Best 6 Hydroponic Trays For Multiple Purposes + Buyers’ Guide

People around the globe embrace different farming methods, among them, hydroponic agriculture, whereby you grow plants in a nutrient-rich solution other than soil. Many urban dwellers are choosing this fantastic farming method to grow crops in hydroponic trays with limited space.

Fresh green and purple microgreens thriving in hydroponic trays on a wooden table, with a sleek watering can nearby, ready for nurturing.

Regardless of the season or weather conditions, hydroponic farming technology has proven a lucrative breakthrough for reliable food supply.

Exclusively for our readers, we provide a review of the best multi-purpose hydroponic trays so that you can pick one according to your needs!

  • Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Trays - Extra Strength No Holes, 5 Pack, for Propagation

    Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Trays

  • Thunder Acres Made in USA Blue 1020 Growing Tray for Garden Seeds

    Thunder Acres Blue 1020 Growing Tray

  • AC Infinity Humidity Dome Germination Kit

  • Gardzen 5-Pack Sprout Trays

  • Yield Lab 10 x 20 Inch Black Plastic Propagation Tray (10 Pack) – Hydroponic, Aeroponic

    Yield Lab 10 x 20 Inch Black PlasticTrays

  • 10-Pack 1010 Garden Growing Trays Without Drain Holes

  • 1. Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Trays

    Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Trays - Extra Strength No Holes, 5 Pack, for Propagation

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    A large grow tray that can withstand the strain from heavy loads without breaking or warping. The Bootstrap Farmer trays are durable and stackable, and you can store them with ease. Moreover, they have versatile uses such as growing fodder, microgreens, wheat, and seed germinating.

    Product Overview

    If you are looking for a sturdy and durable germination tray for domes, heat mats, microgreens, wheatgrass, and fodder, Bootstrap Farmer 1020 is an ideal match for your search.

    They come with an outer dimension of 21” X 10.75” X 2.5,” so they are large enough to hold multiple plants. Their inner dimensions are 19.6” X 9.5 X 2.25”. They are a bit wider at the top and slight taper at the bottom. They are stackable for easy and safe storage.

    The tray can withstand the weight of multiple plants without bending. You can easily transport your plants without worrying about the tray warping, cracking, and even damaging your plants.

    Besides, the trays are purely made with top-quality polypropylene, which is durable and free from BPA plastic. Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Trays are unique, durable, and slim.

    Besides being leach-resistant, they are also environmentally friendly with no harmful plasticizers added. More so, the trays can withstand various weather conditions. The tray is compatible with other Bootstrap Farmer 1020 products, such as humidity domes and trays with cells to improve your yield.

    Bootstrap Farmer grow rays come with holes that offer excellent drainage for your plants. Besides, they come with a warranty of 2 years, and therefore you can focus on growing your plants without any worry of replacing them soon.

    The packaging caters to both small-scale and large-scale farming with a minimum of 5 trays. You will be able to get the quantity that suits you at an affordable price.


    • They are long-lasting as they are made of top-quality molded plastic
    • Environmental friendly with no harmful additives to polypropylene material
    • Fully recyclable
    • They have versatile applications from germinating to the growth of various plants
    • Compatible with other Bootstrap Farmer products such as humidity domes, among others


    • A little bit expensive compared to other trays of the same kind
    • Only available in black color

    2. Thunder Acres Blue 1020 Growing Tray

    Thunder Acres Made in USA Blue 1020 Growing Tray for Garden Seeds

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    If you are looking for a grow tray from a reputable manufacturer without drain holes to hold solutions for your plants, then you will love the ones from Thunder Acres.

    They are very sturdy, and they have versatile uses such as drainage collectors for pots on top of hydroponic farming. There is a variety of vibrant bright colors to select from that will surely suit your needs.

    Product Overview

    Thunder Acres growing tray is perfect for hydroponic growing and seed germination. They have no drain holes and, therefore, are excellent at holding the solutions. They come with an outer dimension of 21.25” X 11” X2.5” – unique when it comes to maximizing your little space. Generally, they are large enough to hold many plants.

    The trays are really strong, and they can support a significant plant weight without cracking or bending. You are assured of quality and durable products that you can reuse for many seasons.

    Moreover, it comes with a warranty of one year when used correctly as per instructions. The tray weighs 3.45 pounds.

    It is an ideal tray for seed starting, microgreens, and wheatgrass, and is used as a drainage collector for pots. Blue 1020 growing trays can withstand various weather conditions, and they are less prone to cracking.

    The product packaging caters to all individual needs, may it be large-scale or small-scale farming. You can buy a minimum of five trays in a single package.


    • Durable and sturdy
    • They are most suitable for the nutrient film technique because they do not have holes
    • Available in a wide range of colors
    • They have versatile uses such as hydroponic growing and drainage collectors for pots
    • Warranty of one year under regular use
    • The trays can be recycled


    • They are expensive compared to other similar competitor products

    3. AC Infinity Humidity Dome Germination Kit

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    The AC Infinity Humidity Dome is ingeniously designed for successful plant germination and cloning, providing a high-humidity environment. Its transparent dome allows for excellent light penetration and precise humidity control.

    Product Overview

    This germination kit stands out with its clear dome, adjustable vents for humidity control, and an optional height extender for cloning projects. The 5×8 seedling tray accommodates up to 40 seedlings, efficiently draining excess water. It’s durable and versatile, ideal for various indoor planting projects.


    • A clear dome allows for light penetration and easy plant monitoring.
    • Adjustable vents offer precise humidity control.
    • An optional height extender adds versatility for cloning.
    • Lightweight yet sturdy, the design supports up to 40 seedlings.
    • An efficient drainage system prevents overwatering and leaks.


    • In summary, the AC Infinity Humidity Dome Germination Kit is a comprehensive solution for indoor plant propagation, offering a controlled environment and user-friendly features. It is an excellent choice for gardeners seeking to enhance germination and cloning success.

    In summary, the AC Infinity Humidity Dome Germination Kit is a comprehensive solution for indoor plant propagation, offering a controlled environment and user-friendly features. It is an excellent choice for gardeners seeking to enhance germination and cloning success.

    4. Gardzen 5-Pack Sprout Trays

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    Gardzen 5-Pack Sprout Trays are made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, ensuring a safe and healthy sprouting process. Their efficient design with dense holes and good air permeability makes them ideal for sprouting seeds like wheatgrass and mung.

    Product Overview

    These trays promote seed germination and root strength thanks to their unique concave-convex design and efficient water-holding green tray. They’re convenient for indoor and outdoor use perfect for growing a variety of sprouts for healthy eating.


    • Safe, BPA-free plastic material.
    • Dense holes in white trays keep small seeds secure.
    • Easy to handle with a concave-convex design.
    • Green trays provide moisture and nutrition for seeds.
    • Versatile for different seeds, enhancing indoor gardening.
    • Includes 5 packs of both white and green trays for ample sprouting.


    • Plastic material might not be as durable as other materials like stainless steel.
    • It may require regular water changes to maintain a clean environment.

    The Gardzen Sprout Trays are an excellent choice for those looking to grow a variety of sprouts at home easily and safely. Their design and material make them a practical and efficient tool for indoor gardening enthusiasts.

    5. Yield Lab 10 x 20 Inch Black PlasticTrays

    Yield Lab 10 x 20 Inch Black Plastic Propagation Tray (10 Pack) – Hydroponic, Aeroponic

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    If you are looking for the best seed-germinating tray that will allow you to cut your plants easily once they are ready, then Yield Lab 10 x 20″ Propagation Trays will not disappoint you.

    This tray is very accommodating, and it can hold many plants due to its large size. Besides, it is sturdy, and light, and you can reuse it over seasons without deteriorating in quality.

    Product Overview

    Yield Lab 10 x 20.75-inch Black Plastic Propagation Trays are light and easy to use. A ten-pack of tray weighs 2.9 pounds, and they are useful when it comes to seed germination. It has outer measurements of 23.7″X11.8″ X3.1″.

    Therefore, it can hold more plants – about 20 seedlings or clones due to its large size. Its design can accommodate an 8″ dome with ease.

    This straight tray enables you to conveniently cut your plants once they are ready. The tray is ideal for propagating cuttings, clones, and seeds, among other hydroponics, as it allows the plants to achieve a massive and robust root structure.

    Yield Lab 10 x 20.75 Inch Black Plastic Trays does not have drainage holes and therefore is ideal for nutrient film technique to hold your solution.

    It can also be used as a propagating tray as well as a drip tray, yet it is compatible with hydroponic micro-mats and grow mats. The tray comes with fitting domes that will provide your plants with the humidity necessary for optimal growth.

    Other than being sturdy, they are made of durable plastic, and you can reuse the trays as many times as possible without losing the quality. Therefore, you will not worry about the replacements. Moreover, they are eco-friendly, non-toxic, BPA-free, and easy to dispose of as the tray is recyclable.


    • Sturdy and durable
    • They have versatile uses in hydroponics
    • BPA-free thus environmentally friendly
    • The tray can be recycled
    • It has a large capacity to hold many plants


    • The seal on the trays with domes sometimes may not be airtight

    6. 10-Pack 1010 Garden Growing Trays Without Drain Holes

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    The 10-Pack 1010 Garden Growing Trays offer versatility and durability for various gardening purposes. These recyclable plastic trays are perfect for indoor gardening, including growing wheatgrass, herbs, and microgreens on your countertop.

    Product Overview

    These 10″ x 10″ trays are ideal for gardening, from seed propagation and hydroponics to greenhouse and nursery applications. They fit well in larger drip trays and are suitable for soil and hydroponics.


    • Multi-purpose design suitable for wheatgrass, microgreens, and sprouts.
    • Durable and reusable for long-term use.
    • Compatible with larger drip trays for efficient gardening.
    • Ideal for seed starting, hydroponics, and greenhouse applications.
    • A pack of 10 offers superb value for extensive gardening projects.


    • Lack of drain holes may require careful water management to prevent overwatering.
    • Plastic material, while durable, may not be as environmentally friendly as other options.

    These trays are an excellent choice for gardeners seeking reliable and versatile trays for various indoor gardening activities, offering practicality and efficiency in a compact size.

    Factors to Consider While Choosing the Hydroponic Trays

    Hydroponic grow trays are containers designed to hold the nutrients, which are essential for the growth of plants. The trays come in different materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. Their design depends on the type of hydroponic system in use. Some can hold grow media such as pebbles, and coco coir, among others, while others are designed to hold plant pots and cups.

    Hydroponic trays without holes are most suitable for the nutrient film technique, where the plant roots float in water. They directly take up nutrients from the solution and drainage is not necessary.

    Sloppy and perforated grow trays are suited for flood and drain (EBB) systems.

    Sometimes it might prove to be a daunting task, especially when you are not sure of which hydroponic tray to purchase. The following factors will guide you to make the best choice:


    The benefit of having a long-lasting tray is that it eliminates the annoyance of having to replace your trays each season and part with extra cash.

    Durable trays must be made of plastics, which are thick enough to withstand any strain caused by the weight of the plants, or a metal that is corrosion and rust-resistant.

    Type of plants to propagate

    Shallow hydroponic trays are suitable for small plants and seedlings. However, for plants with massive roots, deep trays are better enough to accommodate more plants.

    Some plants may not thrive well in a flooded environment, and therefore you might need to look for trays that offer proper drainage.

    Safety and health of the plants

    The safety and health of the plants are paramount for a choice of tray. You should get one that provides proper anchoring for healthy plant roots, and natural absorption of nutrients that aid in vegetative growth.

    Also, when growing edible plants, ensure that you choose those that are recommended by the FDA, such as propylene. This is because other plastics such as PVC tend to leach harmful chemicals into the water, which is later absorbed by the plants.

    Type of hydroponic system

    In case you need to engage in nutrient film technique, the best trays to look for are those that do not have holes so that they can hold water for easy absorption of nutrients by plants.

    For the flood and drain (EBB) systems, trays with perforations or rails in addition to slanting grids, are the best to offer good drainage.

    Extra equipment needed

    Some trays are used together with other items such as tray cells, domes, heat mats, and thermostats, among others. You should consider the financial implications for the additional types of equipment.

    Compatibility with other types of equipment

    You should always check the measurements of the tray to ensure that they are standard measures before making any purchase.

    Most manufacturers design different types of equipment that you will use in conjunction with the trays, using the standard gauge. Alternatively, you can buy all the other materials from one manufacturer.

    Growing space

    The size of your growing space determines whether to opt for smaller or larger trays. You need to check the exterior dimensions of the trays that will fit well in the room without wasting space.


    Going for cheap trays may compromise the quality. You might end up spending more when it comes to replacing them frequently. However, you should stick to your budget and buy a quality tray that will offer you a longer service life.

    Our most frequently asked questions on hydroponic trays.

    How safe is it to consume food that I grow in plastic trays?

    The plastic trays are mostly made of recycled plastics such as propylene, which are deemed very safe by the FDA.

    Can the trays break in the process of shipping?

    The trays are sturdy and well stacked and packaged. Therefore they do not break easily.

    Which is the best hydroponic tray to use?

    The choice of tray depends on various factors such as durability, type of plants, and hydroponic system size, among others. Your choice should entirely depend on your immediate needs.


    Buying a quality tray is worth the investment. These trays are not only robust and durable but also have smart designs. Besides, plastic hydroponic trays are made from high-grade plastics that are eco-friendly and very safe for growing consumables. Also, you can hand in plastic trays for recycling to minimize waste pollution.

    These hydroponic trays come from accredited manufacturers, and they have standard measurements, which make them compatible with other types of equipment that you might require during your indoor farming.

    Besides, they have a warranty that covers damage during shipment and while using them as specified. You can purchase either a smaller or a large tray that will suit your growing space.

    The packaging suits different needs, and the prices are not too high. You can get a minimum of five or ten trays on one purchase without worrying about the maximum. Most of these trays can be used for various purposes apart from hydroponics. You can use them for holding fruits or vegetables during storage.

    Before you purchase your tray, it is essential to consider the durability, cost, compatibility, and safety method of the hydroponic system that you intend to use, and above all, check the regular price. These factors will guide you in choosing the best hydroponic tray that will not disappoint. Happy gardening!

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