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Best 6 Grow Lights With Timer. Why Are They So Helpful?

24 November 2019

Indoor gardening allows us to grow plants at home and use specific measurements. It is simple and requires little space, but taking care of the plants indoors is not an easy feat.

Plants are autotrophs, meaning that they can produce food for themselves by using the light present in their surroundings.

In indoor gardening, plants have limited exposure to sunlight.

Certain wavelengths are required by plants to produce food for themselves. Grow lights provide an emulation of sunlight with all the necessary wavelengths.

Grow lights with a built-in timer are the most efficient as you don’t have to manage them manually.

In this guide, we feature the best grow lights with a timer to make the decision easier for our readers.

VOGEK 72W Tri Head Plant Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck

VOGEK Grow Light, Tri Head Plant Lamp Auto OnOff Plant Growing Light with Adjustable Gooseneck

Reason to love this grow light

The grow light does not emit any harmful wavelengths at all, meaning that only necessary wavelengths reach the plants.

The strong clip with adjustable gooseneck makes this grow light able to fit anywhere according to the needs. The built-in timer rules out the need for an external timer for this grow light.


This grow light by VOGEK is one of the perfect lights you can find for your indoor plants. The light wavelength range is set up so that the plants can pick the right wavelength as per their needs.

The grow light does not emit any harmful wavelengths at all. The emitted light rays have a spectrum ranging from 380 to 800 nanometers.

It is equally good for fruit plants and vegetables. The three bulbs fitted in this product provide the necessary light to all of your plants.

This grow light itself is easy to adjust. Many other lights in the market are not easy to settle, and you have to find ways to adjust them properly. This, however, is not the case with the VOVEK 72W grow light.

The strong clip that works as the base is very convenient for placement. The clip is sturdy, and it can grasp various surfaces very well.

The gooseneck on top of the clip makes you able to turn the lights where you want. The gooseneck is moveable at 360 degrees, and you can turn the lights in any direction you want. The accessibility of this light, along with its brightness, makes it the perfect choice.

You need to turn lights on and off according to the needs of plants. It is very helpful if a light has an adjustable timer, and this one has a timer to turn the light on or off automatically.

If you are not home for days, you can set up the timer before leaving, and the plants will get the right amount of light every day during your absence!



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LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants by UPODA

UPODA Led Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Auto ON & Off with 3 6 12H Timer Plant Grow Light

Reason to love this grow light

This grow light featured red & blue light for your lovely plants. Providing wavelengths range of 400 – 840 nanometer, this light is easy to install and outstanding for many plants.


This grow light by UPODA guarantees that your plants of different types are receiving the exact wavelengths of light they require.

Whether you have succulents, tomatoes, potatoes, or a hydroponic greenhouse in your home or office, this light keeps your plants healthy. Your plants will have the exact light rays they want.

The grow lights produce tremendous heat as they operate, causing harm to fragile plants. This light does not produce any heat, so the plants remain safe while growing.

The light coming out is super bright, and this high luminosity does not take a toll on your electric supply. It requires low power for its operation but provides outstanding results. Low power demand makes this grow light able to last longer. This is a characteristic that is not often found in all grow lights present in the market.

It is ready to face any ups and downs in voltage and ensures that overheating and overvoltage protection saves you from the hassle.

From all the advantages of this grow light, the amazing one is the presence of a timer. If you want to let the light operate at a given time, all you have to do is to set up the timer on your preferences. After setting the timer, you do not have to stand every day near the light for turning it on or off.

There are three heads featured by this light, and you can adjust every one of them at your required positions. There are five dimmable levels of light, and goosenecks add more convenience to your experience.



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27W Grow Light with 36 Red and 18 Blue LED Spectrum by Moer Sky

moer sky Growing Lamps, Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Reason to love this grow light

Available in the blue and red spectrum, this grow light is what anyone demands in indoor gardening. This light operates on low power consumption, keeping your electricity bill low and saving the environment at the same time.


This light has three heads adorned with 18 LEDs on each and 54 LEDs in total. The LEDs emit red and blue light that is necessary for plant growth.

The red light and the blue light are necessary for your plant’s proper energy creation and flowering. Both these lights emit in the manner that your plant stays healthy.

The combination of these two lights provided with this grow light makes sure that your plant thrives and produces more fruits.

Say you do not have time to check the plants multiple times a day, and you want to set up your lights so they work automatically to fulfill your plants’ needs. No need to look further; this light is capable of working on the timeframe provided by you.

You can set the timer to provide light based on your given schedule. With this novelty of having a timer, you can focus on putting other plants indoors or do any other task while your plants get the proper light.

Some lights in the market are a panel of LEDs placed on one slab, which limits their ability to deliver the light to all places. Such a problem is not found with this light – it has three heads and all of them are easy to adjust.

According to your needs, you can either use one at a time or all of three lights if you want. The three head compartments are provided with a flexible neck, so you can turn the lights where you need them. This light is extremely easy to maintain and install, and you do not need a professional to fit this in your indoor garden.



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ACKE 600T Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

ACKE 600T Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Plant Growing Lamps Grow Light Panel for Hydroponics Indoor Plants

Reason to love this grow light

The solid construction of this light and the usefulness of the built-in timer. Moreover, the coverage area of the light and the super bright light coming out of it make it one of the best grow lights with timer in the market!


The coolest thing about this light is that the built-in timer is easy to set up and works fine as per expectations of a demanding gardener. You do not have to match an external timer with this light to set the on and off routine.

The timer provided within this light is easy to understand, and settings made by you do not erase. Once you set the timer, you can ease yourself from the duty of turning the timer daily.

Aside from the cool timer, the most important thing is the light coming out of this grow light. One can compromise on the timer for quality of light, but you do not have to sacrifice anything with this product. Although the timer is a great addition to this grows light, the light itself is outstanding.

This grow light emits a full spectrum of light, meaning that red, blue, and warm white come out of it. All of three wavelengths are necessary for any plant, and this product emits the exact light required for growing healthy plants.

The lights are not fitted carelessly, ACKE has made sure that the light coming out of their product is fine-tuned to the needs of a gardener.

PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiations) are the rays that make plants able to survive and grow, and the creative optical lens of this light emits the perfect range of radiations in a balanced amount. You do not have to worry about your plants getting hurt by the light. The perfect balance of light radiations is taken care of in this product.

The build quality of this light is solid, and the hangers provided within the box allow you to put light where required.

You are not tangled with wires, as only one power code is required to light it up. The fans on this light keep it running cooler, and the light coming out of it is not hot to harm plants.



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TOPLANET 75W Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp with IR Bulbs

topplanet LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants with Timer, TOPLANET 75W Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp with IR Bulbs

Reason to love this grow light

The design of this light is very eye-catching, and the light coming out of it is pretty nice. Ease to hang this light makes you comfortable to set it up on your own.


This light operates at 75W, which means that it does not take a great toll on electric supply. LED chips are used in this light, and the light emission is perfect according to your needs.

This light is a full spectrum light, emitting light from 380 to 780 nanometers. The full spectrum is perfect for plant survival and growth. The light coming out of it is almost equal to the sunlight, and you can grow plants with ease indoors with this gadget.

Although grow lights are perfect to have plants indoors, you do not have to keep your light turned on all the time. Plants don’t photosynthesize non-stop, and you have to be careful about this.

To keep your plants safe, keeping the light turned on and off is necessary. However, keeping track of lights can be a real problem for you. If you are out of your home for days, turning light on and off according to the plant needs becomes impossible. To save you from all such problems, this light comes with a built-in timer. The device sets up according to your given schedule, and you can let the timer do its thing to grow your plants at an accelerated pace.

The light cup fitted on LEDs in this grow light makes sure that the light coming out is focused on plants. The 60-degree reflector cup keeps light from scattering in all directions.

The aluminum back panel on this light keeps the heat out, and you can enjoy the best heat dissipation without hearing the fan noise.

The heat-dissipation multiplies the life of this light manifold. The power supply of this light makes sure that the plants don’t get any harm by a short circuit. You can use this light to fulfill your indoor gardening needs at various places.



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36W Full Spectrum Grow Light by Duomishu

Duomishu Grow Light, 36W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp for Indoor Plants

Reason to love this grow light

This grow light covers the full spectrum, and 360-degree turn allows you to have full coverage over plants. The 8 dimmable levels of light let you choose what intensity of light your plants require.


This light has three heads, and all three of them have “chip on board” LED lights. These lights are known for their efficiency in emitting light and provide excellent results on your plant’s growth. These lights provide better performance compared to other lights and make sure that you get the best value for the money you paid.

Instead of producing glare all the time, the LEDs incorporated in this light provide uniform illumination. The better heat dissipation of this light promotes the accelerated growth pace. Heat dissipation and low power usage confirm the prolonged life of this device.

It is never easy to keep track of the routine to turn lights on and off. If you want to break yourself free from the hectic timetable to turn lights on and off, have a look at the time of this product.

The upgraded timer of this product makes everyone able to set the time of light operation and enjoy the automated on and off feature. You do not have enough time to turn the light on and off, and the timer keeps track of the schedule in place of you.

Plants depend on sunlight in every phase of their life, and you can now grow plants without having to expose your plants to sunlight. This grow light produces a full spectrum of light, which is crucial for plant growth.

With this light, you can forget about the worries of your plants not growing at all. Full-spectrum light helps your plants to germinate, grow and produce fruits and flowers at a fast pace.

Even in indoor gardening, gardeners should be concerned about having only those products that put security first. To save yourself and your loved ones from any possible electrical dangers, this product complies with all the safety regulations provided by relevant authorities.

The flexibility of installing and using this light helps you stay focused on other plant grooming things rather than checking for light all the time.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Grow Lights

How can a grow light accelerate plant growth?

Grow lights emulate sunlight, amplify it and make it more focused on plants for longer amounts of time. This allows plants to grow faster under grow lights.

Are lights without full-spectrum coverage useless?

Some lights do not provide full-spectrum coverage, but they are useful for specific purposes.

Is only red and blue light required by plants?

Lights other than mentioned are also required for plant growth. Thus a full spectrum light is more useful.

Is changing the spectrum of light useful for accelerated plant growth?

A spectrum that does not change drastically throughout plant life is more favorable.

Is UV light necessary for plants?

No, UV light can harm you and your plants. Only use these lights if you know how to handle them.

Is having more lumens of light helpful for plant growth?

PAR is the unit that is used to measure the performance of grow lights. Having more lumens is not going to help anyway.

Is having high PAR values the key to accelerated plant growth?

High PAR values can damage your plants like putting your plants in sunlight for a longer time. Keep the PAR values in check for healthier plants.

Final Words

Grow light is an excellent choice for growing plants in places where sunlight is not available. These lights do not put a dent in your pocket, and you can find them both in physical and online stores.

No diplomas are required to understand their working principles, and you can easily teach yourself how to use them. Just keep the points mentioned in product overviews and FAQs in mind while choosing a light for your indoor garden to have your home improvement!

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