Best Grow Lights For Houseplants – Why Are They So Effective?


Houseplants play an essential role in cleaning the indoor air and keeping the indoors calming and sane.

However, like other plants, houseplants also require much care and love. Sunlight barely makes its way indoors in modern houses. Unfortunately, houseplants cannot survive without the light they need for photosynthesis.

Your ordinary room light is not cut for houseplants, and this is where grow lights do excellent work. Keep reading to find out more about the best grow lights for houseplants!

1. Relassy 15000Lux LED Grow Light with Dual Head Gooseneck

LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant, Relassy 15000Lux Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp, Dual Head Gooseneck

What we liked most about this product

This grow light by Relassy provides an adequate amount of light for your houseplants. It does not occupy much space, and you can rely on the light being emitted from these bright LEDs. Providing a larger illumination area, this light ensures that all of you are indoor herb gardens are growing perfectly!


Sunlight is the most important factor for your plant growth. This grow lamp is capable of emulating sunlight depending on per square foot for the maximum growth of your houseplants.

Unlike other grow lights that are only used for specific purposes because of their limited spectrum, this grow light emits full-spectrum light similar to the sunlight. PPF stands for photosynthetic photon flux, and PPFD stands for photosynthetic photon flux density.

It might feel like this light by Relassy demands a high amount of power, but it’s exactly the opposite. The actual working power of this grow light is only 20W. By using this grow light, you can make sure that you have growing plants indoors, and you are saving electricity as well.

More about the spectrum, this grow light provides a spectrum of 380 to 800 nanometers. You can use this grow light for all types of houseplants at all stages of their growth.

The life of this grow light is up to 50000 hours, making you able to enjoy its benefits for years to come. A total of 88 LEDs are grouped on this light to emit the light that is perfect for your houseplants.

The most exciting thing about this grow light is that you can expect faster growth in your plants, as these lights promote plant growth in many ways.

A question might arise about who should use this grow light or who should not use it. The answer to this question is very simple. Whether you are a hobbyist or a serious home grower, this light is perfect for you in both cases.

You can use this light without following any strict guidelines. Varying plant to plant, you only have to know how many hours of light are necessary for its growth, and that’s it!


  • This grow light provides the sunlight spectrum for seamless plant growth.
  • It is durable to use for the years to come.
  • The C-Clamp mount of this light is the only thing you need to place this light.
  • You can replace the bulbs on this grow light if you deem it necessary.
  • The flexible gooseneck of this light allows you to take control of where you want the light to shine.


  • The assembling of this grow light would have been better.

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2. Full-spectrum LED Grow Light by Yoyomax

Yoyomax Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants LED Lamp Bulbs Full Spectrum

What we liked most about this product

If you want to grow your houseplants at an accelerated pace and want to keep them healthy, using this grow light is your best choice. With 3 switch modes and 6 dimmable options, additional control comes with auto on/off circular memory. Everything about this light is commendable!


There is a total of 60 LED lights fitted on this grow light, 39 red, and 21 blue ones. Both of these lights come together to provide the full spectrum of light your plants want.

If you are growing houseplants to make your air clear and your indoors calming, this light provides the full spectrum of sunlight for the ultimate growth. No matter what kind of houseplants you have, this grow light is capable of growing them as they would grow in sunlight.

Three light arms are attached to this grow light. All of them are connected with a controller that allows you to switch between the modes.

This also comes with 6 dimmable levels, enabling you to adjust the intensity of the light on your will. Not all stages of plant growth require the same intensity of light, and dimmable levels make you able to set the light on the desired one.

If you want to turn one of the arms off, you can easily do this with the provided controller.

There is also a timer included in this grow light. Using it, you can set the schedule for your grow light – you can make sure that it turns on and off at the specified time.

This light is fitted on a clamp that is sturdy and durable. The rotatable necks allow you to provide light to all of your plants.


  • This grow light provides the best combination of red and blue light.
  • The full spectrum of this light is ideal for accelerated plant growth.
  • The 3 switch modes and 6 dimmable options let you grow your plants the best way.
  • The circular timer memory lets you turn it off at the given time.
  • The sturdy clamp allows you to set this light firmly.
  • Using the gooseneck of this grow light, you can focus its light wherever you want.


  • The build quality of this product is not up to the standards.

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3. Ankace 60W Grow Light for Houseplants

Grow Light, Ankace 60W Tri Head Timing 60 LED 5 Dimmable Levels Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

What we liked most about this product

Providing an efficient combination of red and blue light, this grow light is capable of growing your houseplants at a fast pace. This light is also fitted with a timing function, letting you control its working hours. The gooseneck and clamp make the perfect duo to provide ultimate control over it.


There are a total of 36 total lamps fitted in this grow light.

24 lights are red, while the other 12 are blue lights to provide the light combination your plants need. The red bulbs provide wavelengths of 660 nanometers and the blue ones provide 460 wavelength light.

Both of these wavelengths are capable of accelerating the growth of your houseplants. Red light is known to speed up photosynthesis and germination of your plants. The blooming and fruit-bearing of your plants are also accelerated with the red light.

And the blue light is capable of enhancing the photosynthetic activity of your plants. This multi-directional light speeds up the overall growth of your plants.

If you do want a changeable light, you do not have to buy a separate timer for this device. The 5 dimmable levels of this light ensure that you have freedom over the intensity of light.

Moreover, you can also control what light spectrum you want from this light. If you want only red light or only blue light, you can choose it with the controller. You can also use mixed light mode to meet your plants’ needs.

The metal clamp on this grow light allows you to fit it anywhere with ease. The gooseneck puts you at ease by focusing the light exactly where you want.

However, if this light doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can get your money back using the refund policy. In case of any queries, you can always contact the support.


  • This light is one of the best options to get red, blue, or a combination of both lights.
  • The 3 dimming modes are outstanding for your plants’ growth.
  • The clamp and gooseneck add to your ease.


  • The intensity of this light may not be appropriate for some indoor gardeners.

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4. GLIME 30W Grow Light with Auto ON/Off Timer

Grow Light,GLIME 30W 60LED Full Spectrum Grow Light Auto ON Off Timer Timing Grow Lamp

What we liked most about this product

It provides a full-spectrum light to your houseplants. Because of the three heads, this light allows you to cover more plants. The 5 dimmable and 3 switch modes are here to provide the maximum user satisfaction. This grow light is one of the best lights on the market.


Talking about this grow light, it is not difficult to tell that it is brighter than the others. The three arms are capable of sending the light to multiple houseplants.

The main factor of plant growth is light, and this one is producing the exact sunlight spectrum.

The plants require a different intensity of light throughout the growth cycle. Sometimes, you keep the light less intense, and super bright the other times. This might be a problem for you to dim the light or make it brighter. However, this is not a problem for this grow light.

5 dimmable levels can be activated using the controller on this grow light. Keeping it low at 20% or making it bright to 100%, you can achieve it easily!

Adding more to the functionality of this grow light, the timer is here to save you even more time! Using this timer, you can set the time this light will turn on and turn off. Plants do not need light all the time, and using the timer allows you to keep the plants healthy.


  • Have the full spectrum light your houseplants now.
  • Control the intensity of light with 5 dimmable levels.
  • Have three switch modes to get the light your plants want.
  • Enjoy the circular memory time and have an automatic time on/off feature too.
  • Get the light focused where you want with the 360-degree adjustable gooseneck.


  • For some users, this light is very dim.

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5. Monios-L 2FT High Output Grow Light

Monios-L T8 LED Grow Light 2FT, 144W(6×24W) High Output Plant Grow Light Strip

What we liked most about this product

Being unique in design does not mean that this light comprises its quality. It is capable of providing the full spectrum of light that every houseplant loves. At the same time, installing this product is very easy!


There are many things about this grow light that make it exceptional. For starters, this grow light has two rows of LEDs, unlike the other grow lights.

While other ones do not cover the plants completely, this two-row feature is capable of covering a large grow area. The T8 LED chips are very versatile and professional. This wider beam of light coming out of this grow light has a higher PAR value, providing the best lighting condition for your houseplants.

Not all the grow lights in the market are suitable for all stages of plant life. However, this grow light is way out of the league of other grow lights. Whether your plant is seedling or ready to bear fruit, you can use this light to get the desired results.

This grow light provides a full spectrum of light, ranging from 400 to 800 nanometers. To get more “Photosynthetic photon flux density,” use this light and see noticeable results in your plants’ growth.

Thinking about the high performance of this grow light, the question about heat dissipation can cross your mind. However, there is nothing about the heat that can make you worried. The heat dissipation mechanism of this grow light keeps your plants safe from the adverse effects of high temperatures.

The color brightness of this grow light is very low, and looking at this light does not hurt your eyes at all. The connectors in this setup are all easy to understand and apply.

You can set this light up without needing the help of a professional. The extendable design of this grow light looks very elegant and compact in your indoors.


  • The housing design of this grow light is very elegant.
  • You can get full-spectrum light from this grow light.
  • The efficient setup of dissipating heat works well to keep your plants healthy and safe.
  • The installation process of this grow light is very easy.
  • The money-back guarantee of this product provides maximum financial safety to customers.


  • There is no built-in timer in this grow light.

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6. Full Spectrum Tri-Head Floor Grow Light by Juhefa

Floor Grow Lights with Stand,Full Spectrum Tri-Head 66 LEDs Plant Light for Indoor Plants

What we liked most about this product

This growth light is both eye-catching and growth-accelerating at the same time. The elegancy is backed with 3 lighting modes and 10 adjustable levels of brightness, letting you achieve your indoor gardening goals. The automatic on and off timing functionality is a novelty of this grow light.


If you want to provide light to your floor plants, this is a perfect choice. This grow light is fitted on a tripod that can extend from 15 to 47 inches, and you can forget your floor plants not getting enough light.

You can adjust this grow light to your desired position, and doing all this is not difficult at all. All you have to do is to find the angle at which you want to focus the light. This sole feature of the adjustment of this grow light makes it a great option for your floor plants!

Let’s check what this grow light has to offer in terms of lighting modes and brightness levels. You can adjust the brightness of this grow light with 10 adjustable brightness levels.

It is all up to you whether you want this light to be super bright or a bit dim according to your plants’ needs. The 3 lighting modes are here to provide you with the exact spectrum of light you want.

Using the controller of this grow light, it’s super easy to switch between modes and shift from different brightness levels.

Setting this light is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. All you have to do for setting this light is to put this light on the tripod, and tighten its screws!


  • Use this grow light for your floor plants.
  • Have the perfect combination of lights you want for your houseplants.
  • There is no problem for anyone to install this grow light.
  • You can also use this grow light for your desk plants as well.


  • The intensity of this light is not perfect for all plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the grow lights capable of providing the same results?

No, all the grow lights are not capable of providing the same results.

Is it harmful to use grow lights for houseplants?

No, houseplants are completely safe under grow lights.

Do I need to get certified for using grow lights?

There is no certification required for using grow lights.

Can I use any lights other than grow lights for my houseplants?

Grow lights are the only solution for the growth of your houseplants.

Is it necessary to use grow lights even if my houseplants are under sunlight?

No, you don’t have to use a grow light in this scenario.

Final Thoughts

Growing houseplants is one of the best ways to spend your time and decorate your indoors. However, the main problem you can face with your houseplants is providing them with sunlight.

This problem can be easily solved by using grow lights. Grow lights are used worldwide to accelerate the pace of growth of your indoor plants. Using grow lights is easy and secure, and it is completely legal to use them. Just make sure that you set the right level of brightness for your plants. Happy gardening!

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