Best 6 Log Debarkers (Review) – Gardeners’ Top Picks

Log debarkers make woodworking easy and fun. Apart from woodworking projects, log debarking tools are also ideal for farmers and log builders. With many types and brands of log debarkers, finding the best tool for your job can be time-consuming.

That’s why we conducted thorough research and came up with the best traditional log debarkers.

Additionally, we included a few mechanical log debarkers for people who want to debark logs quickly and efficiently.

  • Close-up of a log debarker tool with a sharp metal blade and a wooden handle, essential for woodcraft.

    Timber Tuff TMW-08 Bark Spud, 24-inch

  • LAJIAOZ Orange Log Debarking Tool - Gardeners Yards

    LAJIAOZ Orange Log Debarking Tool

  • Timber Tuff TMB 08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool, 8 log debarker

    Timber Tuff Tmb-08ds Straight Draw Shave Tool, 8-inch

  • Felled | Draw Shave Knife – 10” Inch Straight Draw Knife Straight Draw Shave Tool Woodworking Debarking Hand Tool

    Felled Draw Shave Knife – 10-inch Woodworking Debarking Hand Tool

  • Stubai Drawknife Log Debarker Made In Austria

    Stubai Drawknife, 9, ¼-inch

  • Timber Tuff TMW-58 Log Peeler - Gardeners Yards

    Timber Tuff TMW-58 Log Peeler

  • Here are the best log debarkers for farmers, furniture makers, and log builders:

    Best Overall

    Timber Tuff TMW-08 Bark Spud, 24-inch

    Close-up of a log debarker tool with a sharp metal blade and a wooden handle, essential for woodcraft.

    Timber Tuff is one of the most re-known log debarker brands on the market.

    The Timber Tuff TMW-08 bark spud, a 24-inch debarker, is a lovely traditional tool that will simplify your woodworking project. Since it is a manual log debarker, this tool will allow you to debark your logs without damaging them.

    The best feature about this Timber Tuff TMW-08 bark spud debarker is its beveled blade with a curvature of the log. This design is vital as it allows the tool to easily slide between the bark and the wood to reduce damage to the log when debarking.

    Product Overview

    The tool features a steel blade, which means that it will serve the user for several years to come. However, you must ensure it is well-maintained by sharpening it regularly. With such a simple measure, you will always strip your logs smoothly and in a more refined manner. Additionally, the bark spud is perfect for debarking thicker backs as it can enter deeper when compared to draw knives that we’ll discuss later in this review.

    Thanks to the 2, 3/8-inch wide steel blade and beveled design. Besides, handling the Timber Tuff TMW-08 back spud is simple as this is a compact tool, measuring 24-inches in overall length. Also, it is lightweight as it weighs 3 lbs. handling the tool is also easy as it comes with a durable wood handle that delivers a safe and comfortable grip.

    However, many users have complained about the handle being short and uncomfortable. Overall, this is a beautiful tool for debarking logs for making furniture, poles, and cabin building.


    • Heavy-duty construction
    • Easy to maintain the blade by sharpening
    • Precise debarking with the beveled blade
    • The durable, wood handle provides a secure and comfortable grip
    • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • Ideal for debarking even green logs


    • It has a short handle, which may inconvenience many people

    LAJIAOZ Orange Log Debarking Tool

    LAJIAOZ Orange Log Debarking Tool - Gardeners Yards

    The LAJIAOZ Orange Log Peeler is a versatile tool designed for efficiently debarking logs, serving as a chainsaw debarker attachment. This tool is particularly useful for log builders, sawmills, and home builders involved in timber framing projects. The package includes four blades and two spare blades, providing users with extended usage and flexibility. With its specialized design, the LAJIAOZ Log Peeler aims to streamline the process of removing bark from logs, making it a valuable tool for woodworking professionals and DIY enthusiasts engaged in various construction and carpentry projects.

    What We Liked Most About This Product:

    • Efficient Debarking: The LAJIAOZ Orange Log Peeler excels in efficiently removing bark from logs, streamlining the debarking process for both professional log builders and home builders.
    • Chainsaw Debarker Attachment: The tool serves as a chainsaw debarker attachment, adding versatility to existing chainsaws and making it a cost-effective solution for those already equipped with this common tool.
    • Versatility for Timber Framing: Tailored for timber framing projects, the log peeler proves highly effective in preparing logs for construction, ensuring a clean surface for further processing.
    • Comprehensive Package: The inclusion of four blades and two spare blades in the package enhances the longevity and usability of the tool, providing users with a ready supply for ongoing projects.
    • User-Friendly Design: With a focus on user comfort, the orange log peeler features a design that facilitates ease of use, contributing to a smoother and more enjoyable woodworking experience.
    • Ideal for Various Users: Whether you’re a seasoned professional in a sawmill or a home builder undertaking DIY projects, this log debarking tool caters to a wide range of users, adapting to different skill levels and project requirements.
    • Time-Saving: The efficient bark removal process saves valuable time for users, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their projects without compromising on the quality of log preparation.
    • Cost-Effective Solution: As a chainsaw debarker attachment, the LAJIAOZ log peeler offers a cost-effective alternative to standalone debarking tools, making it a practical choice for those looking to maximize the utility of their existing equipment.


    • Efficient bark removal
    • Chainsaw debarker attachment
    • Versatile for timber framing
    • Comprehensive package with extra blades
    • User-friendly design
    • Ideal for professionals and DIYers
    • Time-saving
    • Cost-effective solution


    • May require adjustment period for new users
    • Specific to chainsaw use
    • Blades may need frequent replacement with heavy use

    Timber Tuff Tmb-08ds Straight Draw Shave Tool, 8-inch

    Timber Tuff TMB 08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool, 8 log debarker

    The Timber TMB-08DS straight draw shave tool features a simple but durable design. It is one of the best draw knives on the market and is suitable for debarking, shaving wood from logs, and much more. Besides, this tool is ideal for people who want debarked logs without dents or any form of damage to them.

    What we liked most about this tool is the blade protector. The blade protector is essential as it keeps the blade sharp and protects the user from getting hurt.

    Product Overview

    This tool is worth investing in as it is made of a robust steel blade with the hardness of HRC 30. The 8-inch sharp blade is 5 mm in thickness with 30 degrees angle that removes the bark of a log smoothly and accurately.

    To maintain optimal performance, you will have to sharpen the blade continually. This is because many users have complained that the blade becomes blunt quickly or after cover a considerable area.

    On top of that, the Timber Tuff TMB-08DS straight draw shave tool features durable and comfortable wooden handles that make handling the draw knife easy. So, you can debark as many logs as you want as long as you keep the blade sharp.

    With such outstanding features, this log debarker is an excellent purchase and will be perfect for woodworkers and farmers.


    • Durable and robust steel blade
    • Delivers fast and accurate work
    • The blade protector keeps the blade sharp and protects the user from getting hurt
    • The wooden handles offer a comfortable and firm grip for ease of handling
    • Easy to use
    • 1-year limited warranty


    • It is quite cumbersome to use
    • Several users have complained that the blade requires a lot of sharpening

    Felled Draw Shave Knife – 10-inch Woodworking Debarking Hand Tool

    Felled | Draw Shave Knife – 10” Inch Straight Draw Knife Straight Draw Shave Tool Woodworking Debarking Hand Tool

    If you want a draw knife covering a larger log, then the Felled draw shave knife – 10-inch woodworking debarking tool will be a good option. Like most log debarkers, this tool is durably constructed to last long. So, the user can depend on it for different debarking tasks. What stands out most about this draw knife is its dual wooden handles.

    Not only do these handles offer comfort, but they also provide a firm grip that makes handling this tool easy. So, you can slice through wood without fearing hurting yourself during debarking.

    Product Overview

    Aside from the exceptional wooden handles, the unit also comes with a sharp steel blade that offers durability and longevity. Moreover, the blade comes with a refined beveled edge that will easily cut through wood with precision.

    The Felled Draw Shave Knife measures 10-inches, which means that it will slice through a large surface area when compared to an 80-inch knife. It is also lightweight, which makes it suitable for many debarking projects. Hence, it can be used by carvers, woodworkers, timber farmers, and gardeners.

    Overall this is an impressive log debarker that is well-made and durable. Apart from the regular sharpening of the blade, this tool will help the user to get rid of barks on the log smoothly and accurately.


    • Made of hardened steel for longevity
    • Comfortable dual wooden handles
    • Easy to use
    • Ideal size for debarking different types of logs
    • They provide an excellent finish
    • Easy to maneuver
    • Versatile use
    • 1-year warranty


    • Its blade requires regular sharpening as it becomes dull quickly

    Stubai Drawknife, 9, ¼-inch

    Stubai Drawknife Log Debarker Made In Austria

    If you’re ready to spend to get one of the best draw knives on the market, then you can’t go wrong with the Stubai Drawknife, 9, ¼-inch log debarker. This sleek and robust tool is easy to use and maintain. One of the distinguishable features of this log debarker is its sharp blade.

    When compared to most draw knives on the market, you will find that the Stubai Drawknife comes with one of the best blades as it doesn’t need regular sharpening. Because of this, you can debark as many logs as possible before re-sharpening.

    Product Overview

    The Stubai Drawknife, 9, ¼-inch log debarker, is made of a steel blade, which ensures that it lasts long. Unlike most draw knife log debarkers, you won’t have to sharpen it when it arrives as it comes with a sharp edge. Additionally, the blade is long (9, ¼-inches) enough, making it ideal for removing barks on slightly larger logs.

    Additionally, it has offset handles for comfortable use and ease of handling the tool. So, you can maneuver it with a lot of comfort as you work on your wood. Besides, it is safe to use as it boasts a plastic blade protector that keeps the blade sharp and protects the user.

    With its ergonomic design and hardened steel, the Stubai Drawknife is one of the best log debarkers you can land your hands on.

    However, it is pretty expensive when compared to similar draw knife tools.


    • Sturdy construction from steel
    • A plastic blade protector keeps the blade sharp
    • Easy to use
    • It is sharp and stays sharp for long
    • Ergonomic design for ease of handling
    • It has an excellent curve that helps in the shaving of the wood


    • The paint on the handles leaves red marks if bumped on the log
    • It is slightly more expensive than other draw knife tools

    Timber Tuff TMW-58 Log Peeler

    Timber Tuff TMW-58 Log Peeler - Gardeners Yards

    Do you have a lot of logs to debark and want a reliable, durable, and fast tool for log debarking? The Timber Tuff TMW-58 log peeler will help you do that.

    This is a chainsaw mount mechanical log debarker that will help you quickly and smoothly debark your logs, ready to make a fence, furniture, log cabin, and much more. The Timber Tuff TMW-58 log peeler has several unusual features, but the ball bearings on both ends of the cutter make it exceptional in performance. On top of that, it makes the tool durable and reliable in performance.

    Product Overview

    Similar to most log debarkers on this list, this unit also features a durable steel blade. However, it also comes with a powder-coated finish, which helps to prevent corrosion. Note that this tool is best suited for bolting on 65cc or smaller chain saws with 325 and 3/8-inch pitch chains.

    The best part is that you will save time using this tool as it does require physical energy to operate. It operates mechanically, which means that you will remove barks or even shave wood more quickly than using a traditional draw knife.

    What’s more, this draw knife is lightweight and easy to use. The instructions tell you how to set up the unit and use it. This is a durable and affordable log debarker that most log builders, woodworkers, and farmers would love to have.


    • Well-built for versatility
    • Easy to install
    • Lightweight designs for ease of use
    • It has a powder-coat finish that resists corrosion
    • The bright, green color makes the unit easy to recognize
    • One year limited warranty


    • The blade arrives dull; thus, you will need to sharpen them before using the tool
    • The instructions are not very clear as they don’t tell you what you need to buy, such as a chain and bar.

    Our most frequently asked questions on log debarkers.

    What Is A Log Debarker?

    Before we describe what a log debarker is, it is good to start by defining what debarking is. Log debarking is the procedure of removing bark from wood.

    This can be done in a traditional way or by using industrial machines.

    A log debarker is a tool to remove the bark from a log.

    If you want the wood to make fences, furniture, and log home construction, you should use traditional log debarkers such as a log peeler.

    But if you want to remove the bark on large logs, you must use industrial methods like chain flail debarking, ring debarking, roller debarking, rosserhead derbaking and drum debarking.

    What Are The Different Types Of Log Debarkers?

    In this review, we’ve highlighted different traditional tools for log debarking.

    But before you select a log debarker, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of different types of debarkers.

    There are usually two major types of traditional log debarking tools.

    These include the manual shaver tools and the chainsaw mount mechanical tools. Both of them are exceptional in performance but have their advantages and setbacks.

    The manual shaver gives precise debarking, while the chainsaw attachment delivers quick debarking, which saves you time. So, the choice is yours.

    How Can I Debark Logs Expeditiously Using A Log Debarker?

    Debarking logs is an art you must master to deliver precise debarked logs.

    However, there are a few things that you can do to deliver well-debarked logs.

    First and foremost, you should acquire a sturdy chainsaw if you intend to use a chainsaw mount debarker. This is because the debarker will add extra strain to the chainsaw.

    Secondly, you will have to acquire a sharpening tool to keep your blades sharp and ready to take on the task at hand. Also, you should have some oil for maintenance.

    With these tips, you should be able to debark your logs with much ease and efficiency!


    Log debarking is fun and easy when you have the right debarking tools with you.

    It doesn’t matter if you want to make bows, furniture, or even poles for your fence. You should be able to do a great job.

    Now that we’ve highlighted some of the best log debarkers on the market, you should have an easy time picking the right tool for your job.

    If you have a lot of logs to debark and quality isn’t of great importance, then you should choose one of the chainsaw-mounted debarkers.

    But if you want your log to be finesse, then you’re better off with one of the manual shavers. The tools we selected are sturdy, easy to use, and reliable in performance.

    All the best as you pick your next log debarking tool for easy and fun work!


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