Flowers That Represent Justice

Flower offers a lot of aesthetic value but what most people don’t know is that each flower is symbolic and has its meaning. This flower symbolism varies as it depends on the flowers and their colors. Flowers are quite specific and people mostly use them to send messages or express sentiment.

Thus, while flowers can brighten the day of the person you are sending them to, you want to be more specific about the message you are sending.

This is why understanding flower symbolism is important.

So instead of picking any flower from the flower store, take your time and think about the symbolism each flower represents.

While there are many flowers symbolism, we shall focus on justice and the flowers that represent it.

1. Iris Flowers

Vibrant purple iris bloom symbolizing Flowers Justice in a blog about plants representing fairness.

Irises are beautiful flowers, and their origin goes back to Greek mythology. In Greek “iris” means “rainbow”, and phonetically “Eiris” means “messenger”.

According to Greek mythology, the Greek goddess named Eiris is believed to be a messenger of justice. The goddess carries messages from the gods to specific persons who have just lost their loved ones, and her vehicle is the rainbow as she travels from heaven to earth and between them.

Symbolic Meaning

Irises are one of the best flowers for expressing sweet love, encouragement, and support to others. The color range of this flower represents various and specific meanings. The special symbolism of an iris flower depends on its color.

Blue iris which is the most popular flower represent justice and justice and certainly exudes an aura of hope. Some other colors such as purple symbolize wisdom, yellow represents passion, and white represents purity. With their variety of colors and meanings, iris flowers make a great gift for everyone.

Thus, you can give your mentor or guardian a purple iris, then a yellow iris to your loved one, and a blue iris to a person who needs strength and encouragement.

2. Goldenrod

Goldenrod clusters, yellow flowers of justice, set against green foliage on

Historically, people use Goldenrod flowers as a symbol of good luck, strength, and support in hard times. Since the flower can survive in varied and harsh environments, it represents good fortune and a resilient spirit in the face of hardship and where a person has been treated unfairly.

Symbolic Meaning

Goldenrod symbolizes justice and the language of the flower connotes justice. The goldenrod surely offers a helping hand. The yellow and brownish flower variants are said to bring good thoughts, inspiration, creativity, and encouragement to the recipient.

The goldenrod is a cheerful flower. The color alone encourages and promotes growth, and this is positive enough for anyone who receives it.

3. Daisy

Assorted flowers in muted tones, hinting at the theme of justice in nature.

This flower in Estonia is associated with positivity, strength, and justice. This flower is the perfect floral gift to brighten someone’s day in celebration of strength and courage and to encourage those who haven’t been treated fairly.

From about 2200 B.C. Daisy flowers were very popular in temple gardens. These gardens usually have a variety of plants and flowers with herbal and medicinal properties. Daisy flower played an important role in medieval medicine and was used as gifts to those who need strength.

Symbolic Meaning

Although the flower has many colors and species, they contain hope for all undertakings, whether in love or life. In any shade, these flowers symbolize justice and bring positivity and strength to the lives of the receiver. Daisy flower is perfect to strengthen your relationship with someone.

4. Black-Eyed Susan

Radiant yellow and brown flower with a dark center, echoing themes of justice in bloom.

Black eyed Susan represents encouragement and positivity. Historically, the flower was used for summer festive parties, and today, it is used as a cultural flower in the United States and people use it during Independence Day in America to send messages of justice and fairness. It has a history of adaptation because the plant thrives where it is planted to survive.

Symbolic Meaning

The most common symbol of black-eyed Susan is associated with justice. It also represents optimism and fairness. They represent encouragement and motivation. They are the best flowers you can give someone who is going through hard times and fighting for justice.

Black-eyed Susan symbolizes motivation and support due to their adaptability. The flower is also used to remind a person to get rid of bad habits.

It is a symbol of encouragement to be on the path of prosperity and strive for what is right for them. You can make a beautiful flower mixture of blue-eyed Susan with dahlias, golems, and sunflowers and present it to the person you are supporting.

It goes a long way.

5. Yellow Coltsfoot

Bright yellow dandelions sprouting in spring grass, a symbol of resilience and justice.

Coltsfoot is classified as a perennial plant, and it propagates by seeds and rhizomes. The cultural symbolism of yellow coltsfoot dates back to Native American times. Poetically, the golden petals represent the light of justice which illuminates the dark side of our souls.

Symbolic Meaning

The most common symbol of yellow coltsfoot is associated with justice. Justice and yellow are symbols of change and positive motivation. This flower comes in different colors depending on the species and variety. Since every specie of this flower has its significance, the yellow represents justice due to its long association with strength and encouragement.

A mixture of yellow coltsfoot reminiscent of dandelion flowers is offered as a message that “justice shall be served.” It serves as a symbol to motivate and encourage those feeling low. This flower will make a perfect gift to lift someone’s spirit.

6. Lotus

A pink lotus flower blooms serenely, embodying purity and the essence of justice.

This type of flower is common in the practice of Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world. This religion believes that justice stems from the sacred lotus flower associated with their gods, who are considered the creators and guardians of the universe.

Symbolic Meaning

The lotus flower is a symbol of justice and equality. The flower is especially symbolic in India, and they have a famous Lotus Temple that welcomes everyone, regardless of their religion, or race. This means they consider everyone equal. The idea and concept of the lotus flower in the practice of Hinduism are that it represents justice and truth and balances the actions of the world.

7. Dahlias

Vibrant yellow and orange dahlia flowers, embodying the vibrant spirit of justice.

Dahlias are one of the most popular and loved summer flowers and are known for their large, bright, and showy blooms. Although, the color and location of the flower play a role in determining the meaning of the dahlia. The cultural background of dahlias is traced to Mexico and Guatemala. It was believed that if dahlias were human, they would have the manners and strength of perseverance, like Princess Diana.

Symbolic Meaning

The dahlia symbolizes showing strength under pressure, especially in difficult situations. The yellow dahlia specifically symbolizes justice, growth, creativity, and positivity. Using the flower as a gift sends a positive message and makes big life changes. You can mix and match different kinds of dahlias to create a bouquet that conveys exactly the message you want to send.

Wrapping Up

Every flower and color has its meaning. It can mean friendship, sympathy, passion, or forgiveness. If you have plans to buy a bouquet so you can send a thoughtful message to someone, having an idea of what all types of flowers represent will ease the difficulty of sending a message with flowers. The message each flower carries adds another dimension to flower arrangements.

Thus, if you can learn more about the symbolism of different types of flowers, you can send flower arrangements that match the message you want to convey.

Find more useful information in our comprehensive guide about plant displays.

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