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Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

You might be wondering why LED grow lights? Why not HID, HPS, or other lamps? The answer is we all want to see more results using less power.

LED lights replaced HID, MH, and HPS long ago because of their high light intensity with less power consumption.

Growing plans indoor has become very popular in the last decades as it is eco-friendly and more productive. LED light acts as the sunlight and mimics the sun’s intensity and spectrum to provide all that’s necessary for photosynthesis.

Top #4 Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Light

King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light
BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light
Wisful 1000w Led Grow Light
Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light

Many brands offer various features, but some of them lack the standard of being a grow light.

Therefore, I have narrowed the choice to only four best 1000 watt equivalent LED grow lights. They have standard durability, light intensity, and full spectrum to make them a great investment.

Let’s break down every one of them to know more details.

King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV and IR

What We Liked Most About This Product

Variation in LED wattage is the unique thing of this King Plus 1000 watt LED grow light. There are 3w and 5w LEDs that offer maximum intensity.

They come in two different wattages; scientifically, it helps to keep PAR per Lumen output balanced. This is what makes sure your plants have the perfect lighting for their growth.

It also allows the product to have a long lifespan and cover more area on the plant bed. This is one of the reasons why I put this #1 on the top chart.

Seems interesting enough? Let’s dive into it!

Product Overview

A 1000 watt light would normally have high power consumption, but thanks to modern technology, we have LEDs. This King Plus offers 185-watt power Consumption when running the light in its full spectrum.

Eventually, it results in 0.185w/h electricity utilization, which is incredibly low regarding the intensity of light it offers.

The worldwide voltage it offers is 85v – 265v, just plug it and play, easy! None of the previous generation’s electric lights (HPS / MH) had this much energy-saving ability.

The full spectrum helps the plant get the right amount of light wavelength to grow up having the perfect environment. King Plus Consists of red, blue, white, yellow, UV and IR, etc. That helps the LED to mimic the sunshine to keep the highest pace of growth for your plant.

The cooling system of this LED is spectacular! The manufacturer provided 3.00 mm and 1.6 mm holes into the structure, so it never gets the chance to hamper the temperature stability.

For better cooling, there is a fan attached to the glass part. You can see this LED is engineered to face any rough situations, and you can easily use it 24/7 without any issue.

Each of the LEDs has its resistance that helps them to keep working separately. Therefore, if anything happens to one LED can’t affect the entire system.

This also provides the chance to utilize the maximum performance of each LED. Now, when it comes to controlling the device, there is a timer that you can easily control the on/off timing of the device that making it one of the best LED grow lights.

The device is not 100% waterproof, so keep it dry wherever you use it. There are four hooks attached to the back of this LED. You can put some cords in it (included with the box) and use them to arrange a suitable position for plants.


  • Different timer setup for vegetables, flowers, and fruits
  • Standard tempering issues: works finely on -20 to 400 C
  • 3w and 5w LEDs for better light intensity
  • Comes with hanging hooks for directing the LED
  • Offers lifespan of the light 100,000 hours
  • The cooling system of the LED is remarkable
  • Powers up with 85v to 265v and 50-60 Hz current
  • Epistar type LED with the full spectrum


  • No water-proof protection, so this makes it a grow light for indoor plants
  • It can help you to harvest one full-sized plan only, don’t expect more from it

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BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp

What We Liked Most About This Product

What you get from most of the grow LEDs is a traditional 3W or 5W combination, but this one offers you a lamp that has 10W LEDs.

That results in a doubled brightness level, even though it’s engineered to consume less energy than others. As a result, the yield is the highest among other products. This is what I liked most about this BESTVA 1000 Watt LED grow light.

It isn’t the end of what you’ll get from it. Here are other features you might be interested in:

Product Overview

For growing lights, 1000 Watt LEDs are beneficial for plants, vegetables, flowers, and fruits. This BESTVA offers the same wattage of LEDs, and you will get a full light spectrum from it.

This lamp’s 380 nm to 780 nm wavelength offers the most suitable environment for growth that perfectly mimics the sunshine.

There are holes in the aluminum and glass compartments on the structure of this LED. This creates heat convection with the help of a cooling fan attached to it.

The cooling fan is quiet and less power-consuming, so the temperature remains suitable for the plants. This smart cooling system allows it to run 50 to 600 F more than any others on the list. Smart, isn’t it?

The light intensity of this BESTVA product is comparable with 650 Watts HPS light, where it consumes only 185 watts. See? You are getting twice the coverage area that is effective in the growth of your plants. The performance is far beyond comparison with non-hydroponic LEDs.

1000w dual chipped Bridgelux or Epileds LED offers 5.1 feet x 4.7 feet coverage from 24 inches height. The measurement can be changed, and the area coverage will change proportional to the height. If the height increases, the coverage area will be smaller and vice versa.

It weighs only 5.6 pounds which is lighter than any other on the list. So if you need light-weighted, the best LED hydroponic grow light kits, this is it.


  • 10w LEDs provide the highest brightness
  • 380- 780 nm full spectrum LEDs
  • The coverage area of 5.1 x 4.7 feet with 24 inches height
  • An excellent cooling system of the LED
  • 100 double chipped LED for more light intensity
  • Hydroponic LEDs ensure the highest growth for the plants
  • Timer for remotely controlling lighting time for various plants


  • Plants may get burned if you don’t be careful about the height

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Wisful Led Grow Light 1000w

Wisful Led Grow Light 1000w

What We Liked Most About This Product

It offers half of the lifespan of others on the list, but what makes it worthy to be the #3 is its extreme brightness, which affects higher growth than others.

Dual 5w LED of 100 pieces provides super high intensity to your plants. This allows growing plants to have a suitable wavelength of light that is easy to absorb by them. Therefore, the growth using this LED is spectacular and exceptional.

There is much more it offers:

Product Overview

This product will get the newest technology of dual-chip LEDs: 2 pieces 5w chips in each LED. That helps to create super bright light with more power efficiency.

Traditional 3w and 5w LED grow lights lack this specific technology, and you aim to have the highest PAR per Lumen output from each LED.

Wisful LED provides blue, red, white, yellow, UV, and IR lights, so your plants get a full spectrum for perfect growth. The light is ultra-efficient, and your plants can get everything necessary to all growth stages – from natural sunlight. The design of this LED makes it suitable for indoor use only.

As you’ll be getting super bright light, the LED should have an advanced cooling system to support it. The manufacturer of Wisful LED grow light provided high-speed noiseless fans with upgraded high-quality aluminum heat sinks. This allows the easiest heat dissipation of the LEDs.

You should hang your LED on a specific height, so the plans don’t get burned and get the most amount of light intensity for better growth.

  • For vegetables, the height is about 18 – 24 inches
  • For seeding, it is 24 inches
  • For flowering, the height is 12 – 18 inches
  • For germination, you should hang it about 24 to 30 inches high


  • Super bright LED lights with 5w double chips
  • Provides a full spectrum of light
  • An advanced noiseless cooling system
  • Highest yield effect for any type of plants
  • The durable structure of the LED lamp
  • Emits the absorbable wavelength of light that allows higher growth to the plants
  • Best choice for any indoor cultivation


  • Growth may seem less if you don’t use the light directly

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Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light

What We Liked Most About This Product

Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light kit is the last one on our list. It offers all the standard features like others, but the thing that took this in this top-notch position is the LED structure of this lamp. It features 200 pieces of LEDs with a 90-degree optical lens in front of the LED.

This helps the LED be 40% more efficient and shortens the light loss up to 40%. This is something unique only Growstar 1000 watt equivalent LED Grow Light offers.

Here are all the details about it:

Product Overview

Your plants will get full-spectrum light that helps the growth of plants, veggies, flowers, and fruits. This LED emits 380 to 760 nm wavelength with all the natural colors, including IR and UV. As a result, your plants can absorb any light needed for ultimate growth.

A dedicated switch allows you to get a suitable lighting condition for vegetables and flower blooming, so you can easily use it on any type of plant. This switch provides maximum flexibility to the user, and you will have control over your plants’ growth.

It has 100,000 hours lifespan, so sit back and relax; your indoor garden will be just fine for at least 10 years. Although it offers three years warranty, you can trust its quality as its consumers praise them for its quality product.

Like the previous one, it also has an advanced cooling system with high-speed noiseless fans. There is a high-quality aluminum heat sink that allows the heat to dissipate smoothly. This also keeps the temperature controlled, so the plants get a perfect environment for growth.

You can compare this one to the traditional 1000 watts HPS/MH type lamps. The reason for replacing it is the low power consumption of the Growstar light. It consumes 400 watts maximum to provide the full-spectrum color which is less than half of the power that HPS/MH Consumes.


  • Low power Consuming ability
  • Higher intensity of light than its price range
  • This one offers 100,000 hours lifespan
  • Dedicated switch for vegetables and flowers
  • An advanced cooling system of the LEDs
  • Growth is fast as it provides full-spectrum light
  • Replaces traditional 1000w HPS/MH


  • The yield may seem smaller as the coverage is small, but it offers standard growth

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1000 Watt Grow Light Buying Guide

The type of LED light you use for your cannabis growing has a significant effect on your yield. Many factors go into what LED light to use.

In this section, we researched for you, and we’ve rounded up what to look for when buying LED grow lights available on the market.

Light spectrum

Specific wavelength is mandatory to make the growing process efficient, even though plants can grow finely under most spectrums. This is why high-quality LED light is needed because they provide a full light spectrum, which is best for your plants.

Blue Lights (400nm – 500nm) offer suitable lights for vegetable growth. Red or yellow lights (660nm – 730nm) provide suitable light for the growth of flowers.

These lights play an essential role in the different stages of the plant’s growth. They provide various lighting spectrums as outdoor sunlight.

Light Amount

A plant’s growth depends on the amount of light. The more they get, the better they grow.

Is it easy to find an LED light that emits high-quality light for growth? Not if you don’t know about the LED’s internal design and the quantity of light it provides.

The light should aim directly at the plant as the sun does, and all the panels should have a 3W bulb that won’t burn the plant and give the highest amount of light. There should be more panels, so this will help to provide more light to the larger area.

Wattage per square foot and coverage area

Saving electricity while using 1000 Watt grow light is a vital point you should keep in mind, as you should run them for a long time. All the electrical output of your LEDs should have 300-watt optimum wattage.

This will help your plants to get the appropriate light spectrum and save them from burning. 50 to 60 watts/square foot is the recommended light amount for growing your plant correctly. 

3 x 3 feet are the recommended coverage area of the light you are using. Knowing this, you can accurately choose the needed one.

Quality of materials

The quality of your light source highly affects the growth of your plants. Expensive LED can result in a good investment for your cultivation. To provide 3W per bulb of your LED, the semiconductor chip used in the circuit must be high-quality.

More than 50,000 lighting hours without any issue is the standard for a durable LED.

With a longer warranty, the manufacturer offers a better chance of getting a high-quality light. Because they’re more likely to use the best parts that offer a long lifespan.

Difference between LED and HID

LED or Light Emitting Diode lights use electricity more efficiently than other technologies like High-Intensity Discharge or HID bulbs.

LEDs will also cost you much less, even though you run them for a long time. They have less power-consuming systems though they create a higher intensity of light.

When choosing a full-spectrum light, LEDs are the better choice over HID because LED resembles the sunlight. This way, you can get the right wavelength. LED also helps to keep the temperature balanced, which is crucial for your plants.

Why is Low Heat Emission Needed?

Electric artificial light that imitates the sunlight emits a high amount of heat when running for a long time. If the heat is too high, your plants will get burned or discolored. Of course, you don’t want that! So, the only solution to this problem is to control the temperature.

Some LEDs have a lower heat emission system, and you can control it to keep the heat suitable for your plant’s growth and save electricity at once.

How to Use Grow Lights Correctly?

Grow lights are artificial sunlight for the plants you cultivate indoors. The right amount of light and proper use of the LED matter to the plants.

The light should be facing the plants directly so that they can get a maximum amount of light. The intensity should be at the standard level so that the plants don’t get burned.

All the grow lights we have listed here come with a hook and cords so you can easily mount them.

Read this article https://gardenersyards.com/how-to-use-led-grow-lights/ to find out more about how to use LED Grow Lights.


How many amps do one of these draws from a 120v circuit?

Less than 10amps.

What is the decent coverage for using 1000 watt plant grow lights?hydroponic Tents FAQ

3 x 3 x 3-6 feet.

Can these be run safely on a cycle of 20 hours on and 4 hours off for auto-flowering plants?

Yes! I haven’t had any issues and was running them 24/7!

What’s the best indoor tent size for this light hydroponic grow?

3×3 indoor tent or 4×4 indoor tent. Any bigger might require running two lights.

What is the best distance from plants for 1000 watt led grow light?

For 1000W LED grow light, the best distance is 15-32 inches from the plants.

How many plants can I place under 1000 watt led grow light?

You can place about 5-10 medium-sized plants under 1000 watt led grow light.

What is 1000 watt led grow light dry leaves yield?

Realistically, you can expect about 500-700 grams of yield from a 1000W lamp.

Final Thoughts

This review should give you a perfect guideline before buying the best 1000 watt LED grow light.

All the reviewed products come with standard features like full spectrum, low heat emission, low power consumption, standard wattage, etc. The products we enlisted here provide maximum durability as their material quality is very high.

I’m sure you will find a perfect grow light for your plants soon!