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Can I Use Garden Compost In Aquarium?

The best way to have underwater plants in the aquarium in your house is to embed soil.

People having aquariums at home or office have a common question i.e

Can I use garden compost in the aquarium?” This article will clear all your confusions.

Can i use garden compost in the aquarium

Different types of soil, such as Amazonia soil, are easily available in the market, but not every aquarist is ready to spend on expensive soils.

For underground plant life, a good substrate is required, i.e. organic soil.

If the soil is non-organic, it can be poisonous for the fish in the aquarium.

If you want to save money by using the soil from your garden, then here are a few steps.

Following the right steps will be beneficial to you and underwater life.

However, there are other options, including gravel and sand that you can use instead.

We will show you how to create your own organic soil out of your garden compost.

There are a few steps and tips that you need to know before embedding garden soil into the aquarium.

Let’s get started.

Using Garden Compost In The Tank


Using soil for planting in the tank can be beneficial as the soil is rich in nutrients. Using the garden compost might take time and effort, but it will save a considerable amount. Let’s get started:

  • You will require a bucket to collect garden soil for further procedures.
  • Filter out any twigs, stones, or insects present in the soil. Furthermore, make sure to gather the right amount of soil that can fill up to 2 inches of depth from the bottom.
  • Now take out a section of soil and spread it over a baking sheet. Heat the soil at 200°F for about 20-minutes. This step will help to kill germs and unseen microorganisms present in the soil.
  • Repeat the step with other sections of the gathered soil to prevent any harmful residents from the soil.

How To Aquascape Using Garden Soil?

Doing this for the first time can be hectic and overwhelming.

Keep in mind to follow these steps if the fish are already present in the tank.

First, you need to transfer the fish to another container so that you can plant in the tank.

  • A large container with clean water is required for the fish to be transferred in
  • Drain out the previous water from the tank and clean it carefully.
  • Now dry the tank before adding the refined garden soil to it too so that you can create a leveled base.
  • Make sure the soil is thick enough to plant the roots easily.
  • The depth of soil from the bottom should be 2 inches.

The Process Of Planting Into The Garden Soil

Different tank aquarists prefer different methods.

Some add the plants immediately after leveling up the soil, while others prefer filling and draining a few times.

Although the first time can be a bit confusing, then you will find your way.

Once the filtered and refined garden soil is all levels up in the tank, you can now add the water.

The height of the water should be 4 inches.

Now it is time to add sufficient plants into the soil.

Preferred plants include Duckweed and Java moss that will soak up the nutrients.

This way, the algae won’t be able to bloom in the tank as there won’t be enough nutrients left for it.

After all the hard work, you might be worried that you do not spoil the soil embedded while planting.

It is necessary to fill the tank with dechlorinated water and then recycle the tank quite a few times.

The purpose of recycling the water is to remove the ammonia that the soil will be releasing.

Now, you can introduce the fish to the new environment.

How to maintain the fish tank with garden compost and plants?

Maintenance of the fish tank is essential and should be done regularly. Here are a few things that you need to do:

  • The first two to three weeks are crucial as you need to change almost fifteen percent of the water daily. This will allow you to maintain the nutrients for the plants embedded in the soil.
  • Do not start panicking if some plants wilt or melt. They take some time to get used to the surroundings. In a few days, the plants will regrow and get stronger.
  • Even if there is new growth, you do not have to worry. The plants will protect themselves, and with time, the green aquascape will look tremendous.

Final Thoughts:

Garden compost can be easily used for plantation in the tank, but it is important to follow these critical steps.

If it is your first time, then you need to do your research and have patience during the process.

Once the steps are followed correctly, you will be able to maintain the green life in the tank easily.