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Best Grow Tent Kits for Beginners Reviews. How to Make a Perfect Start?

With all the climate changes tents become a need of many gardeners. Grow tents provide a perfect artificial climate for the plants to thrive.

They have a reflective surface inside, which allows the light to focus on the plants with the maximum intensity. The ventilation systems allow you to maintain the proper temperature and air flow inside the tent. Another great advantage is their portability.

There are many grow tent kits in the market, and it can be tricky to pick up one. To help you choose from this wide range, we have put down a list of the best grow tent kits in the market.

Best Grow Tent Kits for Beginners

We have listed down 6 of the best grow tent kits for beginners available in the market. Detailed product reviews are given to make a choice easy for you.

TopoGrow Full-Spectrum Grow Tent Kit

TopoGrow Grow Tent Ventilation Kit

What we liked about the product

Topogrow kit comes with a combination of a ventilation fan, filter, and ducts. This set has been designed specially to allow maximum flow of air needed for the plants. Topogrow is also known for its excellent customer service

About the product

The Topogrow provides you a complete grow tent kit, which includes a ventilation system. The kit comprises of all the necessary components of a ventilation kit along with filtration equipment to ensure proper aeration for the plants.

For the plants to have maximum energy to grow, Topogrow comes with two 1200 watts LEDs. These LEDs help to keep a constant temperature inside the tent for a long time.

It works on a wide range of temperatures. The supported temperature ranges from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius.

The kit has a 6-inch fan. The fan can be found in combination with the filter duct. The product also comes with an additional coal-based activated fan.

It has 6 inches of ducts for the smooth flow of air. The tent also has steel ducts which allow air to flow smoothly. 

The fan filter combo allows you to develop a fully working ventilation system for your plants inside a grow tent. You can change the ventilation fans and the lights of the tent when you feel they are running out.  


  • The fan and duct come in a combo
  • It does not consume much power
  • There is no light leakage
  • The company provide excellent service for the customers


  • The fan is loud
  • The system might be difficult to set up

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Hydro Plus Complete Grow Tent Kit

Hydro Plus Grow Tent Complete Kit

What we liked about the product

What distinguishes Hydro Plus from other products is that it cancels out the entire foul odor. This product provides the best odor control system. Its ventilation mechanism allows the tent to vanish the most undesirable odors.

About the product 

The Hydro plus includes a 300 W LED light. The LED light allows you to grow different types of plants. It will provide the maximum energy to the plants necessary without affecting them adversely.

The lights give a nature-friendly color enabling the surroundings to absorb it and not get damaged by different radiations.

The Hydro plus includes a 4-inch ventilation kit. The ventilation kit comes with the required fan and ducts for ventilation.

But, the most prominent characteristic of this product is the effective control of smell. This ventilation system will eliminate the most undesirable and pungent odor coming from the tent. 

When the plants are grown in a hydroponic environment, they tend to create some undesirable smell. As the environment provided to them to grow is different from the natural one, the seeds sometimes give out a foul odor. The excellent ventilation system of this product will let you eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Hydro Plus also comes with lightproof walls allowing the light to stay within the tent. This reserves the energy overall and gives the maximum power output.

The Hydro Plus is manufactured with the best of the materials. The ventilation system uses fans of the highest quality. The fan has ball bearings in it. The ball bearing ensures that the product does not make loud noises when the fan is working.


  • The ventilation system eliminates all the odor produced by the plants
  • The product comes with various ventilation ducts
  • It uses ball-bearing fans for cooling
  • The product can be set up easily


  • It has a low space to grow plants

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BloomGrow Full-Spectrum Grow Tent Kit

BloomGrow grow tent kit

What we like about this product

Are you looking for a grow tent with a larger space for your plants? Bloom grows the right option for you then. This product gives a large amount of space for your gardening needs.

It provides you with three workstations so that you can work efficiently with different plants at the same time.

Another noteworthy feature of BloomGrow is that it consumes less power than most of the products available in the market. 

About the product

The BloomGrow grow tent comes with an excellent ventilation kit. It has an air filter installed in it already. This filter will allow the easy flow of air through the tent. It cleanses the air and gives your plant a clean environment to breathe in.

The main feature of this product is that it provides you with three different growing areas in one tent. This will allow you to grow plants of different varieties in one tent instead of investing in multiple tents.

It is here to give you the experience of growing three plants in the budget of one. Bloom will let you raise at least three different types of plants in one go.

The fans have merged blades, which reduces the noise to the minimum. This product uses coal-based activated carbon. It allows the carbon to activate only when the coal is released, thus ensuring that the product does not pollute the environment.

BloomGrow is known to be environment-friendly. It also promotes cleanliness in tent and allows for healthy grow conditions.

It is equipped with top-notch reflecting surfaces, which allow the minimum leakage of lights. The reflective surfaces will reflect most of the light into the system, enabling to save power output. This is the reason the system consumes lesser power than most of the other tents in the market. 

It comes with a rare light setting, which allows you to have more space for the plants. The LEDs fitted in the system are efficient and maximize output with meager power input.

The product is guaranteed to have a long-life light source. The lights are incredibly durable and will work perfectly for a long time before they run out.


  • Consumes less power
  • Produces less noise
  • The product comes with three different areas to grow plants on 
  • Easy to set up


  • Requires much space

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Hydro Plus 4″ Filter Fan Combo Duct

Hydro Plus 4 inch Filter Fan Combo Grow tent ventilation kit

What we liked about the product

Hydro fan combo has a 4- inch ventilation fan, which comes in connection with a duct. It also has a speed controller, which enables you to control the speed of the fan according to your desires.

You can speed up the fan when needed or keep it low for a smooth flow of air.

About the product

Hydro fan combo comes with a 4″ fan in combination with ventilation ducts. The fan is used to filter out the air from the tent. The ventilation fan also promotes a healthy environment by keeping the air clean.

Hydro fan combo has a system of coal-based activated carbon. The coal-based activation of the carbon allows the product to stay environment-friendly. Also, all the materials used in the production of this tent are incredibly safe for the environment.

The hydro fan will allow you to control the speed of your fan. Most of the plants are severely damaged when exposed to stale air. For this reason, the product lets you take control of the speed of the fan. It also has a small blower installed. 

The temperature of the tent needs to be moderate. Too low would hinder the growth and too high would damage the plants. In most cases, the users are not aware of the temperature inside the tent. Thus, their plants inside the grow tent are destroyed.

Usually, users find out about the temperature when it is too late, and the plants have been ruined. Hydro Plus has made this aspect easier for you. It has a display, which shows the humidity of the tent. It also displays the time and temperature outside the tent. 

The product also allows you to set alarms. The air of the tent needs to be changed every five minutes to ensure healthy growth for the plants. For this purpose, the alarms are set in the product so that you can quickly be reminded when the air has to be changed.


  • Environment-friendly
  • Displays temperature
  • Allows you to control the speed of the fan
  • Has fans and ducts in combination


  • The product is noisy 

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BloomGrow 2-in-1 Mylar Grow Tent Kit

BloomGrow 2 in 1 grow tent kit

What we like about the product

The BloomGrow kit features a 2 in 1 grow tent. This product has dual duct ports so that maximum filtration is allowed. The feature of this product, which highlights it is the highly reflective surface of the tent.

About the product

This product provides you with many different sets of tools. First, it has a 4″ ventilation kit. The ventilation kit comes in combination with the ducts. The fans can be installed inside or outside the tent.

You can choose to install additional fans too. The number of fans depends upon the type of plants inside the tent.

BloomGrow comes with unique LED lighting. This lighting has a different wavelength as compared to the others and is mostly UFO in nature.

This type of light lets the plant to grow at a faster rate, consuming as little power as possible. This light also enables the plants to live a long life.

The LED light is specifically built for people who want to opt for botany at a professional level.

Bloom grow has been equipped with very reflective surfacesThe reflective surfaces keep the light inside the tent, and decrease the power consumption. The tray where you add your solution with minerals can also be cleaned easily. 

Bloom grow also equipped with a digital display. This display allows you to view the temperature inside and outside the tent easily.

You can also view the humidity level inside the tent. This will help you to adjust the cooling fan so that the perfect temperature for the plants is achieved. 

The tent comes with an adapter plug. This product has been famous majorly for its adaptor plugs.

The plug does not reduce the power intake, but it will let you attach the product to higher voltages without damaging your plants.


  • Has an adapter plug
  • Comes with UFO LEDs
  • Minimum loss of light 


  • It has a small working area

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iPower Full Grow Tent Ventilation Kit

iPower grow tent ventilation kit

What we like about the product

The iPower ventilation kit comes with a set of excellent features. It has a fan blower with merged fan blades — the product eliminates all the unpleasant smells as well as the extra heat from the tent.

About the product

Ipower comes with the best ventilation kit in the market. It has a 4″ fan blower, which enables you to set the temperature inside the tent with ease. The fan blower is equipped with merged blades. These blades reduce the noise of the fans. The duct blower also reduces the vibration in the system. 

The iPower ventilation kit comes with a controller in the package. The controller allows you to manage the speed of the fans. Most of the plants can only grow at specific conditions. Such plants are sensitive and can be troubled by the strong wind blows.

Sometimes the airwave produced by the fans is very strong. Thus, it leads to damaging plants. For this purpose, a control switch is built-in the system to control the speed of the fan.

The wires of the product are also made with the materials of the best quality. The manufacturer assures that the wires would be corrosion-free.

The iPower’s most prominent feature is its multi-functionality. The product removes all the undesirable smells and adjusts the temperature inside the tent.

The ventilation is manufactured in such a way that the entire foul odor is eliminated from the surrounding. The temperature and heat inside the tent can be adjusted easily.

Most plants are damaged when exposed to high temperatures. The ventilation system of this product allows you to control the heat inside the tent and make sure that the plants are not damaged by excessive heat. 


  • Removes undesirable smells
  • Allows you to adjust the heat inside the system
  • Operates very quietly 
  • It has a control switch to adjust the speeds of the fans


  • The product can be difficult to set up

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Buying guide

When buying a first grow tent kit, you need to look out for various factors. Those factors will eventually make a difference in the quality of your plants.

Some of the most useful things that you need to look out for have been described in the buying guide below. Make sure to follow each point before making up your mind. 


The thing you need to look for is the number of tools that come with a specific product.

You need to check out the market properly to find the product, which offers the best number of tools for the given price.

Price range

The first thing that you must look in the products is a flexible price range. Assign yourself a budget and look for options according to that. Make sure to opt for the product which falls into your budget.

Most of the products offer a decent set of features at very low prices, but one needs to search a lot for those products. We have put down some products which can fit a lower price range easily.


Make sure that the products you are buying are not harming the environment in any way. Always look out for the materials being used in a grow tent.

Many of the grow tents have materials, which are hazardous to the environment.

Low power input 

With the energy crisis running all over the world, we need to opt for products that offer maximum output from a very low power input.

You also need to make sure that the product you are using does not waste any light or any other energy resource.

Low noise 

The best tents are those that produce the lowest noise. Most of the ventilation systems equipped with the grow tents are quite loud. The grow tents are small and are usually kept indoors.

Make sure to buy the product which has noise absorbents. This will also help to reduce noise pollution.


The next thing you need to look out for is if the product comes with a controller. One does need to control the speed of the fan so that the temperature inside the tent can be adjusted easily.

The controller also allows you to control the humidity inside the tent. 

Digital display 

Always look for a ventilation system, which has a digital display installed. The digital system allows us to stay aware of the temperatures inside the tent.

This also makes sure that the ideal temperature is always achieved to promote healthy growth. The digital display also enables you to check the humidity inside the tent.


Do grow tents need ventilation?

Yes, most of the grow tents are highly isolated so that the light is not wasted. For such cases, the level of carbon dioxide inside the tent keeps on rising and thus can damage the environment inside the tent.

For this purpose, it becomes necessary to insert a ventilation system inside the tent, so that a proper flow of air is allowed through the tent.

The ventilation systems also make sure that the temperature inside the tents remains ideal. These systems come with ducts and fans so that excessive heat can be removed easily.

How many fans do you need?

A grow tent is not that big so, you can get proper ventilation with just two fans. Some people opt to attach three, but it depends on the size of the fans.


If you want to grow plants inside a grow tent, then you must have a ventilation system. The ventilation system will allow your plants to grow in the ideal environment.

You can find a wide variety of ventilation systems in the market, or you can choose one from our listed products.

We have tried our best to give you all the information that can be provided about the ventilation systems of the grow tents. Happy gardening!