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How To Speed Up Veg Growth? [Full Guide]

3 January 2021

There might be different reasons why you want to speed up vegetative growth and harvest earlier.

Maybe you’re growing your plant for commercial purposes or wish to move out of the area after a certain period.

Regardless of your reason, you can speed up your plant growth either indoors or outdoors. Also, you can either speed up the vegetative or flowering stage.

In this article, we’re going to look at how you can speed up vegetative growth indoors and outdoors.

How To Speed Up Vegetative Growth Indoors?

Speeding up vegetation growth indoors is much easier than outdoors. This is because you’re in full control of the conditions indoors, such as light, temperature, water, and gas. Most of these factors play a crucial role in the growth of your plant.

Here are some of the things that you should do to speed up veg growth indoors:

Plant Strain

The first thing to consider if you want to speed up plant growth is plant strain. Some plant strains grow faster than others. Thus, you should buy your seeds from a reputable dealer to get the right plant strain.

Give Plants More Light

One of the best ways of speeding up vegetative growth is by giving your plants the ideal light. A plant will grow more quickly in areas with more light exposure.

Most indoor plants need at least 14 hours of light. But you can speed up the vegetative phase by giving them 24 hours of light. This means that you will be forcing them to grow as they will be photosynthesizing for 24 hours and be in a condition called an anabolic state.

In the end, your plant will grow faster in the vegetative stage. For 4–8 weeks, most growers let their plants vegetate.

For flowering to begin after this point, a change to 12 hours of light per day is necessary.

Use Carbon Dioxide

Another great way of speeding up vegetative growth indoors is by using carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is crucial in plants as it plays a huge role in photosynthesis and respiration. The plants change Carbon dioxide and water into food compounds.

Therefore, the more carbon dioxide the plants ingest, the more ability they will have to handle excess light.

Give Plant Supplements

Aside from carbon dioxide, light, and having the right plant strain, you can also feed the plant with the right supplements.

Some of the vital plant supplements that you can give your plants are Voodoo Juice and B-52.

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Voodoo Juice strengthens the root system of your plants during the vegetative phase, while the B-52 vitamin boosts faster growth.

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Give Nutrients

Apart from giving your plants supplements, you can also add base nutrients. The nutrients should be vegetative-specific to have a lasting impact.

For instance, you should strive to keep your pH in an optimal range.

If one nutrient is overpowering the other, try to balance it. With indoor growing, this is much easier as everything can be controlled from the grow room.

For example, if you’re growing in Coco Coir, make sure you use coco-specific base nutrients.

This is because Coco Coir binds with iron and magnesium, meaning that your plants can miss out on these vital nutrients if your base nutrients don’t feature ideal amounts of it. Potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium are among the additional minerals found in the shells that support plant growth.

So, for indoor plants and outdoor garden soil, eggshells are a potent and affordable fertilizer.

Proper Plant Care

This point may not seem very important, but it is. Your plants can become sick or even attacked by insects or diseases. This may slow down its overall growth.

If you aim to have your plant grow fast in the vegetative phase and beyond, then taking good care of it is a must. Hence, you should get rid of the dead leaves and stems.

These will only put pressure on the fresh and new leaves and stems; thus, slowing down growth. Also, treat your plants and protect them from pests and diseases.

Hydroponic Growing

Plants grow faster when grown hydroponically than when grown in soil. So, you should grow your indoor plants hydroponically instead of in the soil.

This is because you will supply them with the right amount of oxygen, light, and nutrients. You can also decide which growth stages to speed up, such as the vegetative phase and the ones not to speed up.

Large Growing Container

Another overlooked thing when it comes to speeding up vegetative growth is the container. If you’re growing indoors, the size of the container matters.

Make sure you place your plant in a large container where the roots expand smoothly. A small box may make the plant become root-bound, which will slow down growth.

How To Speed Up Vegetative Growth Outdoors?

Unlike growing indoors, speeding up vegetative growth outdoors can be quite challenging as you cannot fully control the plant.

However, there are some things that you can do to speed up vegetative growth, and are as follows:

Plant Strain

Same as growing indoors, you need to have the right plant strain. As stated earlier, some plant strains grow faster than others. Apart from that, you need to grow the right plant strain for your region.

Some plant strains may grow perfectly in some climates but poorly in others. So, do your homework before planting in your area.

Expose The Plants To More Light

One of the things that you can fully control outdoors is the amount of light your plant gets. To speed up the vegetative phase, you will have to expose your plant to 24 hours of sunlight.

Therefore, your plant will enjoy regular sunlight from morning to evening. At night, you will turn on artificial light so that the plant can remain in an anabolic state.

Plants require light to survive. Before choosing your plants, make sure you are aware of the amount of natural sunlight your plants require as well as the amount of light your space can provide.

Give The Right Nutrients

Another thing that you will do to speed up veg growth outdoors is to feed your plants with the right nutrients. At every stage, plants need different types of nutrients to grow rapidly and healthily.

It doesn’t matter if you’re growing the plants hydroponically or in soil. Faster plant growth is made possible by inorganic fertilizers, which give plants immediate nutrients.

Although organic fertilizers take longer to work their way into the soil, over time they improve soil health. You can utilize inorganic fertilizer if you want an existing plant to grow more quickly.

Numerous types of fertilizers are high in nitrogen or contain nitrogen as their primary ingredient because it is known to stimulate enormous plant growth.

In addition, nitrogen-rich fertilizers will give your foliage back its vibrant green hues.

Bottom Line

The tips above should help you to speed up vegetative growth indoors and outdoors. Overall, indoor growth is much easier to speed up vegetative as it can be controlled with a lot of ease.

Follow the right methods, and you will harvest in the shortest time possible.

Common Questions

Why are my vegetables growing so slowly?

If your vegetables are growing slowly, it may be because they aren’t getting enough sunlight, the soil lacks nutrients, you’re not watering them properly, pests or diseases are affecting them, they’re too crowded, or the plant variety and season might not be ideal for their growth.

What is the longest I can veg my plant before flipping to flower?

The duration of the vegetative stage varies based on plant type, strain, and growth goals. Cannabis seeds or cannabis plants can veg for 4-8 weeks indoors, and longer outdoors. Other garden plants vary. Transition to flowering depends on size, space, and specific objectives, so monitor plants closely for the right timing.

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