9 Flowers That Represent Change

Change is an inevitable part of life. Changes and surprises always happen, from getting a new job to moving to a new place.

If you want to congratulate a friend on making changes in their life, or if you want to make some changes in your own life, you can choose flowers that symbolize change and all that it means.

This article will discuss beautiful and best flowers that represent change.


Close-up of delicate lilac flowers, symbolizing early change or renewal in spring.

The lilac flower has been a part of history and farming for a long time, so many stories and symbols are connected to it. People say that Pan, the God of the Forest, fell in love with a nymph named Syringa.

When Pan tries to pursue her romantically, Syringa becomes a lilac plant. The Lilac flower is often associated with spring, rebirth, new chapter, and change.

If given as a gift to people going through significant changes in their lives, it can make them feel calm and peaceful.

A pink lilac is a friendlier kind of lilac that stands for acceptance, happiness, and youth.

White lilacs are also a sign of emotion and modesty, depending on how they are grown, used, displayed, or given.

Scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis)

Vibrant orange Scarlet Pimpernel flowers, known for indicating change with its weather-predicting blooms.

The Scarlet Pimpernel, or Anagallis arvensis, is a well-known flower that stands for major life changes.

The flower can be found worldwide, including in the Americas, Southern Africa, Australia, and the Indian Subcontinent. This makes it very global and adaptable.

Most gardeners think of the Scarlet Pimpernel as a weed, even though it has beautiful flowers with orange, pink, red, and blue petals and centers that sparkle.

This flower doesn’t blossom when it is cloudy until it becomes sunny.

The Scarlet Pimpernel is also called the “Shepherd’s weather glass,” because it helps farmers and shepherds figure out what the weather will be like in the future and in the present.

Mythology calls the Scarlet Pimpernel the flower of change, and it can be used to represent big changes in your life.

Heather Flower

Heather flowers in bloom, representing protection and change, with their pinkish hues.

Heather flowers are also known for the way they change and their ever-evolving nature, which gives them a symbol of change.

Most of the Ericaceae family’s flowers, including Heather, are known for their beautiful and lush springtime blooms, which are often a sign of change and new beginnings.

Heather flowers bloom in bright white, pink, and other warm colors in the spring, making them beautiful and colorful.

Heather flowers were often thought to mean a significant change for the better or, the worse.

Heather flowers can also mean that a person goes from ordinary and familiar to very special, unique, and self-driven.

The Heather flower and its whole family are associated with happiness and brightness, which makes it an excellent choice for giving as a gift, planting, or putting on display.

Calla lilies

Elegant calla lilies with their smooth white flowers, symbolizing magnificent beauty and change.

Calla lilies are often used to celebrate a new birth or a wedding anniversary because they signify “change.”

The calla lily is a flower that blooms in the spring. The calla lily is a popular flower for wedding bouquets because of its beautiful simplicity and historical significance.

People have always liked these flowers because their petals are white and soft, and they have lovely personalities.

The calla lily comes from the Greek word for beauty, which isn’t a big surprise.


Dense field of hyacinths in vibrant blue, a springtime herald of change and rebirth.

In Greek mythology, the Hyacinth is the flower of Apollo, the god of the sun.

It stands for peace, loyalty, beauty, strength, and pride. It could also mean a new start, rebirth, change, or apologies. Christian churches often use it as a sign of joy and love. The name comes from a Greek legend.

Hyacinth was a hero, and Apollo was in love with her. When Hyacinth died, it made Apollo sad, and he used blood to make the hyacinth flower. The beautiful hyacinth flower is a great way to show that you can forgive someone.

This flower can also mean a new start or a change when it comes to love, and it’s the perfect flower to show getting back together after a hard time in a relationship.

Because of this, you have started a new part of your relationship.


Bold purple irises standing tall, symbolizing wisdom and valued change.

Iris is a beautiful flower with three long petals and three sepals that can be white, pink, blue, or red.

The name Iris comes from Iris, who was the Greek goddess of rainbows.

Iris flowers can be found all over the northern hemisphere, from Europe and the United States to parts of Asia.

People often think of the Iris flower as a symbol of change because it is a large flower that blooms at the first signs of spring, helping the change from winter to spring.

From ancient Greek myths to modern Japanese customs, the Iris flower is seen as a sign of luck, fortune, and, in some cases, natural or obvious beauty.

The purple Iris is regarded as representing devotion, majesty, and wisdom.

The blue Iris is frequently associated with dedication, faith, and, in some situations, hope.

A yellow Iris usually means friendship and a deeper connection or love, while a white Iris means patience, purity, and innocence.

Pink Irises are linked to romance and love, while violet irises are linked to elegance, charm, and youth.


Golden daffodils waving in the breeze, a sign of new beginnings and change.

The daffodil is a flower in the Narcissus sylvestris family that grows in many places worldwide.

Most of the time, daffodil flowers grow in groups or clusters, and it’s not unusual to see patches of daffodils in wildflower fields.

People who know about plant life cycles know that the daffodil only lives for 20 days.

This is why it is often seen as a sign of change.

Some people think that the trumpet shape of the daffodil flower means that spring is coming, even though the flowers don’t last long.

People often associate the daffodil flower with happiness and brightness; for many, it’s a clear sign of hope, even in the darkest times.

Black Rose

A solitary black rose with velvety petals, representing major change and rebirth.

If you like roses or are a gardener, you might be asking how to grow black roses. In reality, it is impossible to grow black roses naturally.

But in some traditions and cultures, a black rose signifies getting rid of old or harmful habits to make room for new and better ones.

Since black roses don’t grow in nature, one of the most common ways to show them off is to paint or dye them yourself, depending on the type of rose display you’re making and why.

Displaying a black rose can also help you get over your loss by reminding you of change or the chance to start over with your plans for your life.

In tarot and other old traditions, the black rose is not always a bad sign.

Some religions see the black rose as a sign that it is okay to move on from sadness over death because it means a new start.


Vivid pink snapdragons with raindrops, signifying positive change and strength.

If you like unique flowers that stand out and want to show change by using a unique flower, Antirrhinum snapdragons might be a good choice.

The word “dragon flower” comes from the Greek word “antirrhinum,” which is where the name “snapdragon” comes from.

It has large petals that grow vertically and are bright colors like pink.

The Snapdragon is often seen as a symbol of happiness and a sign of hopeful change.

Wrapping Up

It’s crucial to understand how important change is in our lives because life does not slow or stop for anyone.

If you can accept and even enjoy change, you can make the best of almost any situation, even when it seems hard or, at times, almost impossible.

If you are experiencing a change in your life right now or you know someone experiencing change, this post has listed beautiful flowers you can get that represent change.

Find more useful information in our comprehensive guide about plant displays.

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