Can I Use My Lawn Mower Without An Air Filter?

Lawnmower makers state that their machines should not be used without air filters. This is understandable as a lot of dirt and debris is kicked up during mowing.

It can enter the engine and damage it. However, many people have had incidences where their lawnmowers only worked without air filters.

We will look at what will be happening in the machines in such instances, and if it is harmless to use lawnmowers without air filters.

Why Is The Air Filter Important?

Air filters clean the air that goes into lawnmowers. They trap dirt, grass, and other particles so that they do not get into the internal engine parts and cause damage.

All types of lawnmower engines require clean air as part of their cooling system. Additionally, petrol-driven lawnmowers require clean air for fuel combustion to power their engines.

When the air filter is absent, not only can debris damage the engine, but the air-to-fuel ratio of petrol engines is also offset.

Both issues will affect the performance of a lawnmower. The air filter is a crucial part of your lawnmower and needs servicing every five uses or so.

When the lawn mowers will be idle in your garage during winter, clean its air filter by blowing compressed air in the reverse direction of airflow in the filter.

Most air filters fit nicely in the back of the lawnmower for storage purposes. You only need to loosen the lawnmower’s box screw to access the air filter.

If the filter is not at the back of your lawnmower, consult the owner’s handbook for information about the location of the air filter on the lawnmower.

When Do People Use Lawnmowers Without Air Filters

There are a few instances when lawnmowers are used without air filters.

1. The Air Filter Is Lost

Some people have reported misplacing their air filters and using their lawnmowers for months without them, with little damage.

This is not advisable, however, because even a single use of a lawnmower without an air filter can irreparably damage it.

All it takes is for a single pebble to rip through the engine destroying its essential parts. Especially the carburetor, spark plug, and lubrication system. In some instances, the damage is fixable, but the entire engine system usually needs to be removed and rebuilt.

This is a time-consuming and expensive process, and it is cheaper to replace the air filter if it is missing.

If the air filter of your lawn mower air is lost, get a replacement immediately, and do not operate the lawn mower without an air filter.

2. The Lawnmower Won’t Start With The Air Filter On It

If a petrol lawnmower only runs when the air filter is removed, it is usually because the filter is clogged.

A dirty air filter will prevent air from going into the engine, so combustion will not occur, and the lawnmower will not start.

The engine may also fail to work if the air filter is damaged or fitted improperly, or if the gasket has a fault. Removing the filter may offer a solution by getting the engine to work again.

However, this cannot be used as a long-term fix. It indicates that there is a problem with your lawn mower that you should solve as soon as you can.

The filter would need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced so that the machine can function optimally, with all the parts it needs.

If your lawn mower won’t start with the air filter on it, conduct a further diagnosis of the problem and solve it before running the lawn mower.

3. To Diagnose A Faulty Lawnmower

When a lawnmower is not working well, the air filter can be removed, and the machine temporarily operated as part of a diagnostic assessment.

If the lawnmower operates just as poorly without the filter, the problem will likely be elsewhere on the machine.

The air filter must then be replaced before carrying out a further diagnosis to identify the issue.

Smiling man in blue and gray outfit adjusting electric lawn mower.

Air Filter Maintenance Is Important

Having a dirty or damaged air filter is just as bad as not having one. Air circulation will not be normal, and a filthy or worn-out filter can release destructive debris into an engine.

Cleaning and replacing air filters is a necessary part of lawnmower maintenance. There are three main types of lawnmower filters. Foam filters that need oil to trap particles, paper filters, and dual filters that have both foam and paper components.

The filters require different types of care, which will be detailed in owners’ manuals. Lawnmowers operate poorly when they have dirty air filters.

They will be challenging to start and have less power because a decreased airflow will lead to less combustion. They will also consume more fuel by trying to compensate for the loss of performance.

Similarly, lawnmowers without air filters will have starting trouble and diminished power. The engine will have more air than fuel for combustion to occur efficiently.

It Is Costly To Use Lawnmowers Without Air Filters

Lawnmowers can be used without air filters, but the practice will likely cause more damage than good.

For diagnostic reasons, a lawnmower can be briefly run without a filter. Other than that, air filters must always be used.

If a filter is lost, dirty, or damaged, it must be replaced, cleaned, or repaired.

Air filters are affordable and easy to maintain. It is best to use them and avoid the higher costs of fixing or buying new engines and lawnmowers.


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