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How To Make Your Waterfall Sound Louder? [5 Ways That Work]

There is nothing quite like the serenity of a waterfall added inside of your home or to your garden.

Not only can the flowing water prove to be soothing and calming.

But, it can help to camouflage some of the outside noises that may be impacting your ability to relax.

How to make your waterfall sound louder

Are you looking to soften the sounds of nearby traffic? Or perhaps simply bring harmony to your home?

You’ll love the way that your water feature sounds.

Boosting Waterfall Sound Levels, Easily

Various water features will produce differing sounds. Some will offer a simple and quiet trickle.

Some will produce a cascade of continuously flowing water. Yet others may offer loud jets of water.

The sound that is produced by your fountain will typically be influenced by the design of the water feature itself.

It’s essential to understand the types of sounds that are produced by the waterfalls you’re interested in before spending money on them.

But what if the sounds of your beautifully designed water feature are not loud enough?

Perhaps to meet your needs for relaxation, you need louder sounds?

The good news is that there are some simple steps that you can take. All in the effort of boosting the sounds of your waterfall.

We have found the 5 best ways to easily and affordably boost the sounds of your water feature.

1. Adding Pebbles Or Stones

The addition of pretty pebbles or stones can make a massive difference in the sounds that your water feature produces.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small tabletop waterfall or a larger outdoor water feature.

You will still see the same benefits from the addition of these natural sound booster.

What we love about this idea

Pebbles or stones can help to boost the sound of the trickling water. They can also be a fun aesthetic addition to your water feature.

Pick out some pretty pebbles or even stones or marbles. They will each enhance the look of your fountain while also boosting the trickling sounds.

This is an affordable option to consider.

2. Adding Stainless Steel Or Iron Features

Pebbles and stones can make a significant difference.

Try also adding some type of metal feature. This can enhance the sound in a way that you may not have expected.

You will change the sound of the water when it hits the newly added features.

But it will add that additional boost in sound that you’re looking for.

Get creative with your additions. Antique stores may have old tin or cast iron pieces.

This will add an interesting visual feature to your waterfall.

What we love about this idea

Whether indoors or outdoors, there is nothing quite like the look of an antique piece of metal.

Smaller stainless steel decorative pieces will look charming in a smaller water feature.

Larger, more elaborate pieces will add delightful visual appeal and a boost in sound.

3. Raise The Height Of The Waterfall

The further that the water has to fall, the louder the water will be.

Do you have the ability to change the height of your water feature? If so, you’ll be rewarded with a noticeable boost in the sound of the water.

If your outdoor water feature is custom-built, it’ll be much easier to boost the height of the water as it flows out through the pump.

What we love about this idea

Adding height will boost the sound of the water as it splashes down. It can also boost the aesthetic appeal of the waterfall.

4. Adding Wind Chimes To The Waterfall

This may seem like an unusual idea, but hear us out! The chimes themselves don’t need to necessarily be inside of the flowing water.

But the right chimes can make a huge difference to the sounds of the water.

Think of a set of chimes made from beautiful shells or other items that won’t corrode. You can also add chimes next to the waterfall.

The movement of the water will create enough of a breeze to lightly move the chimes.

This will result in soft sounds.

What we love about this idea

Wind chimes are found in many options, include slivers of geodes and seashells. They can add that extra boost to the sound that you are looking for.

They can also give you an added visual appeal that you’ll love.

5. Increasing The Size Of The Pump

The pump is responsible for operating the waterfall or other water features.

It is also going to be largely responsible for the sounds that the water makes.

An underpowered pump will not be able to push the water through at a fast enough pace.

This will keep you from getting that sound you’re looking for.

Increasing the size of the pump, when and where possible, could make all the difference in the world.

What we love about this idea

This is a relatively easy solution to implement. Pumps are offered in many sizes and options.

What is the best solution to make your waterfall sound louder?

To get the best in sound boosting results, you could consider each of the 5 solutions that we’ve suggested.

Combine two or three, and find the sound boosting solution that will best meet your needs.

The results will be a soothing and relaxing experience each time that you spend time near your home’s waterfall or other water features.