Best Small Grow Tent Reviews and Buyers Guide – Update 2018

Gardening is something we all love to do. But most of us, especially the ones who are living in the cities, cannot find sufficient space to make a garden outside. But don’t worry because this cannot stop you from making your own garden.

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to make an indoor garden as there are so many types of equipment available. One of the most important equipment for indoor plant growing is a grow tent.

You can use a grow tent to grow your desired plant inside of your house easily. And the grow tent can take proper care of the plants by giving them all the nutrients they need.

But as there are so many grow tents to choose from, we have created this small grow tent review for you. From this review, you can find out about the best products that are available in the market.

Along with that, you will also get a buying guide so that choosing the best won’t be a problem for you. So let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Small Grow Tent

CoolGrows Hydroponic Grow Tent
TopoLite Hydroponic Grow Tent
SUNCOO Hydroponic Grow Tent
CoolGrows Small Grow Tent
Oppolite METAL Corners Grow Tent

CoolGrows 2x2x3 Feet Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Obeservation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 2’x2′ (24″x24″x36″)

What We Liked Most About This Product

The CoolGrows 2x2x3 Feet Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent is one of the top grow tents available in the market. It has made its position to the top by providing some unique features.CoolGrows 2x2x3 Feet Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

But among all these features, there is one feature we like the most about this grow tent.

And that is, its ability to keep the temperature (of the inside) constant. That means inside this grow tent the temperature remains constant and suitable for the plants. It is due to the Mylar fabric used in this grow tent.

For growing plants indoors, you need to keep the temperature constant. It is very important for the plants. Because constant temperature helps the plants to have better growth.

So this is why we like this feature the most about the CoolGrows Grow Tent.

Product Overview

The CoolGrows 2x2x3 Feet Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent is one of the most recognized small grow tent in the market now.

This amazing grow tent will stop all the light escaping from inside. So, the light that goes in cannot go out of the tent easily. And as they cannot get out, the trees inside get all the energy they need.

With the heavy-duty zipper and the double stitching, this mini grow tent is quite durable. And the PVC free components make it environment-friendly as well.

To improve the durability, there is metal frame included in the tent. As metal is quite strong it makes the grow tent stronger. To talk about the assembling of this tent, it is very easy for you to do.

For easier cleaning, the CoolGrows 2x2x3 Feet Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent has a removable floor tray as well. And with a lighter weight and easy cleaning advantages, maintaining this tent will not be difficult for you at all.

Overall, this grow tent has all the features, from a solid construction to easiest maintenance, that you need in a grow tent. So you can pick this one without any doubt.


  • Gives higher reflection in the Mylar.
  • Super durable and thick canvas.
  • Tiny pinholes let air go in and out easily.
  • Temperature stays constant.
  • Spill tray can be tied to the pole to keep the plants.


  • Lights leak a bit through the pinholes.

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TopoLite 2x2x4 Feet 600D Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent/ Plastic Corner (24″X24″x48″)

What We Liked Most About This Product

There are a lot of grow tents in the market. But not all of them can provide such features like the TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent.

Though all the features are equally amazing, we have picked one that we think the best about this grow tent.TopoLite 2x2x4 Feet 600D Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent

The fact that this tent is waterproof catches our attention a lot. It is waterproof due to the high-quality Mylar fabric of the tent.

You cannot easily find a grow tent with this feature. This is the property of this grow tent, which makes it unique and different from all the other grow tents.

So, this is the feature which we like the most about this tent.

Product Overview

For manufacturing some of the best grow tents TopoLite is quite popular. The TopoLite 2x2x4 Feet 600D Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent is one of the best grows tents from TopoLite.

This small grow tent is highly reflective, 96% to be specific. With such higher reflection rate, the lights inside the tent stay inside and provide sufficient energy to all your plants inside.

On top of that, this tent is made of waterproof fabric. With the help of such fabric, get the advantage of preventing your plants from excess/unnecessary water.

Get amazing ventilation system with the rectangular vents included with this awesome grow tent. There is not one but several vents that allow air to flow through the tent easily. With the air flow, your plants will get more natural nutrition inside the tent.

A heavy duty oxford cloth with light proofing is used to make the TopoLite 2x2x4 Feet 600D Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent. So you can relax and forget about all the wear and tear that could have happened.

With the heavy duty zippers in this awesome grow tent, light leaks will never bother you again. Not only that, the zippers enhance the durability of the tent as well.

The metal rods in this grow tent are coated with paint. This makes the rods free from rust and so they won’t get damaged easily. Moreover, the double stitching of the fabric improves the durability as well. It also makes the tent long lasting.

All in all, the TopoLite 2x2x4 Feet 600D Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent is a grow tent with a lot of amazing features to offer you as you can see. So choosing this tent will surely give you a lot of benefits.


  • Only one grow light to fill the whole tent.
  • Absolutely no leaking of light.
  • Feeds the most lights to the plants.
  • Construction is solid and sturdy.
  • Assembling is very simple and easy.
  • Doesn’t produce any bad odor.


  • The zipper will feel a little rough.
  • No pinholes for air allowance.

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SUNCOO 2x2x4 Feet Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent Plant Growing Room 600D Reflective Mylar Non Toxic Hut 24″x24″x48″

What We Liked Most About This Product

The SUNCOO 2x2x4 Feet Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent has got so many cool and awesome features that it is a bit tricky to figure out which one to like the most.

Actually every single feature this grow tent provides is good one way or another. So our team has researched for sometimes and has picked one to like the most about the SUNCOO 2x2x4 Feet Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent.SUNCOO 2x2x4 Feet Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent

Not every brand of grow tent in the market is capable of being washed like this one. The material used in this grow tent allows it to be washed neatly. Without washing, your grow tent may produce bad odor, and as you keep that in your house, you don’t want this to happen.

So with this grow tent there is no chance of any bad odor in your house. This is the feature that we like the most about this amazing grow tent.

Product Overview

When it comes to grow tents SUNCOO is a brand we all think about. Because of creating some of the best grow tents on the market this brand is quite popular among the customer. One of the most amazing small grow tents by them is the SUNCOO 2x2x4 Feet Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent.

Non-toxic material is used to manufacture the SUNCOO 2x2x4 Feet Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent. For this reason, the tent provides a complete safe environment for your plants.

A heavy duty zipper combined with a solid zipper head enhances the durability of the tent. It also helps to lock the light inside. The use of 600D Mylar also helps to keep the light inside the tent. So with such features, your plants will always get the full energy of light.

You can save a lot of your time by quickly assembling this grow tent. Even if you are assembling larger sizes, you don’t have to worry about wasting any time. The easier assembly of this grow tent helps you in this case.

The material used here is not only non-toxic, you can also wash it. With such amazing feature, you can say goodbye to the bad odors you were worried about.

Moreover, the full tent is waterproof, keeping your plants safe from unnecessary water. And the crack-free fabric also helps to keep all the unwanted water out of the tent.

To sum it up, you can get all the awesome features you can ask for in this hydroponic grow tent. From controlling the temperature and lights to being very solid, this grows tent has it all for you to surely love this grow tent.


  • Keeps all the bad odors away.
  • Strong corners to prevent leakage of air or light.
  • Flows air smoothly through the side windows.
  • Humidity is maintained perfectly.
  • No extra tools necessary for assembling.


  • Frames may feel bendy while assembling.

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CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Grow Tent (24″x 24″x 48″)

What We Liked Most About This Product

The CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Grow Tent is one of the best small grow tent you can ever ask for. All the features it have, are very pleasing and appealing.

But this one is liked by us mostly because of the ease of assembling. There are a lot of functions provided with this grow tent that will allow you to easily put this tent together. For example, there are small clip connectors available with all the frames of this grow tent.

According to us, this grow tent is the easiest one to assemble. And so we like this feature most about the CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Grow Tent.

Product Overview

CoolGrows has brought you yet another grow tent with a lot of features to benefit you.

With this high quality grow tent, keep your plants healthy as this tent won’t let any light come out easily from the inside. All the energy of the light is absorbed by the plants with the help of the CoolGrows Small Indoor Grow Tent.

A Mylar lining helps this grow tent to keep 99% of the light inside and safe from getting wasted.CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Grow Tent

You don’t have to doubt the durability of this grow tent as it contains metal bars and poles for the main structure. And with the addition of a tear-proof 600D material and stitches, the durability enhances greatly.

Keep track of the condition of your plants with the viewing window you get in this grow tent. You can check out your plant every now and then without letting the temperature or humidity to go out of the tent with the help of this window.

Cleaning a grow tent has never been as easy as the CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Grow Tent. As it contains washable fabric and as it is very to assemble or disassemble, you can clean it whenever you want.

The assembling is easier because of the click connector system you get with the frames of this grow tent. Being a hydro grow tent helps to ease up the assembling process as well.

So, all in all, it will be a wise decision for you to choose this grow tent. We can assure the quality and advantages you can see here. But as picking this one is completely your decision, we hope you consider this grow tent for your indoor gardening.


  • Both fabric and frames are quite thick.
  • Flaps are included to cover the zippers.
  • Drip tray tied to poles for easy cleaning.
  • Connecting clips is quicker while assembling.
  • Very strong, solid and versatile.


  • Support bars leaks some air out.

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Oppolite 2x2x4 Feet METAL Corners Grow Tent  Room for Indoor Plant Growing /Green View Window (24″X24″X48″)

What We Liked Most About This Product

Rust can be a problem for the frames of your grow tent. And there are very few grow tents in the market that can prevent this problem.

But, the Oppolite 2x2x4 Feet METAL Corners Grow Tent is different from all those grow tents. Because they contains the best type of frame. The frames have coating of paints on them. With this coating, the frames are prevented from getting rusts.

Though there are some other features of this grow tent, according to us, this is the best feature for the Oppolite 2x2x4 Feet METAL Corners Grow Tent.

Product Overview

For getting a quality grow tent, if your choose Oppolite as the brand, you won’t be disappointed. They make some of the best grow tents you can find in the market and the Oppolite 2x2x4 Feet METAL Corners Grow Tent is one of their masterpieces.

Designed to do a heavy-duty performance, the Oppolite 2x2x4 Feet METAL Corners Grow Tent can amazingly protect your plants from light leaking. With the oxford cloth fabric that is light proof and the double stitching, lights will never leak out of your tent ever.

A sturdy paint coated frame of metal enhances the durability of the tent. So you can use this tent for years without worrying about any damages.

There are rectangular vents at several places of the tent. The vents are of some benefits. Firstly they will allow air to flow through the tent easily which can help the plants to get natural nutrients.Oppolite 2x2x4 Feet METAL Corners Grow Tent

On top of that, the vents will also allow you to check on the plants any time you want. By doing so, you will always be able to keep an eye on the plants you are growing in your home.

The connector you get in this grow tent is made of metal. So they are very strong and solid. Moreover, the metal connectors are always easy to assemble. With that feature, it will be easier for you to assemble the parts of the tent quickly.

There are heavy duty zippers included with double stitching in this small grow tent. So with the help of these features, your tent will lock as much light as possible. And also they won’t let too much light to come out.

In short, we can say that this is one of the top grow tents because of containing strong high quality frames. For its amazing features, you should consider purchasing this tent.


  • Lights will not leak easily.
  • Ventilation system allows smooth air flow.
  • Provides sturdy corners.
  • Easier to assemble and disassemble.
  • Frames are safe from rust.


  • The zippers may feel rough to operate.
  • May produce a little odor.

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Grow Tent – Buying Guide

Before purchasing a grow tent there are certain things to check out on the tents.

  • Firstly, before you choose a grow tent, check out its size and height. Because it is very important depending on which plant you are going to put inside the tent.
  • You can find multiple chambers in a single tent or you can also pick single chamber tents as well. If you want to keep all your plants in a single tent then choosing the multiple chamber tent will be the best option. Otherwise, you can choose the single chamber tent.
  • The durability of the tent always matters. Without a solid tent, you cannot comfortably place the plants inside. So check the durability carefully.
  • The weight capacity of a small grow tent is also very important. If you purchase a tent with less weight capacity than your plant’s weight then the tent is likely to get damaged. Thus it will harm your plants too. So, be careful in this case.
  • Finally, before you purchasing check out the ventilation system of the tent. If there are less air flow and light leaking, then the tent is no good for your plants. Check out these very carefully before choosing a grow tent.

So these are things you should consider before you pick a small grow tent for your home. Read Here to know How To Choosing the Right Size Grow Tent.

Advantages of Using a Grow Tent

Using a grow tent can give you a lot of advantages.

  • First of all, a grow tent will provide maximum light energy to your plants that you are growing inside your house. So your plants will be healthier.
  • A grow tent keeps the air flow constant. So with this tent, your plants will get more natural nutrients.
  • For keeping away the bad odor of manure you use in your plant, a grow tent is the best equipment for you.
  • With a grow tent, you can easily move your plants around the house without making any mess.
  • Finally grow tents are suitable for different types of plants. So with a single grow tent, you can grow several types of plants inside your home.

These are all the advantages you can get from a grow tent.

Setting up a Grow Tent

In order to get the best output from your grow tent, you need to know to set up the tent properly. Here you can learn how to set up a grow tent easily.

  • Making Space

At first, you need to make space for your tent to be placed. As you are planning to do it inside your house choose a proper place where the tent will not bother you on your other tasks.

  • Assembling the Parts

After you are done with place selection, you have to assemble the parts of the tent. Attach the frames first as given in the instructions and then wrap the fabric up.

Make sure to tighten up the corners carefully. Otherwise, lights may get out easily and will affect your plants.

  • Attaching the Light

One of the most important parts of setting up a grow tent is to attach the grow light. You have to attach the light in the perfect place from where your plants can get equal lights all around it.

  • Including an Exhaust Fan

You should also include an exhaust fan inside the tent in order to keep the temperature at the right level.

Without keeping the right temperature you cannot keep your plants healthy. So this is also quite important.

  • Connecting Carbon Filter for Odor

Finally, to get rid of the odor that may or may not produce, you should use carbon filter inside your tent.

Read this articles to know more about How to Set Up Grow Tent Ventilation?

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the best small grow tents in the market, picking the right one for you won’t be a problem at all.

In our review, we have gathered the above grow tents after a vast research. So we can assure you that choosing one from the above reviews will surely be a smart decision for you.

Moreover, you can see, each of the products above has their own unique special features. Each of them is best for those features. So, from our list, you can easily pick the one that will fulfill all your desires.

And finally, we hope our article was helpful for you.

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