The Best BBQ gift Basket ideas [2024]


With BBQ season fast around the corner, I decided to put together some fun bbq gift ideas to give to your loved ones and friends this summer. We hope you find something in this guide that can assist you with choosing the best gifts for your hosts. From humorous gifts, to elegant choices and for those serious BBQ lovers our best BBQ gift basket ideas have got you covered.

BBQ Scented Candle

For those who love a smoky, heady scent. This BBQ Scented candle captures the broody scent of summer, long evenings and late-night talks by the fire pit.

BBQ Sauce Gift Set

For those who like things a little spicy, we love Sauce Got Real . Their sauces to take your host’s BBQ to the next level! Award-winning and suitable for vegetarians, it’s a gift that will impress all BBQ aficionados.

BBQ Spice and Rub Set

From globally inspired spice rubs, Smokehouse delivers high-quality ingredients and bold flavors. For the seasoned pit master or for a grill novice who’s looking to up their game, you’ll be the hit of the party with this collection.

BBQ Grill Tools

An ode to the grill! Both stylish and durable, it has high-gauge stainless steel for strength and durability. This set includes our Schmidt Brother’s Spatula, Fork, Tongs, and Basting Brush. Professional-grade tools are the biggest compliment you can give any host for their BBQ needs.

BBQ Linen Apron

We love this Japanese Linen Apron that’s perfect for the stylish chef who loves to grill in style. It’s a chic addition to any BBQ gift basket and sure to get compliments from your hosts and other guests.

Himalayan Salt Rock Cooking Plate

Wow your hosts, carnivores and herbivore grill enthusiasts with a Himalayan salt block. It adds flavour and has health benefits plus it’s a great talking point for every table.

Smokehouse by Thoughtfully, DIY Spicy BBQ Sauce Gift Set

For the budding chefs and DIY lovers, Get the grill sizzling and tongs tapping with this homemade DIY BBQ sauce set . Transforming your hosts’ backyard into a pitmaster’s paradise.

Harry & David Ultimate Meat and Cheese Gift Box

Take the work out of basket building with this delightful meat and cheese box from famed purveyors Harry and David . Really impress your hosts with an array of meats, cheese and pickles for every savoury lover!


Bring your host a sentimental and fun gift with this enamel recipe box for them to store their recipe keepsakes. This gorgeous box has a subtle jewel-toned palette woven into the hand-painted high-contrast checks and is topped with a gold luster and a faux-cinnabar knob.

J POP End Grain Cutting Board

This elegant cutting board is the perfect gift for the host who loves entertaining. The Acacia wood chopping board is a stunning piece of wood that is perfect for presenting at parties. It adds an element of fun and craftsmanship to any table.

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