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Best Led Grow Lights On The Market Reviews & Buyer’s Guide – Top 5 Picks

Growing plants indoors can be difficult because plants can be affected due to colder temperatures or lack of sunlight. Without proper illumination, their growth can be seriously hampered. Traditionally HPS or halogen lamps are used.

They consume a lot of energy, while a large portion of the light is lost. LED grow lights can solve this problem as they are energy efficient and decrease light loss.

They support an indoor plant through all of its growing stages. That’s why using the right LED light is critical.

Best Led Grow Lights On The Market Comparison Table

VIHIMAI 1500W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum
1200W LED Grow Light – Morsen Reflector-Series Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants
ColoFocus 1000W Double Chips Indoor LED Plant Grow Light Kit
45W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Growing LampPanel by Venoya
LED Grow Light Bulb, TaoTronics Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

As there are many kinds of led grow light and manufacturers on the market, selecting the right one requires a time-consuming effort. We have made a list of the best led grow lights on the market to help you, considering their features and user ratings.

Read the rest of the review to get detailed information about them.

The Best Led Grow Lights On The Market Product Reviews

VIHIMAI 1500W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

VIHIMAI 1500W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum review

What We Liked Most About This Product

Including 100 LED chips, this is one of the best led grow lights for indoor plants that offer three different modes for different growth stages.

You can control the lighting mode for the vegetative, flowering, and fruiting stages. Thus it will help your indoor plants through blooming, growing, and fruiting stages.

Featuring a full spectrum design, this growing lamp replicates natural sunlight using its white, blue, red, and UV and IR LED chips. Together they provide proper wavelength, which is beneficial to your plant.

All the LEDs come with a Zener diode, and each of them works independently, significantly improving stability. Using triple chips and a 60° optical lens, they concentrate light, reducing light loss, saving energy, and maximizing harvest.

Product Overview

VIHIMAI is in the LED grow light field for many years and developed many types of products through careful testing and experimentation. They are one of our favorite manufacturers. They came up with an LED light that includes 100 LEDs and offers higher efficiency and excellent energy saving.

So if you want to replicate natural sunshine for the healthy growth of your indoor growing plant while consuming less energy and at an affordable cost then you should probably look no further.

So, what’s so unique about it?

This LED light consumes only 180 watts but is comparable to a traditional HPS/MH of 1500 watts. Including the latest technology, it is built with triple chips and 60° optical lens. In this way, it produces more concentrated light and reduces light loss by 30%.

They are also 80% more energy-saving than traditional lights. They help you to maximize your harvest as they come with three modes for different stages of plant growth. You can control the settings for bloom, veg, and full spectrum. They also offer a large coverage area of 4 X 4 sqft.

They also include a heat sink and four cooling fans to keep the LED lights quiet and cool. 4 fans work in full-spectrum settings, while 2 fans work in a single mode.

This LED grows light offers the perfect combination of suitable features for any indoor growing plant. We can confidently assure you that it is one of the best led grow lights on the market and worth every penny of its price.


  • 100 LED grow lights to replicate natural sunshine for successful flowering plants.
  • Full Spectrum lighting using Blue/Red/ White and UV&IR for indoor plants.
  • Come with a longer lifespan of 50000 hours that will help you through many harvests.
  • It offers different settings for the blooming and growth stage.
  • Save energy up to 80% and reduce light loss by 30%.


  • The LED grow lights are not dimmable.
  • This growing lamp isn’t water-resistant and needs protective eyewear.

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1200W LED Grow Light – Morsen Reflector-Series Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants

1200W LED Grow Light – Morsen Reflector Series Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

With its 120 pieces of super bright LEDs, this grow light offers full-spectrum light to satisfy all types of growers who grow indoor plants. They can boost the growing, germinating, and seeding of plants and vegetables and significantly increase yield.

They are also more efficient than traditional HPS/HID (High-intensity discharge), incandescent, and halogen lamps and consume a lot less power while offering an extended life expectancy. This light includes 32 Blue, 52 Red, 8 orange, 8 Warm light, 8 Yellow, 4 IR, and8 White light LEDs.

While the red LEDs influence the fruiting and flowering of plants, the blue one influences absorption and vegetative growth. The phytopathogenic bacteria are killed by the UV and the IR is absorbed by the Phytochrome.

Product Overview

This LED grow light from MorsenReflector Series is indeed one of the best led grow lights from this manufacturer on the market. Including extremely bright 120 pieces of triple chips LEDs, they offer perfect wavelength, comparable to sunlight for each stage of growth.

You can use them for flowering, vegetative, germination, and seeding of your indoor plants. All the people who want an LED grow light that will offer heavy-duty and long-lasting performance should check this out. The reasons behind this are simple.

They come with three different modes: bloom mode, veg mode, and both mode. They offer full-spectrum light to your plants throughout their life-cycle so that you can achieve an excellent yield.

Though they are comparable to a conventional HPS light of 1200 watts, they consume just 233 watts saving more than eighty percent electricity than traditional ones.

They are appropriate for all kinds of indoor plants like flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You can use them in your home, office, balcony, and even in your greenhouse. Change the lighting area and height according to your plants and environment. The light has two switches on its back so that you can control its brightness easily.

The light also covers a large area of plants with its wide-angle, 120-degree illumination. It comes with four cooling fans while the power supply features adopting isolation.

Made with premium materials, they ensure that you will get a convenient and effective experience. Offers low noise, and power consumption are also minimized. You can buy this LED grow light without any worry. You can completely rely on it.


  • It comes with a full spectrum design, including 120 super bright LED double chips.
  • It can be used for all kinds of indoor plants for a lifespan of 100000 hours.
  • Features an improved built-in heat sink made of aluminum for better heat dissipation.
  • No need for extra ballast, and a timer can be used to control the lamp.
  • Consume only 233 watts while producing light comparable to HPS light of 1200 watt.


  • This LED grow light is not waterproof. It should be used only indoors.
  • This growing lamp doesn’t support the daisy chain features and is a bit noisy.

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ColoFocus 1000W Double Chips Indoor LED Plant Grow Light Kit

ColoFocus 1000W Double Chips Indoor LED Plant Grow Light Kit
What We Liked Most About This Product

This excellent LED plant grow light comes with 100 pieces of LEDs, and for every LED, there are 2pcs of 5-watt epistar chips. All the LEDs include one Zener diode and offer great quality. Together they produce light comparable to a traditional 1000 watt light while consuming only 110-120 watt of power. They are up to 3 or 5 times more efficient than HPS or HID light.

With its 70 pcs red, 20 pcs blue, 8 pcs white, 1 pcs UV and 1 pcs IR LED, it provides optimal spectrum to indoor plants in their flowering and vegetative stages.

The red and blue LEDs influence the flowering, fruiting, and vegetative phases, while the white LEDs fill the missing spectrums. Together they increase photosynthesis and grow healthy plants.

Product Overview

This led grow light from ColoFocus can meet all of your basic indoor gardening needs. Its features are right on point. And for the price, you are getting all the benefits that you can expect. This provides a lot more than the price tag it holds.

This LED grow light has 100 pieces of super bright and efficient double chips 10 watt LEDs. While they consume only 110 to 120-watt power, they replicate a 1000 watt traditional non-LED light.

They transfer almost 90% of the electrical energy to plants absorbent luminous energy and replicate perfect natural sunshine indoor. Produce up to 10000lm of light. As they are made of durable metal, they ensure you will get a longer lifespan from them.

They increase the yield as they come with IR function. The IR function influence the cell division of the plants in their flowering and vegetative stage to improve growth. With its 2 cooling fans, they provide excellent overheat protection and make sure the light and the room is cool. Each LED work separately and come with individual resistance.

We would highly recommend you consider this LED grow light. You are not missing out on any of the essential features considering the price tag. So you should make a note on your shopping list about this excellent grow light for indoor plants.


  • Each unit includes 100 pieces of 10 watt LEDs that ensure the full spectrum.
  • Produce 10000 lumens of light to replicate natural sunshine.
  • Every kit comes with 2 cooling fans to overcome the overheating problem.
  • 90% of the electrical energy is transferred to luminous energy that the plants can absorb.
  • IR function improves the growth of the plants in both flowering and vegetative stages.


  • This grows light works only indoors and doesn’t have any dimming feature.
  • There isn’t any built-in timer in this light, and doesn’t offer water resistance.

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45W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Growing LampPanel by Venoya45W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Growing LampPanel by Venoya

What We Liked Most About This Product

225 pieces of extra bright, extremely efficient, and superior quality LEDs are the most prominent feature of this LED grow light. They induce light with incredible intensity and provide the plants need of natural sunshine.

They replicate 50W HPS light while consuming only 15-watt power and saves electricity.

It consists of blue, red, IR, and UV LEDs to offer a full spectrum to replicate the sunlight. Plants can get their desired spectrum in their seeding, flowering, and germination stage. This light is suitable to use in the greenhouse, indoor gardening, and grow tent.

Product Overview

This LED grow light offers some excellent features which are useful for any user. If you are looking for convenience and efficiency, then it is perfect for you. You should probably be okay with what you are getting if you consider the overall design and price tag.

With its adjustability, it ensures your plants will grow healthy. Combining lots of features with superior design, this LED grow light improves the yield and maximizes harvest.

The quality construction ensures an extended lifespan and will help you to grow better plants during the growing season.

This LED grow light produces a wavelength between 390nm to 730nm with its super bright 225 high-quality LEDs. Together they resemble natural sunlight and deliver the targeted wavelength that is most desirable by your plants. It can help almost all indoor plants grow healthier and faster in all their growing stages.

The product comes with a longer lifespan of 50000 hours to help you through numerous harvests.

This light is waterproof, dimmable and cover a maximum footprint of 3.0’ x 3.0’. Though this light features sturdy construction, it is lightweight than other products. This user-friendly LED light is made with ABS material and features outstanding cooling capacity. It can help your plants through germination, flowering, seeding, and vegetative stages.

In short, it is one of the best led grow lights on the market.

We assure you that this is as close as an LED grow light can get towards the perfect blend of adjustability and effectiveness. This versatile LED grow light allows an easy as well as convenient gardening experience. If you want to get the best led grow lights, you should consider checking it out.


  • No need to worry about water damage as this LED grow light is water-resistant.
  • A sturdy metal frame made of aluminum and chrome-plated hook ensures durability.
  • 225 super bright, high-quality LEDs provide a full spectrum for all phases of growth.
  • Set-up is effortless, and the light can be assembled without any extra tools by hand.
  • The Colling capacity of this light is excellent without any fan and noise.


  • This light doesn’t support daisy-chaining.
  • Actual wattage decreases while using dimmer.

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LED Grow Light Bulb, TaoTronics Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor PlantsLED Grow Light Bulb, TaoTronics Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

What We Liked Most About This Product

Evenly spaced 12 pieces of extremely bright and exceptionally efficient 3 watt LEDs make this light one of the best in our led grow light reviews. Offering full-spectrum light to provide all the wavelengths, they improve the growth of the indoor plants, vegetables, and fruits from their seeding through the bloom.

These LEDs extend the blooming time and increase production. The blue wavelength boosts the plants’ photosynthesis, and the red wavelength influences their fruiting. UV is used for sterilization, and the while wavelength fills the missing gaps. Together they help the plants in all their growing stages.

Product Overview

With lots of features, this LED grow light from TaoTronics is surely one of the most versatile LED grow lights you will get your hands on. It is a great energy-efficient option for people who want a stronger LED grow light than traditional HPS, Incandescent, and halogen lamps.

It can support all kinds of indoor plants. This great LED grow light is perfect if you are looking for a grow light for your container garden. This is one of the best led grow lights on the market that will provide you with the healthiest plants.

To provide your indoor plants with all the necessary wavelengths for their healthy growth, this LED grow light delivers full-spectrum light with its 12 pieces of 3 watts LEDs.

Features an umbrella-shaped design to dissipate the heat efficiently and to keep the light cool. Even if you use the light for 24 hours, it won’t become hot thanks to this design. It offers excellent build quality and a wider 60-degree lighting angle.

You can just plug them in the standard socket as they are compatible with E26 / E27 socket models. The voltage requirement is 100~240V AC. Also, it comes with free E26 sockets, meaning you won’t have to buy any special connection adapter. Covers an area of 2.5-9.9 sqft and offers a lifespan of 50000 hours.

If you want to get the best value for your money then you should consider checking this LED grow light out for yourself. This great LED light will satisfy you for sure with its proper features and outstanding support. Not to mention, this incredible grow light allows convenience as well as an easy set-up with its user-friendly controls.


  • Incredible built quality and superb construction, the fins are also very sturdy.
  • Offers full spectrum light to help your plants grow healthy and to boost production.
  • Compatible with E26 / E27 sockets, no need for a special connection adapter.
  • Features an umbrella-shaped design to better heat dissipation and optimal operation.
  • Comes with a wider 60° lighting angle and a free E26 socket.


  • The diameter of the coverage area is small and also very heavy.
  • May show spotlight effect, meaning the center receives more light compared to the edges.

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Tips for using LED grow lights

Successful harvest depends on the proper use of LED grow lights. Some tips for these lights are:

  • You should choose the number of LED lights according to the space you need to cover. You should carefully select the height of the lights and hung them at a proper distance.
  • Carefully adjust your LED lights’ settings to get a specific wavelength for the particular stage of your plant’s growth.
  • You can use them continuously for 12 to 14 hours a day. Some lights can be used all day long. Choose the time length according to your particular plant and growth stage.

Questions and Answers

Are led grow lights bad for eyes?

No, when normally used, they are harmless for the eyes. Moreover, they are designed to fit all the necessary standards (read more here)

How LED grow lights differ from HPS grow lights?

LED lights consume significantly less energy, and therefore they have a much better yield/energy consumption ratio. I recommend LED over HPS lights.

Led grow lights – do they actually work?

Yes, they definitely work. They help you save energy compared to HPS lights and produce healthier plants

Can I use regular LEDs, or do I need grow LEDs?

You should not use regular LEDs because those are not designed for lighting the plants. The grow LEDs have a full spectrum of colors that are beneficial for your plants.

What is the highest led grow light yield per watt I can expect?

I’ve heard of a yield as high as 1 gram dry leaves per Watt. But realistically, I would expect something like 0.5 gram per watt

How about CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)? How do they compare to the LED grow lights?

I prefer LEDs because of better yields and lower energy consumption. CFL costs a little less, but the LEDs are a much better investment in the long term, and therefore they are trending now.

What is the best distance from plants for led grow lights?

It depends on the power and size of the lamp. In general, for any lamp below 600 watts, a distance of 12-20 inches from the plants will be the best. Above 600W, you should consider a distance of 15-30 inches. For the LEDs of 1000 and more watts, I prefer to keep to the upper limit (25-30 inches)

Final Thoughts

A good LED grow light can help your plant through all of its growing stages. It is also vital to make sure the productivity and the proper health of your indoor plants.

That’s why choosing the right LED grow light is essential.

Considering our experts’ recommendations and user ratings, we picked the best 5, among many others. Each of them is one of the best led grow lights on the market and has almost everything to provide your plant with the maximum illumination at a reasonable price.

All you need to do is picking up the best one that serves your needs. So chose the most suitable one from our list for your indoor plants.