Top 5 Best High Pressure Air Hose- Helpful Reviews & Buyers Guide 2018

Have you ever thought about what a high pressure air hose can do to your new compressor? Studies have shown that on average, 25% of compressed air is lost before it ever gets to the final use. In extreme cases, it exceeds more than 80% because of system leakage!

Common people tend to put more effort on researching about air compressor reviews. But air hose is barely given attention for which such wastage is being occurred.

Don’t get shot down because of these statistics. After immense research, we have come with the best quality air hoses for you. Most air compressors do not carry an air hose. Even if they add one, often turn out to be of poor qualities.

Stop worrying about the cheap quality hose you’ve got and got a hose straight away. The air hoses we have reviewed include the top features and luckily they won’t cost much too!

Top 5 Best High Pressure Air Hose

WYNNsky 3/8″ Hybrid Air Hose
DuRyte Pro 300 PSI Air Hose
Flexzilla Air Hose, 3/8 in
Hitachi Professional Polyurethane Air Hose
Giraffe Tools Hybrid air hose

WYNNsky 3/8″ Hybrid Air Hose 50ft 1/4″ MNPT Air Compressor Hose Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

It is always challenging for us to allocate a product in the first position. The product has to contain the very best features up to date. Moreover, it actually becomes harder because of plenty of products in the market.WYNNsky 3 8″ Hybrid Air Hose 50ft

However, positioning WYNNsky 3/8″ Hybrid Air Hose 50ft 1/4″ MNPT Air Compressor Hose at the A-1 place became a piece of cake for us because of the qualities it offers.

This air Hose has the most extreme flexibility, even in the coldest weathers. If you are annoyed with PVC air hoses as well as their rigidity, you must check this product out.

This super flexible air hose weights surprisingly lighter than the rubber ones. So, end of the days when you thought flexibility pulls hefty mass along with it.

It also comes with brass fittings which looks and works efficiently. These compliments really well with the hose and most importantly, rust free.

Product Overview

As we have researched a lot about air hoses, we have found about the imperfections each hose retain. It is really hard to get an air hose with enough flexibility, strength, materials, and bending of the hose.

And when you think you have found the best one finally, fittings become a major problem. Size, material, and finishing of fittings are really important factors to be considered while buying an air hose.

Nonetheless, WYNNsky 3/8″ Hybrid Air Hose will sweep off your feet with its performance.

What makes it the most special?

Firstly, this air hose from WYNNsky is neither made of rubber or PVC. So you need not worry about the disadvantages each of them has. It is a blended construction of Rubber and PVC which makes it invincible. Because, it is engineered with the best of both the materials.

Secondly, having bend restrictors, kinking will be gone forever with this air hose. It will also ensure the longevity of the hose.

You can easily use this 50 feet air hose with ⅜” diameter for regular works as ⅜” is the most standard size for handy works every day.

It also offers 300 PSI working pressure at maximum which makes it so smooth functioning for heavy duty airing too!

Last comes the fittings. One thing that takes the load off your chest is, these solid brass fittings will never corrode like other aluminum, zinc or steel ones. So it’s a great relief about the durability of the fittings.


  • More flexible than PVC air hose
  • Less weight than rubber air hose
  • Free from kinking
  • Double brass fittings
  • One of most affordable air hose


  • N/A

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DuRyte Pro 300 PSI PVC Air Hose Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

Well, we know you do not want to get a repeat of the quality of the complementary air hoses with your already bought compressor.DuRyte Pro 300 PSI Air Hose

Moreover, the qualities of single air hoses can be also frustrating. Annoying leakage, rigor and low quality fittings can dash your hope.

However, we have come with a great high pressure air line hose to end your annoyance.

This DuRyte Pro 300 PSI PVC Air Hose may not be listed in the first place by us. But it has surprised us more than enough with its capabilities.

Though PVC air hoses are obscure for their stiffness and kinking, this air hose does not surely go with the flow. This is made of contractor PVC construction which results in super lightweight handling.

This is an air hose with strength, flexibility, and durability. If you need an air hose with all these qualities at a very reasonable price, we will definitely recommend this one.

Product Overview

It is said that the quality of anything comes with a cost. But have you ever imagined what it is like to have the best quality air hose and rarely spending much?  Well, this DuRyte Pro 300 PSI PVC Air Hose is the answer, dear reader.

This extremely lightweight air hose is a must have if you want to spend less on your air hoses.

Here’s why.

Firstly, don’t get the wrong impression just because this is made of PVC material. There are tough, synthetic yarn reinforced in the hose which makes it really strong while retaining flexibility. It also offers maximum working pressure of 300 PSI. This means you can use it not only for a day to day use but also in garage workshops.

Secondly, the cover is made of kink resistant fibers. This prevents the air hose from any kind of damage, abrasions and kinking.  You will not have to worry about the cover getting leaked or scratched while using roughly. And most importantly, you will get a longer use of this air hose for these features.

Last but not the least, don’t underestimate the fittings. It is so unreal that how high quality fittings boost up the performance of an air hose. It offers brass end fittings which are free from corrosion. Also, you need not worry about the sealing. It seals even better than even, aluminum, steel or zinc.

Hence, you can surely make it a pick because it is suitable for the contractor or household use. It comes with bursting pressure of 1200 PSI at maximum, which makes it great for industrial use also. It costs around 14 bucks but offers you endless qualities.


  • Lightweight
  • Kink-resistant
  • Solid brass fittings


  • May not work best under minus 40-degree Celsius.

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Flexzilla Air Hose, 3/8 in. x 50 ft, 1/4 in. MNPT Fittings

What We Liked Most About This Product

Flexzilla has never failed to amaze us with their products. In fact, they are unbeatable in the flexibility game. And with this Flexzilla air hose, they’ve kept up their standards.Flexzilla Air Hose, 3 8 in. x 50 ft

Unlike other PVC or rubber hoses, this flexible high pressure air hose is constructed with Premium Hybrid Polymer material. The construction material features flexibility in every kind of weather. Even under zero degree, it will give the best service while the other daily purpose PVC and rubber becomes stiff.

Another impressing fact of this high pressure air hose is its durability. The outer coating is bendable yet strong, as a result, you can use it for years to come. Also, it remains abrasion and scratch free only because of this cover.

Normally we can see people complaining about the kinking of hoses no matter how fast coiling they offer. But this product just lays flat on the place you drop it. It will not even work against you during working or coiling after use.

Product Overview

This air hose of high pressure from Flexzilla literally redefines flexibility.

Whether your country has a temperature of -40 Degree Fahrenheit or 150 degrees, it will not become rigid like the others. The polymer-blend materials allow to use it in environments where normal air hoses become too stiff to work with. In a word, these materials work as bend restrictor. It also offers great flexibility for smaller radius bends everywhere you take it.

What about the durability?

Well, the abrasion resistant outer cover will take care of it.  Also, the fittings are made with crush resistant aircraft grade aluminum. This ensures longer durability and corrosion free using.

Will it kink like the other ones?

If you are all done with kinking of air hoses, let us introduce you to this air hose from Flexzilla. No matter how much pressure you give, it will remain kink free and will lay flat. It has zero memory and coiling or uncoiling is a breeze.

With a working pressure of 300 PSI at maximum, it becomes a strong air hose reel for high pressure works. This is what makes it versatile to be used on professional workshops, automotive shops as well as at home in the garage.

In a conclusion, this high pressure air hose is good enough to do any kind of airing at any kind of weather. The price is also fairly reasonable proportional to the versatility it offers.


  • Super flexible
  • 300 PSI
  • Works at all weathers


  • Stretchy like rubber band while coiling up

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Hitachi 115155 Professional Grade Polyurethane Air Hose Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

Hitachi is a leading brand making tools and electronics of highest standards. And at present, they are continuing engineering with new features adding to their original quality.Hitachi Polyurethane Air Hose

Hitachi 115155 Professional Grade Polyurethane Air Hose is also, one of their greatest creations of all times.

Polyurethane is a well-known material for its flexibility, lightweight and durability. This air hose from Hitachi has gone further with their classic quality combined with the advantages of Polyurethane.

This heavy-duty air hose has bend restrictors for additional durability. In case you find the rubber ones more durable, give a second thought.

This unit claims to weight 40% lighter than PVC, which means you do not have to struggle a lot while working with it. It may not as flexible or stretchable like rubber air hoses but it is a package of all the best features you would want have.

Product Overview

If you are a brand conscious person and looking for brand value while buying your air hose too, this is the one for you. Hitachi literally found out what exactly you are needing in a professional air hose and put everything together to make an air hose of high pressure.

And also, f you want to spend less and want more like a professional high pressure air hose, this unit will be perfect for you. This air hose, made of Polyurethane will function beyond your expectations.

Is it flexible like the rubber ones?

Well, surely it will not be as flexible or wobbly like the rubber ones. But it is flexible enough to work and bend effortlessly. It is flexible even at -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 degrees Fahrenheit which only a few air hoses offer.

Also, it has bend restrictor materials which add more durability as well as flexibility to the structure. They also offer spiral reinforced for enlarging durability.

It also provides a pressure tolerance of 300 PSI at maximum, which is high enough for commercial uses. One more point that stands out for us is, it has 321 burst ratio.

That is why you can use this air hose not only for airing but also for nailing and other workshop purposes. It can be also used as a high pressure air conditioning hose.


  • Heavy duty
  • Industrially usable
  • Flexible in cold temperatures


  • It wants to get coiled up when idle

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Giraffe Tools Hybrid air hose with, 3/8 in.x 50 Ft, 1/4 in. MNPT Fittings

What We Liked Most About This Product

If you are enough disappointed by the garden hose or the garage air compressor hose, it’s high time to have a look in this product. Neither it is kinky as a garden hose nor heavy like garage ones. It is a complete package for you to check out.Giraffe Tools Hybrid air hose

Similar to other Hybrid air hoses, this air hose is really flexible, bendable and all. Along with hybrid materials, it also contains explosion proof mesh material. Garages and workshops can always be a safety issue. Keeping an eye on that, you can finally find peace using this product.

It comes with a great package. Often it is seen that products come with poor packaging which damages the product. Claiming to be a high-end product, it does not compromise with the overall quality.

The brass ends it has been made with solid brass. It ensures to give more strength, hardness and chemical resistance which is really essential for longer uses.

Product Overview

Compared to others, this Giraffe Hybrid Air Hose has an average price with standard properties you are expecting. This air hose will cost you more or less 26 bucks. So if you think a hybrid air hose will be perfect for your air compressor, then definitely it will be a win.

What are features to be counted?

First of all, it offers excellent oil, UV, and abrasion resistant cover. So you need not worry about the wearing out of your precious high pressure air hose. Moreover, the mesh materials it is built with ensures the superior bend radius. As a result, you get a quality air hose for years to come.

Now comes the most important part, flexibility. Plenty of people seem to complain about the stiffness of Hybrid Material air hose. But this unit is super flexible even in under zero temperatures. It will be flexible as always at -60 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a burst pressure of 8 KPa, this product becomes invincible in pressurized conditions. There is also a cover to protect the connections between ends and the hose.

Last but not the least, it is extremely light compared to ordinary hybrid hoses. The hose is also given a Class C oil resistant EPDM rubber cover to ensure durability.

In a word, definitely, it is a go-to product for everyday use.


  • More flexible than the ordinary Hybrid air hose
  • Designed to be explosion free


  • May kink sometimes

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Buying Guide for Best Air Hose

Getting the best high-pressure air hose should not be a hard nut to crack for you.

We have already discussed the matter that there are plenty of brands out there. That’s why, making the right choice is often staggering, just because of the number of options you have.

For this reason, it is likely for you to waste money on a wrong choice.

However, the products we have shown so far are highly recommended for their superior qualities at super low costs.

Still, to win in this air hose game, you may want to put an eye on this buying guide. It features the common features on which the service and quality of a hose matter the most.

Working Pressure

For general purposes, air hoses require 90 PSI at maximum. Whereas, 100-120 PSI is enough and more than this will be perfect for even industrial workshops.


Normally air hose comes with diameters of 3/8 and ¼ inches. The ¼ inch hose will be comparatively lighter than the 3/8 inch one. These are easy to coil up and bear while working. On the other hand, air hose with a wider diameter also have some benefits. Due to a broad pathway, it will lessen the friction and prevent air loss.

Size of the Fittings

Last but not the least, do not mix up the fitting sizes and the hose diameters. Generally, standard air compressors attach to hoses with ¼” fittings whereas hose diameters are normally ¼” and ½”.

Types and Materials of Air Hose

Air hoses can be made of either rubber, PVC, Polyurethane or other combinations. Rubber and Polyurethane hoses are pretty much similar. But mostly, they work best on individual tasks. So, before buying any air hose, ask yourself what types of works you will be doing and what are the conditions they have to work under. Here is some information which will help you to know your requirements inside and out-

Rubber Air Hose

Rubber air hoses are best air compressor hose for garage till now. They are in use for a long time and are made of synthetic rubber and braided or spiraled rubber all over. Although heavy, they are the most flexible of all and extremely long lasting.

Also, you can coil and uncoil them in a minute and the leaks are also easily fixable. Most importantly, they will never kink.

Although having many benefits, the only disadvantage of rubber hoses is that the rubber tends to attract a lot of dirt and dust. This is because it is dragged along the floor while working. We suggest you get a wall or ceiling mounted hose reel with a good rubber air hose and you are all done.

PVC Air Hose

PVC or Polyvinyl chloride air hoses are the most cost-effective choice to date. But point is, this material stiffer. In worse, these become stiffer in cooler temperatures.

PVC air hoses are made of a black PVC compound. This compound forms the inner tube along with a high toughness for more strength. These are, unfortunately, difficult to coil/uncoil and to fix. And also, these will no lay flat when you put on the floor.

Previously, PVC air compressor hoses were not recommended that much. Nowadays, many brands are introducing fusion PVC/Rubber air hoses which are appearing to be the best in the market. The lightweight property of PVC and flexibility of rubber are combined to cut the negative parts of each which makes them unbeatable.

Polyurethane Air Hose

Polyurethane air hoses somehow might look same as the PVC ones. But these ones work much better in reality. These are lightweight and easily mendable if leaked. These air hoses are flexible even in adverse temperature. As they are low drag from the smooth surface, these are of great choice if you want to work with a compressor on outdoors. You don’t want your hose to be wobbly and coiling on your feet now and then. Especially, for framing or working on a roof, they slide along smoothly.


Till now we have talked about the five best high pressure air hose. We have discussed the products based on price, durability and the materials they have.

Smooth and hindrance free airing depend collectively on the air compressor and the air hose you have. Also, you have to keep in mind what kind of functions do you expect from the hose, the temperature you will be working at and how much pressure it will be given.

Time matters the most and you don’t have to waste it on researching about high air hoses for hours. But surely, this review will guide you to make the very best out of your time and money.

We not only mentioned the products but also discussed the pros and cons of an air hose. Though having a little chat with the manufacturer is not bad, still trusting on this review will be sufficing!

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