How To Revive A Geranium? Overwintering Techniques in Paper Bags, Cardboard Box, and Greenhouse

Lush pink geraniums showcasing revival techniques.

Oh no! Those once-vibrant geraniums in your garden are looking a little less than lively. Stop right there before you pull them out to make way for new plants!

Bringing geraniums back to their former glory is doable with some TLC. These classic bloomers are more challenging than they look.

With a few easy revival tips, you can nurse those babies back to health for non-stop color all season long. I’ve got you covered, from strategic pruning and fertilizing to overwintering for next year’s show.

Wave goodbye to wilted leaves and leggy stems. Say hello to lush, gorgeous geraniums that’ll envy your neighborhood.

Are you curious about the secrets for reviving geraniums even after they’ve seen better days? We’re spilling all the tea in this guide to rejuvenating your geraniums for endless vibrant blooms.

How To Revive A Geranium?

Geraniums are a favorite among gardeners with their vibrant blooms and lush folia