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Best 400 Watt Grow Lights Reviews – Everything You Need To Know

16 December 2019

Grow lights allow gardeners to cultivate a diverse range of plants at any time of the year. The indoor grow lights are specifically created to substitute natural sunlight by helping in the growth and development of plants. But since there are several grow lights on offer, selecting the best from the rest can be quite a daunting task.

400 Watt Grow Lights Reviews - Gardeners Yards

You will have to pick from the different types offered, such as LEDs or HIDs. Additionally, you need to decide whether you want a 250 watts, 400 watts, 600 watts, or 1000 watts grow lamp.

For today, we will be looking at the 400 watts grow lights. These are considered to be low-powered lights as mid-range lights start from 600 watts to 850 watts, while high-powered lamps start from 900 watts plus.

In this review, we took our time to bring you the best ones that you can put your hands on. The lights that we selected are safe, powerful, reliable, and from reputable brands.

Top Six 400 Watt Grow Lights

Product NameType
Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 Grow LightHPSCheck Price
Eye Hortilux HX66620 Super HPS LampHPSCheck Price
TONPOVU 400W LED Plant Grow LightCOB LEDCheck Price
ECRU LED Grow Light Twin PanelLED chipsCheck Price
iPower GLSETX400DHMAC6 Digital Grow LightHPS/MHCheck Price

Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 400-Watt HPS Grow Light

Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 400 - Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb Lamp

What We Liked Most About This Product

Apollo Horticulture is among the leading grow light companies on the market. They produce high-quality, feature-packed, and affordable hydroponic equipment. The Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 grow light is particularly created for professional hydroponic plant cultivation. It also has an excellent bulb life of 24, 000 hours, which means that it will serve you for a long while.

Product Overview

The Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 grow light works exceptionally for indoor grow rooms. This is because they are HPS bulbs, and will help you to attain fast growth and higher yields.

Another important thing to note is that this grow lamp should only be utilized in grow rooms with proper ventilation. So if you want to use them in a small enclosed area, or an apartment, then this may end up being dangerous for you and your plants.

The GLBHPS400 400-watt bulb comes with a 2000K Red-Orange spectrum that is ideal for hydroponic plant growth. The light spectrum is responsible for greater yields as it helps in the flowering and fruiting stages of the plants.

On top of that, the high-pressure sodium bulb features an outstanding bulb life of up to 24, 000 hours. This means that you will use this blub for a long time before thinking of purchasing a new one.

The lamps are awesome when it comes to stimulating flower growth and fruiting. What’s more, you can use it with either magnetic or digital ballasts. To be specific, a 400-watt ballast that can handle this bulb. Getting a more powerful ballast may blow the bulb.

Besides, it uses 110V of power and has a great start time of 10 seconds. This is one of the best start times as some units take more time. Additionally, you should give the bulb 3 to 5 minutes of warm-up.

Overall, the Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 400-watt bulb is best suited for professionals with a bigger indoor garden with proper ventilation.


  • Offers extremely bright light
  • Simple to install
  • They are offered at an affordable price
  • They function perfectly with both magnetic and digital ballasts
  • They have an excellent start time of 10 seconds
  • They are backed up with a 90-day warranty


  • It has a poor warranty of only 90 days
  • The bulb is not very durable as many users have complained about it blowing after a few uses

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Eye Hortilux HX66620 Hortilux Super HPS 400W Enhanced Spectrum Lamp

Eye Hortilux HX66620 Hortilux Super HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Enhanced Spectrum Lamp

What We Liked Most About This Product

The Eye Hortilux HX66620 Hortilux Super HPS grow lamp is one of the most popular and reliable HPS grow lights on the market.

The bulb gives 17% additional energy and 25% more energy in the green, blue, and violet spectrum than standard HPS bulbs. On top of that, the lamp is non-hazardous as it is both EPA and TCLP test compliant.

Product Overview

Eye Horticulture has been producing HPS lamps from 1990 to date. Users have always appreciated their lamps and they have maintained high standards over the years. The HX66620 Super HPS lamp is a quality bulb that will lead to better yields and high production in lots of cycles.

The bulb is best suited for professionals who want a reliable and high-performance HPS bulb. With its exceptional lighting system, it will provide the much-needed spectral energy levels that will enhance faster plant growth.

Besides, the lamp is safe to use as it is lead-free and doesn’t come with a lot of mercury. This means that you can dispose of it without worrying about it damaging the environment. However, this HPS bulb is slightly more expensive when compared to its competitors.

This 400-watt bulb is ideal for small to medium grow areas. Also, ensure that the room is well-ventilated to reduce risks and offer the best conditions for your indoor plants.

If you want to get higher yields from your indoor garden, then look no further than the Eye Horticulture HX66620 Hortilux Super HPS 400W light. This bulb will help you to spread the growing season throughout the year.


  • It is a lead-free bulb
  • Easy to install
  • The bulb prolongs the planting season
  • It provides excellent brightness
  • It has little mercury
  • The bulb performs at a high level
  • They provide more energy than the standard HPS lights
  • They are EPA and TCLP-compliant


  • It is quite expensive when compared to similar bulbs
  • The bulb gets very hot after some time of use

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TONPOVU 400W LED Grow Light, With Adjustable Rope

Tonpvou 400W LED Plant Grow Light,with Adjustable Rope,Full Spectrum Plant Light

What We Liked Most About This Product

TONPOVU is a new entrant in the grow light field. The TONPOVU 400W LED grow light is a fantastic COB LED plant grow lamp made with new technology. The LED grow light is perfect for growing plants all year round. Aside from that, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Product Overview

The TONPOVU 400W LED grow lamp comes with an adjustable rope for easy installation. Nevertheless, it can be wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted.

Furthermore, the device features LEDs that are steady and stable, making the grow lamp resistant to high temperatures and large currents.

Apart from that, it dissipates heat naturally, thus, you don’t need any fan. Thanks to the intelligent control of heat dissipation, and radiating case that ensures light cools properly.

If you want to improve the health of your plants and allow them to grow steadily, then try the TONPOVU 400W LED grow lamp.

It doesn’t matter if they are potted plants outside your house, fruits in a greenhouse, or vegetables in an indoor garden; this COB LED grow light will serve you well.

It does a good job of maintaining a temperature less than 65 degrees Celsius, without using a fan. Since the unit is waterproof to IP67 and dustproof, you can install it anywhere without worrying about harsh weather conditions.

With a full spectrum light pink and a maximum of 5000 lumens, the LED grow light will help your plants to grow faster.

Additionally, the light is suitable for all phases of growing. What’s more, the plants will grow light ultra-thin and ultra-light. Unlike other noisy grow lights, this device runs quietly and efficiently.

However, the TONPOVU 400W LED grow light sometimes gets hot and its powerful light may affect your eyes. Put on eyewear and don’t touch the grow light when it’s operating.

All-in-all, this is a great grow lamp for professional gardeners who want to grow indoor or outdoor plants throughout the year.


  • Easy to use with no switch
  • Waterproof and dustproof unit
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install
  • Controls heat dissipation
  • Full-spectrum to help plants grow faster
  • 3-years warranty


  • The case gets a little hot, thus it should be handled with care to avoid getting burned
  • The light is powerful, hence you may need to put on eye protection to prevent eye damage

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HIPARGERO LED Grow Light 400W COB LED Grow Lights Fixture

HIPARGERO LED Grow Light - 400W COB LED Grow Lights Fixture Full Spectrum 3000K COBs

What We Liked Most About This Product

Another quality COB LED grow light is the Hipargero 400W LED grow light. It is well-built as it features a high-speed cooling fan, durable LEDs with a lifespan of 50, 000 hours, and an aircraft-grade aluminum heat sink.

On top of that, it boasts 3W Osram LEDs and true full spectrum 3000K COBs, which are efficient and last longer than competitor LEDs.

Product Overview

If you want to get fresh yields throughout the year, you need to invest in a quality grow light like the Hipargero 400W LED grow light fixture. It will provide you with a true full-spectrum, which your plants need for different growth stages. Also, the full spectrum helps your plants to grow stronger and quicker, for better yields.

When compared to other 400W LED grow lights on the market, this device is slightly brighter and can help your plant budding, flowering, and growth.

And when you compare them to HPS/MH grow lights, this one is more energy-efficient. The Great Quality Osram LEDs and high-power Epileds COBS that it comes with won’t burn out easily like cheap grow lamps on the market. So, you can rely on this light to offer you with bright light for a long time.

Consuming only 120W, this grow light is best suited for a 2ft x 2ft indoor grow room. Moreover, you should not use this fixture outside as it is not waterproof. However, it has excellent cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink that prevents the unit from getting extremely hot.

If you’ve got a small indoor grow area and want a reliable 400W 2x3000Khigh power COB LED grow light for your plants, this unit should be perfect for you.

It will help your plants in all the growth stages and give you higher yields. Besides, it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.


  • Durable shell material
  • Suitable for all growth stages
  • Saves energy when compared to HPS lights
  • Delivers a true full spectrum
  • Simple to install and use
  • Excellent cooling fan system maintains the ideal temperature
  • Long lifespan of 50, 000 hours
  • 30 days money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty


  • Several users have complained that it gets hot during use
  • The fan is also loud and may be a nuisance to some people

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ECRU LED Grow Light Twin Panel – 400W Equivalent Grow Lights

ECRU LED Grow Light Twin Panel - 400W Equivalent Grow Lights (2 x 200W) with Natural Full Spectrum LED Light Bulbs

What We Liked Most About This Product

Are you tired of changing grow lights at different stages of growth in your indoor garden? Make your work easier by acquiring the ECRU 400W LED grow light twin panel.

ECRU grow light is not only energy-efficient but also produces adequate lumens for different stages of growth and different plants. The ECRU twin panel also has the latest LED chips that give your plants more energy and light than traditional LEDs.

Product Overview

The Ecru LD twin panel comes with a sun-like full spectrum that features both warm and cool white red, UV, and blue lights.

These help in the growth and development of your indoor plants from seeding to vegetative, flowering, and harvesting. As a result, you won’t have to switch the grow lamps at different stages of your plant’s growth.

Besides, the installation of this two-panel fixture is easy as it comes with all the tools that you need for installation.

What’s more, you can install the panel in several ways such as onto a rotational arm that turns up to 180 degrees, on the wall, on a pole, or even on the ceiling. Install it in a manner that will allow all plants to get adequate artificial lighting.

With such fantastic features, the ECRU 400W LED grow light is ideal for your indoor plants. The fixture is also energy efficient as it doesn’t use up a lot of energy when compared to HPS/MH lights.

Use it in a 2ftx2ft space to grow your indoor peppers, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, and much more.


  • It has 20% more PAR and Lumens than traditional LEDs
  • Straightforward to install in different positions
  • Energy-efficient LED
  • Full-spectrum for all growth stages
  • Two LED panels for greater coverage
  • Outstanding LED chip technology
  • Ideal for different types of plants
  • Compact and lightweight fixture


  • The unit lacks instruction manually, thus quite a challenge to use by newbies or people without LED grow light experience.

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iPower GLSETX400DHMAC6 Horticulture 400W HPS MH Digital Grow Light System

iPower GLSETX400DHMAC6 Horticulture 400 Watt HPS MH Digital Dimmable Ballast Grow Light

What We Liked Most About This Product

If you want a complete grow light kit for your grow room, then the iPower GLSETX400 Horticulture 400W HPS MH digital grow light system will be a great choice for you.

Instead of buying parts, you can go for this kit as it will end up being cheaper than buying separate parts. The iPower 400Wdigital grow light system ensures that your plants receive the right light amount throughout the year for greater yields. From vegetative to flowering, and fruiting stages, you won’t have to purchase another light fixture.

Product Overview

The metal halide grow light will produce a blue and violet spectrum and high PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) that will help in the vegetative growth phase.

On the other hand, the high-pressure sodium grow lamp will produce a red and orange spectrum and high PAR that will boost flowering and promote fruiting.

The best part is that both of these grow lights need only 3 to 5 minutes for full brightness. Furthermore, they have a lower up-front cost when compared to LEDs which are usually 2 to 3 times costly.

If you have a larger grow area or garden, you will find that HIDs are the best grow lights to use. This is because they provide a high light intensity, which leads to higher yields.

Apart from having a shorter lifespan than LEDs and being less energy efficient, the iPower 400W HPS/MH grow light system is very reliable for all-year indoor plant growth.

The entire system is also well-made to last long. Besides, iPower is one of the leading manufacturers of grow light systems and they provide high-quality grow lights.


  • Sturdy construction for longevity
  • It has a high PAR to boost healthy plant growth
  • Features both HPS and MH lights for all plant growth stages
  • Easy to mount
  • Exceptional bulb lifespan of 32, 000 hours for HPS and 12, 000 hours for MH
  • Can be used with electronic and magnetic ballasts
  • Both grow light bulbs come with a 12-month warranty


  • The fixture produces a lot of heat, thus it should be handled with great care when in use
  • It is quite costly when compared to other light fixture kits
  • You will be required to purchase a separate inline fan

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What should I consider before buying a grow light?

There are various things that you have to look at before picking your grow light:

Understanding these factors will help you land a grow lamp that meets your budget and offers the right conditions for your plants to grow steadily and healthily.

Which type of grow light should I choose – LED or HIDs?

There has been a lot of debate about which grow light you should use for your indoor grow tent. Even though both of these grow lights are exceptional, they also have their ups and downs. To determine which one is better, here is our comparison:

How far should my grow light be from the plants?

Positioning your grow light in the wrong range from the canopy of your plants may cause light burns or retarded growth. So, you should not place the lamp very close or extremely high from your plant’s canopy. The range will vary from one grow light type to another. If you’re using LED lights, the right range will be:

While if you’re using HIDs, the right range will be:

From the ranges above, you can see that it is vital to consider the number of watts a grow light has before deciding on the distance of installation from the plant’s canopy. The more watts the grow lamp has the higher it will be from the plants.

Should I consider the safety and longevity of the grow light?

Yes, you should. First of all, you should think about your safety and the longevity of your plants. Some grow lights overheat, which end up ruining your plants. To avoid this, you should get a grow light with proper ventilation and quiet cooling fans. Furthermore, the unit you pick shouldn’t have ozone depleters and chemicals that can harm your plants.

When it comes to longevity, be sure to select a grow lamp with sturdy materials, such as aluminum. Besides, you should select a unit with 1000 lamp hours or more. If you have a small grow area, pick a sturdy but lightweight grow light.

How long should I leave the grow light on?

It depends on the type of plants that you’re growing. Different plants require different amounts of light.

For instance, vegetables and flowering plants require around 12 to 16 hours of light every day. However, you should not forget to turn off the light for at least 8 hours of darkness.

As you already know, plants need both light and darkness to develop. The light is vital for producing energy, while the darkness helps in the energy breakdown for the growth and flowering of plants. This normally takes place at night or in the dark.

Are the number of lumens important when selecting a grow light?

Yes, for the plant to grow well, it will need a certain amount of light. This is normally calculated in lumens. In most cases, the minimum amount of lumen needed for growth is between 2, 500 and 5, 000 Lumens.

In the early stages of growth, most plants need around 3, 000 lumens. While in the later stages of growth, they may need 5, 000 plus lumens. Find out the number of lumens your plants need at different stages of growth and pick the best grow light for higher yields.

Which high-intensity discharge lights are commonly used in growing plants indoors?

The two most popular high-intensity discharge lamps used in grow rooms are high-pressure sodium lights (HPS) and metal halides (ML).

These two are popular because they play particular roles in the growth and development of plants. For instance, the metal halide bulb is best for early vegetative phases of growth, while the high-pressure sodium light is more suited for flowering.


If you want your plants to develop steadily and healthy, you need to get the right grow lamps. There are many 400 watts grow lights on the market, but not all of them will offer you outstanding results. The six 400 watts grow lamps that we’ve selected are some of the best. We conducted thorough research before coming up with the products.

Before picking a grow light, ensure to pick a device that meets your needs and budget. It should also be safe, easy to install and use. You can also check the HLG – Horticulture Lighting Group, I hope you’ve found a 400 watt grow light that will be perfect for your grow tent!

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