Scythe Vs. Weed Whacker – What Are The Differences?

For years, people have been mowing their overgrown grass and restoring their yards to perfect shape using their trusted scythes.

After all, it allows you to reap, mow and crop plants easily and effectively. But with the advancement of technology, came the weed whacker.

So which tool should you choose when it comes to mowing your grass?

Read more to find out the differences between a scythe and a weed whacker.

What Is A Scythe?

A scythe is a mowing machine that was mainly used back in the days before the discovery of fossil fuels.

It was the most preferred mowing and cutting tool.

The scythe is much older than the weed eater whacker.

However, it is still in use even today due to its efficiency and simplicity.

How To Use The Scythe?

You will require much effort when using a scythe. It is an excellent choice for yard and farm maintenance. It requires no fuel, burns, fossil fuels, and is healthier than other machines.

Hence, you need enough space to manage to swing the scythe.

It is efficient for removing weeds and minor tree trimmings. It neatly piles what you cut into rows and is precise around trees and other things you don’t want to cut. A scythe is great on rough terrain or cutting tall weeds that would quickly destroy a mower.

You have to commit some time to learning the craft of using the scythe.


The scythe doesn’t produce too much noise, and you can easily cover more ground.

However, if your motive is to clear the whole area, you will need to find an alternative to remove the weeds by the sidewalks.

Another unique thing about the scythe is that excess grass doesn’t build up and stop it from running.

It takes time to learn how to use a scythe, but it’s worth it – it also makes reaping, mowing, and cropping plants a breeze.

If you use the scythe well, you will manage to collect all the grass in a row. This will make it easier to sweep up and put on the garden or compost pile.


You have to maintain the scythe’s sharpness and know how to swing it at the right level. It also requires careful observation of the area you are cutting and what you harvest and leave standing.

A scythe is also faster and lasts longer due to the robust materials and parts it is built from. It doesn’t easily shred several plants to bits, so it is efficient for harvesting grain.

Why Do We Love The Scythe?

  • It is silent, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Great for shorter spaces and cuts much faster.
  • Provides enjoyable, gentle exercise.
  • It also mows with discernment.
  • It doesn’t require any fossil fuels, only a little muscle effort.

The Downside Of This Hand Tool

  • It is tiresome and requires a lot of energy.
  • It can be ineffective to use a scythe on a rather un-flat lawn.
  • You are going to get tired of swinging the big stick and sharp metal easily.
  • It is hard to use in tight, hidden places.
  • You can get muscle cramps after using it.
  • You have to stop the scythe every few minutes to run the stone over the blade.

What Is A Weed Whacker?

A weed whacker can also be referred to as a string trimmer. It normally functions as a lawnmower. These are recommended for trimming work as well as edges, fence lines, and smaller areas.

For larger farms, you may use tractors. This can easily cause the surfaces to rub against each other.

Using A Weed Whacker

A weed whacker is more appropriate if weeds are near immovable objects. It has a flexible string that is quite efficient for these kinds of tasks. If you want to keep your weed whacker operational for a long, use ethanol-free gas only.

Due to the weed whacker’s modern mechanisms, you can quickly master the art after regular use. It also doesn’t require too much energy when using it.


The weed whacker can easily clear areas in between tight spaces. It is also more convenient, as it uses more power, is lightweight, and is easy to handle.

On the other hand, it tends to buzz, rattle, and smoke due to the fuel and oil it consumes.

Weed Whacker Maintenance

Maintain the air filter regularly – this will help reduce instances of it clogging up. The spark plugs should also be replaced every few years. Always sharpen the blades to make them efficient.

There is also an electric weed whacker, powered by cordless drill batteries that can help you on your farm. When it is cold, and you start your engine, it can easily wear off.

Thus, ensure to check your machine before you decide to use it.

Why We Love The Weed Whacker

  • It is easy to use.
  • It requires less energy to use and doesn’t tire you out quickly.
  • You can use it to remove weeds and unnecessary plants in hidden places.
  • Weed whackers are lightweight and easy to handle.

The Downsides Of Using A Weed Whacker

  • A weed whacker can disappoint you if you need to weed near some plants that can easily get whacked off or rocks that chew tons of strings.
  • It requires you to have enough knowledge to operate it.
Person using a weed whacker to trim grass along a building's edge.

Scythe Vs. Weed Whacker – Distinct Similarities And Comparison

The weed whacker and scythe are both used to maintain the lawn or farm. They are both efficient in their work, with few disparities.

Back in the day, many people preferred scythes to weed whackers which required a lot of knowledge to know how to operate.

Always keep in mind that when using a scythe, you need to master the art of its use compared to a weed whacker, which is easier to handle.

The weed whacker also produces smoke while in use, in contrast to a scythe which doesn’t use fossil fuels.


Whether you choose to use a scythe or a weed whacker, you need to maintain both machines to ensure 100% efficiency. Depending on the function you want to perform, it will be easier to choose between the two.

However, there are many other machines you can find on the market that will help you perform many tasks throughout the farm. While we don’t recommend limiting yourself to these two options, they are among the best.

The scythe may seem outdated, but it functions well and still has a respectable place in society today.

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