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My Tomatoes Have Outgrown Their Cages [7 Things You Can Do]

Tomatoes are among the best crops to grow in your farm or garden.

Regardless of that, they need proper care and maintenance to ensure they grow well.

At times, it reaches a point that they outgrow their cages and start hanging over the tops of the cages.

My tomatoes have outgrown their cages, what to do

This is a significant hindrance as it can deter its growth.

The tomato cages are set over young seedlings, and as they grow, their branches grow through the cages and are sufficiently supported.

If you have a smaller variety of tomatoes, they will thrive well in cages, but if you choose the taller varieties, they will easily outgrow the cages.

What Should I Do If My Tomatoes Outgrow Their Cages?

1. Staking

You can acquire plant stakes that are typically 4′ – 6′ long poles, which you use to tie and stake the plants.

Alternatively, you can also decide to put three to four stakes around the perimeter of the cage.

This allows you to tie some string between the stakes to make a cage outside the wire one.

This will help your tomatoes to grow much better.

2. Pinch Off Or Trim

At times you will need to pinch off your tomato plant to make it grow better.

This helps the plant to bush out, be less vine-like, and help the tomato to put more energy into making fruit.

If the plant grows to fast, you can also decide to trim out the parts that are a nuisance.

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3. Cut Back Fertilizer

Your plant may also be outgrowing its cage because of the nutrients it has. This makes it grow so well and fast.

A tomato plant should just have the right balance of fertilizer that supplements requirements.

If it is too much, it will produce more flowers and fruits and grow too fast.

This will make the fruits to be too small or too big and not be healthy as they should be.

4. Get Other Cages

If you had used smaller cages to plant your tomatoes, you could solve this by purchasing other cages of the same size and set on top of the other ones but upside down.

Furthermore, you can also drive a tall stake nearby and toe the cage off to the stake in several places.

If that doesn’t work for you, leave the cages as they are and drive a tall steel post between every third plant.

This will help provide enough support to the plant.

5. Look At The Pvc Cage Design

When your tomatoes outgrow their cages, you can also consider using PVC cage design.

This will provide additional support. The tomatoes tend to grow to the top of the cage and cascade back to the ground.

This helps the tomatoes to grow well and not struggle to get various necessities.

6. Top The Plant Before It Grows Too Tall

You need to top the tomato plant when it grows to the top of the cage or stake.

This allows for most of the plant energy to be redirected at growing the fruit rather than the stem.

Strive to cut off each top vertical stem with shears and also remove the stem a quarter inch above where a side shoot diverges.

Also, choose a side shoot to prune back to the desired height of the plant.

This helps the plant to divert energy to its lateral stem rather than investing in top growth.

7. Follow The Planting Recommendations

If you plant your tomatoes too close to each other, it can easily affect them. This is because they will need a place to run away too.

Thus, there is a need to plant them well and provide the right nutrients for them.

If you don’t, they will grow upward to find a way out. This will reduce the productivity of the plant.

Will try to get a place they can find space, rather than investing in their produce.

Thus, plant at the right season, provide enough nutrients and support.


In the case that your tomatoes have outgrown their cage, don’t tense.

The tomato cages help reduce the need for tying the plants on stakes, strings, wire, or frames.

However, for maintenance, you will still need to tie sagging branches to the cages.

This is because of the different distribution of the tomatoes in the cages.

Most tomato varieties require staking or trellising manage the plant growth and to prevent them from overwhelming.

If you take all the relevant measures, be assured of good produce and healthy tomatoes and flowers that bloom well.