Best 6 Hydroponic Towers Reviews – How To Maximize Your Yield?

20 December 2019

Of all the ways to grow plants, hydroponics has proven to be the most efficient way for indoor gardeners. Commercial gardeners can enjoy the benefits of hydroponics too.

Though you don’t need any certification to get skilled at hydroponics, you might face problems growing the plants this way. If you depend on your home-grown plants for your daily needs, the problem of growing plants at a place is more resilient. However, using hydroponic towers can be a solution to your plants’ management problem.

Most of the hydroponic towers are made of polypropylene. Using them is easy, and you can set them up without the need of any professional visiting your home.

With these towers, you can safely grow your plants and easily access the container. But, like any other product, there are many different towers in the market.

Being a gardener, you might not have time to compare all the products and pick which one is best for your needs. In this article, we have reviewed the best hydroponic towers, so you can choose one without spending hours researching!

Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower by Mr. Stacky

Mr Stacky Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower - 5 Black Stackable Indoor

What we liked most about this product

Using this hydroponic tower, you can maximize any space in your indoors. You will enjoy more space than before to grow your plants. The black color of this tower makes sure that no algae grow near your plants.

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This grow tower was made using a “flow-through” design. It will protect your plants from overwatering, one of the main reasons for poor plant growth. The other problems coming from overwatering are root rot and plant disease.

There are 20 plant sites in this tower, enabling you to have an impressive number of plants in one place.

The most exciting feature of this tower is that you can either place it indoors or outdoors. There is no specific rule here for this hydroponic tower.

This tower is capable of keeping your plants safe. With the center hole used as the waterline, you can water all of your plants efficiently. The water drainage capability also makes this tower able to perfectly look after your plants.

Talking about the durability of this product, it is made of very durable polypropylene. Polypropylene is the industry standard for hydroponic towers, known for its properties for long-lasting hydroponic towers.

This is the same material that is used for plates and yogurt containers. With that said, there is no harm in using this tower for your edible plants. It is equally safe for your non-edible plants.

You can either put seeds in this tower or place live plants in it directly. However, it is always better to germinate plants first and put them in a tower later.

There is no doubt about the planting abilities of this tower, and it is surely one of the best planters available in the market. Whether you have herbs or vegetables, buying this hydroponic planter is one of the best choices you can make!



5 Tier Stackable Planter by Amazing Creation

Amazing Creation Stackable Planter Vertical Garden for Growing Strawberries, Herbs, Flowers, Vegetables and Succulents

What we liked most about this product

Due to the 5 tier setup, you can plant 15 plants in this hydroponic tower. If you want to grow plants for your culinary needs or recreational purposes, this product is a must-have for you!

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This 5 tier vertical planter is the only thing you need for hassle-free gardening. Due to the 5 stackable pots present in this hydroponic tower, you can hold as many as 15 plants at a time in a single place.

Conventional pots made of clay are not useful to grow more plants in a small place, but this planter changes the game for any gardener. This planter is made of high-quality polypropylene that is 100% safe for your plants.

Talking about the build quality of this planter, it is sturdy and long-lasting. The tower is resistant to many natural factors like fading, for example. Cracks are common in any gardening accessory, but this planter is resistant to day-to-day collisions.

Gardening is easy with this planter at your disposal! All you have to do is fill the pods with fresh soil. After putting soil, you can put your plant in each of the pots.

In each of the pots, you can put as many as 5 plants. This spaciousness allows you to grow a large variety of plants in a compact planter. You can grow different vegetables and herbs using this tower. Aside from these plants, you can also grow succulents and flowers too!

Unlike the pots you are using already, you can put this planter in both indoors and outdoors. This planter is perfect for homes, apartments or backyards.

While this product is one of the best planters you can find in the market, you still might not find it perfect for your needs. In case you do not like this planter, you can return it with a money-back guarantee. Customer service is indeed one of the solid reasons to have this hydroponic tower!



5 Tier Vertical Gardening Planter by Mr. Stacky

Mr. Stacky 5 Tiered Vertical Gardening Planter, Indoor & Outdoor

What we liked most about this product

Looking for options to save space and grow more plants? This hydroponic tower provides one of the simplest ways to grow your plants easily and efficiently. Made with UV-protected and food-grade material, there is no harmful side-effect of this tower.

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If your mission is to grow more and more healthy and organic plants, this tool is going to be the most useful one for your garden. With this hydroponic tower, you can grow Fruits and Veggies like never before!

Putting your plants in a place and seeing them grow has never been this easier. You can also grow gorgeous-looking flowers with this tower. Flowers and veggies are not the only plants you can have there. Strawberries, tomatoes and many herbs are also waiting to be planted in this tower.

All in all, you can grow many types of plants in this single tower, and it is more amazing than it sounds!

This hydroponic tower is smart and efficient at the same time. Putting this in your indoors or outdoors is very stylish, and you can take care of your plants with precision and style simultaneously.

Watering your plants in this tower is easy too. To water all of your plants at a time, you will have to water your top pot. Due to its interconnectedness, water will make its way from top pot to the lower tiers automatically.

Unlike traditional pots, you don’t have to stand still for minutes or roam for even hours to water all of your plants. Even if you have more than one tower, providing water to all of the plants is just a matter of 5-10 minutes.

In the case of a single tower, watering the top pot will be sufficient to water all the 20 plants!

Upon seeing it for the first time, you may be surprised by the spaciousness of its stackable sections. The planter pockets are very wide for potting and growing purposes.

You can stack your plants in this gardener with great ease, and forget about the drainage of water too. You can also put this hydroponic tower on a rolling cart. You can roll the cart to put your plants under sunlight, and get them back to indoors.



50 Plants Organic Container by Garden Tower

Garden Tower 2 - The Composting 50 Plant Organic Container Garden

What we liked most about this product

A spinning tower that can contain 50 plants at a time is not a usual thing indeed.

In a nearly 4 square feet area, this composter allows you to grow plants both indoors and outdoors. UV stable and food-grade HDPE plastic ensures that you and your plants stay safe.

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Unlike other towers in the market, this garden tower is indeed a revolutionary product. This vertical self-contained garden uses the composting system to present a unique solution.

This tower requires 6 cubic feet of potting soil, and this is enough for your gardening purposes. In this tower, you can grow as many as 50 plants at a time.

As this tower is built vertically, it does not take much space. It does its job of nurturing your plants with a minimal footprint.

Using this tower eliminates all fears of weeding with your plants. There is no need for electricity in this tower; you do not have to worry about any electrical shocks.

Due to its smart use of space, there is no possibility of nutrient loss. Its convenient system of water circulation minimizes the water loss that is very common to the conventional methods of gardening. You can save water while maintaining the perfect health of your plants.

This tower rotates on a ball-bearing system. This rotatable ball bearing system is capable of supporting 1,000 pounds of weight. You certainly don’t have to worry about its maintenance.

Regarding the build quality of this tower, it is made of food-grade HDPE plastic. This plastic is non-toxic, meaning that your edible plants are safe in this tower.

This tower is very durable and completely recyclable at the same time. A composting core is running through every pot of this tower, providing your plants the exact nutrients they want. Tower rotation makes it easier for sunlight to reach the plants.

Using the vermicomposting system, this tower is exactly what you need if you love recycling! To make this system mobile, you can also put it on a rolling cart.



5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter by GreenStalk

Huge GreenStalk 5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter with Patented Internal Watering System

What we liked most about this product

Coming with an outstanding 5-year warranty, this product is made of UV-resistant plastic. It incorporates a patented watering system, making it extremely easy to water all the plants in the tower. This soil-bases tower is what you want for your gardening needs!

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If you are looking for a 5 tier vertical garden, this one by GreenStalk can prove to be your best choice. It is capable of pocketing 30 plants at a time.

All of the pockets are functional, and you can grow many types of plants in this single tower.

In each tier, there is 1 cubic foot of potting mix. This potting mix is capable of providing the exact nutrients to your plants.

There are 12 holes for drainage in each tier. Using GreenStalk tower, you can get the excess water out of the tower easily.

The process of providing water to all tiers is not difficult at all. All you have to do is to water the top tier, and the water will be distributed to all the tiers automatically.

There are no special solutions needed for plantation in this tower. You are not required to use any meters or electricity to grow plants.

Each tier has a capacity of 1 cubic foot of potting soil. Using potting soil does not require any hydroponic knowledge, and using this tower is easy too!

You can begin growing plants in this tower using seeds or starter plants. Using both of them is easy and efficient. All you have to do is to sow the seeds of the plants you want to grow in each of the 30 pockets.

In the case of seeds, you are not required to use any grow lights or seed starting kits with this tower. Dried soil is the sign that your plants are growing healthy. That’s why you are required to water your plants periodically.

To water your plants in this tower, all you have to do is to put 2 gallons of water into the water reservoir on the top. The watering system of this hydroponic tower uses the patented watering system, making sure that your plants stay hydrated.



PVC Vertical Grow Tower by SuiteMade

SuiteMade PVC Vertical Grow Tower Add-on for Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics System

What we liked most about this product

Growing more in less space is not an issue with this hydroponic tower. It is capable of increasing your yield up to four times. The best thing about this product is that it is handmade, providing the best experience for your gardening needs.

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This vertical growth solution is effective and sustainable, and everyone, even with little knowledge of gardening can use it.

You are not required to use as much space as with traditional gardening. With little space, you can grow vegetables and fruits using this tower. This hydroponic system is equally usable for personal and commercial uses.

By using this hydroponic tower, you can increase your yield up to 4 times, thanks to the intelligent use of space.

You can grow more plants utilizing the 16 pockets of this tower. If you are focusing on fulfilling your culinary needs, you can grow vegetables in this tower. You can also grow plants other than vegetables for decorative and air-cleaning purposes.

The best thing about these pockets is that they are accessible and cleanable – cleaning can be done easily in this hydroponic tower.

In the case of flowery plants or vegetables that grow taller, you might need to hang this tower somewhere. To do this, you can use the galvanized chain that is shipped with the tower itself.

The chain is adjustable, and you can increase or decrease its length according to your needs. Regardless of the length of the chain, it remains sturdy and provides excellent hanging power for your tower.

If you are already using a greenhouse, and want to cover up space, this tool would be great. However, if you want to use this as a standalone hydroponic tower, it is one of the best towers in the market without any doubts!



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that hydroponic towers save water?

Yes, these towers have a great water circulation system to save water and keep plants growing better than conventional gardening.

Do plants get overwatered with the hydroponic towers?

No, these towers make sure that plants do not get overwatered.

Is there a clogging issue with every hydroponic tower?

No, almost all vertical hydroponic towers have an anti-clogging system, root growth or potting soil does not clog the pockets of hydroponic towers.

Is it dangerous to grow edible plants in hydroponic towers?

Hydroponic garden towers are made of food-grade plastic, the same plastic used for plates. It is completely safe to grow your edible plants in hydroponic towers.

Is it difficult to water plants in a hydroponic tower?

No, the water circulation system is very efficient. You only provide water to one inlet, and water itself flows to all plants.

Are there any specific growing mediums to use with hydroponic towers?

No, there is no specified growing medium to use with hydroponic towers. However, a mixture of perlite and coco peat is known to provide the best results.

Is it possible to use soil in hydroponic towers?

Yes, you can grow plants in vertical hydroponic towers both with soil and soilless mediums.

Final words

Unlike conventional farming, using hydroponic growing system plants is easy and efficient. The best thing about these towers is that you can use them even in small apartments.

These towers do not require lots of land like conventional gardening, but you can use them to grow fruits and vegetables.

While buying hydroponic towers, make sure to buy ones made of food-grade plastic if you want to grow edible plants. Happy Gardening!

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