Best 6 Grow Light Controllers. Why Are They So Important?

29 November 2019

Having indoor plantation is becoming easier with the help of modern technology. When we talk about indoor plants, one of the biggest problems is to provide them with proper lighting.

If you have your own grow room, then it’s your responsibility to provide those plants with the appropriate light at the proper time. This is where the grow light controllers come in handy.

However, it could be challenging for people to find out the best controller because they need to consider a lot of things while making this choice.

Things like power consumption and safety issues matter a lot. So, for your convenience, we provide you with the list of the best grow light controllers available in the market.

Here are the top 6 best grow light controllers which can make a significant change in your indoor garden and can maximize your productivity:

Best Overall

1. Hydrofarm MLC-4X 4-Light HID Controller

Hydrofarm MLC-4X 4-Light HID Controller, White

 What we Liked Most About the Product

Choosing a Hydrofarm MLC-4x lighting controller for your indoor plants is a wise choice in the sense of security, stability, and efficiency.

It controls four (HID) lights on 30 amp. Outlets of the device are managed by a 120-volt trigger cable. The device is lightweight and volume. Also, you don’t have to make any special arrangements for mounting because it already has wall mounts.

The smart shape of the controller is so fascinating and makes it different from other grow light controllers. With 9.5 x 10.6 x 7.6 inches perfect rectangular shape and white color, it is a perfect match with the wall of your indoor garden.

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Product Overview

Inside the device, there is an advanced network of wiring. Relay is protected from humidity. 3.55 pounds lightweight is also impressive in comparison with other light controllers available in the market. Another important thing is that the product is available at a relatively low price. So, it’s affordable.

Costumers reviews are certainly the best way to know about the effectiveness of a product. And those feedbacks can help you to understand the product well and make a better decision. The Hydrofarm MLC-4X 4-Light HID Controller users have left fantastic reviews in their feedback regarding the effectiveness of the product.

Besides all the characteristics mentioned above, the master controller offers a built-in timer, increasing the probability of proper time management.

How to Use

For operating Hydrofarm MLC-4X 4-Light HID Controller, you simply have to connect it with the breaker and then attach your lights to it through its outlets. Rest, detailed information regarding fitting and operating can be obtained by the user manual.


  • Built-in clock
  • Sound and solid structure
  • Smart shape and design
  • Resistant to water and humidity
  • Low price


  • Does not control CO2
  • No extra feature than controlling lights
  • No programming or automation
Best Value

2. Titan Controls 4-Light Controller

Titan Controls 4-Light Controller w Relay Trigger Cord, 240V - Helios 4

What we Liked Most About the Product

Titan is a prominent and respected name in the world of grow light controllers. Device controls 4 thousand watts grow HID lights at 240 volts.

In the Helios family of light grow controllers, there is a variety of different controllers. Some of them have a built-in timer, while others require to be plug-in in a 24-hour appliance timer. Similarly, they differ slightly in their input and output powers, ranging from 20 amp to 50 amp.

In using such kind grow light controllers, safety matters a lot. Even expensive and branded controllers fail to meet the best criteria for safety.

Often customers upload the pics of burned outlets, making it difficult for the new users to rely on a mentioned controller. But in the case of Titan controls 4-light Controller, there are almost negligible chances of any electric short circuit since it has a good standing in its customers, and any such case has not been reported.

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Product Overview

Besides operational specifications, Titan has an extraordinarily active steel chassis that ensures the durability of the device. It is also protected from humidity. It also has a solid Relay of Siemens brand.

Titan grows light controllers are specifically designed for American and Canadian atmospheres. The controller has excellent opinions – it merely satisfies the customers.

So, the ultimate impression of Titan Controls 4-Light Controller is of strength, toughness, durability, and reliability.

In addition to the above, the product comes with three years of warranty.

How to Use

Operating this device is not a complicated procedure. You just have to wire it in the breaker and then plug in your lights.

A controller without a built-in timer requires you to attach a 24-hour timer with it. More relevant information and instructions can be obtained from the user manual of the product.


  • Durable
  • Reasonable Price
  • Resistant to water and humidity


  • Bigger in size
  • No extra features
  • No programming or automation

3. Autopilot Master Digital Timer

Autopilot w Remote Master Greenhouse ControllerBesides managing proper light, there are so many other factors that can affect the growth in your grow light tent. Such external factors include the amount of carbon dioxide, the room’s temperature, and, no doubt, errors in the lighting system.

If you think it’s challenging to manage all these things, then here is a grow tent manager for you.

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What we Liked Most About the Product

Autopilot Master Digital Timer deserves the title of “Master” in a real sense. It’s a single device controlling several environmental factors affecting the growth of your indoor plants.

It regulates temperature, amount of carbon dioxide, humidity, and lights at the same time. Moreover, it also has an extra feature of indicating an error in your LED.

Not only it has many additional features from a typical grow light controller, but it also has more precise control over these factors, which guarantees optimal production.

The most amazing and attractive thing about Autopilot Master Digital Timer is its outstanding design and shape. It appears like a wondering supercomputer or an electronic robot. And It is a more advanced machine, nothing less than a robot.

9 x 7 x 4 inches dimensions are even smarter than Hydrofarm MLC-4X 4-Light HID Controller. You get a neat facility of a remote-control system. The remote control can be used from a distance of 15 feet.

Some additional devices like APCEIC can make it more convenient by connecting your device to your computer or smartphone. Highly programmable machines keep their settings for a long time.

Product Overview

As the name indicates, the manufacturer company has tried to add a lot of relevant features to the device and wanted to provide you with more and more control of your garden.

It has a lot of other gadgets that enable it to understand day/night, coldness/warmness, ventilation, and carbon dioxide.

In the end, we can say that though expensive, it is a device that brings enormous value and understands your grow tent needs ideally. With the colorful lights and sound shape, Autopilot Master Digital Timer will be the perfect part of your indoor plantation.

It also comes with three years warranty.

How to Use

For Autopilot Master Digital Timer, you simply have to connect it with the breaker and then attach your lights in it through its outlets.

There are two types of outlets in the device, depending upon outgoing and incoming current. So, you have to wire your incoming outlet with a breaker while external with your lights.


  • Controls CO2
  • Allow more degree of automation
  • Controls temperature
  • Water and humidity resistant


  • Quite big
  • More expensive

4. Autopilot Commercial 8 Light Controller High Power HID

Autopilot Commercial High Power HID, 8 Light Controller WhiteSmall devices are not fit for larger projects. If you have a bigger indoor garden, then you can’t use a low-power light controller for that.

You need a monster for mega projects. And indeed, Autopilot Commercial 8 Light Controller High Power HID is a monster machine designed for industrial-scale usage.

Where some light controllers are intended for domestic purposes and control only four lights, Autopilot Commercial 8 Light Controller High Power HID gives you eight outlets to control eight lights at a time. It is designed to perform heavy-duty, and it does.

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 What we Liked Most About the Product

You can operate it on 120V trigger cable. You need to connect it with a 50 amps external supply on 120 or 240 volts. The device also has a recommended operating temperature range of 30 to 110-degree Fahrenheit.

Like Titan Controls 4-Light Controller, Autopilot Commercial 8 Light Controller also has a robust steel chassis. There is also an external breaker with the device.

In addition to controlling the lights of your grow room, Autopilot Commercial 8 light controller also manages the amount of carbon dioxide in the tent. You can monitor CO2 with this gadget and can ensure your safety.

Product Overview

Autopilot Commercial 8 Light Controls works with 120V trigger cable. Some say that it is the smartest Grow light controller available in the market. And it could be true because it has a fascinated unique design that attracts the customers.

With a moderate weight of almost 5 pounds and decent shape, it will be a stable and secure device in your garden. The plastic-coated body of the controller makes it more resistant to the water and humidity.

So, Autopilot Commercial 8 Light Controller is best if you want something bigger in a comparatively smart amount.

It comes with three years of warranty.

How to Use

Autopilot Commercial 8 Light Controller High Power HID provides more outlets. You have to attach your lights in eight outlets that are prominent on the body of the controller.

Then you just need to wire it with your breaker. But, it’s recommended hiring a professional electrician for the installment of the device.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Resistant to water and humidity


  • Quite large
  • No extra features than controlling lightening
  • No programming or automation

5. Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer

BN-LINK 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer

What we Liked Most About the Product

If you look for a brilliant, simple, and secure controller for your indoor plants, then Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer is the answer.

Users can program it according to different requirements, and it provides more levels of customization to users.

It is so light in weight – 8 ounces with dimensions of 3.1 x 3 x 3.2 inches. It operates on 115 volts and 1725 watts.

Now, if you are concerned about the battery and its charging, it has an effective system of saving your settings when there is no charging. And it’s highly programmable. Programming this device is quite easy.

Even if you get any difficulty while programming, you have an option to e-mail customer service, or you can also see some helpful videos on YouTube.

The wondering notion is the heavy-duty capability of a device despite its smaller size. Where other grow light controllers are bigger and take more space of your room.

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Product Overview

Another significant benefit of choosing Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer is a big decrease in your electricity bills. It consumes a fairly small amount of energy in comparison with other domestic or commercial grow light controllers available in the market.

Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Timer is also a multi-function device. Not only can it control grow lights of the tent, but it can also operate your room lights, fans, refrigerators, and all other electric devices. That’s why it’s unique.

How to Use

One of the best things about Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer is its ease of use. It’s really simple to operate. You just have to connect your lights to it and do whatever you want. Detailed information is there in the instructions’ manual.


  • Small in size
  • Low weight
  • Very safe and secure
  • It provides the versatility of tasks
  • Allows Programming and automation


  • It can break. Especially the buttons
  • Battery and charging issues are problematic for some users
  • Sometimes it is difficult to program
Premium Choice

6. PowerBox DPC-24000-BT Growing Light Fixture

Power Box 702972 DPC-24000-BT Growing Light Fixture

 What we Liked Most About the Product

Here we introduce something unique and jumbo. PowerBox DPC-24000-BT Growing Light Fixture is an extraordinary machine. There is no such match to this device in the current market.

The unique thing regarding the device is that it can control twenty-four 1000-Watt lights at the same time. Even the most powerful controllers have the maximum ability to control 12 1000-Watt lights.

For controlling 24 lights, DPC-24000-BT requires 120-volt trigger cable with a 120-amp power supply. And due to more energy consumption, it is operated by connecting with a 150-amp circuit breaker.

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Product Overview

PowerBox DPC-24000-BT Growing Light Fixture provides you a facility to set six different times for different areas. Here you get an estimate of its power that if you have a factory of 6 rooms, then a single piece of PowerBox DPC-24000-BT would be enough to handle the whole factory.

Moreover, there is no controller in the market yet, which can control more than 24 1000-Watt lights. So, it’s the most powerful one.

As an exceptional function, it has an enabled Bluetooth system. The device can also be operated by a smartphone app. For more protection and safety, there are some mini circuits in the device.

So, if you have a large-scale indoor farming area and you do not want to set the separate controller for each of your zone, then Power Box DPC-24000-BT Growing Light Fixture brings a lot of comfort for you.

You also get a five-year warranty.

How to Use

PowerBox DPC-24000-BT Growing Light Fixture has twenty-four independent outlets where you can plug in your grow lights. Besides that, you have to connect it to a 150-amp circuit breaker, after which you can start using it.


  • Runs a large number of lights
  • Can manage six different time-zones at a time
  • 5-year warranty
  • Useful for large scale and commercial use


  • Takes large space
  • Consumes more energy
  • Very expensive

Best Grow Light Controller FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about grow light controllers. People often ask questions about making certain types of electric adjustments. We have tried to cover some of those issues, but we recommend to consult an electrician for such matters:

Can indoor plants be grown without a light control system? Is there an alternative to such grow light controllers?

Plants need a proper environment to grow. That environment also includes adequate lighting at the appropriate time. If you do not provide your plants with the required light, there is no possibility of their survival.

You can manage it some other way, but that would be tiring and more time taking. An automatic lighting controller will save your energy and time.

Can the grow room controllers work for years?

A good grow light controller can work for years if you use it with care and in a proper way.

How will the grow light controller help me to boost my production?

Grow light controller manages the amount of light in your grow room. Some advanced controllers also control other external factors like the amount of carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature, etc.

Such devices, if effectively used, can provide your plant with the almost exact environment where the plant can do its best, and ultimately you can get the highest yield.

Can I change my 120V cord of light controller to 220V?

No. Of course, it has universal outlets that can run either 120 or 220 or both simultaneously in different outlets. I’ve had no problems with this unit or seller.

Can we plug a 110V AC and some fans without burning the outlet?

It depends on the attachment breakers. Grow light controllers usually require circuit breakers recommended by an electrician. So, he can better tell you whether you can do such or not.

What is the best grow light controller available in the United States?

There is not such a controller, which can be called the best for everyone. Different growers need different controllers. It depends on your needs and requirements.

A man with a commercial-scale farm will prefer Titan 4-Light Controller or Autopilot 8 Light Controller. In contrast, a man with a garden for domestic purposes will prefer Century 7 Day Heavy Duty one.

Do these light controllers come in a brand-new box?

Most of such grow light controllers come in a brand-new box.

Can you recommend any specific digital timer that works well?

We can’t recommend any specific timer. Although the digital timers, made by the same company as the flight controller, may work well with your device.

Does the controller shut off if the room gets too hot?

Not all controllers have this feature. Only those controllers can shut off at too hot temperatures that have a temperature sensor in them. Autopilot Master Digital Timer has the function of understating high temperatures.

Does the controller indicate if there is more CO2 in the room?

Advanced controllers have such smart features, and they can indicate more amount of CO2. They also make you aware of leaking CO2 from your grow room.

Can grow light controllers operate without the trigger cord?

The trigger cords are the power cords, so it’s not possible to operate a grow light controller without a trigger cord. However, such controllers can be operated without timers.

Do the light controllers come with a warranty?

Mostly, grow light controllers come with warranty since they are made for long term use. For example, Titan Controls 4-Light Controller has a three years manufacturer warranty.

 What kind of wire do I need for light controllers?

These controllers should be wired with the wires according to the wiring of the recommended power. Do not try such adjustments by yourself and take the help of a professional.

Can I plug 600 watt led lights into the Titan Helios controller?

Yes. But make sure the leads are 120v or 220v. And the Helios is the same volt rating as the ballast.

Will the unit run on 120v or only 220 for the Titan Helios controller?

You have to run 220 to the inside of the box, and the two trigger wires coming off the bottom are 110V, then plug into a regular outlet.

Final Words

 If you have indoor plants, then, of course, you need a controller for conveniently managing the light inside. Sometimes you have to leave your house for some time. In such cases, an advanced grow light controller can operate effectively for weeks without any stoppage in the growth of your plants.

Similarly, excessive carbon dioxide in your grow room can leak and damage you and your relatives. An alarming system for such a situation would also be a wise choice.

Here, we provided you with the controllers that perform plenty of such functions. Happy gardening!

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