Best 6 Grow Room Ozone Generators – This is Why We Love Them!


Grow rooms often suffer from mold, pests, and pathogens. Home growers also face the problem of stopping the odor from spreading out.

Fortunately, the incredible device named ozone generator can take care of your plants in a grow room without making a dent in your pocket.

Ozone generators replicate the creation of ozone similar to the one in the atmospheric layer.

The ozone molecules produced by the ozone generator are capable to take the odor out, kill pests and pathogens, stop spreading of mold and sanitize the equipment inside a grow room.

There are many ozone generators available on the market some of them have a sale price and free shipping. Being a busy home gardener, you may not have time to look for the details of each one.

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Mammoth 5000 mg Ozone Generator
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Especially for our readers, we provide a review of the best ozone generators so that you can pick one according to your needs!

Airthereal MA5000 Ozone Generator

What we liked most about this product

This generator is capable of producing 5000 mg of ozone per hour. This means that you can depend on its power to clean the air from any unnecessary odor in no time.


Deodorizing your grow room is not a problem for this product, as the amount of ozone from it is perfect for achieving your goal of odor-free air.

As a home grower, you do not only face the problem of odor present in the air. To keep your plants healthy and growing, you have to ensure that your plants are free from any mold problems.

Pathogens and mold prove to be deadly for plants. The pests that can come to your grow room can destroy all of your efforts to keep your grow house living.

However, this product produces the right amount of ozone gas to prevent all these horrible events from happening.

In some cases, you may be required to keep your ozone generator running for longer periods. Keeping this in mind, you must have an ozone generator that does not consume much energy. One of the best features of this product is that it only requires 50W to run for 20 hours continuously.

Even though this product is not heavy and only covers a small area, it can provide ozone to an area larger than 1000 square feet.

To add more in terms of the capabilities of this device, a timer is included in it. What the timer allows you to achieve is to control its working hours. With the timing mode of this device, you can either use it in clockwise or anticlockwise mode.

One of the main components of an ozone generator is an ozone plate.  This device comes with a ceramic ozone plate. The good thing about this ozone plate is that it is removable. This solid ozone generator comes with a rock-solid three-year warranty.


  • You can eliminate all the growing room odor with this ozone generator.
  • It is capable of purifying air from any viruses and bacteria.
  • A built-in timer multiplies the performance of this device.
  • It is very lightweight and portable.
  • It only requires a very low amount of energy.


  • This device is not able to take dust particles away from the air.

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Enerzen 6000 mg Ozone Generator Industrial O3 Air Purifier

What we liked most about this product

If you want to save time and money by purifying the air from odor, this product lets you achieve that goal. It is designed so that it can save you from the hassle of odor. Besides, it also kills pathogens and helps you get rid of mold in your grow room.


The problem is that not all ozone generators are good for cleaning tasks. Most of the time, you get a product that is not able to produce the amount of ozone you want. However, this device producing 6000 mg of ozone per hour can meet your purification needs.

Thanks to the device’s capability to produce a higher amount of ozone, you can clear the pathogens and odors from the air easily. Killing the pathogens and having anti-mold properties, ensures that your plants stay safe and grow properly.

This product not only produces higher amounts of ozone, but it is also capable of propelling the ozone out in a better fashion thanks to the bigger and improved fan.

This generator can purify the air in both large and small grow rooms. One of the best features of this product is that it does not require much maintenance. You won’t have to clean the filter of this device for a few months.

The low maintenance is more enjoyable as this product is very portable. Unlike heavy electricity generators, this product can clean your air and kill odor while not weighing that much. You can carry this ozone generator anywhere you want.

One of the main reasons to buy an ozone generator for home growers is to use it to kill the bad odor. With this product in your grow room, you can assure that no bad odor is spreading in your house or making its way to the neighbors.

To add more to its features, this product is made of aluminum, which ensures high durability. This device has a built-in timer that allows you to stop or turn it on as per schedule.

You do not have to worry about it getting damaged internally as it comes it a solid 1-year warranty.


  • This device is eco-friendly.
  • You can carry it wherever you want thanks to its portability.
  • You are not required to take it to a mechanic as it requires low maintenance.
  • The timer allows you to control the device with more accuracy.


  • Due to the heavy production of ozone, it may leave behind the ozone smell.

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Mammoth 5000 mg Ozone Generator

What we liked most about this product

This device is capable of eliminating the growing room odor in the most advanced way. Also, its design makes a really good impression.


Before discussing more what this product does, let’s discuss the powerful design of this product. Having this product means that you have the most good-looking ozone generator in your grow room. The build quality of this grow room ozone generator is really solid.

It is very small and lightweight at the same time. What it means is that you can pick this product and carry it wherever you want according to your requirements.

As this generator produces 5000 mg of ozone per hour, it can provide ozone to a place of 1000 sq ft in only 20 minutes. To cover smaller spaces, it takes even less time to complete its operation.

To achieve the goal of killing odor and pathogens, this device is equipped with an amazing fan. The large fan with a filter provides solid performance, and you can depend on its power to achieve the task of fully purifying the air.

No matter whether your grow room is a big or a small one, you can use this ozone generator without hesitation to eliminate all the causes of your worries as a home grower.

It works perfectly to take care of all the viruses lurking in your air and kill them all in a single run. Besides viruses, it can eliminate all the bacteria living in the air.

Moreover, many allergens can be produced by your plants in your grow room. This product also clears them from the air. It is wonderful to see that a single lightweight and affordable device can do so many tasks in a single run. This is the reason why so many users rely on this product.


  • This ozone generator is compact and portable.
  • You do not have to spend huge money to get this ozone generator.
  • The ozone plate of this device is replaceable and cheap to buy.
  • You can use the built-in timer to have control of the ozone produced.


  • One year warranty is not very much for the users.

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Alpine 10000 mg/h Ozone Generator, Professional O3 Air Purifier, Ozonator and Ionizer

What we liked most about this product

Producing a huge amount of ozone, when used in controlled conditions, this device can take ultimate care of the odor, bacteria, and mold that hinders the capability of any grow room to provide maximum yields as any home grower dreams!


Not many devices in the market can produce such a high amount of ozone, but this one is out of the league of other devices. It is capable of putting 10000 mg/h of ozone without stopping to catch its breath.

Once the device is turned on, no matter how big your grow room is, you can depend on it to take care of all the odor and bacteria. While odor only teases you, bacteria and mold can harm both you and your plants.

One of the great features of this ozone generator is that you do not have to use an additional filter with it. Once you put this device in your grow room and start using it, you can ensure that you get a solid 6000 hours of work time.

You do not have to change any filters daily to purify your air from all the odor and bacteria. All you have to do is turn the ozone generator on, and it will take care of all the contaminants without any prerequisites.

However, time flies and one day will come when the device will have worked for straight 6000 hours. After enjoying clean air for such a long time, you need to replace its ozone plate. Fortunately, the plate used in this ozone generator is very easy to replace, and you do not have to take it to any professional for replacement.

When you pick any device for your grow room, your primary goal is to pick one that is solid to work in years to come. No home grower has time to sit down and troubleshoot devices daily.

With this generator, you do not have to check its nitty-gritty daily. Once plugged in, this device is capable of working without any need for daily maintenance. The inevitable process of installing a new ozone plate is made easy thanks to the design of this product.


  • You can set the timer on this device.
  • It is capable of taking care of any odor.
  • You can breathe in the air free of bacteria and viruses with this product.
  • You can replace the ozone plate of this device easily.


  • The warranty period for this product is quite short.

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New Comfort Ozone Generator UV Air Purifier

What we liked most about this product

If the odor coming out of your grow tent is so strong that it does not go away, using this ozone generator is one of the best solutions. What’s good about this device is that no matter how strong the odor is, it can take it away in almost no time!


There are two versions available on the market. This device can produce either 6000 mg/h or 12000 mg/h of ozone, and you can choose what is better for you!

This unit is an industrial one, and taking care of tough odors is its specialty. After putting this one in your grow room, you do not have to worry about the strongest odors anymore.

Once this solid and heavy-duty generator starts working, there is no way for the odor to survive.

Hold on, producing high amounts of ozone is not the only bright thing about this device. Once it starts doing its work, it makes sure that no harmful bacteria in the air stay alive.

Next up is mold – this device takes good care of it in no time. Upon its successful start, this device is known to eliminate any possibility of having mold in your grow tent.

The strongest point of this product is its build quality. Although it is capable of producing lots of ozone, it is also very compact and lightweight at the same time. It is made of a stainless steel body, which asserts that this product will survive over the years.

Any odor you can fear coming out of your grow tent is just a myth now, as this ozone generator is ready to take care of it for good! This product has a built-in timer, allowing you to stay secure by scheduling its work routine.


  • This ozone generator comes with a solid 5-year warranty.
  • It is capable to put an end to mold growth.
  • A germicidal UV lamp is included in this device to kill bacteria.
  • A high output fan of this device is capable of providing ozone to 6000 SqFt.
  • You can store this device in your grow room without needing much space.


  • It is quite costly compared to other ozone generators.

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WSTA 500 mg/h Ozone Generator Multipurpose Machine

What we liked most about this product

Having a multipurpose ozone generator is a dream for many gardeners. You can use it to take care of odor coming out of your grow room and put it in your office to clean air, purify water, or clean food at your will.


If you do not have many plants in your grow room but still smell the odor, having this ozone generator is the best way to go. This device is very affordable and super convenient to take from one place to another.

However, don’t think that its small size makes it useless for killing the odor. Once you put this device in your grow tent, it will handle the bad odor quite well.

Using and taking care of this product is very easy. You can install it anywhere as it does not require much space. If your grow room is facing problems with mold, put this ozone generator inside your grow room to take care of the mold. You can also use this generator for mold prevention.

This ozone generator also comes with a timer. Along with the timer, you can set levels of ozone gas it is producing. The makers of this device are super focused on satisfying home growers. They provide a full refund or free replacement if some user does not like the product or gets a faulty one.


  • It can take out the bad odor coming from your grow tent.
  • You can buy this ozone generator at a very low price.
  • This ozone generator is multi-purpose. You can use it to clean water or wash vegetables.
  • This ozone generator is very portable.
  • The timer on this device is very easy to use.
  • The size of this product is very small, yet it is effective in cleaning your air and taking the odor out.


  • It is not suitable for larger grow rooms.

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Best 6 Grow Room Ozone Generators FAQs

Is it beneficial to use ozone generators to prevent mold growth?

Yes, using ozone generators to prevent mold growth is proven to work. However, if your grow room is already attacked by mold, you have to clean and pristine your grow room before starting growth in it again.

Is it true that ozone generators can remove strong odors?

Yes, ozone generators are capable of removing any strong odors coming out of your grow room.

Do I have to check the ozone production levels of an ozone generator and set its running time?

You, without a doubt, have to look for the amount of ozone produced and the ozone generator’s runtime. It is very important to take care of these factors for yourself and your plans for life.

Can I use the exhaust while the ozone generator is running?

If you use exhaust and ozone generators simultaneously, the ozone being produced will leave the room. It is not advised to keep the exhaust turned on while the ozone generator is running.

Can I enter my grow room while the ozone generator is working?

When the ozone generator is running in your grow room, stay out of your grow room.

Is it true that ozone molecules are dangerous for health?

Humans and animals cannot break down the ozone molecules that enter the bloodstream. A small amount of ozone gas can hurt you. Upon inhaling ozone, one starts coughing and eventually dies. While using the ozone generator, do not go inside the grow room.

Is the usage of ozone generators for longer periods beneficial for plants?

It is useless to expose plants to larger quantities of ozone gas. Ozone molecules stop plants from producing chlorophyll, an important component of plants responsible for producing energy for them.

Using an ozone generator for longer periods kills the healthy cells of the plants.

Is it inevitable to use ozone generators?

No, using an ozone generator is entirely your decision. If you can use healthy practices to stop odor spread, avoid mold production, and kill pathogens, there is no need to buy an ozone generator. However, using ozone generators can save you time.

Are there any safety measures to follow while using ozone generators?

Ozone generators require you to follow safety measures while using them. Keep all LED lights off when an ozone generator is running, have a proper setup of ventilation, and choose the size of the ozone generator while keeping the size of your grow room into consideration.


In the case of grow rooms, you cannot use perfumes to kill any bad odor coming out of them. Using any chemicals to prevent mold spread and kill pathogens and pests is costly. However, a single device, an ozone generator, can achieve all of these goals.

The best thing about ozone generators is that they do not require any maintenance at all. Buying an ozone generator means you have achieved a long-lasting solution to the odor problem.

However, before buying an ozone generator, you have to make sure that you buy the best one. Not all ozone generators are capable of achieving your goals. If you put an industry-scale ozone generator in your grow room, it might not be suitable for both you and your plants.

Before picking an ozone generator, make sure that you follow the guidelines given in this article. Carbon filters work through filtering, but ozone generators work by destroying odors or odor control. Plugin ozone generators are great for smaller tent setups and the likes of the Uvon Air are for bigger setups.  Using ozone generators requires you to follow strict safety measures. Keep the safety standards up to the mark so that you and your plants stay healthy!

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