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How To Use Lawn Mower Starting Fluid?

7 June 2020

Your lawnmower engine requires a starting fluid to kick start with two or more strokes. If the engine cannot start, this might be linked to other issues. Furthermore, bad fuel can also result in bad sparks or burnt engines.

So what is the right way of using a lawnmower starting fluid?

Starting fluid comprises elements, including volatile hydrocarbons, diethyl ether, and CO2 used to start a stubborn engine.

We will show you, in simple steps, how to use starting fluid, but let’s begin with the advantages and disadvantages of starting your lawn mower with starting fluid.

Pros of Using a Starting Fluid

Generally, the using starter fluid is beneficial when starting the engine, especially in the winter. It helps prolong the battery life, saving you a lot of costs.

Starting fluid must work for a more extended period for a lawnmower.

Cons of Using a Starting Fluid

Frequent usage of starting fluid can damage your gasoline engine. The starting fluid can heat the engine’s cylinder to an unusually high temperature. Starting fluids are combustible and have a high chance of ruining your engine.

In most cases, their high compression rate can cause the engine to ignite too early.

Steps Of Using A Starting Fluid:

You must be careful about the brand of the starting fluid you are using. Make sure to use a good quality fluid spray to assist you in starting the engine.

Here are the steps that you can follow to start an engine with a starting fluid:

When To Use A Starting Fluid?

Starting fluid is very helpful, especially when you have a carbureted engine. People also use the fluid for diagnostic purposes by identifying the faults in the lawnmowers.

Using a starting fluid for a lawnmower in winter is recommended if you are having trouble starting the engine. A little spray will start the engine instantly if there are no issues with the carburetor.

You can save money by learning these steps instead of hiring a professional.

When Is It Not Advisable To Use The Starting Fluid For The Lawnmower?

Using a starting fluid for diesel engines is not recommended as it can destroy the lawnmower. Starting fluids are also not suitable in a 2-cycle gasoline engine.

If you find something wrong with the lawnmower, it is better not to wait and take it to an expert. If the expert asks you to change the starting fluid, go for it.

A starting fluid works best with a carbureted engine as the fuel vaporizes through the little openings. The other sprays do not work as effectively as a starting fluid.

The gasoline is not vaporized, especially when it is cold, hence creating problems.

However, a starting fluid will easily ignite in the cold, helping the engine to start and heating the fuel.

Precautionary measures

When spraying a starting fluid, you must observe the following safety measures:


As we have seen in this article, starting fluids are beneficial only when used once in a while. They are ideal for prolonging the life of the engine battery.

It is excellent to use in winter or cold mornings. However, if you are using starting fluid for the first time, it is essential to follow these steps carefully.

Whenever you are having difficulties starting the engine, see if the engine needs to be cleaned or it needs to be replaced.

With time, you will instantly become a pro in using the starting fluid for starting and running the lawnmower.

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