Best 6 Grow Lights For Greenhouse – Why We Loved Them?

27 November 2019

Farming techniques are constantly changing. We now have greenhouses capable of adjusting their climate according to our will.

However, like in the old days, proper knowledge is necessary to grow plants in a greenhouse. Someone skilled in traditional farming cannot do anything inside a greenhouse unless they know how to use it.

One of the main components of a thriving greenhouse is a grow light. Thanks to the grow lights, one can control the necessary radiations required by plants to perform photosynthesis (energy efficient).

Proper photosynthesis leads the plants to proper growth, and grow lights are necessary for this purpose. If you look for the best grow light for your greenhouse, have a look at the ones listed here.

ACKE 50W Grow Light for Greenhouse

ACKE-Grow-Light-Plant-Light for Indoor Plants, Growing lamp Panel 50W for Plant Stand

What we liked most about this product

This grow light provides full-spectrum light to your greenhouse plants with an excellent PAR value for maximum growth. Installing this grow light in your greenhouse means that your plants will grow better and faster.

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Sunlight provides the necessary light to plants for proper growth, and this grow light is capable of imitating sunlight. It provides a full spectrum of light just like the sunlight ranging from 380 to 800 nanometer. This spectrum is the same as the natural sunlight spectrum and makes sure that your plants get the same chances of growing as the plants facing sunlight.

One of the best advantages of this light is that the light coming out of it does not harm your eyes in any way. This light does not produce any light pollution, and you can use this light without the fear of harming the natural environment.

Photosynthetically Active Radiations, or PAR, are the rays that make plants able to produce energy as food. Keeping PAR values in check is necessary for one who wants to see the plants grow healthy.

The covering shell of grow lights plays a major role in this regard. If a light emits good rays, but the covering of it is not helping to spread it properly, the light is of no use.

However, this light comes with an awesome optical lens, allowing the light to spread in all directions. This design of lens helps light to spread in all directions, making sure that plants present in your grow tent get the perfect opportunity to grow.

Apart from its benefits, this light is very easy to install. You can hang this light with the given hangers in your greenhouse.

The ease of installation makes this grow light a nice pick for anyone having plants in a greenhouse. This grow light is capable of helping a wide range of plants to grow at an accelerated pace.



AMSUNS 60W Grow Light for Greenhouse with 24H Cycle Timing

Amsuns 60W 24H Cycle Timing Auto On-Off 2 Working Times Each Day Grow Light Strip

What we liked most about this product

This grows light can stay working for 24 hours, and you can set its timer to turn it auto on/off. The full spectrum light coming out of this light is perfect for plants in your greenhouse.

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Turning to grow light on and off can be hectic if you are a busy person. Going near the light daily, or even after some hours depending on the needs of the plant can be impossible if you have duties other than taking care of your plants.

However, turning on and off is not a problem with this light. All you have to do is to set up the timer, and the light will work automatically according to the instructions. It is surely a feature most of the grow lights for greenhouses lack.

This light is capable of producing light like the sunlight required by plants. The spectrum of this grow light ranges from 380 to 780 nanometers, imitating the sunlight.

This light spectrum makes sure that your plants inside the greenhouse grow faster and healthier. The LED beads on this light are super bright and produce light that reaches every plant in its vicinity. Proper light coming out of it makes it a perfect choice for your greenhouse.

Sometimes an indoor gardener needs to dim the light for plants. This light has built-in dimming options, and you can adjust the light on five levels. Three modes are also incorporated in this light. Along with producing a super bright level adjustable on different levels, this light is very durable.

As the light has LEDs in it, it does not require any cooling methods to cool it down. It does not get hot enough to have a cool fan be planted on it. The uniform light distribution of this one makes it one of the best lights present for greenhouses.



42W LED Grow Light for Greenhouse by MIXC

Grow lights 42W LED Plant Light Strips, MIXC 2019 Upgraded Version Growing Lamp

What we liked most about this product

The light coming out of this product is the emulation of sunlight, making sure that your plants thrive. Installation of this product is very easy, and you can do not have to call a professional.

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There are four stripes placed on this grow light, and each one of them contains 21 LED lights. The 84 LED lights make sure that your plants stay healthy and grow faster.

The light coming out of this product is of full spectrum. A plant requires sunlight throughout its lifetime, and you can keep your plants healthy throughout their lifecycle with this grow light. This light speeds up the germination, and eventually fluorination of your plants.

If you do not remain at home all the time and want to keep your lights to follow the given time cycle, the built-in timer can help you in this regard.

It is not easy to turn the lights on and off daily, and it can be impossible if you leave your town for a trip. The timer will keep the lights on track of taking care of your plants even you are out of town.

Installation of anything can be complicated when it comes to anything. However, grow lights are not always easy to install. In this grow light, the process of installation is extremely easy. There are four easy ways to install this product in your greenhouse.

If you love to use magnets to connect gadgets, you can connect this light magnetically too. No doubt that the ease of installation makes you free from worries, however, the absence of dimming levels can make you uneasy.

This grow light checks the box of dimming options. You can dim this light on five levels. If the plant phase requires less or intense light, you can use the dimming controls at any moment.

Unlike traditional grow lights, this one is made of an aluminum strip. The use of aluminum makes the light able to dissipate heat efficiently. There is no fan attached to this light to cool it down.

Even you use this light for 24 hours continuously, it will not get hot. The passive heat dissipation mechanism incorporated in this light works perfectly, and you do not have to listen to fan noises by using this light.



28W LED Grow Light for Greenhouse by MIXC with 5 Levels Brightness

MIXC 4 Pack LED Strips Light Bar with Timer Auto Turn On and Off, 28W Grow lamp 5 Levels Brightness Adjustable Dimmable for Indoor Seedling Succulent

What we liked most about this product

This light is capable of providing an excellent combination of red and blue light. It is very easy to install and has excellent heat dissipation.

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All the phases of plant life require special attention. Some phases require a red and blue spectrum specifically for growth. In that phase, this grow light comes out to be the real and feasible solution.

It emits light of wavelength 460 and 680 nanometer. This range is perfect for indoor plants, making sure that they remain healthy and grow faster.

The 16 blue and 40 red lights combine their effect for visible growth amplification within two weeks.

The best feature of this grow light is the one-time auto-switching on and off. If you want the light to stay off and turn back on according to a given schedule, this grow light is just for you.

However, the timer of this light cannot cycle. This grow light is very easy to install and comes in 4 easy installation options. The benefit of these options is that you do not have to seek professional assistance to install this grow light. You can use magnets, tapes and cable ties to put this grow light in your greenhouse.

The extension cords provided with this grow light increase the range of light coming out of it. This grow light consumes 28 watts, and comes with 5 dimmable modes.

You can decrease the brightness of the light to as low as 20 percent, and increase it to 100 percent. The dimmable modes allow you to increase or decrease the strength of light according to the requirements.

One of the most disliked things about grow lights is the fan connected to them to cool them down. The noise coming out of those fans is annoying, and nothing can be done to stop them from making noise. The fan noise is not pleasant to ears, and users seek lights other than those that contain a fan.

In this grow light, there is no fan included at all. The passive heat dissipation system that is used in this light works on the aluminum alloy used to make this light. The heat is not much like the other lights and dissipates through the aluminum alloy efficiently.



48W Grow Light for Greenhouses by Derlights

Derlights Plant Light Full Spectrum, 48W Auto On&Off Grow Light Strips for Indoor Plants with 192 LEDs 6 Dimmable Brightness

What we liked most about this product

The 192 LEDs placed in this light provide full-spectrum light for excellent plant growth. The circular-memory timer lets you set a time for light to turn on and off. The 6 dimmable levels and 3 switch modes can meet your different needs.

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This grow light is capable of producing full-spectrum light that imitates the sunlight. If your plants do not get enough light, they can die; but this light keeps your plants healthy and grow faster.

This light can emit ranging from 360 to 800 nanometers. Aside from the full spectrum, the light is also capable of producing specific ranges of radiations. Not all the lights in the market allow you to control the wavelength of radiations, but this one is different than the rest.

The circular memory timer of this grow light is one of the best features of this product. If you do not want to keep visiting your light daily to turn it on and off, you can have the built-in timer to do this turning on and powering off the job.

With the timer, you can keep the light on for 3, 6, or even 12 hours. However, if you want to keep the timer working, you have to provide a constant power supply. In case of power supply pauses, you will have to set the timer again.

The plants do not need the same radiations of light all the time. On different life stages of a plant, you have to provide it with different radiations. If a light does not make you able to meet the different requirements of various growth stages, it is useless for a greenhouse.

However, this grow light comes with 6 dimmable modes. The dimmable feature is not alone; you can switch between 3 spectral modes on this grow light.

Installation of this grow light is also very easy. It comes with double-sided tape and screws, allowing you to install it on your own.

This grow light also comes with a powerful adapter that makes sure that you do not face any problems. The extension cords provided with this grow light make sure that lightly covers all of your plants.



30w Grow Light for Greenhouse by Dwelling with Pride

Triple-Head Indoor Plant Light with Red and Blue 30W LED Light Bulbs - Grow Light with Timer for Indoor Plants, Houseplants, and Succulent

What we liked most about this product

This grow light is adjustable to your desired levels, allowing you to have complete control over plant growth. The gooseneck connected to this light provides complete coverage over all the plants.

The gooseneck and metal clip on this grow light makes it an option with super usability.

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If you want a full spectrum range for your plants, you can get that with this grow light. The red and blue light combined in this grow light enables your plants to grow faster and healthier.

The 3 combinations included in this grow light are outstanding for better plant growth. If you want sensitive light conditions for your plants, you can use the dimmable feature of this light to provide sensitive light.

However, if your plants require rigorous light conditions, you can increase the brightness of this light.

The lights are only feasible if they cover all the plants in the greenhouse. However, many grow lights are not capable of covering all the plants. This grow light is very flexible and can throw light on all the plants in the greenhouse.

The gooseneck fixed on this grow light is capable of rotating at 360 degrees. This grow light presents the feasible solution faced by many buyers of grow lights. The metal clip on this grow light makes it able to placed on any surface.

Out of the technologies used to make grow lights, LEDs are the best solution. LEDs are long-lasting and do not lose their performance over time. This grow light has LEDs to provide maximum endurance.

Over fluorescent and halogen versions of the grow lights, LEDs are the better option. This grow light has an average lifespan of 50000 hours, and you can make sure that this light stays well over the years.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use grow lights in a greenhouse?

Using grow lights in a greenhouse is legal unless you are not growing prohibited or controlled plants.

Is it true that grow lights are harmful to use inside greenhouses?

No, grow lights do not harm plants inside a greenhouse. The grow lights are used around the world for better plant growth without any known harm.

Are LED grow lights better than other grow lights?

LED grow lights are better compared to other ones, providing long-lasting and better performance than their competitors.

Does one need only a certain grow light for proper plant growth?

Full-spectrum grow lights are considered to be the best choice, but one may need grow lights of a specific spectrum for different stages of plant life.

Is it true that buying a brighter light ensures faster growth?

No, it is not true at all. Plants require different radiations in different stages of life, it may be useful to have a bright life at one stage and harmful at the other.

Is some certification required to use grow lights?

No, you can get all the necessary information to use grow lights over the internet.

Final thoughts

Having only a greenhouse is not going to help you grow plants unless you have grow lights. Grow lights provide the required radiations of light for proper plant growth.

While choosing any grow light for your greenhouse, always look for the required spectrum for your plants.

If your plants can grow under the full spectrum, choose the full spectrum. In case of other spectrums needed, choose the more specific grow light. We hope that our guide was helpful and we wish you happy gardening!

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