delivered great results for many growers. The benefits they offer hold a lot more weight than any of the misgivings they might have.

Also, they are superior to the other types of grow lights in many ways. Quantum board grow lights are the best grow lights out there for many growers. Adding quantum boards to your grow light system will certainly do your crops some good.

Ultimately, any equipment that will reduce your grow room maintenance bills is good news. Quantum boards are worth the money they cost.

The effect of the quantum board growth lights will be reflected in the well-being of the crops.


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