Why Does My Garden Hose Keep Bursting? – 8 Top Reasons

As you water your flower bed, you notice that some water is falling on the porch of your house because your garden hose keeps bursting. To your surprise, you detect that the garden water hose has burst and is letting out water where it shouldn’t. You start asking yourself what happened to your garden hose!

Many things can cause your water hose to burst. Without much ado, here are the things that may cause your garden hose to burst.

1. Normal Wear and Tear

If you have been using the hose for a long period, there is nothing to panic about. The hose can burst because of normal wear and tear. Like any garden tool, the hose will suddenly wear out after several years.

In this case, you should look for a new hose. Note that an excellent garden hose should last between 5 and 10 years. But if you buy a low-quality hose, expect it to burst after a few years of use.

So, always go for the best if you want your garden hose to sustain you for a more extended period.

2. Clogs

Sometimes, our garden hoses burst because of our negligence. For instance, watering your garden while stepping on your garden hose may eventually burst. This is because water will have nowhere to escape.

As a result, there will be excess pressure build-up that will cause the hose to burst. So, watch out for your hose as you water your lawn or even vegetables.

You don’t want to step on the hose or even kink it accidentally around the pavement as you water.

3. Excess Pressure

Another common reason your garden hose may burst is excess water pressure. High water pressure can burst your hose in a matter of hours. If the pressure exceeds 60 psi, your garden hose can easily burst. If you’ve high pressure in your home because of a high water tower or high pressure from the taps, try reducing it.

The best way to prevent this is by having a smooth water flow in the hose. If the water stops flowing and fills in the hose, this might be a recipe for disaster. There may be excess pressure that may stress your hose and even cause it to burst.

If you’re not using the hose, you should stop the water flow at the spigot. This will help prevent pressure from developing, and the hose will relax. You should also get a pressure tester and find out the amount of pressure in the water pipes in your home.

4. External Damage

Besides the normal wear and tear on the hose, external damage can also cause your hose to burst. For instance, it will explode if you accidentally run over your hose with a lawnmower. Other external damage may result from extreme temperatures.

The hose may crack because of extremely low temperatures or break because of too high temperatures. That’s why it’s vital to care for your hose during andrly after use prope.

Avoid running over your hose when mowing. Also, keep your hose in an ideal place after use. Don’t leave it in the scorching sun or freeze outside during winter. Your hose will deteriorate quickly.

Get a quality hose reel to keep your garden hose if not in use. If you live in an extremely hot or cold area, you need to get a hideaway hose reel. This will hide your burst hose from the harsh elements.

5. Bad Equipment

One of the most overlooked reasons garden hoses burst is fitting the wrong equipment. If you fit your garden hose with the wrong clamp size, it will affect its smooth operation. This not only applies to clamps but all garden hose fittings.

It will eventually cause your hose to burst. Make sure to fit the right size equipment on your garden hose. This will avoid causing unnecessary pressure that may lead your hose to burst.

If your hose is new, don’t fit it with an old oversized clamp.

6. Low-quality Hose

Avoid buying low-quality garden hoses. A poorly made garden hose will not even last for more than three years. Cheap garden hoses are prone to kink, cracking, and bending. Therefore, they can burst easily if one of these occurs.

Try as much as possible to stay away from vinyl garden hoses. They are the cheapest on the market and burst easily. If they are left in the sun, they can crack and burst quickly. Consider buying rubber hoses or polyurethane hoses.

Polyurethane is the best and can withstand all weather conditions. They can last for more than 10 years without requiring repair or replacement.

7. Bad Repairs

Bad repairs can also make your hose burst. If you recently made repairs to your garden hose, there is a chance that it was not made properly. A poorly repaired hose will burst again if a lot of pressure passes through the hose.

Whether you are repairing a leakage or crack in the hose, make sure it is well made. This will prevent the same problem from recurring.

8. Improper Use of the Garden Hose

Are you using the garden hose in the right way? If not, then you may be the reason why the hose has burst again. A garden hose should be utilized for its intended purpose: watering the lawn, flowers, or vegetables. But it may burst if you start using your hose to wash your car instead of a pressure washer.

Washing a car requires much pressure, which a garden hose cannot deliver or even handle. That’s why fixing a spigot on your garden hose to increase pressure puts a lot of stress on the hose.

In the end, it may end up bursting. So, use the garden hose for only its intended purpose.

How To Keep Your Garden Hose From Bursting?

Proper garden hose care can save you from costly repairs or replacements in the long run, and you can follow simple maintenance practices to ensure this. Inspect your hose for rips and tears before use, which could be due to external damages, such as friction against other lawn equipment, pets, or wild animals.

Regulate the water pressure before attaching it to the water source, and store it safely away from sunlight and extreme temperatures. Store it in a box to keep your garden hose safe from elements that speed up drying and cracking.

When installing the hose, avoid twisting it and make sure the fittings and clamps are of the correct size. Avoid stepping on the hose; always lay it flat on the ground to prevent kinks and twists.

Adhering to these practices can help you save money, resulting in less frequent trips to your workman or plumber.


Most of the things that cause the garden hose to burst result from our negligence. Therefore, we should use the garden hose for its intended purpose. On top of that, we should fix the right equipment on the hose. Additionally, we should take good care of the hose to avoid subjecting it to rough weather or exposing it to damage from around.

Now that you know why your garden hose may have burst, you can try to avoid the same thing from happening again. Besides, ensure a quality and reliable garden hose for your gardening tasks.


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