Best 5 Ultrasonic Mist Makers (Review) – Our Top Picks

Mist makers are a must-have tool if you want a beautiful pond or want to nourish the roots of your plants using mist/fog. In general, their importance is augmented when you are looking forward to growing some herbs or simply fogging.

When dealing with individual plants or shrugs that require just the right amount of salts and nutrients for their proper growth, you need a device to help you create the healthiest environment right in your garden. Alternatively, ultrasonic mist makers can also be used in creating fog-themed pools, misty aesthetic gardens, etc.

Here are some of the most widely used ultrasonic mist makers that might meet your needs.

  • Mxmoonant Mist Maker - Gardeners Yards

    Mxmoonant Mist Maker

  • The House of Hydro Commercial 3 Head Mist Maker - Gardeners Yards

    The House Of Hydro – Three Disk Mist Maker

  • PULACO Mist Maker - Gardeners Yards

    Pulaco Mist Maker

  • The House of Hydro Mist Maker Kit - Gardeners Yards

    The House Of Hydro’s Mist Maker Kit (Single)

  • AGPTEK Aluminum Mist Maker - Gardeners Yards

    AGPTEK Aluminum Mist Maker

  • Mxmoonant Mist Maker

    Mxmoonant Mist Maker - Gardeners Yards

    Introduction And Features

    Designed and manufactured by Mxmoonant, this ultrasonic mist maker is a perfect tool if you are looking for an instant yet effective mist maker, ready for usage at any point. The mist maker follows a modern construction and works on the same ceramic disk principle for nerds. Unlike other mist makers that give fake results, this ultrasonic mist maker gives decent aesthetics.

    Mxmoonant’s ultrasonic mist maker works on a 110V Power Supply, which is pretty standard. There are also a couple of buttons that can power ON/OFF or unit switching.

    It is multi-purpose, so you can set the maker to any application you prefer.

    The major construction of this mist maker is a metal shell that is highly corrosion resistant to save it from rusting, and it has no batteries.

    You can only plug it in as you receive it and let the mist maker do its job. However, the only thing that keeps the water away from the power supply is a seal which seems pretty solid and well-fitting.

    By the time, depending on the usage, this seal might leak or break, which can practically ruin the mist maker.

    Although the metal shell has a highly efficient thermal conductivity that can significantly prolong the device’s life.


    • Easy to use
    • Durable
    • Special foggy effect
    • Provides Good Results


    • Limited in operation
    • Cannot cover large spaces
    • Quiet expensive

    User Insights

    It is a straightforward product, and there is no rocket science behind its use. The application of this ultrasonic mist maker is for household water outlets like in the garden, and it cannot deal with anything above a small stream (if you have one in your house). However, it is perfect for Halloween themes in gardens.

    Therefore, it is a sensitive device and should be respected and used within its limits. The ultrasonic mist maker can provide almost instant results, but it requires the water to flow steadily.

    The mist usually lasts a long time and is relatively dense. Unfortunately, the company has not included any other safety measures to save the device’s power supply in case of a leak other than the metal shell.

    Any water that goes into the IC of the ultrasonic mist maker can permanently damage it and render it useless. Therefore, it is recommended to use Gardens or Backyards where high flow rates are not incident on the mist maker. The setup process is straightforward, and you are not required to have any tools for its installation, just a socket and a water outlet.

    The mist maker comes pre-wired from the manufacturer, so you won’t have to trouble yourself with attaching the atomizer to the power supply, etc.


    This ultrasonic mist maker is recommended for home users and habitual gardeners who want to achieve aesthetic looks in their garden or humidify their plants efficiently.

    It is a great device that can be used in many places. However, its use is justified but not limited to gardening. You can also use it to create a humidified greenhouse like a stage fogger or something like that.

    The House Of Hydro – Three Disk Mist Maker

    The House of Hydro Commercial 3 Head Mist Maker - Gardeners Yards

    Introduction And Features

    Manufactured by The House of Hydro, this three-disk ultrasonic mist maker is another reliable and commercial graded device that can help you set up a misty garden in your backyard.

    You’ll need to manually turn off the power supply when it is no longer required as there is no time-circuit on this thing. It uses a three-disk mist-making system that can produce stunning results. It features an easy working principle combined with a rugged and waterproof housing that ensures an excellent user experience.

    The device has a 1500ml per hour output and is claimed to be long-lived. The entire body of this mist maker is made of metal, but it features Teflon and corrosion-resistant steel to keep it safe from rusting. The float is all plastic, so be gentle when screwing it on and off so as not to cross-thread it.

    This mist maker, like the single-disk one, is a simple one and features a transformer and three replaceable ceramic disks. It is easy to install as well, so no problems in its usage should be expected if you use it carefully.


    • Fast and Easy to use
    • Long-lasting
    • Simple Installation


    • Weak Assembly
    • Mediocre Build Quality

    User Insights

    This ultrasonic mist maker is a very delicate device in terms of its float and should be handled carefully because a strong turn can break this thing. It is not meant to be used for high water flow rates and can provide outstanding results compared to the former single-disk mist maker.

    Ultrasonic mist maker is a simple ultrasonic mist maker that provides you the maximum results with a reasonable conversion rate of 1500ml per hour. You can set a target volume of water and keep an eye out to check if the target is reached. There are no automatic shutting systems, so you have to turn off the mist maker yourself.

    The mist maker is shipped with the transformer, float, and three replacement disks in case you might need them. Also, the length of the cable attached to it is relatively long, so you don’t need to worry about its positioning.


    It can be recommended for household use because of its relatively low price and better results. For use in the simplest of the gardens to fill ponds and pools with a dense fog, this three-disk ultrasonic mist maker from the House of Hydro would do more than fine.

    Pulaco Mist Maker

    PULACO Mist Maker - Gardeners Yards

    Introduction And Features

    The tough and premium PULACO ultrasonic mist maker can easily make it to the list of some of the best ultrasonic mist makers waiting to be supplied with power and placed in water.

    Unlike ordinary mist makers, this mist maker can be used at many other places where standard ultrasonic mist makers will not survive a day. There are several LEDs on this ultrasonic mist maker, and each of them has different color support, which can be a perfect feature to have.

    Additionally, this feature makes this mist maker is suitable for indoor usage as outdoor. For domestic usage, this ultrasonic mist maker can more than suffice.

    The mist maker provides excellent results and is perfect for different projects like designing misty Halloween tables and whatnot.


    • Good Quality
    • Durable
    • Well-fitting Design


    • Complex Setup
    • Maintenance Cost
    • Expensive

    User Insights

    This ultrasonic mist maker is not aimed at homeowners who only want a mist maker without any LED. The installation of this meter is a bit tricky and might require you to have specific tools for proper setup.

    Once ready to go, this ultrasonic mist maker can keep working for a long time. PULACO has aimed its ultrasonic mist maker to function in a more diverse and extensive area of operation. This ultrasonic mist maker’s hard-built and durable design enable it to work from coldest to hottest environments.

    The mist maker is very efficient in mists and provides dense fogs within moments. This listed item is only limited to use with clean water. Using dirty or contaminated water can decrease the product’s life and create unpleasant fumes along with the mist.

    The ultrasonic mist maker operates on a 24V voltage-safe design, making it safe to use. However, things may get messy because this mist maker is a bit splashier, and water may splash out of containers if you are using it indoors.


    This fluid ultrasonic mist maker is recommended to be used for people who want a workable and fancy LED mist maker. The features this mist-making device provides can charm only those who need them in their gardens or homes.

    The House Of Hydro’s Mist Maker Kit (Single)

    The House of Hydro Mist Maker Kit - Gardeners Yards

    Introduction And Features

    The House of Hydro provides most of the impressive gardening tools in the market. The company has always focused on the actual difficulties and challenges their products face while in the consumer’s hands and modify their products to overcome the barrier between man and machine.

    This ultrasonic mist maker kit is yet another masterpiece from the company that provides many value-added features to its users. It includes a high-performing single-disk mist maker with no LED lighting. However, the device is claimed to be commercial-grade by the manufacturer. Gardena also has a teflon-protected layer that keeps the mist maker safe from harshness and constant usage it may face per month, day, or even season.

    All these features make The House of Hydro’s Mist Maker Kit one of the best options.


    • Easy to use
    • Premium Build
    • Teflon Protected
    • Tough Make


    • Single Function
    • Requires Replacement Ceramic Disks
    • High Power Consumption

    User Insights

    This mist maker is suitable for people with mid-level gardening systems installed. Digital computer systems are a perfect fit for some ultrasonic mist makers as it helps the ultrasonic mist maker reach the full potential of its work.

    The ultrasonic mist maker is made of hard plastic and is crafted well enough to deal with an average garden’s atmosphere. Nonetheless, the ultrasonic mist maker can be used as a single component. It is a bit tricky when setting the disk up on this thing, but once you get the job done, it should last you a lifetime if you respect the device in terms of usage.

    The installation process is really simple, and the device provides a tight fit for any water place. This saves the water spills from the source and helps the device provide an even better experience. You might need a complete set of fitters provided with the mist maker, including the power supply.

    The disk of this ultrasonic mist maker is tough, but it bleeds rapidly with the device, and you might need a couple of replacements to last a season. You’ll have to keep a manual track of everything to be able to troubleshoot, provided you find any issues in its usage.

    Being a single component, the device helps you create some small yet aesthetic mists. That fog could last hours for some people, especially if you live in a cold locale. So, it helps you manage your time if you think technically and have been dealing with ultrasonic mist makers for a while.


    In the end, the ultrasonic mist maker is a perfect device to use for experienced personnel or people who have automated systems installed for gardening. The device works as well as it should and helps you keep track of time because of its reliability.

    AGPTEK Aluminum Mist Maker

    AGPTEK Aluminum Mist Maker - Gardeners Yards

    Introduction And Features

    AGPTEK’s ultrasonic mist maker features a full-fledged Aluminium-based chassis and a premium build.

    This provides it with long life, and extreme durability and aluminum usage instead of steel make it rust-resistant. Also, the mist maker is made entirely waterproof, which ensures its longevity. The fog looks cool, and the lights make the ambiance even more beautiful. It’s nice and quiet, and auto shuts off when the water is gone so it can be started again whenever you feel the need.

    It helps the environment wherever it is used almost perfectly. The mist maker uses a single ceramic disk, so it is not meant to be used to generate loads of mist. There is a 7 feet long wire included with the mist maker, which is a crucial factor while deciding to buy a mist maker.

    The size of the AGPTEK mist maker enables it to be effectively used indoors and outdoor.

    The steam generation is almost fleeting, and this ultrasonic mist maker can be used at a swimming pool, water container, pool, drip irrigation system, garden ponds, or many more places. The mist maker also includes a set of LEDs capable of making the mist look gorgeous in low-light environments.


    • Innovative Design
    • Larger Ceramic Disk
    • Odor Control
    • Good Results


    • Tricky Calibration
    • Maintenance Cost

    User Insights

    It must be noted that the generated mist directly depends on how clean the water is. If you use dirty water, the mist maker will have a hard time generating enough mist and will consume more power. Thus, using dirty water will only reduce the life of the mist maker and increase power consumption, which can lead to extra billing.

    In one line, this ultrasonic mist maker can be an advanced option for a garden/household mist generating device, but it is relatively easy to calibrate and setup.

    However, once calibrated (using ample depth), this mist maker provides perfect fog, and water splashing is close to zero. However, it does splash quite a few times. Also, it must not be used dry as it can damage the ceramic disk

    Instructions are proper except for the installation time of the ceramic disc and wiring, which has no information about what-so-ever. They need many adapters to interconnect, and they are NOT easy to find. You might also want to look into the power supply of this device. For standard functionality, it is recommended to use a 24V supply.

    This is critical to understand if you’re going to be keeping the mist maker running for extended periods, the ceramic disk starts to disintegrate, and this will significantly lower the life of the mist maker.


    This ultrasonic mist maker has many features and provides excellent value to its users. However, you should remember that it has a diverse range of applications and is not meant for heavy usage.

    Ultimately, AGPTEK can be recommended to elite gardeners or owners who are more biased towards LED effects while dense fogs and a waterproof mist maker at the same time.

    Our most frequently asked questions on ultrasonic mist makers.

    How does an ultrasonic mist maker work?

    An ultrasonic mist maker uses a piezoelectric transducer to generate mechanical oscillations and a ceramic disk.

    These oscillations eventually gain high frequency and generate a lot of heat. The ceramic plate above the system prevents the current from flowing out but transfers heat pretty well.

    This heat is then used to generate a dense, fine, dry mist or fog.

    They are widely used in industries and gardeners and domestic users who want to create artificial fog effects for different events like Halloween, etc.

    Can I use the ultrasonic mist maker to humidify greenhouse flowers?

    Yes, these mist makers can be used quite effectively as humidifiers, but they are not as efficient.

    They can be used to humidify greenhouse flowers but are not limited to only this. They can also transfer salts or nutrients to the roots of different plants in your garden.

    Can ultrasonic mist makers be run for a more extended period such as 8-10 hrs.?

    Since the digital ultrasonic mist makers have mechanical moving parts, they can wear out after prolonged usage.

    It is recommended not to run any type of ultrasonic mist maker dry or unnecessary to have a longer lifespan.

    They are particularly damaged if they are run dry as water can not take the heat away, and the ceramic disk develops very high temperatures.

    How do you clean a mist maker?

    The answer to this question is straightforward. You can simply turn off the mist maker and put it in a container.

    Then use either water or some cleaning agent to wipe off any debris/dirt/fungus/algae or growth from the mist maker.

    If the mist maker has LEDs, it is advised to clean them as well. Just make sure that no water enters the power supply, or you don’t damage the internals of mist makers.

    Are ultrasonic mist makers very hot?

    They might since the water is turned to a mist using sound vibrations of very high frequency, they can heat up a bit, but it is highly unlikely to cause any harm.

    Should you touch a Mist Maker while it’s working?

    Many a time, you might need to transfer the mist maker to another place, but it is advised not to touch a working mist maker as it can cause an electric shock.

    Do ultrasonic mist makers have mist nozzles?

    This may vary from model to model, but most mist makers have nozzles, although it is common for a mist maker not to have a nozzle.

    How do I clean my mist maker’s nozzle?

    Take the nozzle in incase it becomes clogged or you notice any decrease in the mist production of a mist maker and soak it in white vinegar for a few hours.

    Afterward, take it out and rinse it with water to clear out all the debris.

    How to keep my Mist Maker clean?

    To keep your mist maker clean and run, you should always use clean water.

    Using dirty water will only worsen things for you, and you’ll end up with less amount of mist and a clogged mist maker eventually.

    Also, using dirty water can contaminate the mist produced and reduce the life span of the mist maker.

    How do I select the right mist maker?

    Start with your needs. Once you have a clear idea about what to buy and what to expect from a mist maker, you can choose the right one.

    For essential purposes, you can use a single-disk ceramic ultrasound mist generator for your garden’s pond, pool, or most indoor applications.

    However, you can buy a commercial-grade mist maker for some demanding applications like fogging the entire pool or vast amounts of mists.

    Will Mist Makers carry fertilizer, insecticides, or anti-fungal in the fog?

    Water droplets from a Mist Maker will carry anything that the water contains, unlike the humidifiers that heat the water.

    Minerals, nutrients, anti-fungal, and even insecticides from the reservoir will be carried in the fog.

    This allows for excellent results while using a mist maker for fogponics, greenhouse humidification, and sterilization or treating with insecticides.

    How much water is required for the mist maker to run?

    The mist maker should be kept completely immersed under the water. Typically, the mist makers require around 60-80 ml for their operation.

    However, new models are fitted with no-water sensors that automatically turn them off when the water drops below 60ml.

    How can I stop my mist maker from splashing?

    Splashing is a troubling side-effect of using mist makers; however, you can quickly get rid of it by simply adding more water.

    This is a temporary solution for splashing, and it might start up again when the water level lowers. So, it is advised to keep the water level in check.

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