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Best 8×8 Grow Tents – Review & Buying Guide

Growing hydroponic with grow tents allows you to make indoor gardening with a perfect control over the environment. As there are many important factors – like maintaining of heat, temperature, lighting, and humidity – you must choose the perfect one. Most of the tents available in the market are small in size and differ a lot from one another.

For your convenience, we have enlisted the 5 best 8 x 8 grow tents, which can meet your individual requirements.

Our Top 8×8 Grow Tent Picks

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TopoGrow D-Door 96″x96″X78″ Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow D-Door 96x96X78 8x8 Indoor -Grow-Tent


When it comes to successful indoor gardening, this one by TopoGrow comes with almost perfect construction. This results in a strong and solid tent casing which provides the ideal shelfer for the thriving plants. Scroll down to explore the featured details and their corresponding benefits.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect Clothing Combo

600D high-quality oxford cloth covers the exterior portion of the cover, making the tent safe & secure. The suitable thickness of the cover protects the interior. Also, the diamond Mylar coverage induces incredible reflectivitye. It delivers up to 96% of the imposed light, keeping the heat & temperature constant.

  • Stable Frame of Metal Bars

The outset of the tent is made of sturdy metal bars. The tubular bars are of 19mm diameter, offering optimum stability. The connectors of the bars are of metal as well, enhancing the strength of the frame. Having white coating on the bar exterior, no rusting, corrosion or staining is likely to happen.

  • Convenient Ventilation

There are rectangular vents on the tent meant to maintain a smooth airflow. With high-quality mesh, the vents installed do a great job for filtering. They also serve an environmental purpose – a proper filtering of the generated output to reduce the pollution.

  • Waterproof Tray at Bottom

To deal with the spillage, there comes a removable tray. It lies on the tent bottom which collects the spillage roundly. The tray is waterproof and you won’t have to face any difficulty in cleaning it.

  • Zippers & Sturdy Stitching

The zippers intended for access are large enough to ease their designated movement along the path. Again, the entire coverage comes with double stitching. Therefore, it seals the leaks efficiently and no entrance of lights will ever take place.


  • Superior stability for the entire construction.
  • Filter strapping through nylon belts.
  • Optimum protection with lightproof coverage.
  • Easy operation with the tool-free installation.
  • Maximum retention of growth condition.


  • Corner connection is not very sturdy.
  • There is no specific door for entrance.


The entire frame is what you need to ensure a safe and favorable condition regarding healthy plant growth. Quality and satisfaction, both come hand in hand in a reasonable market value worth every penny spent!

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TopoLite 96″x96″x80″ Indoor Grow TentTopoLite 96x96x80 8x8 Indoor Grow Tent


Being an absolute beauty, this 8 x 8 grow tent is featured with all vital components for successful plants growth. The overall construction comes with strength and durability which is just what you’d expect. Let’s get down to the features of this versatile product to know the details.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient Clothing Combo

The exterior cover is of heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth which prevents ripping off. The cloth has a suitable thickness and therefore, prohibits the entrance of light. The inside has diamond Mylar featuring high reflection ability which is up to 96% of the osculating light.

  • Sturdy Metal Support

Metal bars of 22mm diameter built the supporting frame which induces stability and strength. The entire rod has a white coating which resists rusting, corrosion and staining. The connectors are of metal, providing ultimate connection strength and proper combination to build the backbone.

  • Smooth Ventilating Outlet

The tent contains rectangular vents that are accompanied with commercial-quality mesh. The combination ensures a quick yet effective ventilation system.

In fact, there are several vents in the tent to help with the control of air quality. Through proper filtering, the vents impart superior output all the way.

  • Continuous Supply through Window

There exists a green window that filters the white light and thus, controls the light entrance maintaining a consistent environment.

The window allows the user to keep an eye over the plants all the time.

  • Removable Tray for Spillage

As the plants require fertilizers and water, you will have to deal with spillage. Regarding this, this unit offers a removable spill tray at the bottom where the spillage gets stacked. Being waterproof, you just need to remove the spilled tray and clean it up.


  • Lightproof exterior with reflective interior clothing.
  • Enormous 64 square feet growing space.
  • Large-sized heavy-duty zippers for protection.
  • Quick and easy installation without any tools.
  • Safe monitoring & assessing of the plant growth.


  • Rough zippering is likely to take place.
  • Staining in the connectors may occur.


Having the basic features combined perfectly, this fabulous tent provide the best growing environment. No doubt, this one is worth your valuable investment with its quality.

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Hydro Crunch Hydroponic 8×8 Grow Tent

Hydro Crunch D940009000 Hydroponic Grow Tent 96 x 96 x 80 8x8


Containing some of the best features, the hydroponic tent from Hydro Crunch is undeniably one the best to choose. The 8 x 8 grow tent has a solid construction with an all-metal body and sturdy poles. Get down to the features of this popular unit and unfold its suitability.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior Design with Storage

The combination of black & green on the exterior side offers a truly appealing outlook. It induces a perfect indoor decoration, despite its full assembly with numerous heavy equipment. Like the previous one, you will receive a 64 square feet of free space inside for growing the plants.

  • Mylar Coverage on Both Sides

There is Mylar coverage on both sides of the tent enhancing the light reflectivity. The canvas used for the construction reflects almost 100% of the imposed light. Commercial-grade coverage keeps the interior intact all the time. The coverage is resistant to light sealing the leaks perfectly.

  • Metal Bar Construction

Through metal bars, the entire infrastructure comes with greater longevity. It imparts stability for the entire tent base. Again, the connection is made of polypropylene/metal which encourages good sticking of the bars.

  • Protective Floor Tray

Due to watering & fertilizing, the tent floor gets loaded with spillage. Thanks to the floor tray, you can easily get rid of those garbage within seconds. The best part is the tray being waterproof, saves your effort by cleaning the spillage from the tray surface.

  • Heavy Equipment Adaption

There are several poles inserted which enables the tent to accommodate heavy equipment with safety. The heavy-duty poles help the equipment to keep hanging with round safety and therefore, saves the space.


  • Durable frame with quality materials.
  • Almost 100% reflection of lights.
  • Completely washable coverage.
  • Enclosure for the dual duct port.
  • Double stitching to seal the leaks.


  • Pole bends upon overweight.
  • Zippering may become rough.


Despite some minor limitations, this is one piece to suit your requirement for perfect indoor gardening. The tent maintains the best growing environment all along and, highly suitable for different weeds and seeds.

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Gorilla Grow Tent GGTLT88 LITE LINE, 8′ x 8′ Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tent GGTLT88 LITE LINE, 8' x 8' (No Extension Kit)


With a professional design, the unit from our best 8 x 8 grow tents by Gorilla has incredible construction and reliability. This is specifically designed to maintain the perfect growth condition and remains one of the most sought-after models. Give a scroll and get to the features of the unit and its relevant benefits.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique Height Adjustment

The most unique feature of this ergonomic tent is its height adjustment. In fact, the patent-pending technology for the extension poles increases & decreases the tent height. It allows a smooth height adjustment of 1’ easily. The maximum height of a tent is 7’7” while the least height is about 6’7”.

  • Dependable Canvas

The canvas is of high-quality fabric which reflects most of the imposed light.

It also retains the heat and temperature inside and maintains the required environmental condition. The fabric has sufficient longevity to withstand frequent or unexpected weather variation.

  • Interlocking Metal Frame

Sturdy metal bars built the supporting frame and induce superior strength. The heavy-duty metal construction ensures maximized stability for the base.

All the bars are coated well enough to resist possible rusting, staining and corrosion. Each of the bars comes with interlocking facility which results in a more solid connection.

  • Micro-Mesh Filtering

Another unique and most useful feature offered by Gorilla grow tent is its filtering system. The filter contains micro-mesh which are adjustable to a considerable extent. The pre-filters along with the mesh establishes a bug resistant interior.

  • Convenient 360° Access

There are heavy-duty metal zippers on the doorways as well as the wraparounds. With double stitching and smooth movement, no stuck-up of the zippers occur.

With a 360° accessibility, it eases the operation and helps to monitor the inside perfectly without any disturbance.


  • Limited adjustment of tent height.
  • Superior canvas ensures durability.
  • Larger EZ windows allow snapshots.
  • 10” sized double cinching ports.
  • Sturdy growing enclosure with metals.


  • Secondary floor tray is of poor quality.
  • The zipper stitching may not last long.


This one is designed for delivering proper plant growth environment inside the house. You will certainly have the best indoor gardening experience with this tent at a reasonable price.

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Oppolite Hydroponic 8×8 ft Grow Tent Room for Indoor Plant Growing

Oppolite 96X96X78 Indoor Grow Tent Room 8x8


The last one from our choices is the hydroponic tent by Oppolite. Though it comes in the last place, its quality and service are beyond question which will certainly meet your requirements.

The overall framework is pretty sturdy, convenient and suitable for indoor growth. Start scrolling to unravel the features and resembling benefits.

Features & Benefits

  • Superb Clothing Combination

Like some of the previous ones, the exterior comes with 600D oxford fabric which is sufficiently lightproof. Meanwhile, the interior side is made with high-quality Mylar diamond.

The Mylar can reflect about 96% of the light which helps to maintain the heat circulation well enough. Obviously, both the sides are washable which makes this unit more user-friendly.

  • Durable Metal Support

With heavy-duty metal bars, the mainframe offers maximized strength & sturdiness. The metal induces greater durability and ensures a secured interior.

Through outer coating, no corrosion, staining or rust takes place even after prolonged exposure to the environment. Sturdy connectivity prevails with metal connecting bolts enhancing its durability.

  • Zippers & Dual Stitching

Suitable zippers control the accessibility of the tent and keep the interior condition undisturbed all along. The zippers are of metal and provide perfect intact for the growth environment.

With double stitching, all the leaks are sealed properly preventing the entrance of extra light from the outside.

  • Better Ventilation System

Through rectangular vents, proper air circulation is guaranteed. It enables the user to maintain a constant environmental conditions.

There are numerous vents for filter and fan output which controls the polluting substances. Inclusion of mesh for the vents creates a bug resistance system for the growing plants.

  • Removable Tray for Spillage

At the bottom, there is a removable tray that stores the spillage. The spillage mainly generates during the watering process and needs disposal as early as possible.

The tray collects the spillage roundly and all you need is to bring out the tray. The tray itself is waterproof which makes this more suitable for cleanups.


  • Optimum productive growth.
  • Metal bar imparts durability & strength.
  • Perfect sealing to prevent leaks.
  • Superior canvas with different clothing.
  • Nylon belts allow filtering straps.


  • Poles get bent upon overweight.
  • No particular design for hanging.


Even though there are some minor drawbacks, yet this is one of the most versatile products for indoor gardening. Offering 65 square foot space at once, the price seems worthy of investment which can provide the ultimate satisfaction.

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8 x 8 Grow Tent Buying Guide

Although you can put some thoughts into buying a good indoor grow tent, it is usually difficult to make the final choice. There are numerous good-quality tents in the market but they do vary a lot.

Regarding this, we provided the list of factor, that largely determine the quality of a grow tent. Knowing these will certainly help you with choosing the best one, leading you to ultimate gardening success.

Fact 1: Overall Design

This concerns with the space you have available. Also, it accounts for the types of plants you want to grow inside the tent.

The tent should have sufficient features to ensure healthy growth of the seedlings maintaining ideal growing condition.

Fact 2: Canvas Quality

The thickness of the canvas has a major influence on durability and intactness. Thinner ones tend to rip off easily whereas a thick one withstands for long. A thicker material can retain more heat and therefore, eases the temperature control inside.

Fact 3: Reflectivity

Lighting is very crucial for plant growth and you have to ensure that the interior side reflects most of the lights. Thicker canvas with diamond Mylar provides the best reflectivity and encourages the lighting.

Fact 4: Supporting Material

Both the base and the basic formwork must be strong enough to ensure maximized stability for the entire tent. In general, either plastic or metal bars make the supporting frame.

It is always preferable to have metal frames which come with durability and doesn’t undergo bending easily.

Fact 5: Ventilation

Proper ventilation for the growing plants is essential which comes with continuous air circulation. Without aerating the interior space, the plants won’t sustain for long.

Fact 6: Cord & Ducting Ports

Numerous equipment for any tent needs electricity and you will certainly require wires for that. With enough cord ports, you can provide the necessary electricity. In the meantime, some duct ports can exhaust the hot air from the tent which helps to maintain a constant temperature.

Fact 7: Zippers & Accessibility

Zippers offer accessibility as well as sealing at the same time. A zipper needs to be sturdy and intact enough to block the entrance of air or light from outside. And the smooth movement of the zipper along its path is a prerequisite for quick, easy and effortless access.

These are the most important ones to consider. Obviously, you have to make up your budget first considering your requirements. Apart from that, you can check additional features which can provide further ease and comfort after fulfilling the aforementioned criteria.

Editor’s Pick

Choosing the best one among others is really tough. Even if you consider the aforementioned 5 products, it is not easy either. But if you ask us to make our choice from the enlisted ones, we would choose TopoGrow D-Door 96″x96″X78″ Indoor Grow Tent among others.

It is indeed a very efficient and versatile product that comes with quality assurance. The overall construction is satisfactory and you will get a reasonable space for indoor horticulture. This unit is rich with features that you will need to grow the seedlings perfectly. Though it doesn’t come with many additional features, you will certainly get the best indoor gardening experience.

And regarding the price, it is reasonable against its offerings and affordable for common people.

Final Verdict

We provided many important informations in the review. We hope you can make the best choice regarding indoor grow tent by now easily. With the perfect choice, it will help you to plant and fruit your favorites inside the house, no matter whatever the weather conditions are.

We tried to demystify the unknowns of grow tents in our reviews so that you can get the best 8 x 8 grow tents for a successful garden sitting at home. Though it is likely to take some time to cope with indoor growing, afterward the rewards are too much to ignore with better yield.