Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 Review: Smart Gardening Gadget or Hoax?


The Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 distinguishes itself in indoor gardening as more than just another gadget.

This advanced hydroponic system merges modern technology’s convenience with the essence of traditional gardening. Its ability to grow up to 30 full-size plants in a compact space of just 2 square feet marks a significant leap from conventional vertical hydroponic kits.

But there’s a catch. You need the app to make it all work, and getting the full benefits means you need a membership. Plus, you have to keep up with taking care of the plants regularly.

So, is the Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 a smart gardening winner or just a fancy hoax? Let’s dive in and find out!


  • Capacity: The Gardyn 3.0 can grow up to 30 full-size plants simultaneously.
  • Space-Efficient: It only takes 2 square feet, ideal for indoor settings.
  • Organic and Non-GMO: The system uses exclusively organic, non-GMO plants.
  • Advanced Technology: Comes with a smart app and an AI assistant, Kelby, for monitoring and care tips.
  • Easy Setup: The kit is simple to assemble with no tools required.
  • Eco-Friendly: Features recyclable packaging and sustainable design elements.


  • App Dependence: The system’s functionality is heavily reliant on the app.
  • Membership for Full Benefits: Full benefits, like plant replacement, require a paid membership.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance like water tank refilling and plant care is necessary.


The Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 is an advanced indoor hydroponic system designed for growing a variety of plants.

Key features include a modern design for easy, tool-free assembly, a fully automated smart vertical growing system using Hybriponic™ technology, and the capacity to grow 30 plants in a 2-square-foot space.

It incorporates full-spectrum LED lights, multiple cameras, and sensors for optimal plant growth monitoring. The kit includes a choice of starter sets with a range of plant types.

Product Description

Gardyn 3.0 is a state-of-the-art indoor hydroponic system allowing users to grow up to 30 full-size plants vertically, occupying only 2 square feet of space.

It features an integrated app and AI assistant, Kelby, enhancing the gardening experience with smart monitoring and guidance. The system includes advanced features like a live view of plants, time-lapse video options, and a redesigned, easy-to-maintain structure.


  • Size – 24”W x 12”D x 64”H (2 sq ft footprint)
  • Weight – 20 lbs (ships in one box)
  • Lights – 2x 60W LED lights
  • Energy Use – 54kWh estimated energy use per month
  • Sensors – Water level, humidity, and interior temperature
  • Cameras – 2 x 5MP inward facing cameras
  • Power Supply – 110V – 240V, 50-60hz, 24VDC, 7.5 AMP
  • Columns Materials – UV-stabilized, recyclable, BPA-free
  • yCubes Materials – made of corn-based compostable plastic
  • Temperature Tolerance – 50°F to 95°F
  • Humidity Tolerance – 0% – 90% non-condensing
  • WiFi Connection – 2.4GHz band* 802.11n wireless network (Not compatible with 5GHz)

Who Should Use the Gardyn 3.0 Home Kit

The Gardyn 3.0 Home Kit is a versatile and advanced hydroponic growing system that caters to a wide range of users, each with different needs and interests in gardening and plant cultivation.

Urban Dwellers and Small Space Residents

For those living in urban areas or residences with limited outdoor space, the Gardyn 3.0 offers an ideal solution for growing various plants indoors. Its compact design, occupying only 2 square feet, makes it perfect for apartments, small homes, or offices.

Health and Wellness Enthusiasts

Health-conscious individuals prioritizing organic, non-GMO foods will find the Gardyn 3.0 particularly appealing. It allows for cultivating fresh, pesticide-free produce right in the comfort of their homes. This can contribute to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Environmental Advocates

Individuals passionate about sustainability and environmentally friendly practices will appreciate the Gardyn 3.0. The system uses water efficiently, reduces the need for soil, and minimizes the use of harmful chemicals, aligning well with eco-conscious values.

Hobbyists and Garden Enthusiasts

Garden hobbyists who enjoy growing a variety of plants but face challenges due to climate, soil conditions, or space limitations will find the Gardyn 3.0 a valuable addition. It allows year-round gardening and growing diverse plants, including vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Culinary Experts and Foodies

Chefs and cooking enthusiasts will benefit from having fresh herbs and vegetables at their fingertips. The Gardyn 3.0 enables cultivating various culinary plants, enhancing the flavor and nutrition of home-cooked meals.

Tech Savvy Individuals

Tech enthusiasts will appreciate the Gardyn 3.0 for its integration of smart technology and AI assistance. The system’s innovative features, such as monitoring cameras and an intuitive app, make plant care a high-tech and engaging experience.

Friends share a meal by a window with a snowy mountain view, next to an indoor vertical garden.

Who Should Not Use Gardyn 3.0 Home Kit

While the Gardyn 3.0 Home Kit offers a versatile and advanced solution for many, there are specific scenarios and individuals for whom this system may not be the ideal choice:

Those with Limited Budgets

The initial cost of the Gardyn 3.0, along with the ongoing expenses for membership (for full benefits) and plant yCubes, might be a consideration for those on a tight budget.

Residents in Areas with Limited Internet Access

As the Gardyn 3.0 relies heavily on its app for optimal functionality, individuals living in areas with poor or no internet connectivity might face challenges utilizing the system to its full potential.

Space Constraints for Larger Models

While the Gardyn 3.0 is designed to be space-efficient, its vertical design still requires adequate indoor space, which might not be available in extremely small living areas.

Large Scale or Commercial Farmers

The Gardyn 3.0 is designed for personal or educational use, primarily for small-scale indoor gardening. It might not meet the needs of commercial farming operations or those looking to produce large quantities of produce.

Users Seeking to Grow a Wider Variety of Plants

While Gardyn 3.0 supports a diverse range of plants, it’s unsuitable for root-growing crops like potatoes or carrots, heavier fruits like watermelon or squash, and fruits grown on trees like avocados, bananas, or apples. This limitation might be a deterrent for those looking to grow these specific types of plants.

Those with Minimal Tech Affinity

Individuals who are uncomfortable with or do not enjoy using technology-driven solutions might find the app-based management and AI integration of the Gardyn 3.0 less appealing.

Enthusiasts of Traditional Gardening

Individuals who prefer traditional gardening methods, including soil-based cultivation and outdoor environments, may not find the hydroponic approach of Gardyn 3.0 satisfying.


How Gardyn 3.0 Differs from Conventional Vertical Hydroponic Kits

The Gardyn 3.0 Home Kit revolutionizes indoor gardening with features beyond what conventional vertical hydroponic kits offer.

One of its most striking differences lies in the integration of smart technology. Gardyn 3.0 is equipped with an AI assistant, Kelby, which utilizes cameras to monitor plant growth.

Kelby offers tailored recommendations and instructions, elevating the gardening experience from a traditional hands-on approach to a more technologically guided process. This level of smart integration is generally absent in standard hydroponic kits.

Another key aspect that sets Gardyn 3.0 apart is its app-based management system. The app is a central hub for controlling the system, including adjusting lighting and watering schedules and ordering new plant yCubes.

It even allows users to view a live feed of their plants, offering a level of interaction and control not commonly found in conventional systems.

The system’s design for easy assembly and maintenance, along with its space efficiency, set it apart from traditional hydroponic kits. The focus on organic and non-GMO plants also distinguishes it from other systems.

Additional Considerations

  • Sustainability: Using food-grade, FDA-compliant materials and focusing on organic growing methods underlines Gardyn’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Customer Support: The company provides robust customer support, which is essential for troubleshooting and addressing any issues with the system.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While the initial investment is significant, the long-term benefits of growing your produce can offset the cost over time.

Final Verdict

The Gardyn 3.0 Home Kit is a revolutionary product in the realm of indoor gardening, especially suited for urban dwellers with limited space.

Its high-tech features and the ability to grow a substantial amount of produce make it a worthwhile investment for those passionate about organic gardening and sustainable living.

Despite the need for regular maintenance and a reliance on the app, its benefits, especially for eco-conscious consumers, are substantial.


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