Is A Cactus Plant Good For The Office? [7 Amazing Benefits]

Yes, it is! The Cactus plant is one of the best indoor plants that you can bring to your office. Cacti not only beautify your office, but they also offer a variety of benefits to you and your colleagues.

Cactus, also referred to as “cacti” is a succulent plant. There are more than 1, 500 known species of cacti.

Some grow in the wild, but the majority grow in the desert. The best cactus plant for the office space flourishes with little water and enough direct sunlight. Without much ado! Let’s find out why growing cacti in the office plants is a good idea.

Besides we will also talk about the challenges of growing cacti in the office and how to maintain this beautiful plant properly.

What Are the Benefits of Having the Cactus Plant in the Office?

1. They Improve Air Quality

Having plants indoors goes beyond their aesthetic beauty.

Cactus is not an exception, as it will not only beautify your office but as well as improve air quality. Like any other green plant, Cactus absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen. As a result, it improves the quality of air in the office.

Oxygen is vital to us as we use it to survive and remove dangerous toxins from our bodies.

2. Reduces Noise

An office can become a busy place with a lot of noise. This can distract you when you’re busy and trying to concentrate on your work. With cactus in your office, you can reduce ambient noise up to 5 decibels. Therefore, it allows you to concentrate and do more.

3. Improves Employees’ Health

Health is vital to all people. Whether in the office or at home, you need to be healthy to be productive. Since cacti reduce the levels of airborne bacteria in the air, employees will be less susceptible to airborne diseases. Hence, they will perform better and have fewer sick leaves.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the major causes of low productivity at work. If your employees in the office are stressed all the time, they will not deliver as needed. Several studies show that having plants in your office or indoors helps to reduce stress. Apart from reducing stress, plants also help to reduce depression, fatigue, tension, and hostility.

You need to set up a cacti plant in your office.

5. They Improve Productivity

Another reason you need to place a cactus in your office is that it helps improve productivity. The Cactus plant reduces excess carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon dioxide can be dangerous and toxic to humans. It makes us restless and anxious and may give us a headache. As a result, employees become less productive, which is why you need cacti to absorb carbon dioxide.

If less carbon dioxide is in the air, employees will be more productive as they will not feel fatigued and restless.

6. Creates a Conducive Office Environment

Plants in the office offer many health benefits, but they also make users happy. Seeing a green plant in your office will make you happy and useful. The cactus plant will remind you why it is important to maintain the environment.

Besides, it will also beautify your office and make it aesthetically pleasing.

7. Helps You Think About the Environment

When you think about bringing a cactus plant to your office and placing it on your desk, you’re probably thinking about bringing a touch of the outdoors with you. And that’s exactly what happens.

Did you know that having a touch of nature, aside from reducing your stress, increasing your productivity, and improving air quality and overall health, helps you think about nature too?

By just having a cactus on your office desks makes you consider the environment you’re living in and how you’re a part of a larger whole. Taking care of your cactus while at work can bring you delight as it reminds you how important it is not to care about yourself but the environment too.

And having the eyes to see that you also need to take care of others beyond yourself helps you create new habits and gives you a new outlook at work.

What Are Some of the Challenges of Growing Cactus in the Office?

Even though cactus offers many benefits to employees in the office, these plants have challenges.

First and foremost, you need to regularly inspect the plant.

Cacti need water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight like any other plant to make food and grow. Therefore, you will have to look after the plant regularly. This can take a toll on you as you will have to spend more time in the office after or before work hours to take care of the plant.

Apart from regular care of the cactus plant, you need to position the plant properly. Cactus plants feature spines or needles that can pierce passers-by. Also, if you accidentally bump your hand on the plant, you may get pricked.

So, proper positioning of the cactus is vital in the office.

How To Keep the Cactus Plant Alive in the Office

Maintaining office cactus is super easy. Water the plant every 2 to 3 weeks or whenever the soil is dry. Additionally, ensure the plant is positioned in an area with enough sunlight. Finally, fertilize the plant every month.

One of the biggest mistakes most office employees make is overwatering the cacti. Educate your workers on how to maintain a cactus and not overwater.

This will ensure that they take care of it even if you’re away.

What Is the Best Cactus Plant for the Office?

Before you pick any cactus and plant it in your office, you should find out which plant is the best. Not all cactus plants are great for the indoor environment. However, most cacti plants will thrive in the severe conditions of an office.

The best cactus for an office environment are the ones that need very little water and plenty of low light. Besides, they should be small enough to fit on your desk or take up very little space in the office.

The most popular cactus grown in the office include the sea urchin cactus, mammillaria zeilmanniana, and astrophytum myriostigma.


A cactus plant is good for the office as it benefits the workers. Apart from that, this plant is easy to maintain and can survive in a harsh office environment. Nonetheless, you should ensure that you bring the right cactus to the office. Also, you will have to position your cactus in the right place where it gets enough sunlight for healthy growth.

Although cactus is an ideal plant for your office, it is pretty challenging to take care of. You’ll need to water it every week, fertilize it every month, and ensure it receives enough sunlight for proper growth.


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