Best 5 Pond Skimmers (Review) – Why Are They So Helpful?

Pond skimmers are undoubtedly one of the most widely used pond appliances.

As much as they are a necessary part of your pond’s ecosystem, they are equally a vital accessory for the maintenance and well-being of all the aquatic life in the pond.

So, what do these pond skimmers actually do? The answer is quite simple – they get rid of all the debris that falls into the pond before it even has the time to settle.

There is much to add about the proper working of pond skimmers as each model tends to have different modes of operations.

Thus, it becomes necessary for pond owners to have done some first-hand research about a particular model they are buying.

Additionally, it is equally important for the manufacturing companies to provide ample information that represents the limitations and applications of the product in detail.

All in all, you can find everything pretty easily as the pond skimmers work on a very basic principle. Alternatively, here are some pond skimmer reviews of the best pond skimmers you can choose from,

  • TetraPond in-Pond Skimmer

    TetraPond in-Pond Skimmer

  • Waterscapes International PS4500 Pond Skimmer, with 9-Inch Weir Door

    Waterscapes International PS4500 Pond Skimmer

  • OASE 706759500401 Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer

    OASE 706759500401 Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer

  • Aquascape 43020 Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer, Black

    Aquascape 43020 Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer

  • Atlantic Water Gardens PS3900 Pond Skimmer, 6 inches Weir Width

    Atlantic Water Gardens PS3900 Pond Skimmer

  • TetraPond in-Pond Skimmer

    TetraPond in-Pond Skimmer

    Introduction and Features

    Manufactured and Designed by TetraPond, this pond skimmer can be used at near-surface or 1-2 feet deep ponds.

    The skimmer includes a removable bucket that collects all the debris and side pockets to add weight. So, the weight of skimmer is adjustable and can be increased or decreased up to a certain level.

    The skimmer also features a pre-filter that captures all the debris and smaller particles that may enter and clog the pond’s pumping systems.

    Additionally, the pond skimmer is designed to be easily cleanable and have a potentially longer life.

    The replaceable filter pad provides you with an option in this regard. It is easily replaceable and can be changed with a new piece if it has completely disintegrated.

    The average lifeline for this pond skimmer is around 2 years. Although, this pond skimmer is designed to operate for ponds having 500-1000 gallons of water content.


    • Easy to use
    • Compact Design
    • Pre-filters
    • Replaceable parts


    • Short-Lived
    • No protection for fishes

    User Insights

    First hand, if you are thinking of putting this skimmer to heavy usage, keep in mind that it has many delicate parts that may wear out sooner if you put much stress on it.

    The unit is made from plastic and has some heft in it but it tends to float a little above the surface of the pond especially if your pond is deep enough.

    Additionally, the best solution to this problem is given by the company itself in the form of side pockets that can store pebbles and other high-density weights that will keep the skimmer in the water at all times.

    However, if it doesn’t solve the problem for you, you can also put a rather big stone on top of the skimmer to keep it below the water’s surface.

    There is no protection for the fish, so sometimes they might flow into the debris bucket and get trapped.

    Ultimately, you’ll have to be careful not to hurt your fish while throwing away the bucket’s contents.

    The filter does a fairly good job in filtering even the smallest of curbs in the water; therefore the flowing water will not clog your pond’s pumping system.

    You can also observe that the skimmer, if placed correctly, can capture leaves and stuff that has fallen into the pond more effectively.

    The skimmer cannot house a pump but it can work easily with any pump in the size of 1-1/4 inches.

    You can also check in-store to find suitable fittings if your pump doesn’t fit the skimmer’s outlet valve.

    Alternatively, it is a good practice to clean this thing regularly to ensure its proper working. You should keep in mind that the filter will need replacement sooner if you have much smaller debris. You can buy some filter sheets and cut them yourself to save money as they cost very less when compared to pre-cut filter sheets for pond skimmers.


    Ultimately, the pond skimmer is definitely recommended to be used in larger ponds that fall in the range of 500-1000 gallons.

    They can do a pretty good job if their placement is just about right and they are cleaned every once in a while. This can significantly increase the shelf-life of the pond skimmer as clogs usually lower the skimmer’s efficiency.

    You should also take care that the water surface is always higher than the skimmer’s inlet valve so that the pump doesn’t have to be left running dry. If the pump is kept running dry, it will get mechanically damaged.

    Waterscapes International PS4500 Pond Skimmer

    Waterscapes International PS4500 Pond Skimmer, with 9-Inch Weir Door

    Introduction and Features

    Deigned by Waterscapes International, the PS4500 Pond Skimmer is loaded with essential features like camouflaged design, super intakes, removable lid, etc.

    The skimmer features a strong polyethylene coating which saves it from decaying and helps it last a lifetime. Moreover, the company offers a lifetime guarantee which is another thing added to your cart free of charge.

    The water inlet valves on this skimmer are very large and they can filter the water much faster than many other skimmers. Therefore, this skimmer will run for a shorter time and clear a lot of debris as compared to others in its price tag.

    Each of the units is fitted with a removable lid underneath which is the collection bin and the filter sheet.

    The bin is also called a bucket that can easily be removed and cleared of debris and fitted again. The filter paper, however, will need replacement after several cleanings until the time it is no longer able to filter.


    • Easy to use
    • High Build Quality
    • Decay Resistant Polyethylene


    • Requires cleaning more often
    • Filter sheets might be expensive

    User Insights

    The most highlighted feature of this skimmer is its high cleaning capacity. The company has included a larger intake area that takes in more water and eventually gives a cleaner pond in even less time.

    While this feels like a dream, it has a serious drawback. The faster it cleans, the faster it fills the bucket with debris and you’ll be left to clean the bucket more often.

    Additionally, it may be noted that the larger the doorway, the greater the chances of fishes going inside the skimmer and getting trapped.

    So, as far as the application of this skimmer is concerned, it is hazardous, especially if you have KOI or Goldfishes in your ponds.

    Another thing is probably related to its engineering. The mesh which sits on the basket doesn’t stop the leaves or debris most of the time and the whole mixture just flows through and circles around.

    It can be corrected by using a ¼ inch custom mesh that fits the bucket exactly. As you decrease the size of the mesh, you’ll get cleaner water.

    There is a considerably large pump container on the back of this skimmer which will easily accommodate most pond pumps. However, you have to make sure that the whole set-up is sitting on a very firm base.

    For pros, the skimmer is made of high-density polyethylene which means that it will not rot or disintegrate even when it is left underwater for years. The polyethylene coating protects the skimmer against bio-degradation from bacteria inside the pond.

    If you use a UV-sterilizing pond pump, you have a perfect combo.

    Further, this pond skimmer is best applicable for small to medium-sized ponds and should be ample for all the conditions in those. For larger ponds, however, you will need a couple of these skimmers working their way.


    Now, this is the type of skimmer which is usable only for people who are more habitual for taking care of their ponds as it requires cleaning very often.

    The situation further escalates if you have a tree directly overhead of the pond. Therefore, only buy it if you are confident that you can keep up the pace and regularly maintain the skimmer.

    OASE 706759500401 Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer

    OASE 706759500401 Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer

    Introduction and Features

    Designed and Manufactured by OASE, the Swimskim Pond Skimmer is a clever piece of engineering that focuses more on the performance and well-being of your pond rather than simply clearing out the clutter.

    The material used in its construction is of premium-grade and the skimmer performs two major operations.

    The more you think of it, the better it sounds. Swimskim has an integrated aeration system which makes it even more suitable to use for medium-sized ponds and an ideal skimmer for smaller ponds.

    Its floating design keeps it in the best position to clear the pond effectively. The pond skimmer can auto-adjust according to the size of the pool within which it is being used as well.

    The skimmer develops a stronger suction and clears even the smallest of debris from the water such as petals or leaves.

    The whole debris is collected in a bucket present above the skimmer and can be easily removed from there without having to open the thing up.

    The waste bucket sits right on top which can be easily removed when it gets full of debris. Swimskim features an automatic adaptation setting which helps it set to the optimal depth.


    • Perfectly Designed
    • Very Easy to Use
    • Automated
    • High Value
    • Modern
    • Aeration Feature


    • Difficult to repair
    • Small Bucket

    User Insights

    Before you skip this part, just keep one thing in mind; this skimmer will do it all.

    The best feature is the skimmer being able to do both aeration and skimming simultaneously. While this skimmer is equally good for your pond and fish, it is cost-saving as well.

    The application for this skimmer is more versatile than other skimmers available in the market as the skimmer has better capabilities.

    The skimmer is designed to be always floating and unlike others, it doesn’t need to be completely submerged underwater to be operational.

    However, the bucket on this thing is relatively small but not small enough to be a deal-breaker.

    You might need to clean it once a day, depending on the amount of debris that falls in your pond. For some people who have trees that tend to give away more debris, this can be a real schedule to maintain.

    The aeration nozzle comes out of the bottom of the skimmer, which ensures the aerated water even at the depth of your pond.

    The best position to set this up is near the waterfall as the natural flow of water will take the aerated water to all the corners of the pond thus substantially increasing the oxygenation in your pond. This means that your fish will get more oxygen and stay healthier.

    The bucket above the skimmer helps to remove the debris quite easily without having to remove any lid or doing any sort of effort. Just pull it out from the handle sticking on top. There’s ample information on how to set-up and operate the skimmer with the paperwork provided with the actual product.


    All in all, this is a highly recommended product. Since there is a two-in-one assembly in the skimmer, you have a better deal than most skimmers out there.

    However, do not rely too much on the aerator as it cannot provide much aeration for pools ranging above 1500 gallons.

    Aquascape 43020 Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer

    Aquascape 43020 Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer, Black

    Introduction and Features:

    A production from Aquascape, the signature series 200 pond skimmer steps up the game by its integrated biological filtration. The limit, however, is set for ponds up to 200 sq. feet.

    There is a wide 6-inch water intake valve that ensures all the debris enters the skimmer without resistance.

    The material used in the construction is also high-grade, which ensures the long life of the skimmer. Although having some heft in it creates many advantages for the skimmer to be adequately submerged inside the water body.

    The skimmer can accommodate pumps with pumping capacity of about 3000 Gallons Per Hour (GPH).

    The flow of water through the 6-inch inlet valve is okay and is suitable for mid-demanding situations. There’s a netting that is used to capture leaves and other debris from the pond rather than a bucket.

    Additionally, the skimmer is made with rounded high-density polyethylene which gives it high tensile strength.

    There is a lifetime guarantee from the company, which ensures you have full ownership of the product for a lifetime. Essentially, high-density polyethylene is a substance that is not easily decomposed, which further guarantees the endurance of the skimmer even for extended periods of time in the water bodies.


    • Easy to use
    • Biological Filtering
    • Removable Net


    • Expensive
    • Difficult to remove the net

    User Insights

    The first time you’ll use the skimmer, you will notice that there is an ample amount of cleaning this device does before it actually requires cleaning.

    There’s a relatively large leaf net instead of the conventional buckets to catch and store debris. This means that the skimmer can work for longer periods of time without requiring a cleanup.

    This can save both time and effort for some people. Although this skimmer works longer than others without completely filling, the mouth on this thing should’ve been wider.

    6-inches are okay but you need something wider for a number of factors like getting better flow rates.

    The biological filters are also limited to filter only about 200 sq. feet of area.

    Additionally, the skimmer features a very good netting that captures the debris and leaves that fell in the ponds but taking it out and cleaning the net can be a demanding task.

    It’s because it requires the skimmer to first be pulled out and then opened to remove the net and wash or clean it.

    Alternatively, the net can get easily entangled and can be hard to clean because some debris like grass, bales, or threads can get entangled on the braids of the net cleaning, which can be gross and frustrating for some people. Therefore, the features encased in the skimmer are good, but the user experience is mediocre.

    Primarily, this pond skimmer is best to be used in ponds where the only concern is the falling leaves or similar debris which should be an easy job given the hardware.

    However, if the mesh size of the net can be reduced, the skimmer can be used more extensively and its range of operation can be improved.


    The best application for this skimmer is in the garden ponds and can be easily recommended to anyone requiring a decent skimmer for their pond since the skimmer is not specific in its action.

    Atlantic Water Gardens PS3900 Pond Skimmer

    Atlantic Water Gardens PS3900 Pond Skimmer, 6 inches Weir Width

    Introduction and Features

    Atlantic Water Gardens is a company with determination and dedication. All of its products are focused on the well-being and near flaw-less customer experience and so, the PS3900 Pond Skimmer is introduced.

    Produced by Atlantic Water Gardens, PS3900 Pond Skimmer features a 6-inch intake valve as well as supports two 3000 Gallons Per Hour (GPH) pumps.

    The double pump system allows the pump to add more to the process and provide faster flowrates and increased cleaning.

    The skimmer, due to its remarkable design, provides more strength and versatility in its operations when compared to other skimmers.

    Additionally, this particular skimmer is very customizable and fits every garden. The filtration media can be customized from nets, buckets, and mats and afterward set-up as per your requirement.

    The faceplate is made from stainless steel which is rust-resistant and therefore a stronger operating part that ensures a longer life.


    • Works Great
    • Easy to Use
    • Numerous Features
    • Customizable
    • Dual Pump Set-up


    • Expensive
    • Costly Maintenance
    • Difficult Troubleshooting

    User Insights

    Now, the pump, as advertised, is of high quality and is actually good at filtering away all the algae, dust, and leaves from your pond’s water.

    It is very versatile in its operation and can accomplish noticeable changes in your pond within a week. The double pump support is a unique and important addition which makes it more versatile and better in its job.

    The increased flow rates and multiple filtration media allow the water to be completely cleansed. If you modify this thing, you might add a few layers which can separate the debris step-by-step from the incoming water stream.

    Although, you will have to clear them every once in a while since the fast-paced pumping action will deposit debris on the filter plates in a quick manner.

    Therefore, to save your pump from clogging, check on it a few times a week, especially if you are a person who gets a lot of debris in his ponds.

    The build quality and overall suction power of PS3900 is appreciable as it will more than suffice all the needs and requirements of an average pond.


    Ultimately, this pond skimmer is a very good option to consider if you have the budget. You might also need to maintain the clean filters in the skimmers as they can reduce the efficiency of this pump if dirty.

    In short, the pond skimmer is highly recommended for both average and high-demanding pond-owners.

    Our most frequently asked questions on pond skimmers.

    Why do I need a Pond Skimmer?

    Pond skimmers help in maintaining the pond clean and tidy by capturing the debris such as dust, threads, and leaves that fall into the pond. They are also used to clean biological debris as well as prevent algae growth and make the pond crystal clear.

    Do pond skimmers hurt fishes?

    Sometimes the fish might go inside the pond skimmer’s inlet and get trapped in the debris bucket. If you are careful, you can save the fish.

    Which is the best pond skimmer?

    This depends on where you want to use it. The best pond skimmer is usually considered the one that has the most suction, needs cleaning a lot less, and has a long life.

    Should I run the pond without a pond skimmer?

    Running a pond without a pond skimmer is like giving an open season to algae.

    You might as well dump your trash into it as it’ll look worse than a trash can with all the debris in there. Additionally, the water will start to smell as the pumping will get clogged with the debris eventually.

    Does a Pond Skimmer have a Pump?

    Some models have a built-in pump while most have a compartment and the pump needs to be bought separately as per the skimmer’s design.

    Does a Pond Skimmer ever clog?

    Yes, the filters and bucket inside a pond skimmer eventually fill up with debris and the skimmer stops working until they are cleaned or replaced.

    When should I clean the pond skimmer?

    As soon as you have a chance, you shouldn’t wait for the bucket to fill up although that’s the limit.

    Where should I place the Pond Skimmer?

    This is dependent on the overall shape and specifics of your pond.

    If your pond has a waterfall, the ideal place to keep your skimmer is just opposite to the waterfall. The water will naturally flow from the waterfall towards the skimmer carrying all the debris with it and make the job easier.

    How many types of pond skimmers are there?

    There is not a specific number but they can be classified into manual and automatic.

    The handheld, manual pond skimmers are older types of pond skimmers, while electronic or above-mentioned pond skimmers are the newest additions to the garden “pond-ing.”

    When should I replace the Filters on my pond skimmer?

    The filters will eventually clog and will not be able to filter as much water even after cleaning them thoroughly. That is the time when you should get your skimmer a new filter sheet.

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