Best 5 Garden Pump Controllers – Comprehensive Review

Robust green garden pump with controllers and connected pipes, set against a rustic outdoor backdrop.

Pump controllers handle various sections of several pumps like circulator pumps, stormwater pumps, submersible pumps, and lots more.

It converts energy from a motor into energy and uses the energy to move fluids. You can use the machine with any level transmitter that has a visible unit display and the setpoint value.

The Comparison

There are different types of pump controllers on the market, and selecting one for your first task can be a difficult one.

The table below displays the best pump controller in various sizes with great attributes and outstanding ability to handle several pump functions with ease and efficiency.

  • RainFlo PC115A Automatic Pump Controller, 115V

    RainFlo 115V Automatic Pump Controller

  • Goulds 3AS50 Aquavar Solo 2 Submersible Pump Controller

    Goulds 3AS50 Aquavar Solo 2 Submersible Pump Controller

  • Water Pump Controller, Automatic Water Pump Pressure Switch Elctric Electronic Switch Controller, 110V

    Automatic Electronic Switch Pump Controller

  • WaterRebirth High Flow Submersible Water Pump

  • LATCH.IT 12 Volt Water Pump

  • Recommended Products

    Now that you understand the factors to consider while you purchase a pump controller for your exercise. The explanation below shows the best pump controller attributes and provides excellent insights into the equipment.

    The overall best: RainFlo 115V Automatic Pump Controller

    “Straightforward to use, has a dry-running protection system, and a manual start button.”

    The best for commercial use: Goulds 3AS50 Aquavar Solo 2 Submersible Pump Controller

    “Provide regular pressure, easy to use, and can function as pump protection.”

    The best for home use: Automatic Electronic Switch Pump Controller

    “Easy to use, monitors liquid level, and can switch the pump on or off.”

    The best for multipurpose: WaterRebirth High Flow Submersible Water Pump

    “Compact design, in-built safety functions, and user-friendly.”

    The best for starters: Mascontrol 1.25″ Pump Control

    “Retains regular flow and pressure, improves pump life, and eradicates pump pressure.”

    The best for professionals: LATCH.IT 12 Volt Water Pump

    “Comes with an automatic start button, and has a self-priming pump.”

    The Best Garden Pump Controllers – Extensive Review

    There are lots of controllers that you can utilize for your pump-controlling exercises either at home or outdoors.

    However, finding the right equipment for your tasks can be a tough decision, but you now know the factors to consider before you purchase one; here are my best pump controllers:

    Rainflo 115v Automatic Pump Controller

    RainFlo PC115A Automatic Pump Controller, 115V

    The machine comes with an automatic function control that you can use for water pumps, which includes the stop and start controls depending on what the user wants to use.

    It also has an in-built pressure gauge, runs dry safety measures, and a check value option. It offers water pump direct Control at 1.25 horsepower.

    The machine also has an adjustable pump start pressure via the screw at the unit’s back, and the system’s high pressure depends on the output of the pump.

    The electronic device controls the functions of single-phase water pumps anytime you connect a valve or tap into the installation.

    Anytime the pump starts, it runs until any connected tap closes and gives the network the necessary flow at a corresponding pressure.

    The pump activates water that immediately flows according to the user’s demands, and when the flow stops, the pump goes off.

    The pump control consists of the run-dry safety measures attributes to avoid pump damage when there is no water.

    You will find many pumps with an automatic surface with built-in unified controllers, which are convenient and often the first element to make the pump faulty or irreparable.

    Key Features

    • It has a dry-run safety precaution
    • It comes with a pressure gauge
    • It has a manual start button
    • It has an auto-reset function

    Product Specifications

    Model numberPC115A
    Weight2.9 pounds
    ColorBlack, Yellow
    WarrantyOne year


    • It controls the water pump with an automatic function.
    • It is a durable device
    • It is fast and easy to use
    • It has an in-built check valve


    • It is a bit pricey

    What We Liked About This Product

    The equipment comes with a removable controller that lets users repair or diagnose the pump and also protects the pump from electronic failure or power surge.

    You can unplug the pump from the wall socket and plug it back in after ten seconds to diagnose. It will isolate any problem that the machine encounters.

    Goulds 3as50 Aquavar Solo 2 Submersible Pump Controller

    Goulds 3AS50 Aquavar Solo 2 Submersible Pump Controller

    The controller is one of the best innovations of the manufacturer’s company, and it is an improved version of the previous model with its regular water pressure attribute, which the previous version does not have.

    It also comes with an improved status indicator that creates a straightforward way to control the pressure and pump status.

    Homeowners can also use the controller for different water sources like toilets, showers, and sinks and make them all operate together. The machine protects the pump and can also act as a troubleshooting device.

    The device comes with indication systems for flashing light faults. It provides regular and reliable water pressure no matter the amount of water that the machine consumes.

    It provides general system protection for the pump and avoids damage, which helps users avoid any costly repairs.

    You can install it on an existing and regular pump system. It also comes with a programmable output relay that you can configure and use to control external devices.

    Key Features

    • It functions like a troubleshooting device and pump protector
    • It comes with an LED display
    • It has an output relay that you can program
    • It has a dual system set of points
    • It offers regular pressure
    • Product Specifications
    Model number3AS50
    Weight49 pounds
    WarrantyOne year


    • It has a straightforward menu setup and wiring
    • It offers motor protection to the pump
    • It is fast and easy to use
    • It has adjustable control push-buttons for pressure
    • It can retrofit with functioning systems
    • It has excellent compatibility with motors


    • Its pressure sensor cable is only 10′ long
    • It is a bit pricey

    What We Liked About This Product

    It is an improved version that comes with normal water pressure and a status indicator that offers a method to manage the pressure and pump status.

    It provides normal water pressure and protection for the pump to avoid damage. It is also a piece of equipment that you can install on a conventional pump system.

    Automatic Electronic Switch Pump Controller

    Water Pump Controller, Automatic Water Pump Pressure Switch Elctric Electronic Switch Controller, 110V

    The automatic controller is an ideal choice for home use or industry, and it is perfect for one or three-phase motors. It continues to watch the level of the reservoir or overhead tank liquid content.

    The controller controls the water pump operation and switches it off and on depending on the level of the content inside the water tank.

    The auto-switching attribute helps users save the workforce and enhances comfort because it eradicates the manual mode of operation.

    The machine can switch the pump whenever the water level inside the tank gets below the indicated low level and can also turn it off when the water surpasses the high-level indicator.

    The on-and-off feature ensures that the machine does not waste water stops the tank from overflowing and can save the user some of the water charges or electricity bills.

    You can use the electricity switch inside the water system to automatically stop, and start the pump.

    The machine replaced the old version of the pump control system, the pressure switch, check valve, pressure tank, and so on. The equipment also comes with a Dry running safety precaution to safeguard the motor and also provide an additional pump life.

    Key Features

    • It minimizes water hammer effects
    • It has a control system for regular pressure maintenance
    • It has an automatic stop-and-start attribute
    • The controller has a maximum pump power of 1.1KW
    • It monitors the tank content level regularly
    • It has an automatic pump controller

    Product Specifications

    Model numberB07K6FWC17
    Weight860 gm.
    WarrantyOne year


    • It comes with safeguarding measures.
    • It is a durable device
    • It is fast and straightforward to use


    • It is a bit pricey
    • It can break quickly

    What We Liked About This Product

    The new and enhanced device keeps tabs on the content level inside the tank and manages the affairs of the water pumps.

    The device also has an automatic switch attribute for comfort and a new and improved pressure switch and pump control system.

    WaterRebirth High Flow Submersible Water Pump

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    The WaterRebirth (3200GPH-175W) Submersible Water Pump is a robust and versatile pump suitable for various water features. Its amphibious design and silent operation are awe-inspiring, making it an ideal choice for multiple settings.

    Product Overview

    This pump is designed to be fully submersible and function efficiently in ponds, aquariums, and hydroponic systems. Its construction is durable, with premium materials and anti-dry safety protection, ensuring longevity and reliability.


    • Amphibious design for versatile use in different water bodies.
    • Made from high-quality materials with anti-dry protection.
    • Ultra-quiet operation with over-heat protection for continuous use.
    • Energy-efficient, offering a high flow rate with lower power consumption.


    • Requires routine maintenance, especially in dirtier water environments.
    • Neglect of regular cleaning may void the warranty.

    Ideal for anyone needing a reliable, energy-efficient, and quiet submersible water pump, the WaterRebirth pump is a top-tier choice, especially for larger ponds or complex hydroponic systems.

    LATCH.IT 12 Volt Water Pump Review

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    The LATCH.IT 12 Volt Water Pump stands out for its comprehensive kit and powerful, quiet operation. Its capacity to pump 5.5 gallons per minute with thermal protection makes it a reliable option for various applications.

    Product Overview

    Designed for RVs, boats, campers, and trailers, this self-priming 12V water pump features an efficient 12-volt DC motor and can adjust up to 70 PSI. The kit includes fitting adapters, an inline filter, Teflon tape, and tie-down hardware, ensuring easy installation and immediate use.


    • Powerful and quiet 5.5 GPM flow rate.
    • Includes a complete kit with necessary accessories for installation.
    • Adjustable pressure setting up to 70 PSI.
    • Durable design with corrosion resistance and double bearings.
    • Thermal and overload protection for safety.
    • Strong replacement policy by an American-owned and operated business.


    • A current draw of 3-7 amps may require careful power management in some applications.

    The LATCH is ideal for anyone seeking a robust, versatile, and user-friendly water pump solution.IT Water Pump is an excellent investment for a wide range of outdoor and recreational applications.

    Things To Consider Before Buying The Pump Controller

    Pump controllers consist of electrical elements like switches, circuit breakers, and other components that you can use on pumps. You can use the components inside the machine to monitor pump performance and operation.


    The first thing that you should take note of when you are on the market for a pump controller is the type of engine that the controller carries because it is a vital aspect of determining which is better for your exercise.

    Also, you should know if the controller has a diesel engine, natural gas, or gasoline engine, and then you can decide which is best.


    The voltage standard of pump controllers for fire protection is 600 volts (QZGR). Watch out for the high voltage of the controllers before you make any purchase and check its squirrel-cage motors, which have a rating of 30 hp or 600V.

    Residential pump controllers

    Pump controllers can start, stop, and protect pumps, making them an excellent tool for controlling pumps, but some of the controllers are electric-driven, which you should observe before purchasing.

    You can find machines of different types, and some can be automatic and manual.

    Our most frequently asked questions on garden pump controller.

    How can I fix the Goulds 3AS50 Aquavar Solo 2 double stars from the breaker kicking points?

    Anytime your breaker trips, you should get in touch with an electrician to check the device wiring, and you should not have a problem with the pressure switch. Do not try to fix the electrical problem on your own.

    My Goulds 3AS50 Aquavar Solo 2 Pump Controller Pressure switch continues to click on and off

    The cause of that could be several things. You should increase the spread between the lower and upper limits. If you find the spread too close to each other, it could be a problem, and it can cause the off and on bouncing.

    Also, you should know that the switch ages and can be inaccurate at reading pressure, and that can cause the bounce. If you have been using a switch for a long time, you should change it.

    You should also check the valve; there could be a leak in the well. The water dripping back into the well can turn the pump back on when you have no faucets open.

    My Goulds 3AS50 Aquavar Solo 2 pressure tank turns on every three minutes without water on. What can I do?

    You should check the water level in every toilet tank that you have on the system. If any of them have a high level, then there is a small amount of water overflowing to the toilet, and that can be the problem. Ensure that the water goes below the overflow tube.

    If that did not solve the problem, then you should make sure that you have an accurate adjustment on the low/high-pressure settings screw.

    Ensure that you have adequate pressure and check for any leaks anywhere on the device is the problem still persists.

    Does the Automatic Electronic Switch Pump Controller boost water pressure?

    No, the machine cannot perform that function. The pump controller turns the water off and on based on the requirements.

    Does the Homend Automatic Pump Controller turn the pump off if it does not get water?

    You need to put a level controller that can turn the pump off anytime you have a high or shallow level.


    For beginners, I would recommend the Mascontrol 1.25″ Pump Control for your water pumping and other minor exercises.

    Retains regular flow and pressure, improves pump life, and eradicates pump pressure. It also offers complete run-dry safety measures for the pump and needs no maintenance or adjustment.

    But for the professionals, I would recommend the Homend Automatic Water Pump Pressure Controller, 110V.

    The tool comes with an automatic start button and has a self-priming pump. It also has an attribute for stopping the pump automatically whenever water is no longer inside the pump and needs no pressure tank to function perfectly

    If your pump controller has any problem or wondering which device will be perfect for your tasks or exercises, you must find the ideal tool for that task.

    All of the pump controllers on this list can handle the high-pressure limit. They have new attributes, are long-lasting, and come with automatic controls.

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