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Best 6 Gavita Grow Lights – 2023 Review

2 January 2020

With food shortage and scarcity levels on the rise worldwide, indoor farmers and gardeners are relying on technology to fill in the gaps.

One such name at the forefront of alleviating food shortages is Gavita. Their grow lights are the perfect blend of science and technology for horticulturists.

Gavita is known for producing grow lights for all types of the environment. We have gone through the rigors of choosing the best six grow lights from this company with a detailed guide on which one fits your needs best.

Gavita Pro 600e/750e Double-Ended Flex Grow Light

Gavita 906087 lamp, 6-750e DE Flex-120-240 Vol - Gardeners Yards

What we like about the product

A double-ended feature with power flexibility is one reason why we love this unit. The Gavita 600e/750e grow light from the E-series allows you to have complete light control at your fingertips.

It’s designed for increased yield, efficiency, and durability.

Product Overview

The Gavita Pro 600e/750e is the latest product after the Pro 600e series with a single lamp bulb. It allows for the easy addition of another bulb to provide light for a 5×5-foot area.

A great choice for greenhouses, grow rooms, and small gardens. This unit can successfully link up to 40 devices controlled by one Gavita master controller. It’s a double-ended lamp.

Gavita Pro 600/750 DE provides 100 percent efficiency with a higher PAR output. The right light intensity enables easy light absorption and faster growth.

As one of the units that make use of the Gavita 400-volt EL lamp, it offers gardeners a flexible voltage range of 375 to 825 watts, which is a better replacement for the lamps that are 600 and 1000 watts.

Due to the flexible wattage range on this unit, growers can save more on their energy bills without compromising the intensity, uniformity, and distribution of light across the area.

The dim light adjustable feature allows you to reduce the light intensity in the different stages of plant growth for better yield. The average energy loss is also very low – below 10%.

The reflector can be cleaned with a smooth cloth to prevent scratches. Gavita sells replacement parts that can be changed easily if your unit is running low.

Best Features:

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Gavita Pro 600 SE Complete Grow Light

Gavita Pro 600 SE Complete Grow Light Sytems 240V - Gardeners Yards

What we like about this product

If you run a domesticated grow room, then you should understand how important light is for the plants. The Pro 600 SE compact design allows for easy installation and use with extreme success among home gardeners.

Product Overview

With an RJ 14 socket, this device is easily connected to a master controller for remote light control of your grow room.

The 600e is compatible with most Gavita controllers and will adjust up to 300 watts depending on the plant’s requirements.

This simple design and power control features make the Gavita 600e the best choice for professional horticulturists and small garden owners.

It is an excellent choice for those who need a standard light system that isn’t too powerful but will deliver a uniform and intense light.

The Gavita Pro 600e is a full spectrum system that gives users more light intensity than most grow lights of the same capacity.

With cooled ballast, this device works efficiently in your growing space with excellent results without compromising the light produced.

Another excellent feature we love about the Gavita 600e is the Vega aluminum reflector. This product is fitted with the standard 400-volt HPS lamp that consumes less power and produces more light.

The bulbs of this product are whiter brighter and cooler. This results in healthier, stronger, and better plant yields with less damage from heat.

Overall, the Gavita Pro 600e is one of the best grow lights for small and medium growers. With little power lost, users get almost 100 percent efficiency from the device, saving money and energy.

Best Features:

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The Gavita Pro 1650e LED ML Grow Light

Newest LED Gavita Pro 1650e LED ML - Gardeners Yards

What we like about the product

The Pro 1650 ML is Gavita venturing into a new line of grow lights using LED technology in their series, mainly known for HDI grow lights.

Although similar to the 1700 Pro, this unit is a sophisticated, powerful, and reliable grow light to introduce their LED range of products into the market.

This unit is a high premium build grow light that will cover a 4×4 or 5×5 feet area either stacked or arranged side by side in a grow room.

Product Overview

This unit is so versatile that it is suitable for greenhouse, low rooms, tents, and regular grow spaces with amazing uniformity and low heat emission for most indoor crops and plants.

A smooth setup comes with a simple user manual, two packs of hanging brackets, and a power cord that will plug into a power socket of 120 to 277 volts.

Like with most Gavita units, you have the power to control the light using the controller.

The 1650e Pro is one of Gavita’s best LED grow lights in the market. It is built with top-quality materials, emits less heat, and offers unbeatable uniformity.

As a full spectrum LED grow light, it has diodes lined up on 8 fluorescent beams. This grow light comes with a 2.6 micromole efficacy and a 1650 micromole per second PPF. It was made to provide equal light intensity over a large coverage area.

The framework consists of 8 LED lights with an aluminum backing. This reduces the heat emission and ensures the great distribution of the light.

Best Features:

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Gavita Pro 270e LEP Grow Light US 41.02 Emitter

Gavita Pro - 270e LEP Grow - US (41.02 emitter) - Gardeners Yards

What we like about this product

Gavita has studied the market and done their research to produce a fantastic product that gives the gardener complete control of the light in their space.

One of the things we love about this product is no radiation and low heat emission. Used LEP light technology lasts five times longer than the regular HID grow light.

Product Overview

The Gavita Pro 270e uses light-emitting plasma technology. Having a broad spectrum and HPS light it can mimic the sunlight. As part of the Gavita E-series, its broad spectrum allows for use with all types of crops.

Compatible with the Gavita master controller, this unit seamlessly connects up to 80 external devices. With a power of 270 watts, this grow light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The Gavita Pro 270e LEP is the best grow light for a damp grow room. The 270e is super sturdy, reliable, and silent to cover a moderate area with uniform distribution and high-efficiency light. It is a single solid unit with no movable parts.

Design-wise, the 270e Pro LEP grow light includes a lightweight aluminum exterior with excellent heat control and powerful UV inhibitor. It features an anti-rust marine-grade finish and stainless steel grip hooks.

The full spectrum features provide exact sunlight simulation that is healthy for photosynthesis and increases growth in plants.

Like many Gavita grow lights, the device relies on an aluminum reflector with a tempered glass cover to prevent water from damaging any parts of the unit.

This LEP grow light produces both UVA and UVB lighting that enhances crops’ taste, flavors, and intensity.

The LEP technology uses radiofrequency simulation to transform the excited molecules into the plasma state for an intense and broad-spectrum light without affecting the electrodes. This reduces the degradation of the bulbs and extends their shelf life too.

Overall, the Gavita 270e LEP grow light is excellent for vegetables and small quick-growing plants that need a stable light source.

With the powerful cooling units, the device emits just the right temperature without affecting the growth rate of the plants.

Best Features:

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Gavita Pro E Series 208 – 240 Volts

Gavita Pro E-Series 1000e DE Slim Line - 208-240 Volt - Gardeners Yards

What we like most about this product

This Gavita product is the most powerful double-ended indoor grow light in the Gavita series, yet that easily boosts 1150 watts replacing two 600 watts grow lights effectively.

While there are a thousand things to love about this light, the most significant is the precision Miro reflector that comes from the handmade built, and designed aluminum material to deliver the right lighting in any condition.

Product Overview

For professional growers who decide to use the Gavita 1000e slim DE, your first worry should be how the ballast functions.

You can be sure that all your electronic parts are safe and air or humidity is not a problem. The ballast on the 1000e slim is a seal component but comes with a Gore-Tex ventilation hole that lets air out when it overheats. Thereby, it keeps the entire system safe and functional for a long time.

Gavita has created and reduced the risk of wastage with the aluminum reflector by using Miro aluminum reflectors that release more light to your crops instead of being absorbed by the metal sheet.

This drastically reduces metal degradation by heat and light and makes this unit durable for long periods.

While the 1000e DE slim comes as a single unit, it is a double-ended product which means it has a lamp holder on both sides of each unit. This enables you to attach another unit linking it up to the tune of 500 lamps and all from several control units.

Whether you are looking to fit a small section or a large one, the Gavita Pro E series will produce enough light at a supplement source for an area of 6 to 10 sq ft.

For a small device, only 9.7 inches in length, this Gavita packs a lot of power and output to efficiently supply uniform light intensity to whatever area it is fixed into.

As mentioned above, the double-ended features enable seamless addition and prevent the bulkiness of the unit from taking up space in your greenhouse.

Providing over 10 percent more light than regular LED or traditional lights, the Gavita Pro E series has a long lifespan and 95 percent adjustable driver efficiency.

Another feature that stands out with this grow light is the 4.42 ampere light bulbs. They are lightweight and emit low heat.

Overall, the long cooling adjustable ballasts, low heat dissipation, lightweight bulb, double-ended fixture, and less RF interference make this unit the most sophisticated and powerful grow light for any greenhouse.

Best Features:

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Gavita Pro 1700e LED Grow Light

Gavita Pro 1700e LED 120-277 Volt - Gardeners Yards

What we like about this product

For small-time greenhouse or tent gardens, large grow lights can damage and hamper the successful growth of the plants. Moreover, Gavita Pro 1700e is certified in wet environments (IP66). It provides a full spectrum and balanced high-intensity light for your garden.

Product Overview

At first glance, the Gavita 1700e looks like a bunch of fluorescent bulbs arranged at a specific distance from one another, but that is not true at all.

This unique but powerful arrangement by Gavita is a great LED grow light with enough power to light up a small indoor garden efficiently.

Consisting of 8 bulbs per rack, it operates at energy levels of 645 watts, equally distributed across the bulbs for extensive coverage in low-ceiling indoor gardens.

The unit, attached to a power cord, allows users to fit the grow light in any position desired for maximum efficiency. You can move the device without any worries; you need to unplug it from the socket before shifting it.

While 8 bulbs might produce much heat, the 1700e grow light has incredible cooling features.

Using only the best premium materials, the Pro 1700e is made with Philips drivers, Osram deep-red LEDs for superior intensity, and Samsung white LEDs. Furthermore, this adjustable LED grow light allows you to reduce the light intensity by half, depending on your needs.

For indoor gardeners worried about water affecting the unit, this product is IP66-certified, making it waterproof and water-resistant.

Overall, the Gavita Pro 1700e LED grow light delivers 100 percent broad coverage light at the right temperature from seedling to harvest seamlessly.

Although the unit will provide the needed light for a low ceiling small space, it will serve efficiently in a large area to connect 500 to 1000 LED fixtures depending on the daisy chain splitter and the controller.

Note: all external parts or additions are sold separately from the unit.

Best Features:

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Gavita Grow Lights – FAQ

What are the factors to consider regarding the growth light intensity?

The light intensity factors to bear in mind include PPF reading, PAR chart, the manufacturer’s footprint notes, the average PPFD and uniformity, and how many plants your plants need at each stage.

Will any grow light work for any plant in my garden?

No, it won’t. Some grow lights are built for seedlings, flowers, veggies, or full cycles. When choosing a grow light ensure you specify what purpose it will serve to avoid buying a unit, you will regret it.

Can growing light cause skin cancer in humans?

Even though there is no scientific backing to answer this question, the wavelength used in grow lights are harmless to humans and will not cause any adverse effects, including skin cancer.

Will my plant suffer a negative effect if left under a grow light 24 hours a day?

While the absence of light doesn’t stop activities in the plant system, having them under a grow light more than necessary will not affect their growth or yield.

However, it is required to monitor the amount of light and mimic natural lighting conditions as much as possible.

Can grow light cause a fire?

Because of the intensity of the light and reflective surface, there is the possibility of overheating, leading to a fire.

However, Gavita grow lights have a cooling and ventilation system in their devices that ensures that the ballast is cool at all times, regardless of how long the grow light stays on.

Will staring at a grow light damage my eyes?

Grow lights are super bright and while it is not recommended, you can wear dark glasses when entering the grow room or adjust the light intensity to enable you to monitor the growth of your plants.

Can I substitute a glow light bulb with a regular one?

Bulbs used in glow lights are specially designed for plants and cannot be substituted with a common household bulb. To ensure efficiency and uniformity, always get the manufacturer’s required bulb.

Final Thoughts

A Grow light is an artificial light source that mimics the sun by producing light, hydro, and heat at the right temperature to stimulate photosynthesis in plants.

Grow lights enable farmers and gardeners across the globe to churn out flowering plants and foods at odd times of the year, delivering the same excellent look, taste, and nutrition found in seasonal crops.

Science and technology have come a long way, and grow lights are changing how we plant and harvest our favorite crops and manage plant-related diseases.

The Gavita range of products has clearly distinguished itself by producing the best glow lights for any situation.

Currently, Gavita has some of the best grow light products on the market. Without a doubt, the company is checking all the ticks to ensure that their product remains the competition to beat and also a profit-generating instrument for horticulturists.

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