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Quantum Board Vs. COB Lights – What Are The Differences?

Critical differences between Quantum Board Lights and COB lights:



Have low energy consumptionHave relatively higher energy consumption


Big in size and structureVery small and have a simple structure
Produced in fewer numbersMass-produced


Most preferred in indoor gardeningNot very efficient in indoor gardening




Have no health hazards when observed directlyMay lead to health issues when directly observed

COB lights

COB lights vs quantum board

Also known as Chip On Board, led arrays are produced by simply mounting a led chip on the silicon carbide or sapphire.

This type of technology comes with numerous advantages compared to its peers and other predecessors.

One of the most applauded benefits of COB light is its ability to produce a higher packing density of the led array.

COB light is also known for its low energy consumption by keeping the light output constant.

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With COB light, you can make the light uniform and reduce the footprints.

If you like to explore things, you will agree with me that COB light is straightforward in design. You will notice that many of the COB lights comprise of only one circuit and two contacts.

Advantages of COB lights you are likely to experience:

Wondering about the benefits of COB lights, you are likely to enjoy?

Have a look at these:

  • The small size of this device will marvel you.
  • With extraordinary thermal performance, it guarantees long life and reliability.
  • Array uniformity will make you comfortable when working at a close distance.
  • Only 1 circuit and 2 contacts make the device very simple.
  • It consumes less energy by keeping the light constant.

Disadvantages of COB lights:

  • COB lights have low contrast, pass rate, and high maintenance cost since it takes a more technological approach to enhance its simplicity.
  • Low color uniformity as compared to Quantum Board light.
  • COB lights are more expensive as compared to their peers since its small in size.
  • COB lights are not economical when it comes to energy consumption as compared to its immediate rival, Quantum Board Lights.

Types of COB lights

There are varieties of COB lights available today due to their mass production by several manufacturers.

The differences will be realized in terms of their designs and output.

Here are some of the available types of COB lights that you are likely to bump into:

  • High-Efficiency COB Light
  • Flip COB Light
  • Professional Application COB light
  • Full Spectrum COB Light
  • Smart COB Light
  • Integrated COB Light
  • Integrated colored COB Light

COB lights features

COB lights are known for their excellent features that cut across the different types of lights.

You are likely to experience these features when you begin using the COB lights:

  • Less energy consumption is higher than Quantum Board lights with bright light.
  • Durable and stays for a longer time.
  • Minimal maintenance with low maintenance costs. Still, it cannot match its immediate rival Quantum Board lights that require relatively less maintenance.
  • Reliable with better performance.
  • Low carbon emission.
  • Immediate start with no blinking.
  • 100% full power when in use.

Applications of COB lights

COB lights are applicable for numerous activities because of their availability in different designs and output technology.

Just like any other lighting device, its uses vary to individual demands.

Here are some of the areas and activities that fit COB lights:

  • Study lights
  • Traffic light
  • Led display
  • Building lighting
  • Automotive lighting
  • General lighting
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Craft flashlights and headlights

Thinking about an alternative to COB light?

If you may have taken a look at the specifications of the COB lights and realized something that you did not like, Quantum light may be another choice you may opt to.

Quantum board lights

HLG 65 V2 4000K Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light

Do you know precisely what Quantum board light is and how it works?

You may have realized that the name Quantum board lights are widespread when it comes to indoor horticulture.

This name is traced back to the Horticulture Lighting Group, where it was first tested.

This type of light is best known for its coverage of a larger area and low wattage diodes.

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It has gained popularity in the past years for producing excellent results.

Quantum board, however, is made up of a larger circuit board that has several LEDs mounted on it.

The LEDs are arranged in a pattern that forms strings that are laid in a parallel shape to make them compatible with the high powered constant drivers.

Types of Quantum lights available in the market

Currently, there are only two types of Quantum lights available.

Here are the two types of Quantum lights available:

  • QB304
  • QB288

You may have a little information regarding the names of the possible types of Quantum board lights.

However, the numbers in the model name signify the amount of the diodes present in that type of Quantum board light.

Are you comparing the specifications of the COB lights and Quantum Board lights?

You may be wondering and trying to weigh on which type of light outdoes the other.

The competition between Quantum Board light and COB light is exceptionally tight and is not easy to compare because they only differ in the design and arrangement of the diodes.

In Quantum Board Light, the diodes are put at a distance from each other. In COB light, the diodes are stacked together in close ranges to fit onto the small chip.

With the difference in distance of the diodes, they exhibit different lighting types.

I will help you come to a conclusion that will tell on which type of lighting is best preferred and at what conditions.

Let us have a look at some advantages of Quantum Board light over COB light.

Advantages of Quantum Board Light over COB light

There have been several questions on which type of light one should opt to.

According to the statistics available, many are advised to go for Quantum Board lights over COB lights.

The main reason why many people prefer Quantum lights in indoor gardening is that they provide more even light distribution and require less vertical distance from the canopy.

Here is a list of advantages of using Quantum Board lights over COB lights:

  • Thermal management is so simple as compared to COB lights by putting a thin piece of aluminum with no active cooling making the diodes be in place and in excellent condition.
  • Quantum Board light will enable you to achieve light uniformity, unlike COB lights that will blast their lights all over.
  • Looking for a light type that will consume less energy? Quantum Board light will averagely consume 50 watts for 180+ lumens, while COBs will do 50 watts for 160 to 170 lumens.
  • Did you know human beings can directly observe Quantum Board lights without being susceptible to health hazards? This, again, is one of the significant advantages of using Quantum Board lights.

Disadvantages of Quantum Board Lights

Using Quantum Board light does not guarantee 100% efficiency.

You are likely to experience some disadvantages, just like other commodities.

Here are some of the demerits of using Quantum Board lights:

  • You will experience more difficulty if you are to build the boards yourself. This operation is smoother in COBs.
  • With only one supplier of Quantum Board lights, they are often out of stock.
  • With the uniformity of light in Quantum Board lights, some areas receive low light intensity.
  • With the mass production of COBs, they have relatively dropped in price compared to Quantum Board lights.

Areas you can use Quantum Board light in:

  • Indoor horticulture
  • Outdoor lighting
  • A building or business lighting
  • Livestock monitoring

Do you want to specialize in Indoor Gardening?

Are you in the process of trying to launch indoor gardening? Or are you disappointed with the previous results of indoor gardening?

To make it short and straight to the point, the best advisable option to opt for is Quantum Board lights.

You also need to know that the best quality yields need capital. Quantum Board lights are quite expensive as compared to their rivals in the market, such as COB light.

With its immediate competitor-COB lights, many are usually confused on which one to choose. COB lights are always cheap, small, and straightforward in structure. COB lights are massively produced since they have many producers hence leading to a massive fall in terms of their prices.

Do not be disappointed when you walk into a mall and realize that Quantum Board Lights are out of stock. This is because Quantum Board lights have only one producer at the moment and may tend to be expensive.