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How To Make A Garden Row – Simple Steps

Every gardener knows the importance of rows in a garden. They offer an appealing look to gardens and keep them weed-free. Rows also make it easy for you to approach every plant and help you maximally benefit from the space available in your garden.

Row spacing typically depends upon the nature of the plant. However, as per the thumb rule, it should be wide enough for you to walk through two parallel rows for weeding and harvesting purposes.

Making straight rows with spacious furrows of desired depth requires some tools. You can either use a machine or hand-held tools.

How to make a garden row

Let us discuss some of the methods for creating garden rows using various types of gardening hoes. These may differ in shape, but all are designed to help you make rows, shape soil, remove weeds, and extract root crops.

Most hoes are the same, with a long handle and a specific head. However, nowadays, there are many mechanical hoes available. To learn how you can get your garden rows all done using hoes, stay tuned in.

How To Make Garden Rows With A Grub Hoe?

The grub hoe has a flat blade that sits at a right angle with the handle. It is used when you need to construct wide rows for planting or removing the deep-rooted weeds. Here are the few steps you might need to follow to use a grub hoe for making garden rows.

Step 1: Ensure Safety Measures

Before starting, you must wear safety glasses to avoid any debris coming in contact with your eyes.

Step 2: Mark Straight Lines

Planting in straight rows gives a stunning look to the garden. However, it is difficult enough to make them without marking. So, first of all, mark straight lines with the help of a string.

For straight-line markings, take a piece of wood that is one foot long and four inches wide. Fix the wood piece from where you want to start your garden rows.

Now tie a string with this wood piece and move it to the other side of the garden. Make sure your string is straight.

Fix another wood piece right in front of the other piece using the same string. Fasten the other end of the string with this wood piece, and that’s it. Follow the string to make straight garden rows.

Step 3: Select The Hoe Length

Before you grab on a Grub Hoe to make garden rows, double-check on the handle’s length to be in line with your height. Too-short handles can cause extra fatigue.

Step 4: Make A Row

Hold the handle so that one hand remains on the end of the handle and the other hand is halfway down. Remember, for perfect usage, your thumbs should always face the blades. Raise the hoe to your waist and slam the ground so that it penetrates deep into the soil.

Now, move backward along with the string to make a straight row. While pulling the hoe, keep the pressure on the hoe’s handle to maintain the required depth of furrows.

From here onwards, as you move, the hoe should dig the soil, putting the mud sideways. When you reach the other end, slightly pull off the hoe to find your row all done.

Repeat the above steps until you make all rows in your garden.

How To Make Garden Rows With A Warren Hoe?

A Warren Hoe is a typical hoe with a triangular-shaped head seated at the handle. It is used for digging small spaces when the soil is very loose. It is also used for extracting the weed roots and digging the furrow. Also, a sharp warren hoe can help you dig the furrows in a single swipe.

To make your garden row using a Warren hoe, follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1: Mark A Straight Line

First of all, mark a straight line for the garden row with two wooden pieces and a string as mentioned above.

Step 2: Start Digging In A Straight Row

Raise the hoe and slam it on the soil (don’t go too deep). Now pull the hoe and move backward following the straight line marked by the string.

Make sure to protect your eyes and face against the debris that might fly while doing so. You can stop pulling the other end and pull off the hoe softly to avoid any debris from flying.

Following the same, you can make several rows in your garden with sheer ease.

How To Make Garden Rows With A Wheel Hoe?

Making a garden row

A wheel hoe can be a grub or a Warren or a cultivating hoe mounted with a wheel. It is used to make garden rows in a large garden without any motor-driven machine.

You can mount a single head, double head, or multi spades behind the wheel. You can also adjust the space between hoe-heads to get the desired distance between different rows.

Follow the steps below to make garden rows with a wheel hoe.

Step 1: Place The Wheel Hoe

Place the wheel hoe at the point where you want to start the row. Unlike the hand hoe, while using the wheel hoe, you move forward. It helps you keep your rows straight without the help of any marking string.

Step 2: Push The Wheel Hoe Forward

First time push the hoe handle so that it penetrates the soil. Now push the wheel and start making your garden rows. The tip to making a straight row is not to look downward but upward. Move gently to make even and straight furrows.

At the end of the row, pull the hoe out and take a turn to make another row. Repeat the procedure to fill your garden with straight rows.

Summing Up

Well-built straight rows make your gardens ‘Insta-perfect’ and give you room to grow more. From old times, people have been using different types of hoes to make garden rows.

You can also achieve narrow, wide, or deep furrows all by yourself simply by using the right type of hoe. You move backward with hand-held hoes, while with wheel hoes or motorized hoes, you have to move forward to make garden rows.

Not to forget, selecting the right type of hoe highly depends upon the size of your garden. Happy gardening!