Light Movers – Are They Worth It for Growers?

17 March 2020

Light movers are electronic systems that move grow lights on a rail within a grow room. Every grower hopes the grow light they purchase will have a wide footprint.

Instead of purchasing multiple grow lights, you might opt to go for light movers.

Light movers increase the footprint of grow lights since they move them around the grow tent.

However, each plant receives illumination momentarily because the grow light is moving. There are two types of light movers: rail and track movers. The other is a circular light mover.

Both have different ways of operating and do provide results differently.

Choosing between the two would depend on your budget or the place you decide to install them.

Being different in shape means both would require a varying amount of space. Both lights have the same motive, catering to the needs of your plants.

They function differently, but if operated correctly, both can provide promising results.

Light movers come with a string of benefits and a couple of demerits. Light movers can precisely cater to the needs of each plant with sufficient lighting. They are much more efficient than stationary lights, which damage the roots by overheating.

We are going to explore them in the sections below in a bid to find out whether light movers are worth investing in for growers.

Benefits of Light Movers

We’ve already mentioned the most significant advantage of installing light movers is enhancing the footprint.

For instance, a light mover can enhance a footprint of 4’x4′ to 4’x6′. A light rail allows you to grow light to cover 30% more area than it would while stationary.

Some growers might get concerned about their plants not getting enough illumination if the grow light moves around.

Keep in mind that light rays move in all directions. As such, most of your plants will remain under illumination, even when they grow light is not right above them.

Considering the benefits we’ve mentioned above, it seems like a light mover would be worth it for any avid grower.

However, there are some demerits to the use of light movers. Let’s explore them and determine whether they would be reason enough to avoid getting a light mover.

Disadvantages of Light Movers

None demerits of grow lights highlighted above should be a reason to avoid getting a light mover if you are a serious indoor farmer.

The benefits far outweigh the cons. First, most of the other equipment you use in a grow tent makes noise. Grow lights can be pretty noisy.

The noise made by a light mover should not be too difficult to put up with if you have been putting up with the noise from the other equipment.

It is a small price to pay to ensure your growing room systems use power efficiently.

Even though purchasing and installing a light mover can be expensive, it is a one-off cost. That light mover system will save you money in the form of reduced electricity bills for a long time.

It will make up for how deep you had to dig into your pockets to purchase and install the system.

Conclusion – Are Light Movers Worth It?

The question was, are light movers worth it for growers? They certainly are. Anything that helps reduce your growing costs while ensuring your plants are healthy should be welcome. Light movers do that in many ways. They are essential for a large grow room in particular.

Light movers have their flaws, but these can be addressed and resolved. You need to ensure you use the proper temperature distance and provide the right time for each plant. The light movers will cater accordingly and provide the best results.

Large grow rooms usually suffer uneven light and heat distribution when the grow lights remain stationary.

There are many types of light movers on the market. You’ll find one that is good enough for your grow room if you dig deep enough.

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