How Can I Make My Water Fountain Quieter?

Serene water fountain jets arching gracefully, creating a tranquil, quieter ambience with rippling water patterns.

We all love seeing the water rise high and trickle down the intricate yet elegant fountain designs. This is one primary reason people purchase water. 

Water fountains are designed to add tranquil vibes and a sense of calmness to the atmosphere. However, some people still grumble about their water fountains being too noisy. Not to blame all, some quiet tabletop fountains can be quieter too. You can always look out for a quieter water pump, but that doesn’t imply that the noisy water pump in your garden has no solution.

You can hush the noise by adopting a few hacks in place. Curious to know how? Keep reading.

Easy Ways To Make Your Fountain Quieter:

A noisy fountain may be a sign of a faulty fountain pump. There’s no need to destroy your loud fountain, as it can be fixed to produce a more quiet and relaxing sound. Here’s how to troubleshoot and fix your fountain.

1. Check The Water Level:

If you aim to reduce the noise produced by your fountain to almost a minimum, then go on with trying this. Varying water levels can significantly impact the noise a water fountain generates. Lower water levels make the fountains roar louder because of the air intervention in the pump.

Not just that, it can also cause your pump to heat up and burn out at worst. To cater to this, keep the water level half an inch above the fountain pump’s top.

It will control the noise and help your water fountain make out longer than usual.

What Do We Like About It?

Maintaining a sufficient water level would keep your pump in better action and save it from burnout.

2. Give Your Pump & Tubes A Thorough Clean-up:

If adding more water doesn’t offer satisfying results, you can always go out for cleaning. However, make sure you have taken all the safety measures in advance. To mention some, make sure you unplug your pump before starting, and needless to say, pat your hands dry before you deal with any electrical equipment.

Also, don’t worry if you are a beginner and don’t find the pump anywhere; it doesn’t mean that your fountain operates without a pump. Fancy fountains usually have pumps hidden under the decorative parts that must be easy to unhook. Once all the parts are segregated, identify the two main parts that need a thorough cleanup; the pump and the fountainhead. Rinse them exhaustively with water, or soak them in vinegar overnight. This will help eradicate any mineral deposits that erode the pump’s functioning.

Wash it under running water later, and that’s it. Enjoy a noticeably quieter pump!

What Do We Like About It?

Regular cleaning of the pump and tube makes it quieter and adds more life to your fountain. Monthly cleanups would help you flush out any mineral deposits that might have formed inside the pump. This helps the pump function more effectively and gives the fountain a brand-new look.

A very cost-effective and helpful hack!

3. Adjusting The Pump Speed:

In most cases, the noise from your fountain is caused by water trying to flow too quickly and splashing noises. Conversely, many pumps have a built-in feature that lets you manually adjust the pump speed. All you need to do is find the control knob or switch over the pump and slide it to ‘slow.’ A slower pump creates less noise, and you can enjoy the peaceful trickling of water that soothes your mind.

What Do We Like About It?

This solution lets you control your pump’s speed and noise and costs you absolutely nothing.

4. Adjust Your Pump’s Location:

Sometimes the pump is fitted, so it touches the fountain’s base, leading to continuous vibrations and a pathetic noise. Adjusting the location of your pump in the center or a non-interactive location can solve the problem to a great extent.

What Do We Like About It?

Adjusting the location of your pump can not only cut the noise but save your pump and fountain from brittle damages that might result from frictional contact.

5. Use A Sponge:

This hack is just my favorite. You can use a more manageable solution if it is difficult to fit out and refit your pump in a better location. Just find an ordinary sponge of the right size and fit it beneath the vibrating pump. It will absorb the vibrations and the following noise and save your fountain and pump from any damage caused by friction between the fountain base and the pump.

What Do We Like About It?

Finding and adjusting a sponge of a suitable size might cost you a little effort, but this is one genius hack to reduce the noise and save any future costs. Also, it saves the effort of relocating the pump.

6. Bring In Some Aquatic Plants

Another solution to a noisy fountain is to bring some aquatic plants to the top of your water. Plants have a natural tendency to absorb splashing water easily. Examples of aquatic plants include water lettuce, lilies, floating hear, lotus, and many others. The unpleasant sound will reduce when it lands on a flower.

Close-up of a water fountain's splash, droplets catching the light, offering a calm and quieter moment.

Maintaining Your Water Fountain

Most fountains are expensive to install; it is essential to care for them, so they don’t become worn out because of debris, rain, wind, and snow. It can also become a safe breeding base for algae.

Additionally, you can maintain your fountain in the following ways:

Wipe the fountain bowl

depending on the type of fountain you have, wiping the bowl or body of the fountain is another maintenance technique.

To wipe the fountain bowl, you will need empty the fountain, clean the bowl thoroughly with non-abrasive fabric, then scrub with a non-abrasive brush and a mild cleaner.

Remove algae from your fountain.

If your fountain is outdoor, there’s a 70 percent chance of seeing algae because of continuous exposure to direct sunlight.

Make sure to clean your fountain regularly with an algae remover.

Final Thoughts

Generally, water fountains are installed to tranquilize an area. If your water fountain is a little too noisy, try the hacks listed in this post in the same order, starting from the easiest. All these hacks are sure to help hush your fountain.

But to find the ‘show-stopper’ hack for your noisy fountain, it’s necessary first to identify the problem with your fountain.

It might have lower water levels, cleaning needs, inappropriate speed or location, or others. Once you have identified the problem, you will find the solution quickly. If you are unsure which solution to apply, you can revert to the manufacturer or provider.

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