Best 5 Pond Nettings (Review) – How To Protect Your Pond?


Pond nettings have been around for as long as ponds have existed in the gardens.

Originally, they were the solution to homeowners’ problems of having the fish in their falling prey to predators such as cats and eagles constantly clean the fallen leaves in the pond, which took away a lot of their time.

Yellow bird perched on a metal chain-link fence, contrasting with the soft-focused greenery, illustrating a barrier similar to pond netting.

Nowadays, ponds are kept safe by putting a protective pond netting (sometimes referred to as netting) over them.

These settings not only keep the fish out of reach from predators, but they also keep the pond clean and tidy, no matter how hard the autumn is hitting you.

Buying a pond netting pond, however, is a completely different thing and difficult as well since there are about a million options for you to choose from once you visit the market.

Here are some of the good choices for you to choose from,

  • AlpineReach 15 x 20 Feet Koi Pond Netting Kit Gift Box

    AlpineReach 15 x 20 Feet Koi Pond Netting Kit

  • Rainleaf 14' x 20' Pond Net Pond Netting Mesh Pool Net Cover

    Rainleaf 14 x 20 Feet Pond Net

  • Dalen PN-14 Netting, 14' x 14'

    Dalen PN-14 Netting, 14′ x 14′

  • AlpineReach Koi Pond Netting Kit 28 x 30 ft Review

  • Jade Active Pond Netting 15 x 20 Feet - Heavy Duty Pool and Pond Net with Extra Fine Mesh

    Jade Active Pond Netting 15 x 20 Feet

  • AlpineReach 15 x 20 Feet Koi Pond Netting Kit

    AlpineReach 15 x 20 Feet Koi Pond Netting Kit Gift Box

    Introduction and Features

    Designed and manufactured by AlpineReach, this netting is one of the most widely used and commercially available nettings.

    The net is very well designed and you won’t have to worry about small openings or casual wear and tear since the manufacturing company has a good reputation when it comes to using only premium quality materials.

    Ultimately, the netting is made of tightly woven fine mesh pond which gives it high tensile strength and can be used optimally for safer and cleaner ponds for your aquatic pets.

    For starters, the net features a complete and concise mesh which is very easy to install and saves a lot of time.

    The netting will top pond cover any pond within the 15-by-20 Feet size and can stop debris smaller than a penny. There are three different versions based on size requirements.


    • Easy to Setup
    • Durable
    • Versatile Usage
    • Reliable
    • Quality Assured


    • Cannot deal with very heavy objects
    • Cannot withstand sharp edges

    User Insights

    The very first noticeable thing in this netting pond netting is its wide area of operation. You can not only use it on a pool but can also deploy it in several other places like a shed or a treehouse.

    It can also be used to store or pack products while you are thinking of going on a hike or a picnic in general.

    The quality of the mesh is good and provides great value, especially if you are looking forward to prohibiting cats from damaging or hurting the fish in your pond.

    The best practice for this netting is to safeguard the fish.

    The mesh is very well sized as it doesn’t allow objects smaller than a penny to pass and yet the netting is completely breathable and enough sunlight can pass through.

    The mesh design is perfect for capturing even the smallest of leaves before they dive into the pool, which saves you a lot of time if you had to clean those fallen leaves and re-filter your pond’s water.

    The setup process is straightforward and you won’t have to face any hard times trying to set this thing up.

    There are fourteen pieces of stakes included with the netting to help secure it more firmly.

    The company has also included UV protection within the netting, so your fish care fish will never be in harmful sunlight.

    You can also expect the net to be easily cut or seriously damaged if poked or bruised with a sharp knife although the net is not damageable by a cat’s nail or a bird’s claw.

    The net is made from a floatable material, so, you won’t have to worry about your KOI fish getting entangled and decease in case the net falls into the pond.


    All in all, this net is a very good choice if you have a pond that is constantly being attacked by small animals like cats, kingfishers, or even raccoons.

    It will also capture large amounts of falling leaves and won’t bend at all. You can easily remove them with a leaf blower afterward.

    However, you should take caution if you tend to get visited by a lot of small birds as normally ponds get visited by hummingbirds or sparrows since they are a source of water for the wildlife even when you don’t notice any in the area.

    Other than that, the netting is perfect to use.

    Rainleaf 14 x 20 Feet Pond Net

    Rainleaf 14' x 20' Pond Net Pond Netting Mesh Pool Net Cover

    Introduction and Features

    Designed and manufactured by Rainwave, Rainleaf Pond Net is a mediocre-level netting often used by pond owners who have neither the time nor the stamina to clear the falling leaves from their ponds.

    The material used in this netting is not strong enough to keep the predators at bay, so, the primary function of this netting is to keep the leaves away.

    The material used in construction is HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) which is of decent quality and the net stretches quite a bit nicer.

    It is the same material but an altered chemical version of Plastic Bags.

    There are three commercially available size variations each requiring a certain number of stakes to put the net in place.

    The stakes are supplied with the netting, so, you won’t have to purchase them separately.

    The net can also be used in a wide variety of other places such as hot tubs or swimming pools but it won’t provide as much of a good experience in these applications as it is focused on the “Leaf Problem.”

    Here are some good and bad things about this pond netting,


    • Fast and Easy to use
    • Highly effective in keeping the leaves out
    • Long-lasting shelf life
    • Protection against smaller cats and hawks


    • Weak Assembly
    • Mediocre Build Quality
    • Short life span on-site

    User Insights

    The very first thing to mention is that the strength of this netting is not enough to counter blows and stretches from heavy and smart cats as well as hawks but it does a relatively good job in keeping the leaves out of your pool.

    The holes in Rainleaf Pond Net are slightly bigger than the previous AlpineReach Pond Net, but they do a good job of keeping the smallest of leaves away from the surface of the water.

    The load capacity of this net is also enough to hold enough leaves to last a season or two.

    Although High-Density Polyethylene is not the best defense against big cats and elite hawks, they can offer some protection if not much to your fish, and the net will prevent them from jumping up from the water which is a good application.

    High-density polyethylene is also a long-lasting material and is not bio-degradable.

    This makes it even more useful to be used in the pools and resistant to a lot of bacteria that are present and eat other organic materials like cotton-based nets.

    The applications of this net can be much more than just a protective net for your pool.

    For example, you can use it for household soccer practice for children, you can use it as a skimmer net whenever you feel like there’s something in your pool or pond that needs more than just surface cleaning.

    The whole netting is floatable and the stakes are heavy duty and are firmly griping which makes them a good standpoint for you to set in the net and get the most out of your set-up.

    However, keep in mind that polyethylene is not very heavy duty so you might want to be more careful when around this net to keep it usable for many seasons.


    Ultimately, this product is very useful for people who do not want heftier and stronger nets. The netting will do for any job that is not out of the scope and strength of the net.

    It can last a long time if its limits are respected and nothing sharp or heavy falls on it.

    Dalen PN-14 Netting, 14′ x 14′

    Dalen PN-14 Netting, 14' x 14'

    Introduction and Features

    Made by Dalen Co., PN-14 is heavy-duty and high-performing pond netting.

    The netting is made of premium and very strong materials that can withstand the havoc of a raccoon and still be intact.

    The sturdy material does not rot and provides you with a permanent solution. The 3/8 mesh comes in handy in stopping small objects from falling into the pool.

    It also helps to get rid of wildlife animals and keeps them away from your fish. The net is not limited in its operation and can be used in several places.

    The net has a very nice stretch and can retain its surface easily even after a load of a lot of leaves but it tends to bend a little if not stretched tight.

    The netting is very easy to cut and mold to your size despite being a strong one and it is strong enough to be used as a fence.

    Especially for people who want to protect their garden from deer and don’t want to invest a lot of money in actual fence lines.

    Here’s what you should keep in mind about Dalen PN-14,


    • Quality Design
    • Premium Build
    • Strong and Sturdy
    • Easy to set-up


    • Complex Calibration
    • Maintenance Cost
    • Lower Quality Stakes

    User Insights

    Now, when it comes to dealing with the most durable net, you are to face the fact that it requires hard work to make it a good fit in your pond or wherever you are planning to use it.

    The mesh size of this net is almost equal to AlpineReach but this net’s overall tensile strength and load capability are way better.

    Ultimately, the netting provides good quality protection for your fish against natural predators like Cats, Hawks, or other animals.

    You should always try and fill the net over the entire pool to ensure all the surroundings are covered as raccoons are ambidextrous and can find their way into the pool if you leave a spot open by mistake.

    And if it a bird sees it in the daylight, it might as well be open season on your pond’s KOI and Goldfishes.

    The netting is very easy to cut and mold to your size despite being a strong one. The handling, however, is much stuffier and is very difficult as it becomes increasingly entangled with time.

    It can also trap small birds and if the animal panics, it may die of shock.

    So, you have to be more and more careful if you get visited by birds more often.

    For easier use, you should do some modifications, like putting it on a PVC or Metal Frame. This can significantly reduce handling and increase the look and security of your pond even more as nothing will get past the protective cover.

    The PN-14 can suffice enough strength to uphold an entire season’s weight of fallen leaves if properly stretched and set up with stakes.

    However, there’s just this one catch – it can easily be poked while it is stretched and if it is not stretched, it gets submerged.

    So, make sure no one steps or throws heavy stones in your pond as it can damage the net.


    Ultimately, the PN-14 can be recommended to elite gardeners or swimming pool owners who are more biased towards controlling their wildlife while keeping their pond’s physical aspects at the same time.

    This is also a very suitable net for various other things like sports, storage, protection, etc.

    AlpineReach Koi Pond Netting Kit 28 x 30 ft Review

    AlpineReach Koi Pond Netting Kit - Gardeners Yards

    What We Liked Most About This Product

    The AlpineReach Koi Pond Netting Kit is ingeniously designed to safeguard fish against predators like Blue Heron, cats, and more. It’s made with premium, sun-resistant material, ensuring durability and effective protection.

    Product Overview

    This netting kit features a 3/8 inch heavy-duty woven mesh, balancing strength and functionality. It’s ideal for keeping even the smallest leaves and debris out, maintaining ponds and pools’ cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. The kit’s quick setup and versatile design make it a time-saver, while the 28’ x 30’ coverage can easily be customized to fit various sizes.


    • Effective protection for fish from predators.
    • Heavy-duty mesh that withstands elements.
    • It is ideal for capturing small leaves and debris.
    • Easy installation with all necessary stakes included.
    • Versatile for various applications in gardening and aquascaping.


    • The large size may be cumbersome for smaller ponds.
    • The color black might not blend seamlessly with all environments.

    Jade Active Pond Netting 15 x 20 Feet

    Jade Active Pond Netting 15 x 20 Feet - Heavy Duty Pool and Pond Net with Extra Fine Mesh


    The Jade Active Pond Net is available widely in any market because of its high demand and good value as well as a great consumer experience.

    This netting features a concise and very durable mesh that is sized around 3/8 inches.

    The netting is widely used for the protection of fishes in ponds from predators as well as safeguarding swimming pools so that your pets may not fall in them.

    The netting is made from a highly durable and tightly woven mesh material that ensures safety and long-term usage.

    The netting, like all of the above, is UV resistant and can be used extensively for all purposes that may require netting, such as fishing, skimming, cleaning, etc.

    Moreover, the company gives a lifetime guarantee on all of their products and hence, you can get it changed in case it gets rotten or damaged. (which it won’t)

    Here’s what you should keep in mind about OGORI,


    • Premium Build
    • Strong and Sturdy
    • Easy to set-up
    • High-Quality Stakes


    • Couldn’t find one, the company covers everything.

    User Insights

    The more you are looking forward to having premium and high-performing netting around your pool, the more you’ll want to buy this one.

    The material is classic but of superior quality and due to the company’s claim that it will last a lifetime, even better.

    The qualifications of the netting and its quality are high and the product comes out well-tested.

    It provides the ultimate protection for your fish from several animals and birds including cats, raccoons, cranes, hawks, etc.

    The net also provides you with extra tensile strength which means that it will not bend when subjected to weights.

    Another point worth noting in its application is that it is UV-resistant which is, again, a very good feature.

    The mesh size, however, is very small and is dangerous for harmless birds that only visit your pond to get water.

    The 3/8 inches mesh size may trap the birds and if they panic, they might die with shock, so, you have to be extra careful with this fact.

    The netting is easy to set up and can be fixed in place very easily with the stakes that are provided with the netting and amount to 14 in total.

    There’s also a lifetime guarantee from the company itself which makes the choice even easier.


    All in all, the netting is premium and well-crafted, plus it comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, it is highly recommended even for demanding users who are facing serious “pet problems.”

    Our most frequently asked questions on pond nettings.

    Why are Pond Nettings used?

    Pond nettings are widely used to stop predators such as cats, birds, etc. from hurting aquatic life in the ponds as well as the major use being to stop the leaves from contaminating the pool in fall.

    Can Pond Nettings be used anywhere else?

    Yes, pond nettings made with durable materials can be used from skimmer nets to homemade soccer goal stands. They find applications almost everywhere where a net can be used.

    Which Pond Netting should I buy?

    This depends on the purpose of buying. If you are buying a pond net to only stop the leaves, go for a medium quality or strength. However, if you mean to protect your fish, you should buy a stronger one.

    Do I need a Pond Netting?

    It’s a personal preference. Usually, almost 90% of pond owners want a pond net for various reasons. However, some people like to take care of their ponds themselves.

    Are Pond Nettings killing birds?

    Pond nets with smaller mesh numbers, usually less than 3/8 inches, are dangerous for small birds as they tend to land on the net and get entangled. Most of the time, they panic and die of shock.

    Therefore, it is recommended to use a pond net of at least ½ inches mesh and set your pond somewhere in your sight so you might be able to help in such situations.

    What are the advantages of Pond Nettings?

    They help maintain cleaner ponds and protect fish from natural predators.

    They can also be used as pond skimming nets which helps in getting things submerged in the water, out of the ponds, and they can be used in catching smaller fishes if you run short of fishing nets.

    What is the best way to get rid of leaves in ponds?

    You can use pond skimmers for the same purpose but you’d end up cleaning them more.

    Thus, it is better to use a pond net over the pond and every once in a while, use a leaf blower to disperse fallen leaves. This will save both time and energy.

    How do I stop my cat from hurting the Fish in my Pond?

    Use a strong pond net or keep the cat indoors.

    Alternatively, you can train the cat by punishing him if he ever goes near the pond. Most of the time, the above-mentioned are more effective.

    Are fishes affected by Pond Netting?

    Since the pond nets are normally thin, the fish are rarely affected by their presence. However, if the pond net is loose and it is lower than the surface of the pond’s water level, the fish might get trapped in the net and even die.

    When should I change the pond netting?

    Normally, pond nettings are not biodegradable, which means they will never rot.

    However, cotton nets are easily deconstructed by bacteria often present in organic matter.

    Thus, watch out for signs of rotting if you happen to have an organic net. Note that the net would also need replacement if it is ruptured, ripped, gets cut, or worn out.

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