Best 6 Air Conditioners For Grow Room – They Make A Real Difference!

15 December 2019

When you have a grow room, your main goal is to make sure that your plants have perfect conditions that will promote growth.

For plants to do well, the grow room should be equipped with a good air conditioner (AC). It will supply plants with the right humidity levels, lighting, air circulation, room air and ideal temperature. This will guarantee you give your plants everything that they need.

Best 6 Air Conditioners For Grow Room Gardeners Yards

Below is a list of the best grow room ACs that will help your plants thrive and give you the high yields that you are looking for:

1. Midea 12000 BTU Easycool AC

MIDEA MPF12CR81-E Portable Air Conditioner 12000 BTU Easycool AC

This air conditioner can cover a 550 square feet room, so it’s great for large grow rooms  It has four major functions, which include cooling, heating, dehumidifying, and heating.

These help to regulate temperature levels. One can choose any temperature ranging from 62 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has enhanced visibility enabled by the LED display that helps you to set the optimal state. It comes with three fan speeds and five modes. Therefore, you have multiple setting options to choose from so that your plants get the optimal one.

It also features a remote control that ensures that you have an easy and convenient time setting the AC. The portability-enabled feature includes four wheels. This helps to move it around your grow room easily.

The ECO option enables the energy-saving feature. This helps to set the right conditions for your plants overnight. 

An indicator light is fitted on the filter, which tells you when it is time to take out the internal filter and clean it. This filter can be reused.

The device comes with a long power cord measuring up to 75 inches. This will ensure that you do not have to look for sockets every time you move it around.

On a downside, Midea 12000 BTU Easycool AC is not a silent air conditioner. It produces some noise once it is turned on. However, the noise level is manageable, as it will not go beyond 55.5 dB.

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2. Black + Decker portable air conditioner

BLACK + DECKER 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Unit, Remote

This air conditioner supplies a grow room with the right temperature levels. It can cover a ground space sized between 150 to 200 sq feet.

It works best during the summer season when the temperatures are too high such that it becomes unbearable for your plants to grow well.

Double-hung doors and sliding windows are used with this AC. The device will supply the grow room with a steady atmosphere and airflow. This is enabled by the vertical motion engineering and a slide-out filter, which will give your plants the fresh air that they deserve.

Top-notch technology is used in creating this Black + Decker product. The programming is simple and precise functionality.

It has a LED display designed to give you more clarity and give you an easy time regulating the temperature. It is also enabled with a sleep mode and a 24-hour timer.

Side filters will give a constant supply of fresh air. This helps to protect plants from any poisonous air that could affect their growth and consecutively, yields.

With portability features installed, you can easily move this AC in different places of your grow room to ensure that no plant is affected.

The 115V operator gives you the convenience that you need. This is because it makes it accessible in most stores.

It does not produce any noise when functioning. Despite the mode, you can still stay in your grow room without experiencing bad noise.

Black + Decker portable air conditioner is also environmentally friendly. This makes it a perfect fit for your grow room as it is guaranteed to not cause any harm to your plants.

Another great fact is that its durability is guaranteed. This is because of the heavy-duty material and technology behind the manufacturing of this AC.

Unfortunately, a large grow room cannot be serviced by this AC. It can only serve best in a grow room that is 10 feet by 20 feet.

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3. JHS 8000 BTU portable air conditioner

JHS 8,000 BTU Small Portable Air Conditioner, 3-in-1 Floor AC Unit with 2 Fan Speeds

This one is a small and portable air conditioner which will give your grow room the conditions necessary for growth and high yields.

It has fast cooling technology, which especially comes in handy during the hot weather. The compressor is designed to cool 170 square feet of your grow room space.

It is a multipurpose AC and besides being used in the grow room, you can use it in other parts of the house. There are three options to select from. These include a fan, air conditioner, and dehumidifier.

It comes with remote control. This gives you convenience, as you will not have to go all the way to regulate the conditions.

The noise produced by the AC is manageable which means that you do not have to become frustrated every time it is on. If you want to reduce the sound volume, all you have to do is to turn down the fan speed.

A 24-hour timer is also included. This enables you to program it in such a way that it can switch itself on and off after a certain set period.

To easily move it around the grow room, it is equipped with portability features. Shifting from one point to the other is further enhanced by the handle and four durable casters.

In matters price, this AC comes in as very affordable and it should not exceed your budget.

What about the cons? Well, installing this AC can be a daunting task. This is why you should ensure that you follow the instructions or get help because poor installation can lead to malfunctioning.

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4. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000 BTU 115V

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5, 000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

This mini-compact AC can be window-mounted. It will serve a grow room measuring 150 sq feet.

It comes in handy during the hot weather and it will keep your plants cool, foster growth, and give you high yields. It is designed with mechanical rotary controls and top and a two-way air direction control.

It is the perfect manifestation of organization and attention to detail. The product also bears a washable mesh filter with slide and slide-out access that serves to cut down on bacteria.

Special features are enabled to rid the grow room off bacteria, airborne particles, and even foul odor. This helps to foster a comfortable environment. Its low power start-up is designed to reduce energy consumption. 

The needed window unit size is entirely dependent on the size of the room you intend to cool. To estimate the size you want to go for, all you have to do is get the room width and length, then multiply these numbers together as a means to establish the square footage.

Using this product you will experience low energy consumption due to its unique ability to conserve energy. The effortless restart makes it automatically resume its operation in line with its previous settings upon the restoration of power.

It can cool the room very fast while at the same time achieving the dehumidification at the rate of 1.1 pints for individual hours.

Unfortunately, with this AC, you have limited options for installation space. Also, the fact that it does not require batteries is a limitation since, in the absence of power, you cannot use it.

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5. LG LP0817WSR115V portable air conditioner

LG LP0817WSR 115V Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

This device helps to cool your grow room efficiently and quiet regardless of the season of the year. Owing to the powerful air throw of this air conditioning unit, the fans produce a cool breeze that stretches for a distance of over 10 meters.

This unit is easy to use, but most importantly, it delivers a powerful cooling and a great dehumidifying performance.

The portability features of this air conditioner make it possible to move it from one room to the other for the convenience of the user.

This product uses a standard 115-volt per 15 amperes electrical outlet, which is a good deal compared to the other air conditioning systems in the market. Therefore, it will give you the best value for your money.

The top inclined air discharge, together with an auto-swing set of louvers, will make it easy for the elimination of hot spots.

Its unique ability to cool a 150 square feet room recording up to 1.8 pints for every hour worth of dehumidification sets it apart from other similar ACs

A full water indicator is designed to serve as a notification for when set thresholds are achieved. Its remarkable auto evaporation system easily enables heating and cooling.

With its unique and contemporary design, it stands out from many others in the market. This makes it the ideal air conditioner that will make your grow room stand out.

An auto-swing air vent technology feature ensures that the plants are given the best whenever it serves. The auto evaporation system makes it possible for consistent use alongside a programmable schedule or timer. This is beneficial, particularly when you want to control the temperature even in your absence.

This portable air conditioner was taken through a test procedure to determine its rating on portable air conditioner BTU standards. The change due to the procedure led to the alteration of the BTU acceptable for downward claiming.

It’s a shame, that this AC cannot be charged. Therefore, it is entirely dependent on electricity, and for this reason, you can only use it with a power source. For a grow room, you need to have a backup source of power to avoid any downtime.

It’s also energy-intensive and, therefore, stands as a significant addition to your electric bill.

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6. Whynter ARC-14S portable air conditioner

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier

The air conditioner product is a remarkable unit with a duo hose mobile capability. It also has a dehumidifier, a fan having a filter that is not only carbonated but also activated together with a storage compartment. It is meant to match rooms measuring over 450 square feet. It can serve a larger grow room than most AC units.

The unit is also digitalized with the remote controller, giving a user extra convenience.

A CFC-free GREEN R-410A refrigerant is installed, which is more than other air conditioning units could ever ask for.

With an exceptional and advanced auto drain technology, the AC is easy to use and recycle the moisture accumulated during the cooling process. This results in fresh and cool air.

The dual hose operation manifested in this appliance achieves cooling in record time. This can come in handy during extremely hot weather. Being portable is an attribute that gives the user convenience when moving it around the grow room.

The one thing that’s not great, the new auto-advance technology makes it challenging to operate. You will need to read the installation manual carefully or hire an expert to avoid any probable damages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a particular best grow room temperature and humidity level?

It is imperative that you have total control of everything in the grow room if at all, the crops are expected to thrive. In managing the climate, the most important thing to do is to set up an air conditioning unit.

While certain plants need a regulated air conditioning system, others do not, and knowing the difference is important. This is why it’s critical to point out that different plants have varying temperatures for them to thrive.

Being able to control the temperature in your room favors photosynthesis and the process of transpiration. Both of these processes are crucial for your plants.

In what ways does AC affect the growth of plants?

The temperature is crucial when it comes to the development and growth of plants. In the absence of an air conditioning system, the grow room will move towards working with high temperatures, having a negative influence on plants.

While many people consider photosynthesis as being dependent on light alone, it is important to note that the pH of the soil and the room temperature are also vital ingredients.

In a place where temperatures are excessively high, the rate at which photosynthesis takes place is significantly reduced. This is because enzyme activity is enhanced by temperatures up until optimum levels are attained.

Is it healthy to have low temperatures in a grow room?

While high temperature is not good for plant growth and will have a negative impact on the growth and proliferation of plants, a grow room, where the temperature is low, will not do well.

Primarily, enzymes, which are responsible for biochemical reactions in plants and therefore, their development, will be disabled in such a state of affairs.

For this reason, neither glucose nor energy will be produced, an outcome that stunts the growth of the plants. By installing an effective and efficient air conditioning system, you will be able to regulate temperature thereby achieving optimum conditions for plant growth.

Is there an appropriate size for air conditioning systems for a grow room?

It does not matter whether your air conditioning system is big or small. The most important thing is that it suits the indoor garden structure that you are working with.

The very fact that air conditioners are designed to establish the amount of heat energy in the room, the quantity of heat they are capable of effecting is what matters.

The effort to ensure that you achieve a breeze of fresh and cool air in your grow room is very important. Also, it’s essential that the cool air is evenly spread throughout the room.


The decision to purchase an air conditioner to be installed in your grow room is very critical. However, it is important to understand that you need to select from a list of options.

This is majorly dependent on what is ideal for your situation and what potentially works best for your grow room. You also base your decision on certain factors such as price, functionality, and technology. We hope that our guide helped you with selecting the best one for your grow room.

Happy gardening!

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