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Best 5 Grass Whips For Garden Reviews + FAQ [2022]

Grass whips are handheld cutting accessories used to cleanse gardens or fence lines from weeds and tall grass. Unlike motorized electric lawnmowers, grass whips are operated by hand.

While many options are in the market for a person to consider, here are some of the best grass whips out there.

True Temper 2942600 Grass Whip

True Temper 2942600 Grass Whip with Double-Edged Serrated Steel Blade

Below is a critical review about the infamous True Temper 2942600 Grass Whip,

Introduction and Features

Manufactured by “The AMES Companies”, True Temper 2942600 features double-jagged blade type, which is very handy in eliminating weeds and tall grass when you are habitual with “golf-swing” (constant zig-zag movement) hand motion.

The serrated blade design allows it to be a hard hitter and sharp cutter simultaneously. The blade is not very sharp but sharp enough to have a clean cut on grass and shrugs.

There’s a 38-inch metallic (hollow) rod with a wooden handle for you to grasp as well. The tubular (hollow) structure of the metal rod is considered a weak point as it can bend upon impacts to hard objects such as bricks.

The overall weight of this weed whip is somewhere around 1 pound which is neither heavy nor light for casual grass whips.

Pros & Cons

Here’s what you should consider if you are looking to buy this weed whip,

The Good:

  1. Excellent in function for weeds and tall grass.
  2. Quite easy and comfortable to use.
  3. Easily cuts long grass.
  4. Precise.
  5. Lightweight.
  6. Serrated double-edged blade.

The Bad:

  1. It requires bending over a little bit.
  2. Limited in operation.
  3. Cannot cut stemmed plants.
  4. The corrugated blade can’t be sharpened.

User Insights

In one sentence, this is the right product for grass and stemless weeds. However, if you are looking more into cutting stemmed and hard plants, you might want to look for something heavier.

This grass whip is essentially a precision cutter rather than a heavy hitter. Therefore, you might use it for further cleaning those portions of your lawn that the lawnmower missed or clearing the weeds from your fence lines.

The blades, on the other hand, are fairly sharp and can cut the shrugs very easily. The product is effective while using a “to-and-fro” motion and does not endorse much pressure on your arm. It is advised not to use the whip only in one direction because of the double-edged blades.

Using the grass whip only in one direction will only waste half of a swing.

Most of the time, serrated blades are self-sharpening and can’t be further sharpened using manual methods such as grinding.

The handle is made of hardened wood which provides a very firm grip, but the metal shaft is tubular, which is the only weak point of this whip. So, be careful not to hit any stones or other hard objects while whipping grass to prevent the product from damaging.


Overall, this grass whip is recommended for easy to medium cutting jobs but if you are expecting to take down trees, do not buy yourself a grass whip.

The build quality and operations of this grass whip are as good as they can be and it even delivers more than you would expect if you respect the limits of the product.

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AMES 2915300 Double Blade Grass Cutter

AMES 2915300 Double Blade Weed Grass Cutter with Hardwood Handle, 30 Inch

Here’s what you should know about the AMES 2915300 Double Blade Grass Cutter,

Introduction and Features

Another product from “The AMES Companies” features a conventional double-edged blade bolted to a wooden handle. The blade is made of tempered steel which makes it more durable and immune to breaks and bends.

The blade can be removed and sharpened when required on a bench grinder. Although the design is quite conventional, the durability of this handheld grass whip is out of the chart. You can confidently expect a lifetime of about 3-4 years.

The best feature found in this grass whip is probably its design, which can be confidently said the most suitable one for cutting weeds and grass that is a 30-inch wooden bar, which is considerably short, bolted with a blade and slanted to an angle.

There is an eye-hole included that can be used for hanging the whip.

Pros and Cons

The best and worst things about this grass whip are given below,

The Good:

  1. Tempered Steel Blades.
  2. Double-edged.
  3. Durable Construction.
  4. You can sharpen the blade when required.
  5. Hardened Wood Handle.
  6. Long-lived.
  7. Very Sharp.
  8. Easy to use.

The Bad:

  1. Short Handle.
  2. It can give back pain if used for a long time because of the shorter length.

User Insights

The tool is essential for rough cutting and does not give as clear results as the True Temper would give you.

Unless you have some hefty shrugs that need cleansing from your garden, you would likely want to get ahold of this weed whip instead of a lawnmower.

The blade of this whip is sharp enough to cut some smaller stemmed plants as well as longer grass in one swing, better than the weed eater. So, you won’t be swinging around a lot to clear a single spot. Additionally, the blade is double-edged, which means you can cover more area in a single swing.

If at any time, you face a worn-out blade, you can just go ahead and sharpen its edges on a grinder. The teeth of the blade are very grippy and take the leaves off of plants very easily. You can remove the plants as well with a lower and a stronger swing.

The weight of this weed whip is about a pound, so, it is fairly lightweight and won’t cause you any trouble.

Although heavier ones have much larger operational applications, they tend to wear the user’s arm out due to their weight. Therefore, for domestic gardens, that do not require heavy-duty tools, a simple grass whip would do the job quite effectively.


Now, the best part of this weed whip is its impeccable design. The durability and simplicity that come together in this particular type of weed whip is the best thing.

It is highly recommended for people who want a long-term helper in keeping the weeds out of their gardens.

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Brushing Cutlass

Brushing Cutlass-The Most Elite Grass Whip

Let’s talk about the elite grass whip, “Brushing Cutlass”.

Introduction and Features

Manufactured and designed by “The Brushing Cutlass Company”, Brushing Cutlass is acclaimed to be one of the most effective and widely used whips in America.

The most impacting thing about this grass whip is the fact that it is 100% hand-made and features a razor-sharp blade.

Not only that, the blade is double-edged so you can “kill the weeds from both ends.”
The blade is painted with corrosion-resistant paint to give a longer life to the blade. The blade, however, can be sharpened whenever needed.

The handle, called Hickory Handle by the brand, is made of solid metal with a rubber grip, which is very good. The upper part is essentially wood and its length is about 30-inches. They have also added a compass to the handle for navigation purposes.

The overall weight of this grass whip numbers about 2 pounds which are considered fairly heavy and are best for accomplishing tough jobs from handheld tools.

Unlike a conventional weed eater, you don’t need gas to work this out; you can do it much better with your own hands and the Brushing Cutlass.

Pros and Cons

Here are some good and bad things about this grass cutter,

The Good:

  1. Excellent Build Quality
  2. Durable
  3. Very Sharp Blade
  4. Easy Operation
  5. Can cut bigger plants
  6. Great User Experience
  7. Perfect Weight
  8. Precise Cutting

The Bad:

  1. Metal Rod is prone to rusts if scratched
  2. The handle will lose grip if the rubber is damaged

User Insights

The weed whip works perfectly and has a very sharp and concise blade. The sharpness of the blade enables the whip to cut very smoothly.

Long grass and small whips can easily be cut with a single stroke and the weight of the whip is perfectly adjusted. Thus, combined with the sharp blade, this whip easily cuts small stemmed plants as well and you can expect it to keep at it for a few years without the need to replace or sharpen the blade.

Additionally, the build quality of this weed whip is very good, which makes the whip feel very sturdy.

In operation, the whip isn’t very bright but it gets the job done with flying colors.

Another thing worth mentioning is the comfort it provides to your arm while you are clearing the weeds in your garden because of its well-adjusted weight (which is around 2 pounds) as mentioned earlier.

The rubber grip on top of the hickory handle helps you to keep a firm grip and prevent your hands from slipping.


Overall, this weed whip can be highly recommended because of its build quality and perfect weight-balancing.

For use from simple grass to over-grown weeds in your garden, the Brushing Cutlass would do more than just fine.

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Yard Buttler Rocket 1000

Yard Butler Rocket Weeder Long Handled Stand Up Steel Dandelion And Crabgrass Puller Lawn Weed Remover

All the things you should know about the Yard Buttler Rocket 1000,

Introduction and Features

This manual weed whip is based on a classic weed removing technique and is made with solid metal.

It is effective and won’t have the same weeds going around because it doesn’t cut the weed, it takes them out as a whole by pulling them from their roots. This might be better since the weeds are pulled as a whole, they don’t grow back.

The whole weed whip is made of metal and there is a foot-punch at the bottom which can be used to force the whip into the ground. Right in front of the foot punch, there is a four-point claw that goes into the ground and pulls the weed.

In case the weed gets stuck in the claw, there is a push button on top with the handle to remove the weed.

It is easy to use and provides satisfactory results.

Pros and Cons

The good and bad about this weed whipper is given here,

The Good:

  1. Metal Construction
  2. Pointy Hooks
  3. Push button to eject stuck Weeds
  4. Nice Build Quality
  5. Effective

The Bad:

  1. Leaves holes in the ground
  2. Points may bend with thicker weeds
  3. Can’t be used to cut grass

User Insights

Now, the old yet effective traditional weed whips (Weeders) are mainly made to “remove” rather than “cut” the weeds and long grass to get rid of them permanently. Cutting is not the thing in this weed whipper so, you should not expect to cut anything from it.

Think of it as just a pullout weeder for your garden that will help you pull some weeds with their roots from the ground. Note that it might leave holes in place of the weed in your garden which might take some time to replace with grass.

Thus, providing you with a permanent solution to your weed problem.

However, if you are looking to permanently remove unwanted weeds from your land, spray some weed killer medicine after pulling the majority out with the Yard Buttler Rocket 1000.

Therefore, it is only useful when you are expecting to remove weeds in a shorter number and looking to permanently remove them. Since cutting them only buys you so much time and they grow back after a few weeks.

While it is fairly easy to operate, you might need to spend more time clearing the area as you would have to pull out the weeds one at a time. Assuming you have quite many weeds growing in your backyard, you will probably spend more time pulling them out using the Yard Buttler Rocket 1000.

Secondly, it is a very sturdy tool that will easily last a lifetime if used properly. There are no blades, instead, they have included pointy edges at the end of a long metallic rod.

Note that the whipper is all-metal, so, you’ll have to put it in a dry place to save it from rusting.

You’ll have to be careful with those because the edges may bend if you are applying a significant load on them.

The last most noteworthy thing in this particular whip was that it has a push button to get rid of the weed stuck in your “clawed” pointy ends.


Since this tool is targeted for specific scenarios, it would be recommended to people who face with garden weeds time-to-time.

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WORX WG154 Edger

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10 Cordless String Trimmer

Let’s discuss the WORX WG154 Edger,

Introduction and Features

The only electric whip that provides remarkable features and extra value to its users.

Coming from a well-known company “WORX”, this grass eater/cutter beautifully shapes the garden and provides a sharp and timid look to your garden.

It works on electricity and saves you a lot of physical effort. However, it weighs around 6 pounds which might be a little heavy for long usage.

It is cordless, which is a very good thing since no one would want a wire to worry about. The whole operation takes place with the power supplied by a Li-Ion battery.

There are all kinds of modes from edging to cutting. Additionally, the head is rotating so you can change the cutting mode in seconds.

Pros and Cons

Here’s how the product sounds,

The Good:

  1. Fully Automated
  2. Sharp and Concise Cutting
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Cordless
  5. Fixed handle
  6. Rotating Head

The Bad:

  1. Takes a long time to charge
  2. The open blade area is a safety risk
  3. While cutting, grass flies all over

User Insights

The machine cuts your long grass and takes out weeds perfectly. Electric whips are faster and more effective while cutting the long grass and tiding your garden than hand whips because they provide coverage and conciseness at the same time.

Since the whip is cordless, its primary source of power is a li-ion battery. However, charging the WORX WG154 Edger takes roughly 5 hours, you might have to wait if you forgot to charge the whip earlier.

In operation, the whip takes less than a minute to complete 1-ft. sq. which is very fast.

The level of grass after the cutting is almost coherent which gives your garden a very tidy look. Unfortunately, if you are looking to working the edges, you might want a little bit practice as it is sometimes hard to trim the edges.

Also, the rotating blade which is uncovered from the front poses a safety threat and you are advised to keep a safe distance from it.

The blade can easily be damaged if you encounter any stones, etc. while cutting, so, make sure you have cleared the garden before getting started.

Another operation fault comes with the grass edging – you may face extra amounts of “cut-grass” being thrown in all directions by the whip.


It is safe to say that WORX WG154 Edger is an excellent option to consider if you prefer an electronic grass whip.

It not only cuts effectively but is also very easy to operate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions might pop in your head,

Which whip-type is better?

Manual whips are usually preferred over gas or electric whips because they are both in-expensive and environment-friendly.

What is the average lifetime of a Whip?

It is mainly dependent on the frequency of usage. More use will eventually lead to less life no matter what type of whip you are using.

Do weed-eaters work better than Whips?

While the function of both these tools is the same, weed-eaters are much less effective and have limited applications while compared to whips.

Can a Whip cut thick-stemmed plants?

Normally, this depends on the weight of the whip. Universally, whips average around 1-4 pounds which might be enough to take down small stemmed plants but if you want to clear some thicker plants, get something heavier like an ax.

What is the best way to swing a Whip?

The most effective technique is to use a low, golf-like swing. If you have a whip with a double-edged blade, you can use a continuous left-right swing to do the job faster.

How can I get rid of weeds permanently?

The weeds keep returning but one of the most effective practices to slow down the process is to pull them out along with the roots. You should get a traditional weeder for this purpose.

Can weed whips train me for golf?

Golf-trainers use similar tools to train professional golf players as a grass whip.

How is a weed whip made?

A weed whip consists of just two main parts. One is the blade and the other one, the handle.

The blade is attached to the handle at an angle ranging from 110-140 degrees. Normally, a hole is made near it to hang the whip.

How does a Whip work?

The answer is simple, by swinging a blade here and there. The blade is bent at an angle that helps the grass whip to cut in any direction you swing.

What is the comfortable length of the handle of a Whip?

The handle of a whip should be long enough so you won’t have to bend your spine. If you use a short handle, you may get back pain.

Are sickles and grass whip different?

Yes, sickles are handheld agricultural tools that are used to cut the grass while sitting down and pulling the grass from one hand and cutting it from the other with a sickle.

On the contrary, grass whips are modified versions of sickles and are used to trim, edge, and clean longer grass and weeds from a garden, track, etc.