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Best Grow Light Movers Reviewed – How To Choose a Perfect One?

1 September 2019

Growers struggle to adjust the light in their grow rooms to provide even light distribution. This is usually a cumbersome process as they have to unscrew and screw back the lights. Instead of wasting time and risking damaging the plants, grow light movers should be used.

But, since there are so many grow light movers on the market, finding the best unit for your needs and budget can be somehow challenging.

This review and guide has all the information you need to select the best grow light mover for your needs and budget. Read to the end to find out which unit is suitable for you!

Table showing the best 6 grow light movers

Product Length of Rail Speed Per Minute
Casolly Adjustable Rail Kit 7” 20 rotations Check Price
LightRail 3.5 IntelliDrive 6’6” 4 ft Check Price
Tenwell Adjustable Grow Light Mover Kit 7’2” N/A Check Price
LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit 6’6” 2 to 4 ft Check Price
LightRail AdjustaDrive Robotic Grow Light for 2 6.5’6” 2 to 4 ft Check Price
LightRail 5.0 GL56710140 RPM Kit 8” 4 rotations Check Price

Casolly Adjustable Grow Light Rail Hydroponic System Kit

Casolly Adjustable Grow Light Mover Rail Hydroponic System Kit

What We Liked Most About This Product

Casolly adjustable grow light rail hydroponic system is a durable and powerful light rail with a maximum weight of 22 pounds.

Running on a powerful 10 RPM motor, this unit has an outstanding adjustable time delay of 2 to 120 seconds, which is one of the best on the market.

This means that you can set the right pausing time for your plants to maximize the light and be much more productive.

Product Overview

The Casolly adjustable grow light is a 7ft rail that is made of durable and lightweight aluminum alloy. This makes the unit easy to install and use. Additionally, the rail can hold several lights and provide more distributed light and much-needed spectrum by the plants for healthy growth.

Your plants will also get a lot of light without burning or experiencing a lot of heat as hotspots are eliminated.

Besides, you won’t need a lot of lamps with this 7ft rail. All you will have to do is to mount the track over your preferred area and place it on the lamp-moving drive-motor onto the tracks.

The lamp-moving system allows for more light in your grow room so that more of the plants are exposed and be involved in photosynthesis. Different parts of the plants will get light and this will lead to stronger plants that produce higher yields.

Simply adjust the right time delay for your plants so that the illumination is even throughout the grow area being covered. To do this, you will have to turn the knob clockwise to set a delaying times for your plants.



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Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive Grow Light Mover Kit

Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive Kit Motor

What We Liked Most About This Product

LightRail is currently the most notable brand when it comes to grow light movers. Durably made in the USA since 1986 by Gualala, LightRail grow light movers are sturdy, versatile, high-quality, ad very effective in performance.

Take note of imitations that are in the market as all LightRail grow light movers have a logo on them. If it doesn’t have a logo, then that is not a LightRail product.

The LightRail 3.5 IntelliDrive grow light mover is this brand’s entry-level and cheapest product. This is a high-performing unit as it travels at 4 feet-per-minute on its rail.

Besides, it has an adjustable time delay of 0 to 60 seconds which ensures that all plants in the grow area that it covers receive even light intensity.

Product Overview

The unit features a grade drive motor that you can rely on as it runs on only 5 watts, heavy-duty ball bearing carrier wheels, digital control circuitry, and a self-clutch drive design with automatic traction control.

However, the LightRail 3.5 device works with 110 volts (compatible with USA & Canada) and not 220 volts, which is suitable for the European market.

If you’re looking for a grow light mover for your grow tent, greenhouse or grow room, then you will love this unit. It is one of the best indoor grow light movers on the market.

Also, if you’ve got a small space, you can only use half of the rail and select where to put stopping points. You can expand the LightRail from 4’x4’ grow area up to 4’x8’ space. The kit also comes with a 2-piece 2-meter 6 ft 6-inch rail.

The user can support up to 35 lbs of lamps and he/she should not exceed this weight. With a 2-year warranty and clear instructions, this is a reliable tool that will help you increase your yields and reduce your overall costs.



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Tenwell Adjustable Grow Light Mover Kit

Tenwell Adjustable Grow Light Mover Kit With Motor Rail

What We Liked Most About This Product

Tenwell is another affordable grow light mover with exceptional features. It features a rail length that can go up to 7ft and 2-inches.

The unit has an extra rail that comes at an extra cost, yet it is accessible. Also, it is great for attaching small lights but not big lamps because of its design.

Product Overview

The Tenwell adjustable grow light mover works with most grow lights that weigh 10 kgs or less. The rail is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and lightweight. Furthermore, the light mover features a motor rail stainless steel bar that is very sturdy.

The motor provides a speed of 12W, 10 RPM and it has an adjustable time delay of 2 seconds to 2 minutes by the magnetic stop. The 10 RPM speed is sufficient; many growers love it for growing their plants.

Since the grow light mover can handle lights that weigh less than 22 pounds, this is a good track for little LED grow lights and single lights with a reflector. With such amazing features, the Tenwell adjustable grow light mover kit is a good investment. On top of that, it is sold at a great price.

This light mover measures 43 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches. If you have never set up a light mover before, simply contact the manufacturer and they will send you a video for proper installation.



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Light Rail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit Motor with Rail, Robotic Grow Light Mover

Light Rail 4.0 Adjusta Drive Kit Motor w Rail

What We Liked Most About This Product

If you want nothing less than the best grow light movers, then LightRail is the brand to consider. Our second LightRail light mover on the list is the durable and efficient 4.0 AdjustaDrive robotic grow light mover.

This is a sturdily made light mover with excellent features. It is versatile as it can handle different lights and the adjustable speed makes it very convenient.

Product Overview

This is the best choice if you’re looking to advance from the entry-level Light Rail 3.5 grow light mover to a better unit. The device has an adjustable time delay of 0 to 60 seconds.

This means that you can set the delay time to a period that you desire and it will pause on both ends of the track to offer even distribution of light in the grow area covered. Another amazing feature of this unit is the adjustable 2 to 4 feet per minute control covering lots of grow light system intensities.

Unlike other light movers on the market, this one can work on both the US and European electrical systems as it is adaptable with 110V and 220V. The LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive motor kit also comes with a 2-piece 2-meter 6ft 6-inch rail.

If you don’t know how to install the light mover, worry not as it also comes with an installation guide to know how to install and use the unit.

One of the unique features that this unit boasts of is that it can move any indoor grow lamp weight. Even though this unit can move a very heavy lamp, it is recommended that you get a durable unit that can deal with such a weight perfectly.

Running on 9 watts only, this indoor grow light mover can move 3 lights in a straight line when expanded.



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Light Rail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Kit Robotic Grow Light Mover

Light Rail 4.20 Adjusta Drive Kit Robotic Grow Light Mover

What We Liked Most About This Product

The LightRail 4.20 AdjustaDrive robotic grow light mover shares the same features as the LightRail 4.0 grow light mover.

The only difference is that this model can move two lights on the same light rail. This makes it slightly more versatile than the 4.0 grow light mover and suitable for covering more plants or grow area.

Product Overview

Many growers have been looking forward to having a grow light mover that can accommodate two lights on the same rail, which has simplified things for them. No need to look for an extension with this rail at your disposal.

The LightRail 4.20 is durably made with high-quality materials to last long. It not only features a 0 to 60 seconds adjustable time delay for ensuring that all plants in the same grow area get the same amount of light, but it also has a 2 to 4 feet per minute adjustable speed control for covering different light systems intensities.

The LightRail 4.20 kit includes a motor with variable speed, a 2-piece, 2-meter, 6 ft 6-inch rail, an Add a lamp kit for moving light number two and with pre-installed extreme duty trolley wheels.

With the heavy-duty wheels that are rated to 60lbs, this is one of the few light movers that will move any grow lamp weight.

Besides, you will have no hotspots or shadow patterns as the light moves from one end to another. Additionally, it covers 30% more area than static lights, which means more light and yields.



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Light Rail 5 GL56710140 RPM Kit

Light Rail GL56710140 RPM kit Grow Light Mover

What We Liked Most About This Product

The LightRail 5.0 grow light mover is the most advanced unit from the LightRail brand and it is suitable for heavy-duty use.

Many small grow room growers will find this unit to be expensive, while large growers will love it as they can attach 2 to 3 lights on the same rail. Besides, it comes with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty.

Product Overview

Despite using 5.5 watts, this unit is very powerful and covers a wider area. It also has a high torque 4 RPM motor, an 8 ft rail, and an adjustable crossbar for attaching more than one light.

It has a great capacity of 90 lbs plus for supporting a lot of weight. Many users say that this unit provides the most evenly distributed light and spectrum.

If you’ve got an LED light system, you will love this unit as it provides excellent illumination and helps in saving energy. Therefore, the grower will have reduced costs on electricity.

Furthermore, this grow light rail system gets rid of hotspots and shadows. Your plants will receive the right amount of light for healthy growth and higher yields in the end.

The lights move easily and securely on the triple-duty extruded aluminum track with the heavy-duty ball bearing carrier wheels and a 4 RPM instrument-grade motor. Use the add-on products to add 2 or more lights to the rail for versatile use.



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Grow Light Mover Buying Guide

Before you rush into buying a grow light mover, you should consider several factors to get the best one possible.

There are different types and qualities of light movers. Here are some of the important points that you should look for when picking a quality grow light mover:

Speed of motor

The speed of the light mover is determined by how powerful the motor is. And if a unit has a higher speed, you won’t have to worry about how close it is to the plants as it won’t burn them as there will be no hotspot.

Also, if the rail has an adjustable length, you can as well as adjust it so that other plants don’t have to wait for long.


Having a grow light mover with adjustable length is vital as you can easily add more lights to cover a wider area.

Get a unit that can accommodate more lights or even allow an extra track to be added. Others have endpoints that can be adjusted, thus making it easy to add extra lamps to the existing rail system.

Time delay

Also, rails with adjustable time delay offer even distribution of light for enhanced growth of the plants being covered.

Is it noisy?

Take note of the rails as some users have reported some grow light movers to be noisy. This can be a nuisance, especially for indoor grow rooms.


Understand the grow light mover features that you want as the more durable and advanced the unit is, the more costly it will be.


What are grow light movers?

A grow light mover is a rail that is set up in your grow room where you slide the grow light(s) over when you want to adjust their position.

Most grow light movers feature a slight pause at the end of the rail to compensate for the extra light that middle plants get. Grow light movers with an adjustable length usually have an adjustable delay time as well.

Are light movers effective?

Yes, they are. Light movers do a good job of providing more illumination to your plants by putting the light closer to the plants without burning them. Since the light is moving, it offers an even spread of light on the plants.

The grow light mover enables the light to get through the shadow areas of the plants, which are usually hindered by the motionless position of the grow light.

Furthermore, light penetration helps all the parts of the plant to get light, even those parts that were blocked before for healthy growth.

What are the advantages of a grow light mover over stationary grow lights?

Like the sun, a grow light offers plants the light they need to grow. But unlike the sun, grow lights do not move from one side to another, denying some plants or parts of the plant enough light that they need.

With a grow light mover, your plants will receive enough light as they move from one end to another.

Grow light movers eliminate hotspots and shadows as the lamps are not positioned in one place.

This also means that instead of hanging lamps from a distance because of fear of burning them, you can hang them closer as light won’t be concentrated on a single spot.

Besides, spreading the heat within the grow room will create better airflow and better overall conditions in the grow room.


Grow light movers have simplified things for growers as they no longer have to buy more lights. But instead, they can get quality light rails to provide enough light to plants.

Light movers have many benefits over static lights as they ensure that your plants get even light, reduce your lighting cost, and increase your yields.

Ensure that you select the right grow light mover for your grow area if you want the best yields possible. Look for features like the speed of the motor, capacity, adjustable speed, delay time, and construction.

Take your time and select a light mover that meets your needs and budget!

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