The Best 9 Alternatives To Garden Gates

A garden gate allows you to access the garden or farm where you are rearing livestock.

Garden gates can be designed in various ways to make them beautiful, and appealing, add beauty to your yard and also complement your compound. You need to consider a lot before settling for a particular garden gate. This mainly relies on whether the garden is for farming or recreational purposes.

When you are planning to put up a garden gate, consider the materials to be used, the size of the area, the type of garden, and the budget. There are alternatives to garden gates that you can use instead of the common default ones.

These alternatives are:

1. Re-used Glass

You might be having a common metal gate that you may want to alter its appearance. You can opt to use glass around your home to make it look unique. This will help give your garden gate a modern, attractive, and mysterious look. You can make this kind of gate by attaching glasses in perfect lines on the gate wall using wire mesh.

However, you need to be careful while installing the glasses to prevent you from getting hurt. That’s why it is recommended that you consult a professional to make the work easier and safer.

2. Colored Pencil Shapes

If you have young kids, you can try out a design that involves creativity. You can shape wood into tall pencil shapes and color them at the top. You should use different colors, trying to show that they are large crayon pencils.

This helps secure your garden since nobody can climb up due to the sharpness at the top. This idea will help expand your child’s mind and creativity. Your child will also always want to be near the gate due to the element that relates to their young minds.

It will also breed a sense of excitement in them.

3. The Log Way

This is a simple idea that is also easy to make. The materials needed to make this gate are long nails, clean logs, and hedges. You can make it either short or tall, depending on your preference. You just need to curve the logs in whichever way you would like.

Depending on your taste, you can also create it in a way that it would give one a mindset of it being wild or overgrown. This is an ideal option that you should try out to increase the beauty of your cottage garden.

4. Stones

As a do-it-yourself (DIY) person, creativity matters. In this case, you can use stones in various ways, but it is most advisable to use smooth pebbles.

You can design a curve skeleton using any kind of metal and then fill it with concrete. Then attach the stones to the concrete, which has not yet dried. It will not have a door. Instead, it will have a passage-like appearance, which gives a dreamlike view. There is no need to have a door structure in this design.

Additionally, when you have a large property, try using this as the entrance to a small secret garden, garden fence, or a topiary garden.

5. Wedding Themed

If you do love the sight of wedding entrances in garden weddings, then you are an enthusiast in such an environment. You can use that as an inspiration to create your garden gate. You can use either wooden or clay molded structures in whichever patterns you want as well as painting.

Flowers can be used to complement it and add life to it. This kind of setting creates a friendly and jovial environment. You will always feel at peace with such scenery.

6. Bamboo Sticks

Bamboo is a naturally low-cost material that is used to make gates and is widely available and easy to handle. It can be found almost anywhere and are also the fastest-growing plant. Additionally, it can be harvested much more frequently than in wooded areas because of how quickly it grows.

As a result, it is cheap, easy to find, and abundant. When making a bamboo garden gate, measure the distance between the two points where you want to place the gate. You can then cut the bamboo into sizes that you want according to your planned design.

At the top, place a bamboo horizontally with a name curved there or anything that would complement it to give it an adventurous look. Aside from the enhancement of the natural appearance, bamboo gates can add decorative elements to your garden. Almost any landscape can benefit from its organic color and texture.

7. Farm Tools Inspired.

In this type of gate, you can carve wood into whichever farm tools you like and use them as accessories on your gate. For example, you could use a shovel-shaped carving, and a rake-shaped carving to intercross them on the gate, which would be a see-through kind of gate so as not to overdo it. This kind of design gives the impression that you love farming.

8. Vintage

If you are a vintage type of person, you can design your garden gate as well in various ways. You must ensure that it ends up having an old and rustic kind of look. In this one, you can use logs, barbed wire, metal table legs, and handy chicken wire. You should not treat the logs, let them remain with their natural look.

Additionally, you can make it enjoyable by making a half gate instead of a full size. Furthermore, the idea of creating a vintage door using an old mahogany tree and attaching flowers could be in consideration. Another vintage idea is using an old wooden door and removing the glasses if they were present.

This creates a cozy environment.

9. Flower-Covered Arch

If you are a flower lover, you could try out this idea. It is a classical and enticing kind that gives your garden a lively and colorful look. Using a wooden frame of whichever shape comes in handy with the flowers. A moon gate design would work best with this theme.

Flowers tend to be elegant and make your space look bigger, even if your compound is not that big. Furthermore, any archway will always feel welcoming when surrounded by a canopy of flowers. To enhance the surroundings even more, choose fragrant flowers like roses.

These lovely pink ones contrast beautifully with the white picket fence. You can also plant perennial beds along the fence line and drape a rose bush, or another fragrant climbing plant, over the arbor.


You should be aware that these garden gates can summarize your personality and sense of taste. Indeed, gorgeous garden gate are used to complement one’s compound as well as create a certain mood. When you are putting up a garden gate, you should consider its maintenance, such as cleaning, oiling the hedges, trimming the overgrown flowers, and collecting the dried leaves if they are present.

Why don’t you try out a garden gate to complement your compound?

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