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“N’ Joy” Vs. “Pearls And Jade” Pothos

The Pothos, in recent years, has staked its claim to arguably become one of the most popular household plants across the world. This is in part due to their affordability and versatility, as they thrive under almost any conditions.

N’ Joy Pothos VS. Pearls and Jade Pothos

That’s especially where lighting is concerned, even artificial light. This isn’t to mention that they look good in almost any setting, both at home and in the office.

Yet amongst the various varieties, two stand out in popularity and appearance – The N’ Joy Pothos and Jade Pothos. So, which one is the best for you?

A Brief Look Into The Pothos

The pothos is a common houseplant that belongs to the Araceae family. It’s native to China, India, Australia, and New Guinea, among other islands found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Pothos are defined by an appearance that consists of dark green leaves with hints of yellow, white, or cream. It is also marketed as a natural air purifier, a claim we won’t dispute either.

Its hardiness under most conditions makes it appealing to newbies in plant care and novices alike. But two variants of the plant dominate the sales of pothos. And today, we look at both to determine which is the best choice of Pothos for you.

N’ Joy Pothos

The N’ Joy Pothos counts itself as one of the most popular pot plants amongst its brothers and sisters in the pothos family. This is on account of its mesmerizing appearance and relative ease of maintenance.


The N’ Joy Pothos does well to grow in almost any type of soil. That’s as long as there’s adequate drainage for the soil. It is still the wiser choice to opt for sterile soil when potting the N’ Joy.

A potting mixture of peat ross is advised in most cases. It’s able to retain moisture and nutrients long enough that they can be absorbed by the plant’s roots.


As a testament to its versatility, the N’ Joy Pothos can survive in almost any lighting conditions. Still, there are optimal lighting conditions for its growth, depending on what kind of light it receives.

The pothos will either display a vivid green or begin to fade and lose its color. N’ Joy pathos in low lighting tends to display a lesser shade of green than those exposed to more sunlight.

This allows you to choose the best amount of sunshine for your plant, based on how green its leaves become under those conditions. The greener the leaves, the better.


The N’ Joy Pothos is still susceptible to incorrect watering practices and thrives the best in moist soil. But it doesn’t require constant watering like other plants. This is because it is still susceptible to being over watered and waterlogging from a poor drainage system.


The N’ Joy Pothos extends its resilience to temperature too. Optimum temperatures for the plant are set to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, although this isn’t absolute.

Pearls And Jade Pathos

The Pearls and Jade Pathos is yet another member of the pothos family that is popular with plant enthusiasts. This is in part on account of its dark green leaves, and lucid white marbling.

It is a steady competitor to the N’ Joy Pothos in terms of sales, having been featured in people’s homes and working spaces.


The Pearl and Jade Pothos is similar to the N’ Joy Pothos in soil requirements. A sterile soil mix with adequate draining is enough for healthy growth.


Unlike the N’ Joy Pothos, the Pearls and Jade Pothos is less resilient under different types of lighting conditions. Low-level ambient lighting is better suited to this type of pothos, such as well shaded areas in the home.

An excess of light will burn the color out of the leaves and leave your plant susceptible to a loss of its marbling qualities.


The Pearls and Jade is susceptible to overwatering too, which often leads to its roots rotting. It is more resilient than the N’ Joy when it comes to not being watered. It can go for long periods of time without being watered.

In this instance, it can withstand a high amount of abuse with the only noticeable downside in this instance being a shorter growth spurt.

Our Pick Between The N’ Joy And Pearls And Jade Pothos

Both variants of the pothos are great as an addition to your household plant or office collection. Still, there are some noticeable differences between them. The first being the N’ Joy, which is probably the best choice if your new to plant care.

It’s also great if you don’t have the time or stamina to place your plant in a selected space. It’s perfect for areas with access to lots of light, and beyond this requires very little from you to survive. Its contemporary, on the other hand, is perfect for apartments or office spaces with little light. And can go for months without being watered.

The choice between the N’ Joy Pothos and Pearls and Jade Pothos definitely isn’t easy.  They are both evenly matched in many respects. But, since pothos attractiveness as a houseplant is in its durability and ease of use, we give the win to the Pearls and Jade.

It is visually stunning and highly durable even without constant attention and care. These are all qualities many patrons of the pothos have come to expect from the plant over time.