How To Grow Giant Pumpkins With Milk

You must have heard about it, but how to grow giant pumpkins with milk?

Growing pumpkin seeds is not a big deal, but growing giant ones needs extra attention. You can use different organic and inorganic fertilizers to give your pumpkin the essential nutrients to grow.

Milk is one of the oldest organic supplements containing many minerals and vitamins that help the pumpkin become a giant.

Calcium is usually known as the primary extract of milk and is considered a bone booster in humans.  It also does the same for pumpkins and strengthens the cell walls. These strong walls prevent cracks in the pumpkin’s outer skin and save the fruit from rotting.

Here we will discuss the use of milk to grow a giant pumpkin.

Grow a Giant Pumpkin With Milk

Farmers have been using milk to nourish pumpkins for a long time. There are several ways to use milk for growing giant pumpkins.

Here we will discuss the two proven ways of using milk to nourish the pumpkin.

The first is watering the plant with milk, and the other is performing a plant surgery to infuse the milk for extra growth.

Let’s take a look, turn by turn.

Use the Watering Method To Nourish the Pumpkin With Milk

There is a variety of milk available in the market, whole milk, half-cream milk, skimmed milk, and many more. You need to find cow’s or fresh goat’s milk for better pumpkin growth.  It is much better than stored milk as it goes through various processes that kill almost all good and bad bacteria for long life.

As whole milk rots very soon when exposed to hot temperatures, you need to have diluted milk to avoid any rotten status.

Before watering the milk, dilute it with water in a 10:1 ratio. Calcium and other nutritious elements work well in liquid form, and plants can use these elements easily as nutrition..

Now water your pumpkin with this diluted milk like regular watering. Pour milk into the soil so the plant can get rich nutrition from its roots. Alongside the milk watering, care for pests and regularly spray to prevent diseases.

Your pumpkin will need one inch per week of irrigation for better growth. The watering milk will enhance the growth of your pumpkin as compared to others. It will also change the color and taste of the pumpkin.

The color will be close to orange, but the flavor will be milkier.

Use the Wick for Milk-Feeding Your Pumpkins

Using a wick is easy to milk-feed your pumpkin to become heavy and extra-large. You don’t need any specialized equipment for this surgery; you need a sharp blade, a wick, a milk container, a bandage, and your time too.

Prepare the Vine for Milk Feeding

Selecting a healthy vine that can yield a giant pumpkin is vital. If there are many blossoms on one vine, the feed intake will be divided into all blooms, and you cannot get the desired giant pumpkin. So, you have to select one healthy blossom and remove all others.

  • Go to your pumpkin field and pick out a healthy vine.
  • Cut off all the branches and stems with a sharp knife except the one you selected.
  • On the selected vine, choose one healthy blossom and remove all others.
  • This blossom will yield a giant pumpkin with the milk feed.
  • Make a tiny straight cut on the selected vine with a sharp knife below the blossom.
  • Tearing or pressing will damage the stem cells and ultimately damage the plant.
  • Be careful the vine should not split apart.
  • The slit should be shallow enough to hold the wick inside.

Inserting a Wick Properly

It is the most vital part of your preparation for getting a giant pumpkin. Special attention and some expertise are necessary to perform this grafting.

Follow these steps to do it properly.

  • Take a wick; it can be a candle wick, a lantern wick, or a strip of co