8 Fruits with Spikes on Them

Do you have a longing for something delicious and healthy? You have probably thought about familiar fruits.

Then again, what about unusual fruits? This page discusses fruits that have spikes on them.

This post is excellent for you if you want to try something novel that is both wholesome and delicious.

This post will introduce you to a type of fruit you may not be familiar with since it has many tiny black seeds.

In the end, you will get something from all of the descriptions of these fruits, so let’s get started.

Dragon Berry

Pink dragon berry with green-tipped scales, unique shape and bold texture.

The first item on our list is dragon fruit, often known as pitaya. A pink fruit with dragons is called dragon fruit. It bears seeds that resemble those found in watermelons.

The dragon fruit has a peculiar quality that makes it a typical sight in Asian marketplaces. You may use it as part of your cosmetic regimen in addition to eating it.

All you have to do is cut it in half, and the other half can be used as either a lip balm or to give a little more glitz to your cheeks if you don’t have any makeup on.

Isn’t it incredible? Dual objectives, really. Instead of purchasing lipstick or cheek balm, you can save a ton of money while still being healthy.

Despite being readily available, dragon fruit is often found in Asian markets.


The well-known rambutan is the next item on our list. The rambutan is a tiny fruit with a crimson, hairy exterior. Rambutan is a sweet fruit that may sometimes be tart. After harvest, everything is dependent on how ripe the fruit is.

Rambutan eating is simple. You just need to cut it in half, and everything but the seed can be consumed. One kilogram of rambutan costs $5 dollars and is frequently seen in Asian markets.

The rambutan’s hairy skin is what sets it apart. Not every fruit has a hairy exterior like the rambutan. Nutrients including vitamin A, magnesium, calcium, and potassium are abundant in it.


Durian is available in 0.33 on our list. The fruit durian has spikes on it and is pungent. I offered durian for the primary time when I went on an excursion to Davao, and it become hefty!

Despite its sturdy odor, durian is a huge fruit with a spike on it this is delectable. Durian can be bought for some bucks, even though the fee varies via way of means of the kilogram.

One thrilling reality approximately durian is that it consists of many nutrients, inclusive of iron, diet c, and diet a. Durian is often discovered in Asian markets. Durian seeds nearly have fifty-four energy consistent with seed, so they’ll certainly useful resource in weight benefit.

So, in case you’d need to benefit weight, then Durian is the nice preference for you.


The famous lychee comes up in a wide variety, 4th on our list. Delicious fruit with a spike on it’s far known as lychee. When it involves consuming the whole fruit, lychee and rambutan are exceedingly comparable.

However, lychee’s outer fruit cowl lacks hair, while rambutans have. Lychee can be used as a topping for numerous goodies in addition to an element in cakes like halo-halo.

A brilliant supply of energy, fat, and carbs is lychee. It is to be had for some bucks and is noticed in Asian marketplaces. This lychee fruit can also be used to provide confectionery. Surely cool? Another choice is a lychee fruit smoothie.

A summertime season drink that you may make to conquer the heat. Lychee is to be had withinside the market. It may be offered for some bucks.


Due to how intently it resembles the rambutan fruit, the fruit Pulasan is occasionally mistaken. But do not forget that pulasan and rambutan aren’t identical; rather, they simply have some trends in a not unusual place, giving the impact that they may be dual fruits.

Rambutan is redder, and pulasan is much less hairy. The simplest aspect they’ve in a not unusual place is the meals all of them consume. Pulasan fruit consists of a number of dietary sources, inclusive of fiber, fat, and protein, in evaluation to rambutan.

Rambutan is effortlessly accessible, however pulasan is prime in case you need extra health.


Jackfruit is one of the fruits with spikes and with our 5th fruit on our list, this fruit has many health benefits. It is a big fruit with yellow spikes. Jackfruit can help you to have healthy skin, to have a healthy heart, and to manage your blood and weight.

But when it comes to jackfruit seeds, offer another benefit such as a rich source of b Vitamin which you can use as an alternative instead of buying b vitamin supplements.

If you want to use the jackfruit leaves instead, then the health benefit that it offers is much better such as it can help you to control your diabetes and if you want to lose weight, jackfruit leaves are the answer.

Jackfruit leaves can also give you detoxification and also maintain your youthful skin.

Therefore to conclude, jackfruit health benefits depend on what part you will use such as its leaves, seeds, or the jackfruit itself.

It is common in the market and you can have it for a few bucks.


The last on our list is the green fruit with spikes on it. The taste of the soursop can be described as the sourness of the strawberries with some combination of the sweet taste of apple. If you can imagine the taste of the two fruits combined, then that is what soursop tastes like.

It is rich in nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and zinc. This kind of Asian fruit is available or can be seen in the Caribbean and of course in Asia.


Next on our list which is the ultimate last, is the Noni or commonly known as the doppelganger of the Durian Fruit. Noni has the same size as durian but unlike durian, the noni fruit doesn’t smell stinky like Durian.

Noni tastes good. It is perfect as a dessert because the sweet flavor of Noni gives you a refreshing taste. Munch better if you can make Noni as your fruit shake.

This kind of spikey fruit has white interiors inside and it has big seeds that you can use later on.

Overall this kind of spikey fruit requires you big storage because one piece of noni can take up a lot of space because it is already big.

Key Takeaways

There you go, we have the list of fruits with spikes on them. Among all the fruits that we tackle in this article which one is your favorite?

All of the fruits tackled have different health benefits.

Yes, it is unfamiliar fruit, very unconventional but we should not judge the fruit by its appearance.

Even though the outer cover of these fruits has spikes on them, you can’t judge it as it is because what is more important is the nutrients that it offers.

We can eat all of the familiar fruits even it’s exotic in this world but if we never try the unconventional ones such as the ones on our list then we will never know.

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