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Can you imagine growing your own crops? Yes, this is possible even if you live in the city and love gardening. The 5×5 grow tent is what makes this dream to become a reality. This is a beneficial system as you can grow any type of crops, at any time of the year. Finding the best grow tent for the money may be a great challenge for many people, but with this guide, I will make it easier for you to find a high quality plant growing tent.

It is true that the market is flooded with so many different brands and it may be hard to land on the best grow tent brand comprehensive guide. This guide will give you pointers and guidance on the various ways that you can use to find the ideal 5×5 sized tent. Let’s dive right in and look at some of the basics about the plants growing indoor tent.

What are the Advantages of Indoor Gardening System?

Before looking at the benefits of the indoor growing tent, let us understand what it is. The gardening tent is a metal frame that is covered with a canvas. Inside the tent, there a number of accessories like the grow lights, fans and carbon filters. The hydroponic tent is one that will create a conducive environment for the plants. The indoor gardening system has a whole range of benefits. Here are some of the main advantages of the indoor plants growing tents:

grow tent advanyage

  • Takes Little Space: With the hydroponic tent, you will be able to grow plants with limited space as it does not take up too much space. You will not need to have a whole room set up the indoor gardening system.
  • Controlled Environment: The high quality tent brand will make it easier for your plants to grow and thrive in a healthy manner. This is mainly due to the fact that you will have full control of the atmosphere and there will hardly be any interferences from the outside.
  • Tight Sealing: This is essential and will ensure that you do not suffer from any odor. In addition, the growing tent size has an air circulation system that ensures that all the crops are fresh and not producing any foul smell.
  • Mobility: Did you know that you can assemble and dismantle the tent in just a couple of minutes and move it to a different location. As such, when you start your garden, you can easily move it to a different place.
  • Grow Healthy Plants: If you want to eat healthy plants, then the grow tent is the best opportunity that will ensure that you are eating organic food that is free from any form of artificial contamination.

What is the Ideal hydroponic gardening tent Size?

There are a number of indoor tent sizes and you need to establish which would be the perfect size for your needs. You may truly love the indoor gardening, only to realize that it is either too small or too big for your liking. So how do you know which size to go for? Let me guide you:Different size of tent

  • Consider your Space:

First, you need to identify the space that you intend to use for the hydroponic gardening. This will help you in choosing the grow tent that will fit into that space. It is crucial to have the specific measurement before shopping for the tents.

  • Price Factor:

The price of the tent will definitely influence the size that you will get. The advantage of working with a particular budget range is that you will be able to eliminate some models and end up having the right size and finding the best grow tent for the money.

  • Style of Gardening:

The high quality plants growing indoor tent do not limit you and will allow you to choose between hydroponics and using the soil. This is an essential consideration when it comes to the choice of the size of the grow tent.

  • The height of Plants:

How high will the plants grow? This is an imperative question that you will need to ask yourself, before picking your budget grow tent. You will want a tent that will accommodate your plants in the right manner.

  • Use of Gallons and Pots:

Finally, you will need to make a decision as to whether you will go with pots or gallons for growing the plants. The significant bit is picking the size of the pots or gallons, which you can also use to establish which would be the best grow tent brand to buy. You need a tent that will give your plant pots enough space.

I believe that with the pointers above, you will be able to decide if the tent is suitable for your needs or not. Ultimately, you will be able to pick the right size tent that is suitable for your needs.

Which is the Best 5×5 Grow Tent in 2018

It is very fortunate that there are new brands and models of grow tents that are produced every year. However, this can be quite confusing as you may not know which indoor gardening tents would be ideal for your needs. With these plants growing tent reviews that I have put together, you should be able to decide the best option for you. Here are the top rated grow tents:

Apollo Horticulture 60”x60”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

Best 5x5 Grow TentThe Apollo grow tent is one of the easiest tents that you can assemble. It comes with tool free connectors and an instructions manual that you will use to assemble the tent. The metal poles also connect easily, which allows you to mount the grow tent fast and easy. There are no tools that will be required when it comes to the assembly of this growing tent. It is one of the strong and durable models and it will not frustrate you.

The fabric that is used to make this grow tent is teat proof and this also ensures that there are no light leaks. You will be able to create a conducive atmosphere for the plants. Besides the heavy density fabric, there is a zipper that is also high quality and will seal off the tent completely. Even when you have your plants inside the tent, you will not have to worry about external interferences. The plants will also be fresh and you will be able to open and close the zipper easily.

The Apollo horticulture grow tent is highly reflective as it has an interior lining that is made of Mylar film and is 97% reflective. All the grow lights that you will have in your tent will be boosted by the reflective material. The advantage is that this Hydroponic tent is 100% light proof, providing adequate lighting for the grow tent. There is a removable floor tray that is also covered with a Mylar film and will also boost the intensity of the grow lights.

 Apollo horticulture growing tent Core Features

  • This is one of the high quality tents that are highly reflective tents as it has a Mylar lining and also has a floor tray with a Mylar film.
  • There will be no light leaks as the Apollo grow tent has a very thick fabric and a solid zipper that will ensure all the light is contained inside the tent.
  • The metal poles and the canvas are strong and durable and as such, you can be sure that this tent will last for a long time.
  • The assembly process is quite easy as it has metal free connectors. This means that you will not need any tools to assemble this grow tent.
  • There is a removable floor tray which is inside the Apollo horticulture tent, which makes the cleaning process easy.

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Zazzy 60″x60″x80″ Plant Growing Tents 600D Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent for Plant Growing

Zazzy 5x5 Grow TentThe Zazzy grow tent is a worthwhile investment and it is built to last. All the parts of this tent are made of quality materials. It is a reflective plant growing tent as it has a Mylar film as the interior lining and it is the same material that you will find on the floor tray. When the light is emitted by the grow lights, the reflective material will reflect the light back to the plants. What does this mean? You will be able to provide the plants with all the lighting that they need, without inflating your energy bills.

Are you an expert in installation of grow tents? You do not have to be as it comes with metal connectors that do not require any tools. This means that you will connect all the parts with bear hands and have your grow tent mounted in a short while. This is one of the best quality indoor tent models that comes with a starter kit. As such, there are will be some basic accessories that you will be useful in the setting up of the tent. This makes it convenient as you will not have to buy so many additional parts.

The outer canvas is quite strong as it has a density of 600D. You will be able to protect your plants from any external weather conditions. The heavy duty zipper comes with ribbons that are 1.5 inches and this will be part of the mechanisms to ensure that the light does not leak out. There are 2 filter straps, which are strategically placed so as to ensure that the plants have access to all the essential nutrients. You will love every single bit of the Mylar hydroponic indoor grow tent.

Zazzy hydroponic indoor grow tent Core Features

  • This tent is quite strong and has support bars that have the capacity to support up to 110 pounds of weight.
  • The starter kit is essential and has all the accessories that you will need to have a functional grow tent.
  • The Zazzy grow tent is light proof and does not allow any light leaks. This is made possible by the heavy duty fabric and a solid zipper.
  • The process of setting up this growing tent is easy and straightforward. There are an instruction manual and tool free connectors.
  • The Mylar hydroponic indoor grow tent is highly reflective as it has a tear proof Mylar lining.

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iPower 60″x60″x80″ Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent with Removable Floor Tray for Indoor Seedling Plant Growing 5’x5′

iPower grow tentThe iPower grow tent is light proof and as such, it does not allow any light to escape or come into the tent. The tent has a quality canvas, which is 600D in terms of the density. There is also a solid zipper which is double stitched, just like the outer fabric and this means that you can be sure that there will be no light getting in or out of the tent. The plants will have a great atmosphere to grow and thrive in.

The makers of this plants growing indoor tent are known to have a reputation for making high quality products for hydroponic gardening. This model is the same and you will be able to get the most out of this grow tent. The fact that there is a highly reflective lining inside the tent, means that all the light that is emitted will be reflected the plants, which will facilitate the proper growth of the plants. This will allow you to grow your plants hydroponically and the good news is that it is quite affordable.

The assembly process of this tent is quite easy as it comes with metal push corners. When you need to assemble the frame of this tent, you will not need to use any tools. This is a hydroponic grow tent that will take a very short while to assemble. It is a high quality tent and is meant to be strong and durable. The support bars are designed in such a manner that they can support up to 110 pounds of weight.

iPower Water Resistant Tent Core Features

  • The iPower grow tent has very strong support bars that can support loads of up to 110lbs. You can hang all your accessories on the support bars.
  • There is a removable tray that is easy to clean and the 2 filter straps will also ensure that there is proper air circulation and grow healthy plants.
  • This indoor gardening tent has metal push corners which makes it easy to assemble the grow tent and does not take too much of your time.
  • The high density canvas, which is 600D is double stitched and there is a quality zipper that will ensure that there are no light leaks.
  • This hydroponic grow tent is durable as all the parts are high quality and will not disappoint you.
  • The Mylar film that is on the inner side of the canvas and also on the removable floor tray will make the plants growing tent highly reflective.

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How Many Plants Can the 5×5 Size Tent Accommodate?

The 5×5 Grow Tent is quite spacious and can accommodate 6 to 9 Plants but it depends on plants size. You can be able to grow different types of plants inside this tent but there are some considerations that you need to make. You should confirm the size of the pots or gallons, as well as the recommendations of your manufacturer. If you are not sure, the reference point should be the grow light as you need to have up to 4 plants for every light.

How To Properly Assembly of the plants growing indoor tent?

The process of setting up a grow tent is one of the best DIY projects that you can undertake. If you have the indoor gardening Tent, let me guide you on how to assemble it, easily. Some of the basic accessories items that you will need for the Assembly The Tent and That include:

  • Grow tent kit
  • Grow lights
  • Fans
  • Carbon filter
  • Ducting

Step 1: Assemble the Frame

Start by putting together the frame of the hydroponic tent. This should be at the designated place where you intend to have your grow tent standing.

how to setup the growing tent

Step 2: Install Grow Lights

You should choose the best grow lights that you will use on the indoor tent. You can hang the lights on the support bars, using rope ratchets.

Step 3: Place the Exhaust Fan

There are so many intake and exhaust fans that you can install in the tent. The exhaust fan is essential and you need to have it installed as a priority.

Step 4: Hang the Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is also an essential accessory to have in your grow tent. You should have it at the back end of the grow tent so as to ensure that there is proper air flow. This is what will ensure that the plants will get all the nutrients that they will need to be able to grow in a healthy manner.

Step 5: Place the Fabric

Finally, you should cover the tent with the fabric and check all the parts to ensure that they are well sealed. The tent is well covered and be able to cover your plants. You need to place the floor tray on the tent as this is where you will place the plants. This is the final step to ensure that the tent is ready for use.

Having assembled the indoor gardening tent, you should check all the features and test them to ensure that they are working properly. However, while my guide seems to be easier to follow, you need to look at the instructions that are provided by your manufacturer since the grow tent models may differ. Read this articles to know 10 Steps to Building the Perfect Indoor Grow Room


Q: Do I need to have an intake fan inside the tent?hydroponic Tents FAQ

A: Yes, it is important to have an intake fan inside the grow tent. This is one of the ways that will ensure that there is proper air circulation and this provides all the essential nutrients get to every part of the plants.

Q: What is the size of vents do I need to have on my 5×5 size tent?

A: The standard vents for the 5×5 size tent are 6 inches and this is what you will need so that your plants can have proper ventilation.

Q: Can I change the settings so as to grow different types of crops in the growing tent?  

A: Most tents do not come with the option of changing the settings. However, you can control the heat and the lighting, so as to accommodate different types of crops.

Final Recommendation:

Now you can confidently find the best grow tent for the money using this guide that I have prepared for you. There will be newer models of hydroponic plants growing tent that will keep emerging on the markets. You can trust me to provide you with all the latest models and ensure that you have a grow tent that will serve your needs in the best way possible. I have provided all the factors that I believe will help you settle for the best grow tent brand.

From my plants growing indoor tent reviews above, I highly recommend the Zazzy 60″x60″x80″ Plant Growing Tents 600D Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Tent for Plant Growing. This is the best 5×5 grow tent and will give you the ideal environment to be able to grow different types of crops hydroponically. I believe that this guide is informative and useful and therefore you need to share it with your friends and loved ones.

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