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The Best 6 Garden Windmills Review – Our Favourites

Putting a windmill in your garden will help beautify the surrounding. Also, it helps to determine how windy it is outside. You should note that there are varieties of options to select from. You can choose wood or a modern metal representation.

Over time, garden windmills have gained significant popularity. This might be due to the reason that renewable energy is gaining ground among contemporary societies.

One of the major benefits of this windmill is that it reduces dependence on the electricity supplier. It is evident that in our world, the prices and the raised cost of electricity are not so good.

Using a windmill, you can connect it to your battery set, and they are capable of producing a significant amount of electricity. It can be used both in the garden and for indoor purposes- like charging devices or powering the light.

Irrespective of what you decided to use windmills for, we have prepared a selection of windmills that will work perfectly for your garden. Here, we will give you various options to decide on each characteristic and value. Our top picks will help enhance the appearance of your garden or any outdoor space.

Below is a list of perfect garden windmills, with their characteristics:

Kotulas 8ft. Ornamental Garden Windmill, Red and White

Kotulas 8ft. Ornamental Garden Windmill, Red and White

The quality they say is the first grade a product should possess. Kotulas offers one of the best qualities when it comes to a garden windmill. This windmill is designed to suit almost every customer’s preference.

The 8-Foot Kotulas is built with strong steel and can be placed anywhere, under any weather condition.

Unlike other windmills, the powder coating found on the paint help increase its ability to withstand corrosion and rust.

With the help of this windmill, you can determine wind direction and wind speed. This windmill helps customers to plan their activities in the garden.

Its appearance on the outdoor is exceptional – it is good for décor and also serves its primary function well. The 22- inches wheel turns without much effort, with very low sound. This windmill is with all necessary material that will be needed during installation in the garden.

What We Like:

Steel Built: the steel-built body makes it unique and different from many other windmills, giving it a strong resistance against rusting and corrosion. With this, it can also survive in any weather condition.

Very quiet: the wheel moves without noise, smooth and calm. No loud noise to violate or pollute your atmosphere.

Easy installation: we must acknowledge this product’s easy installation. The simpler, the better. Every required gadget is available, making it very easy to install while saving us from stress and time.


  • All the materials you need to install this product are packaged with it.
  • The product is built with steel that resists any weather conditions.
  • The product cans are assembled very easily (within a few hours)
  • The paint on it comes with an extra powder coating to increase the protection ability.
  • The bottom section can be removed to a shorter windmill without stress.
  • Also, it serves as a beautification tool for space.


  • Sometimes within a short range of time, the bolts that come with this windmill can remove.
  • The white part of the windmill does appear to people as grayer.
  • With time the blade might break with a great amount of wind.
  • With time efficiency do drop.

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Outdoor Water Solutions BYW0129 Large Green and Yellow Powder Coated Backyard Windmill

Outdoor Water Solutions BYW0129 Large Green and Yellow Powder Coated Backyard Windmill

If you are looking for a strong and fanciful windmill, this product will suit your wish. The Outdoor Water Solutions windmill will add a perfect touch to your garden. The appearance of this product convinced us that simplicity is beauty.

This windmill is a high-quality pine that is easy to work with. The product is not too complex to install. After doing the basic drilling and trimming- you’re good to go.

This product comes with ground stakes so that it is easy to anchor to the ground without much ado. You should also note that the anchoring process is relatively easy and not too complex to do. This windmill is not very heavy, easy to move around.

Also, you should note that this windmill is 10-feet tall, with a 30-inch diameter fan and with a relatively small base. As said earlier, the size of this windmill makes the windmill compatible with small gardens.

It is easy to judge the direction and the speed at which the windmill moves. The wheel spins very easily, freely, thus; do not generate noise pollution.


  • Produced of high quality
  • Comes in varieties of colors
  • Easy installation
  • Simple with a beautiful appearance
  • Installation is not too complex
  • Has resistance to moderate winds without breaking
  • Spins easily


  • Application of glue to keep them in place

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18 Ft Made in the USA Premium Aluminum Decorative Garden Windmill-green Trim

Windguard 18 Ft Made in the USA Premium Aluminum Decorative Garden Windmill-green Trim

Are you in search of a product made in the USA with good qualities? The Windguard premium aluminum windmill offers many benefits to customers, with good material that can stand the test of time.

The 30-inch aluminum fan has greaseable ball bearings. This product is an ideal choice for any backyard garden.

The product is unique because of its anchor plate. Also, the stainless-steel bolts and the nuts do not rust and don’t usually call for painting.

You should note that the wheels can spin with a gentle breeze, with a big fan for you to easily see the direction and the speed of the wind.

If you are looking for a strong and durable windmill, it will be cool for you to opt-in for the Windguard decorative garden windmill.

It is also important to note that you do not need to add finishes or any paint to protect the product from rusting.

What we like about this product

The stainless-steel bots and nuts: this product does not rust no matter the weather condition. This makes the product different from its contemporaries.

The anchor plate: another characteristic is that it provides a good platform to hold the windmill down to the ground, properly.


  • The product comes with hand-welded 30-inch aluminum ball bearings
  • The product has resistance to wind
  • The product is with steel bolts that will not rust under any atmospheric weather conditions.
  • Made in the USA
  • Strong, durable and reliable.
  • Easy to assemble
  • With your basic tool, you can install it.


  • Might call for replacement of hardware

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Leigh Country TX 93485 9′ Char-Log Windmill

Leigh Country TX 93485 9' Char-Log Windmill

Do you want to enjoy the feeling of the old countryside? This windmill offers a function that suits all gardens irrespective of the size.

The windmill is nine feet tall, with an attractive silver blade. The char-Log garden windmill does not consume much space but has a sizable wheel.

Its height makes it stand out amongst others. The char-Log windmill weighs 57 pounds, making it convenient to move around when completely assembled.

The process of installation is not too complex or difficult. With some basic tools, you are free to assemble your char-Log windmill. All necessary tools come with this product.

The head of the windmill is made of galvanized steel, capable of withstanding any weather condition. It can resist mold, stains, and mildew and prevent cracking.

The wheel is fully operational, in such a way that the wind direction and speed can be monitored. You should also note that the char-Log windmill rotates effortlessly without making noise.

What we like about this product:

Unique appearance: this makes the product stand out among others.

Easy to move around: because of its weight, which makes it very easy to move around.

Galvanized steel: the galvanized nature makes the head able to withstand any weather conditions.


  • With little wind, the windmill still moves(rotates)
  • The product is easy to assemble within 2-3 hours of installation.
  • All necessary equipment comes with it
  • Solid wood is used for the base.


  • With time, it might lose component parts

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Kotulas 4ft. Ornamental Windmill, Galvanized with Red Tips

Kotulas 4ft. Ornamental Windmill, Galvanized with Red Tips

This windmill appears with a good anchor stake, making it quite unique. You are now left to decide what you want to use this windmill for. It can serve as décor and get the wind’s speed and direction.

It fulfills the functions of both a rotating wheel and a weather vane. Another attractive quality of this product is that it is so easy to install. Every required hardware and gadget comes with it, but can be replaced at will.

This windmill is made from heavy-duty steel, capable of resisting rust. This product can survive in any weather condition, either; rain, snow, amongst others.

What we like about this product:

Attractive colors: the colors of the 4 -Feet Kotulas ornamental windmill are beautiful, easy to be noticed. That accounts for its value.

Very durable galvanized powder coat finish: the powder-coating makes this windmill very unique, resisting any weather condition.


  • You can move it around easily
  • Easy to install
  • Fit perfectly to a small garden
  • Galvanized powder coating
  • The wheel of this product spins freely- not making any noise.


  • Too much wind can make it make noise.
  • The blades might be too large for some people

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Bits and Pieces – 4′ Windmill Wind Spinner – 48″ Weather-Resistant Obelisk Made of Powder-Coated Steel

Bits and Pieces - 4' Windmill Wind Spinner - 48 Weather-Resistant Obelisk Made of Powder-Coated Steel

The Bits and Pieces windmill has strong weather resistance, with a weight of 9.25-pound and the size of 41.4 x 15.5x 4.5 inches.

This windmill possesses the qualities of a good windmill. Among them is the powder-coated steel, with a perfect fit for outdoor decoration.

This windmill will add to your garden beauty. Without faffing, you should note that this Bits and Pieces windmill does not require complex steps for its installation.

Every necessary gadget comes with it; also the basic instruction for installation is provided. This windmill will attract you with its beauty; giving your garden a touch of perfection.

The Bits and Pieces comes with a solar-powered led light – with a unique glow-in-dark function. During the day, it automatically stores solar energy, absorbed from the sun. At dusk, it emits its beautiful light which lightens up the environment with beautification.

The unique characteristic of this windmill will attract many people because of its beauty. The Bits and Pieces also has a motion sensor that turns on when motion is detected.

What do we like about this product?

Can be easily moved around: the Bits and Pieces weigh 9.25 pounds, easy to maneuver around without much effort. This feature makes this product one of the most easily maneuvered windmills.

Glow-In-The-Dark function: this makes this product unique among its contemporaries.

Motion sensor: the presence of this motion sensor is to create a whimsical experience for unforeseen passersby.

The product is hand-painted: this product is painted with perfect finishing and realistic expression on it.


  • This product is breathtaking at night
  • Solar led light, glows in the dark
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Motion sensor


  • Might not resist heavy wind

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In this section, we have organized the answers to some popular questions. These questions also cut across their qualities, functions, uniqueness, and faults.

This section will highlight those dark areas you might be having a problem with. Make a move with us as we swim through this section’s thick and light questions while we provide professional answers.

Which way do windmills rotate?

There are examples of windmills that rotate in a clockwise direction. This could be seen clearly if you stand in front of the mill, studying the sails, how the solid edge is leading the edge.

Although, some pictures on some webpage depict windmills that rotate in an anti (clockwise) direction. Whichever way, clockwise or anticlockwise direction, the windmill surely will rotate in any.

Why, after a long time, windmill’s blade does break?

With time, the efficiency of materials usually drops, same as windmills. Some are built in such a way they can withstand different atmospheric weather conditions.

Although, some do have a greater ability to survive a long time than others. Examples of windmills that can withstand a greater amount of rust and corrosion are; Kotulas 8-Foot, Outdoor water Solution: Backyard windmill amongst others.

Why does windmill keep resolving my request?

You should take note that when the first attempt doesn’t work, the windmill proxy will automatically try the other domains that look like the correct destination until the mill defines the one that will work perfectly.

To stop this from happening, you can try blacklisting the problematic URL in the preference document.

What is the importance of a windmill in a garden?

Having a windmill in your beloved garden provides many benefits to your garden and the environment at large. This benefit cuts across the primary function and the secondary function.

The windmill serves as a decorative element. Windmill does help generate electricity when connected to the battery set. Also, a tool to determine the speed and direction of the wind.

How often should I maintain my windmill?

The truth be told; it is necessary to check on your windmill, regularly. Doing this, you can easily notice any fault or dysfunction.

Checking on the anchoring every few months will help the windmill stay well, preventing it from falling over. You should try to check on your windmill every month to see any incongruity.

Doing this will elongate the lifespan of your windmill. When checking on your windmill, pay special attention to the joint and hardware to spot and dysfunction early. You should clean the windmill with a water hose, removing dirt, debris or dust on the surface.

Why do birds perch on my windmill and how can I scare them away?

Over time, we have heard some persons complaining about birds perching on their mills. There are some steps you should follow to distract their attention from your windmills. People look for ways to distract birds from their windmills to prevent them from getting hurt from the blades.

First, do not leave trash or cans around your windmill. Doing this might attract some types of birds to your windmill environs?

Second, try placing perch repelling materials on the flat surface of your windmill. Third, try tinfoil to distract birds since birds do not like too much reflection from the sun. Last, you can use some coy predators to scare them away. They will think this is a real predator. There are other things or methods you can use to scare them away.

Why do windmills do not withstand a high amount of wind?

Most windmills are built to withstand the average amount of wind. This can be seen in the weight and strength of the anchor.

A good windmill has the strength to withstand a minimum amount of wind. That does not negate that some windmills can’t withstand a stronger amount of wind. Some are built for regions with a greater amount of wind.

So, when getting your wind, try to determine your region and how strong the wind in your area is.

Which windmill is the best to use?

This article already organized some windmills which might suit our reader’s preference, these picks, are just our subjective preference based on their capacity and qualities.

You can choose from the list of the mentioned windmills earlier. All these windmills have their peculiarity and uniqueness. So, it is good to select any of the mentioned windmills that suit your preference.

Why do garden windmills stop?

The reason windmills stop is that the wind is not enough for it to run. Most wind turbines need a sustained wind of 9MPH or higher to operate.

Also, you should note that technicians do stop windmills when they want to perform repairs or maintenance. Other factors can affect or cause a windmill to stop. Examples are; damaged systems, broken anchors, amongst others.

Why do windmills have three blades?

Three-bladed windmills make lesser noise; vibration than the two-bladed ones. 

When a windmill has only one or two blades, it tends to generate more vibration, leading to mechanical faults or issues. You should note that all turbines are efficient because the blades generate lift, allowing the blades to move faster than the wind speed. Generally, three-bladed windmills appear to be better than others.

Are windmills difficult to install?

If you are installing larger windmills, you will need giant lift equipment. But, for a smaller or normal windmill, all the required instructions come with the products. How fast the installation will be depends on your skills and the available equipment you have.

But with an average time of 2- 5 hours, you should be able to complete the whole installation. It is necessary to call your local utility locating service to search any available utilities near your windmill location site before you start the installation.


By now, you should be aware that windmills serve different purposes: for decoration, to determine the speed of the wind, the direction of the wind. Windmills offer a plethora of benefits to the owners.

Their functions help our world, unlike traditional times when things are done with complex steps before achieving the result. Try out some of the mentioned windmills – most especially the top-picked garden windmill – you won’t regret your choice of decision. Have a windmill for your garden and nature will appreciate itself within your environment!