Best Double-Ended Grow Lights – Review & Buying Guide

Double-ended (DE) grow lights offer more benefits when compared to single-ended (SE) ones. If you’re a serious grower or want to get more yields from your large grow room, shifting from SE to DE should be a priority.

Many users say, that DE grow lights produce 10% to 30% more light, which leads to better yields.

Besides, setting up a double ended lights in your indoor grow area is economical in the long run, even though the initial cost is high.

These lights are more efficient than SE lamps and will remain almost 98% efficient after 10000 hours of use.

For the past five years, these lights have grown in popularity, and demand for them has risen among growers. As a result, we decided to conduct thorough research and bring you the best double-ended grow lights for your plants.

Table of the 6 best double-ended grow lights

  • SunStream 1000 Watt DE Double Ended Grow HPS System with Bulb

    SunStream 1000W DE

  • Best Double Ended Grow Lights - Review & Buying Guide

    Phantom Commercial DE Enclosed Lighting System

  • Hydro Crunch DE02-1000-Rope

    Hydro Crunch DE02-1000-Rope DE Light

  • Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W Double Ended Wing Reflector

    Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W DE Wing Reflector Kit

  • VIVOSUN 98% Ultrahigh 1000W Double Ended DE

    Vivosun 98% Ultrahigh Reflectivity 1000W DE Light

  • Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W HPS Double Ended Open Hood Grow Light Kit

    Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W DE Open Hood Grow Light Kit

  • 1. SunStream 1000W DE Double Ended Grow HPS System

    SunStream 1000 Watt DE Double Ended Grow HPS System with Bulb

    What we liked most about the product

    SunStream 1000W DE Grow HPS System may not be as popular as other units on this list, but you will be amazed by how effective it is in performance.

    The kit is affordable yet with some exceptional features. It is a closed style DE system with a good reflector size that will cover several plants. It is also one of the safest units on this list as it has an automatic cooling function and a self-protection system.

    Product overview

    Made in Germany, the kit comes with high-quality parts that are sturdy and meet ETL certification. Hence, it has a safe high-pressure sodium system that any indoor plant grower will love to have.

    On top of that, it comes with built-in 120V/240V 1000W adjustable high-frequency ballast. This will effectively control the power being fed to the double-ended light for optimal use.

    When the grow HPS mechanism is at a risky input or output voltage, the self-protection system comes into play, and the unit is instantly stopped to prevent damage to the machine or user.

    This is an ideal unit for individuals looking for the best mid-range double-ended grow lights.


    • High-frequency and dimmable ballast
    • Ideal reflector size
    • Self-protection system prevents damage to the unit or grower
    • High P.A.R DE 1000W lamp is included
    • Automatic cooling prevents damage of the machine from excessive heat
    • Great price
    • Quiet in operation
    • It is ETL certified
    • 3-year warranty


    • Does not connect to a controller

    2. Phantom Commercial 1000W DE Enclosed Lighting System, PHDEKTS2

    Best Double Ended Grow Lights - Review & Buying Guide

    What we liked most about the product

    The Phantom Commercial 1000W DE enclosed lighting system is a user-friendly unit and suitable for large scale growers. It features removable ballast that can be operated from a distance or in another room to help in heat reduction.

    Product overview

    Designed with a high precision microprocessor, this is an extremely efficient super dependable piece of kit. Additionally, the high-frequency and four-way dimmable ballast is lightweight and quiet in operation.

    Therefore, you will not be disturbed as you take care of your plants in the indoor grow room.

    Moreover, the Phantom Commercial 1000W DE light system provides a higher PAR value with outstanding uniformity. The auto strike function prevents power interruptions from damaging the high-end double ended bulb. A unique part of this unit is the USB interface, which allows the grower to connect it to the lighting controller.


    • High-frequency and dimmable ballast
    • Auto restrike function avoids power interruptions from damaging the bulbs
    • Ideal for use in damping areas
    • USB interface
    • Quiet operation
    • It can be utilized with multiple voltages
    • Removable ballast can be used remotely
    • 3-year warranty


    • Quite expensive for small scale growers

    3. Hydro Crunch DE02-1000-Rope Double Ended HPS Pro Series Enclosed Grow Light

    Hydro Crunch DE02-1000-Rope

    What we liked most about the product

    The Hydro Crunch DE02-1000-Rope 1000W double-ended high-pressure sodium system is an excellent unit for small and large scale growers.

    Not only is it sold at a fantastic price, but it also comes with a complete kit less a DE bulb. The kit includes a ballast, reflector, and adjustable ratchet hander.

    Product overview

    The 1000 watts DE grow light unit has dimmer settings of 600/750/1000/1150 for optimal performance. Besides, the digital ballast is UL listed and CE certified, so it is safe to use in most places.

    Installation of the unit is also easy as it features an adjustable light ratchet hanger for comfortable handling of the kit in your preferred grow area. With a 2-year warranty, this is a great investment if you want your grow plants to yield better.


    • Easy to install
    • Complete kit with ballast, reflector, and adjustable light ratchet hanger
    • A dual input voltage of 120V/240V
    • Dimmable ballast for effective use
    • Enclosed style ensures plants get optimal light and heat
    • 2-year warranty


    • No lamp is included in the purchase; thus, you will have to buy it separately

    4. Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W Double Ended Wing Reflector Complete Grow Lights Kit

    Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W Double Ended Wing Reflector

    What we liked most about the product

    Yield Lab is no doubt one of the best grow light brands as it offers a wide range of units that serve different people’s needs. The Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W DE complete grow kit is suitable for people who grow cannabis or vegetables indoors.

    It offers a broader coverage and intense light penetration with its wing reflector. Furthermore, it is easy to install and use as it comes with a complete kit with the two DE lamps.

    Product overview

    Unlike the single-sided wings, the double-sided wings of the Yield Lab Pro series 1000W provide excellent coverage. Also, the angled wing reflector design gives different reflective points to cover the whole plant. Running on the 1000W ballast, this is a very powerful unit, and it efficiently manages heat.

    It also features HPS bulbs that are very efficient and stable than SE bulbs, thus adding 10% intensity and PAR output, with stronger IR and UV light. However, you should use this kit as per the instruction as the powerful heat produced may end up burning your plants.

    With the free 12 weeks grow video guide, you should be able to fully utilize this unit for greater yields.


    • Comes with a dimmable ballast
    • Full plant coverage with the large wingspan reflector
    • Comes in a complete kit
    • Lightweight construction for easy installation
    • It boosts yields and reduces flicker
    • The double-ended bulb is 30% more efficient than the single-ended light bulb
    • Features a 12 week grow video guide for optimal use
    • 3-year warranty


    • The unit only uses 110V and cannot be switched to 240V

    5. VIVOSUN 98% Ultrahigh 1000W Double Ended DE HPS Lamp

    VIVOSUN 98% Ultrahigh 1000W Double Ended DE

    What we liked most about the product

    Vivosun 98% ultrahigh 1000W DE HPS lamp system is a powerful unit suitable for larger grow rooms with adequate ventilation. One of the features that set the unit apart from its competitors is the unique high-end hood made of imported Italian VEGA aluminum.

    This reflector boosts of 20% more reflectivity than standard aluminum reflectors. Apart from that, it has exceptional contouring that gets rid of hot spots that burn plants.

    Product overview

    Despite producing excellent light and heat, this unit is safe to use as it has short-circuited protection, overheating protection, ignition-failure protection, and end of bulb life protection.

    This is all thanks to the microprocessor which controls the unit. Other outstanding features include dimmable ballast, high-quality VS lamp holder, and double-ended lamp socket.


    • Suitable for indoor use
    • Great light reflectivity rating of 98%
    • Easy to install with the high-quality suspension system
    • Safe to use with the overheat protection and short-circuit protection
    • It has no hot spots
    • Sturdy and dimmable ballast
    • 3-year warranty


    • It produces a lot of heat, thus needs to be installed in a well ventilated grow room

    6. Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W HPS Double Ended Open Hood Grow Light Kit

    Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W HPS Double Ended Open Hood Grow Light Kit

    What we liked most about the product

    This is another high-quality unit from Yield Lab. The Pro Series 1000W HPS DE open hood is ideal for serious indoor growers that want to cover a larger grow area.

    The unit stands out from the rest because it not only gives out a lot of power but also has a great reflector that spreads light to a large area without spreading heat at the same time.

    Product overview

    Additionally, the Yield Lab Pro Series with an open hood has a wonderful cooling system that turns on when the grow rooms get hot and not the canopy.

    This is unlike other units that turn on the cooling system when the canopy gets hot. Note that the canopy is usually 5 to 10 degrees higher than your room.

    The high performance and adjustable ballast allow the user to set the unit to 600, 750, 1000, or even 1150 watts. With high-quality parts and exceptional performance, this unit is very easy to use and durable.


    • High performance and dimmable ballast
    • Excellent coverage with the open reflector
    • 30% more efficient than single-ended grow light
    • Free timer
    • Free 12 week video guide
    • 3-year warranty


    • Quite expensive to beginners or small scale growers

    What is a double-ended grow light?

    Double-Ended (DE) Lights are high-intensity discharge (HID) lights that function at extremely high frequencies; hence, the operating current and temperature are adequately balanced and constant.

    Examples of HID lights include high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), and ceramic metal halide.

    Unlike single-ended lamps with a single connection, double-ended come with connections on both ends. Thus the filament inside becomes extremely hot, and as a result, a very bright light is produced than that of a single-ended bulb. Most people say that the light is 10% higher than single-ended bulb light.

    What’s the difference between double ended grow lights and single grow lights?

    • Single-ended bulbs have to be changed after every 6, 000 hours of use, while double-ended bulbs retain around 90% efficiency after 10, 000 hours of use.
    • Double-ended bulbs provide higher light output than single-ended bulbs as they are supported by both ends, while single bulbs have one connection. This also leads to more yields as more light and heat are produced.
    • Double-ended lamps are more efficient than single-ended lamps as the electrical current passes from one end of the bulb to the other.
    • Single-ended bulbs are less expensive than double-ended grow lights, but double-ended bulbs are easier to maintain in the long run.

    Things to consider when buying double-ended grow lights

    Light coverage

    Pick a DE grow light that covers the plants that you want. The area the light covers is usually determined by the size and design of your reflector. Some reflectors are like umbrellas and cover a wider area while others are limited to provide an intense and focused light down on to your grow plants.

    However, reflectors that focus on a single area are dangerous as they can have a hot spot that might destroy your plant(s).

    Type of bulb

    It is a good idea to select a double-ended grow light compatible with both HPS and MH lamps. But if you’ve to narrow down to one of the bulbs, then you’re better off picking a DE grow light that is compatible with HPS bulbs.


    There are usually two types of ballasts, and they are magnetic and electronic or digital ballasts. Pick high-frequency digital ballasts that are particularly designed for double-ended grow lights. They run cooler and are more efficient than magnetic ballasts.

    Digital ballasts not only run at the required frequency, but they as well as provide up to 6 different output wattage elections to get the most out of DE lights that operate between 600W and 1200W.


    Since the bulbs tend to generate a lot of heat, you need to choose a unit with goo cooling features. This will allow the DE grow light to work optimally during the entire operation.


    Buying a full double ended grow light kit is way cheaper than buying separate parts. If you’re a beginner and don’t know what features to buy, you’re better off buying a complete kit.


    This is a considerable investment, and you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks like buying without a warranty. Most of the top brands offer a warranty of at least 2-years or more. Also, consider buying your double-ended lamp from a re-known manufacturer with a track record.

    Our most frequently asked questions on double-ended grow lights

    What is the work of the ballast on my DE grow light?

    The ballast is vital as it controls the amount of power that goes into the HID bulb. The HID bulbs need a lot of power to start, and the power outlet cannot provide this. So, the ballast ramps up the power to deliver what the bulb needs to start.

    And when it starts to operate, the ballast again regulates power as the HID bulbs need less power to keep running. Power variations from the power outlet can damage the bulb, and the ballast does a great job of ensuring that the lamp gets a steady electricity supply throughout.

    What’s the difference between HPS and MH DE grow lights?

    High-pressure sodium bulbs provide a reddish or yellowish color needed by plants in their later growth stages. This color spectrum is essential during budding, flowering, and when plants start producing fruits.

    On the other hand, the Metal Halide bulbs provide a more natural whiter or bluer light required in plants’ initial growth cycle. This color is vital when the plants are seeding and vegging.

    Which bulb should I use in my indoor house?

    If possible, you should use both the MH and HPS lights in your grow room. However, this will turn out to be very expensive, and that’s why we recommend that you start by using the MH bulb in the early stages and HPS lights in the later stages.

    But if you can’t afford that as well, then you’re better off using HPS throughout the grow cycle. Although you will get long and lean plants, it is better than using MH light, which will give you a low yield as plants need red light to flower.


    With so many double ended grow lights on the market, you need to select the right lamp for your greenhouse or grow room. Take your time and choose a unit that meets your needs and is within your budget.

    If you’re a small scale grower, choosing a complete kit over selected parts is the best option. But if you’re a large scale home grower, then you can go for the most advanced kits on the market or even hand pick parts as long as they are compatible.

    This is a huge investment, and that’s why you need to pick a quality double-ended grow light kit from a reliable brand with a good warranty. We hope our review has helped you in picking the best double ended lamp for your grow plants!

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